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Chapter 15 (v.1) - The Last Arikarin

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Submitted: March 31, 2017



''Logan?'' Joe called.

He turned his head slowly and glared at him as he sat beside him. His eyes were sad, dull. Most of his face was covered in ash and blood. But he turned away from him. The sun was bright in the blue sky, but they were cold with sorrow. He did not know what to say or what to do. He just sat there, gripping the two blades tightly, his hands shaking. But an anger began to burn up within him as he gazed down at the swords, holding them in front of him. Frustrated, he stood up and threw them both, crying angrily as he did. The blades spun through the air madly and fell to the ground, piercing the grass, standing up-right. Their hilts pointed to the sky, shining red and golden. He glared at them-

''What good is that going to do?'' Carlos growled slowly, quietly.

Logan then stared at him as he sat above them in a tree, gazing out into the distance.

''It... It's all our fault!'' he growled.

''No, it is not'' he said calmly, ''How would we have known such event would happen? We had no idea such a demon was locked in that tomb''


''Brother, calm yourself'''

Joe was shaking too, clearly as angry as Logan.

''Calm?'' Joe asked, ''Our entire family was just murdered! Our father right before our eyes!''

''And what can we do about it!?'' Logan added, ''NOTHING!!!''

Carlos shook his head and dropped from the tree, landing in front of them. He stared down at them. Even though he spoke calmly, the sorrow and hatred was visible in his eyes. He was shaking just as much as they were, but he didn't let his anger best him.

''Nothing?'' he asked as he turned away from them and approached the thrown swords, ''There is never 'nothing' we can do''

''What are you doing?'' Joe asked.

He slowly pulled the swords from the grass and held them above his head triumphantly as they shimmered brightly. He took a deep breath and glared at Logan.


They both stared at him strangely.

''Our family...'' he breathed, ''We were deceived by a demon, but even having them taken from us will not destroy our spirits!''



Logan climbed to his feet as Carlos stood frozen. Joe slowly followed as they walked up to him.

''I'm with you'' Logan mumbled as he took his swords from his hands.

He relaxed as his brothers looked at him, waiting for his plan... But he didn't have one.

''So what do we do?'' Joe asked.

He stared at the blankly.

''You... You don't have a plan, do you?'' Logan asked as he slowly pushed each sword into their holsters, one on his left and the other on his right.

He shook his head, ''With this new power, we are stronger... As elder, I pledge to avenge our family'' he growled, ''They shall not lay cold in that retched demons abyss''

''How do we find it?''

''When it called me, it told me it will call upon me... When it does, we will answer'' he grinned, ''And we will destroy it!''

But suddenly, Logan began to feel dizzy, like the world around him was shaking crazily. A sharp, agonizing pain surged through his head, racing through his entire body. He fell to his knees, yelling painfully, gripping his head. The world around him was suddenly sucked into darkness as he lay there, screaming. He watched as his memories flashed before his eyes, all being pulled into the darkness-


''Hey!'' came a voice, ''You, Logan, wake up!''

It was cold once again. It felt like his hands were throbbing, a strange pain was buzzing around his wrists as he hung there. He felt strange, but he grunted as the pain in his wrists increased. He slowly opened his eyes - It was dark, but someone was standing in his face, reaching up to the chains that held him. As they clinked loudly, he tried to look up, but he was too weak. Suddenly, the chains clinked loudly and fell from his wrists. He dropped to the ground, landing in the dried blood puddle.

''Shit, sorry'' the voice mumbled.

Someone crouched down beside him and tried to help him up, but he refused. He pulled away, but he was too weak to stand. Instead, he rolled onto his back, laying in his own blood. He felt strange,

''Listen, we don't have time for this, we have to go''

He breathed slowly as he looked up - Staring down at him was a Warlock. His hair was shoulder length, white and scruffy looking. It was hard to make out his face in the dark, but his brightly glowing light green eyes were visible - Elijah. He placed his hand on his shoulder again.

''I'm with Kathrina'' he said, ''I'm here to help you, but we don't have long''

''Ka... Kathrina?'' Logan breathed, ''Who... Who...''

Elijah stared down at him, worried, waiting for him to finish his sentence.

''Who... Who are you?''

He sighed in relief, ''I am Elijah''

He stared at him closely, but didn't recognize him at all.

''You've never met me, but trust me, I am here to help you escape. We must be quick before Gahi returns'' he explained as he began to pull on Logan, trying to help him stand.

But he didn't move, he felt numb. He just wanted to sleep, to rest. Remembering what had happened all that time ago was horrifying. He had tried so hard to bury it in the back of his mind, but why was he remembering it all now? Elijah then let go of him, frustrated.

''What is wrong with you?'' he growled.

''Carlos... I am sorry''


He began to mumble to himself, but then Elijah realized what was happening to him-

''He got in your head...'' he said, ''You're not going anywhere until whatever he's made you see has finished... You're not going to thank me for this, but I'm sorry'' he mumbled.

Suddenly, Elijah grabbed hold of Logan's face, pulling him just inches away from him. He then glared into his eyes. They glowed brightly as his dagger-like pupils thinned so much they were barely visible. Logan stared deeply into his bright glowing eyes, it was so bright he felt as though it was going to blind him... But then - Darkness...


He quickly opened his eyes and looked around frantically, breathing heavily. It was pitch black. A sharp pain surged through his left leg. He yelled in pain as he dropped to his knees, gripping his leg. But then, the same pain surged through his other leg, then his arms, his entire body buzzed with pain as he sat there. Suddenly, loud footsteps began to echo through the darkness as someone began walking towards him. He struggled, but looked up slowly - It was the Warlock he had seen not too long ago, his grey eyed glaring at him.  He was holding the two blades in each of his hands, a mad grin carved into his face.

''Arikarin...'' he laughed manically as he continued to walk towards him, ''I have waited so long to see one of your kind. Such... Amazing speed! So skilled with those... Those... Curved swords!'' he said enviously, ''To think that you are the last? Oh ho ho, it makes me so electrified! I just want to cut you and make you bleed!'' he laughed strangely, ''I want to kill you''

Logan panicked, trying to move, but he couldn't. Just as he was about to yell, suddenly, someone stepped in front of him. His long, black robes floated gently on a non-existent breeze. He looked up at him as he stared down at him over his shoulder, his white hair gleaming, his light green eyes shining blindingly-

''Stay down'' he instructed as he turned to the other Warlock, ''Boheithen, I will take it from here''

Boheithen stopped in his tracks and stared at him strangely, ''Prince Elijah'' he laughed, ''You? Are you telling me to leave it right here? No! I can't!'' He insisted.

''Yes, unless you want to die as well'' he growled.

He laughed strangely again, ''But, your Highness'' he mocked, ''He is mine! I want to be the one to kill the last of the great Arikarin!''

''I said go!''

Suddenly, the strange looks vanished from his face as he glared at him, ''You... You must let Boheithen complete what Gahi has asked...''

''Gahi sent me to tell you to leave it to me''

He mumbled to himself, ''N... No!''

''Then I have no choice but to kill you''

''But... But I am not finished!''

Elijah sighed angrily. Clearly, he wasn't getting through to the lunatic. He then held up his fist, pointing it towards him as he stared over at him, ''Last chance. Leave it to me''

''NO!!!'' Boheithen yelled as he suddenly began to rush towards them.

But he opened his fist as his hand glowed golden - A sudden burst of power exploded from his hand. A golden ball of light emerged from the explosion and raced towards Boheithen who was too late to evade it. It hit him, stopping him as a golden glow wrapped around him-

''What is this?'' he asked madly as he struggled, but couldn't move.

''You are banished from this soul'' Elijah called.

The light shined brighter and brighter, but suddenly exploded and disappeared, taking Boeithen with it. Logan stared up at Elijah as he also vanished. And then, the darkness began to fade...


''Logan?'' he asked.

Quickly, he opened his eyes and stared up - The Warlock with the green eyes was staring down at him-

''W... What do you want?'' he breathed.

''I'm here to help you, my name is Elijah. Kathrina sent me''

''Kathrina? W... Where is she?''

''I'll take you to her, can you walk?''

Logan tried to stand as Elijah backed away, but he fell before he could even lift himself off of his back. He stared up at him and shook his head, disappointed. Elijah sighed impatiently, but he then walked over to a lantern and held his hand over the candle. A flame quickly appeared, burning brightly as he carried it over to Logan. He placed it on the ground as he grabbed Logan's shoulders and sat him against the wall. The light from the lantern glowed dimly as Elijah stared at him closely. His dark robes were stained with blood and had several tears in them, as well as his shirt underneath. He parted the tears in Logan's robes with his fingers, but there were no wounds, just dried blood. It crumbled from his cold skin as he let go, moving the lantern up to his face. He continued to stare as Logan looked up at him -

''What... What is it?''

''N... Nothing, you're just covered in a lot of blood'' he mumbled as he slowly placed the lantern back on the ground.

Logan watched him as he blew out the lantern and stood up. He seemed disturbed by something, unsettled. Maybe he was afraid that the other mad Warlock would be back soon? He wasn't sure, but he could sense that something had unsettled him. As he stood there with his back to him, Logan slowly moved his hand down to his stomach. He moved his hand around frantically, searching for wounds that should be there, but there were none. Why? Was it just another illusion? But then, Elijah turned around, holding his hand down at him. He stared at it curiously.

''We must go. Your strength is coming back to you, we can't waste any more time here'' he said hastily.

He nodded his head in agreement as he gripped Elijah's hand. Quickly, he pulled him to his feet. But as he stood there, he began to feel strange. Just seconds ago, he was too weak to even speak properly, but now, he was standing. He was confused, but he knew that now was not the time to ask questions. It seemed like this Warlock really was there to help him, so he had to follow him.

''Are you ready?'' he asked as he walked over to the door and opened it slightly, checking to see if it was clear outside.

''I... Where are we going?''

''To Kathrina, she awaits in a cell in the lowest part of the castle. We must move quickly and unseen. Do you understand?'' he explained quickly.

''Uh... Unseen?''

He sighed again, ''Just stick with me, don't fall behind, don't wonder off and don't try to use any of your Seer magic... They will detect you'' he said, although he seemed a little unsure.


''Just do as I say!'' he demanded.

''Y... Yes''

He looked away from Logan and peered out of the door again. It seemed quiet, no signs of any other Warlocks. Now was their chance-





''Are you ready?''

Kathrina looked over her shoulder and stared at Elijah, ''Yes''

''Remember, don't try to use too much power at once''

She held her hands out in front of her, glaring at a tree in the far distance, ''Okay''

''Concentrate'' he mumbled as he backed away from her.

Slowly, she closed her eyes, trying to focus. She could feel her power building up within her as she stood there. Her hands began to feel warmer as she opened her eyes - Her hands were glowing a light green, similar to the color of her eyes. She then tried to concentrate on the tree, but the glow from her hands suddenly disappeared. Frustrated, she threw her hands down and stropped over to a rock and sat down. Elijah laughed as he watched her walked off.

''Don't be mad, you'll get it'' he chuckled as he followed her.

''No, I won't. Just like everyone says, I'm useless''

He looked at her sympathetically as he sat down beside her, resting one of his arms on his left knee, ''You're not useless, Kathrina''

''Yes, I am'' she said sadly as she suddenly pulled the circlet from her head and stared down at it, ''I'm good for nothing. I can't even use a single one of my powers''

''Well, that's not your fault'' he said as he took it from her, ''They decided not to teach you. You tried to train alone, but you didn't know how to. But, you have me to help you now'' he smiled as he stared into the green gem on the circlet.

''But your techniques are totally different to ours'' she sighed.

''So? That's actually a good thing. Your powers with my fighting style? It will be unique, something different, unexpected'' he said as he leaned over and placed the circlet back on her head.

''But what if they don't accept it?''

''Who cares? As long as you can fight, that's all that really matters, isn't it?''

She looked at him strangely, but saw sense in what he was saying. The most important thing was her being able to fight.

''So,'' he said as he stood up, ''Ready to try again?''

Kathrina looked up at him, ''Okay''


''Do you not remember anything?''

Kathrina looked over at Elijah. He looked normal, wearing his black Warlock robes, his armor sat firmly on his shoulders. His hair, however, was still scruffy and shoulder length. He stared over at her, waiting for her answer.

''No'' she mumbled.


The ground was cold. She reached down and began to push a small stone around with her finger as Elijah stood up and walked away from her. Suddenly, somebody else stepped outside as the gravel began to scrape around behind her, but she did not look to see who it was. Instead, she focused on playing with the stone. All of her attention wasn't on the stone though. She listened carefully as the other person stopped and leaned his back against the wall, Elijah standing in front of him.

''What are you still doing out here?'' he growled quietly.

He stood in the shadow of the castle, making it hard for him to be seen. All that was visible was his glowing light green eyes, similar to Elijah's.

Elijah grunted as he looked over his shoulder back at her, ''What does it matter?''

''You're spending too much time out here with that-''

He turned back to him and glared at him evilly, ''That what?'' he growled.

''Nothing'' he sighed, ''You're supposed to be training, that's all''

''And you think I'm not?''

''All anyone has ever seen you doing is talking to her''

''I'm just-''

''Elijah, listen to me. I've just had to vouch for your sorry ass again. You haven't done anything for Gahi since we got here. All you've done is stuck to that girl. He's beginning to question his choice of taking her in. It was you who convinced him after all. I've just had to try and get him to believe that you're trying to teach her some sort of mind control powers. You gotta start doing something or he's gonna kill her and maybe even you''

He stared at him blankly as he spoke. He didn't care much for what Gahi wanted, but he wouldn't allow any harm to come to Kathrina. Then, he looked away from the other Warlock and stared over at her.

''Why?'' he asked, ''Why are we even here? Is this really the freedom we wanted? This is nowhere near the freedom we asked for''

''Well it's as good as freedom gets, Elijah. You should consider us lucky''

''Lucky? We're in the exact same spot we were in before this: Serving a cold-blooded murderous so - called King'' he grunted.

''But this time, we are on his side''

''Are we? Why are you so quick to give yourself up to someone else's rule?''

''I'm not giving myself up to anyone. I just never look back'' he said, ''Before you ask, no, I don't plan to spend my entire life here. I will leave sooner or later. But right now, I just want to make sure you're alive to come with me''

He turned and looked at him strangely, ''Come with you?''

''What, you didn't think I'd leave you, did you?''

''Well... No, I... I don't know'' he mumbled.

''Elijah,'' he sighed, ''You are all I have now and I am all you have. Just because your family abandoned you does not mean I will. Remember that. So, now, if I were you, I'd go and do something for Gahi, prove your loyalty'' he mocked.

''I don't want to kill anybody''

''You're gonna have to, Elijah. It's what these people do. We're like them now. So, we should act like them'' he said sternly.

''If we leave,'' he started, ''Can she come with us?''

He sighed and stared over at Kathrina who was still playing around with the stone, ''Why her?''


''Of all people, why did you choose her? You could have come to me''

He groaned reluctantly.

''It's because she's like you, isn't it? She was alone, you were alone. So-''

''Just... Leave it'' he mumbled.

''Alright,'' he said as he moved away from the wall, ''Remember what I said. Go do something''

Elijah watched as he slowly walked into an arch door way and disappeared into the darkness. He then turned around and looked over at Kathrina again. A strange sense of hatred began to build up within him. But it wasn't for her, it was for himself. He hated himself. He had been oblivious to what was happening with Gahi. The other Warlock was right, he needed to do something to get Gahi to trust him. He took a deep breath and wondered back over to Kathrina who turned and looked up at him as he stared down at her.

''What is it?'' she asked.

''I need to go and see the... King'' he grunted, ''I have to do something for him. But when I get back I have to start training you to fight'' he explained.

''What should I do while you are gone?''

''Go back to the tower, I'm sure someone will have something for you to do''

She stood up and began to walk away towards the door where the other Warlock had gone, but Elijah quickly grabbed her arm and pulled her back, glaring into her eyes-

''What are you doing!?'' she exclaimed.

But he held her there as he stared deeply into her green eyes. His began to glow dimly, it seemed as if he was searching for something, but suddenly he let go.

''Nothing... Go''

She stared up at him strangely, but then pulled away from him, continuing to head towards the door.

''I'll find a way to make you remember'' he said quietly, ''I will''


''It's just down here'' Elijah said.

Logan nodded as they began to walk down a long spiral stair case. He felt a lot better since Elijah had freed him. His strength was coming back to him quickly, so quickly it was almost hard to believe. But he began to look around as they walked. It was dark, getting darker the deeper they went. The only light came from a small candle - covered chandelier. The candle wax was oozing over the sides, falling down to the darkness below, echoing every time it dripped onto the ground below. As they walked down, they passed many large holes in the walls, locked with bone - like bars. Logan stared into each one as they walked by, all had someone within them. But none of them seemed to move, everyone was faced towards the wall or crouching in a corner mumbling to themselves.

''What's wrong with them?''

Elijah remained silent, leading the way down the stairs.

''Why... Why are they all like that?''

He sighed quietly, ''They are prisoners; Gahi makes them see their darkest memories over and over again until it drives them insane''

He gulped, ''Is... Is that what would have happened to me?''

''Most likely, unless Boheithen really did want to kill you''

''But... Why would he want to kill me? Well, he is a Warlock and all you people do is kill''

''Yes, that is the case with most. But he was told to keep you alive. The only reason he would ignore what he was told is because of who you are''


''You are Arikarin-Do-Shikaki''

Logan froze. Elijah also stopped and looked back at him over his shoulder.

''You... How do you know that name?''

''Now isn't the time for that,'' he said as he looked away from him uneasily and continued to walk down the stair case, ''We must get to Kathrina, she's just down here''


Elijah suddenly stopped in front of a barred room at the very bottom of the spiral stair case. He moved over slightly so Logan could look inside- Laying on the floor was-


But she was unconscious again, barely visible in the darkness. Her robes were blood stained, just like his. The cut on her face had also healed, but she looked even more pale than before.

''Is she okay?''

''Physically, yes. Mentally... I don't know. We have to wake her up and get her out of here'' he explained, worried.

''What do you mean, mentally?''

''It's possible that Gahi may have got in her head, just like Boheithen did with you. If that's the case, I'm not sure I am strong enough to force him out... Again'' he mumbled as he placed his hands on two of the bone bars.

Logan watched as he gripped the bars, his hands glowing a dim gold color. Suddenly, they clicked quietly and began to crumble away into small piles of dust on the ground. Elijah then rushed into the cell and crouched down beside Kathrina. He pulled her up, leaning her back on his chest as he sat there.

''Kathrina?'' he whispered as Logan walked in and stared down at them.

''Hmm?'' she mumbled quietly.

''We need to go''

''Did... Did you find Logan?''

''Right here'' he said.

She slowly opened her eyes and looked up at him, it was too dark to make out his face, but she recognized his voice. She breathed slowly as she looked up at Elijah who smiled down at her.

''My... Sword'' she said slowly.

''Mine too''

He looked up at Logan and then back down at Kathrina, ''They'll be in the weapons room not far from here'' he said as he slowly stood up, helping her stand.

As she stood on her feet, she paused and stared over at Logan strangely. Something felt different about him. He seemed shaken, afraid. But what Seer wouldn't be? Tsunami, she thought. She then walked out of the cell and stood at the bottom of the stairs. They both followed her out as the dust floated away.

''Let's go then'' she said impatiently.

But before she could begin to climb the stairs, Elijah placed his hand on her shoulder, ''Are you okay?'' he asked, concerned.

She stared at him, ''I'm fine'' she lied.

''You don't look fine''

''Well I am. Now let's not waste any more time'' she said as she began to walk up the stairs, pushing his hand from her shoulder.

''Don't push yourself''' he mumbled as he and Logan followed her.

But as they climbed higher, Kathrina began to feel strange. Why were there no other Warlocks watching the cells? Could Elijah have already dealt with them? She wasn't sure, but she felt as if she had to be ready, like something bad could happen at any moment. They were in the Kingdom after all, the castle should be filled with guards, shouldn't it?

''Where is everyone?'' she asked.

''The only ones who are ever in here now are the other Prince's and Boheithen''


''I'm not sure, but Henderall believes that it's because Boheithen went crazy experimenting on other Warlocks. That necromancer creep apparently killed at least seven Masters''

''So why the hell is he still alive!?'' she exclaimed.

''Because Gahi likes him'' he smirked.

It got lighter as they came closer to the top and the chandelier became visible. Elijah rushed up in front of Kathrina, leading the way as the top of the stairs became visible. But as they came closer, something else was waiting at the top of the stairs. A tall figure, a small dagger-like blade in each hand. He was shaking madly, a twisted smile on his pale, bloodied face-


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