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Chapter 17 (v.1) - The Demon Within

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Alpha lay on the ground, tears streaming down his pale face. He held his eyes shut tight, trying to contain his tears. But they kept falling as the words Tsunami had said echoed through his head. He had never imagined such words would ever come out of his brother's mouth. They had cut right through his heart, causing him even greater pain than he was already in. As he lay there, he began to fall into a consuming darkness of sadness and sorrow. He was alone, even more than ever. Tsunami was the only family and friend he had, but now, even he had turned his back on him.

''B... Brother'' he cried again, ''Brother...''

But his words were unheard. Tsunami was gone. He had left Alpha to his own consuming thoughts, his harsh words burnt into his mind. It didn't even seem like he had regretted saying it. But as he continued to think about what he had said, his pain began to burn, turning into a scorching anger as he gripped two of the bars and pulled himself up. His cries began to turn into low growls, tears still falling from his tightly shut eyes. He gripped the bars harder, pulling his body against them. Now, his cries were turning into cries of anger, growling loudly and he bared his teeth.

''B... Brother...'' he growled as he cried, ''BROTHER!!!'' He yelled with such rage it shook the room.

As he yelled, blood began to drip from his head, the newly formed horns seemed to be growing as he screamed in anger. He paused to breathe, but then yelled again, even louder. He opened his eyes, staring over at his shadow in disgust-

''BROTHER!!!'' He cried again, ''WHY WON'T YOU KILL ME!!!???''

He pulled on the bars as they began to creak, bending slowly. Suddenly, his fingertips began to bleed. He yelled louder, but this time, his cries were pained. Slowly, sharp claws began to form in the place of his nails, cutting at his skin. He continued to grip the bars as his blood poured down them.

''I... I... WANT TO DIE!!!'' He screamed as he let go of the bars, violently falling and hitting his back on the wall, but his wings shielded the impact. He stared at the bars which were bent inwards. But then, he flapped his wings as he sat there, blowing out the candle's flame.

He was silent. All that could be heard in the pitch-black darkness was his slow, steady breathing. It was almost like he was calming down. But then, he laughed to himself demonically-

''I... Want to... Die''


As the sun began to set, Tsunami stood alone on a hill top, gazing down at the seemingly endless valley below. The desperate face of Alpha was burned into his mind, everywhere he looked, all he could see was Alpha begging him to kill him. But then, Shyannah's death played over in his mind again and again. Her last words, her last look. He closed his eyes tightly, trying to think about anything else, but there was nothing. The voice of his crying brother continued to echo through his head, pleading- Kill me, kill me!

He grunted angrily as he opened his eyes and glared up at the dark blue sky, gripping his sword's hilt tightly. Anger was still burning within him like a bomb nearing explosion. He grinded his teeth as Alpha's words continued to echo through his head. He had wanted to kill him, but he had resisted and left... Why? It angered him greater, not knowing the reasons for his own actions was making him furious.

But then, he took a deep breath and seemed to calm down, loosening his grip on his sword. Staring up at the clouds, he sighed.

''Father...'' he said quietly, ''Tell me, what should I do?'' he asked hopelessly.

He slowly looked down at his feet, saddened, ''I... am lost. I do not know what to do. Shyannah... Is dead by Alpha's hand. I... Want to avenge her but... But...'' he sighed, ''I do not know''

But suddenly, the peaceful silence was interrupted by distant screams of horror. He sharply turned around, realizing that the sound was coming from the direction of the village. Without a second thought, he abandoned his post and began to rush back towards the village. As he ran, so many things began to rush through his mind: Why were there screams coming from the village? Was it an enemy attack? Had there been some kind of accident? Maybe an infiltration? He didn't know, but there were so many possibilities. He had to get back as soon as he could and find out what it was. But as the village came into view, a strange feeling began to appear in the air like a coat of thick mist.

He hurried towards the entrance where a single guard was standing, staring into the village, almost like he was trying to see what was going on.

''Hey!'' Tsunami called as he approached him, ''What's happened?''

He turned to face him, a terrified look on his face, ''Tsunami... There has been an a... Attack-''

''Attack!?'' he exclaimed.

''Y... Yes, Sir. It would be best if you went to see for yourself'''

At that moment, he rushed into the village away from the guard. As he walked down the path, small puddles of blood were scattered everywhere, more and more as he continued down the path. The sound of horrified and muttering voices began to echo through the tense atmosphere. Quickly, he turned a corner and standing in between three houses was a large crowd of people. As he ran over to them, a few of the people turned around and stared at him uneasily. He grunted impatiently as he started pushing his way through the crowd.

''What do you think happened?'' One voice called.

''Are they really dead?'' Another muttered.

He began to panic as he hurried, shoving his way through the huge gathering of people. But as he came close to the front, he set his eyes upon something terrible-


He looked over as an armored man rushed over to him and pulled him from the crowd into a clearing. The stone ground was covered in blood, so much it was hard to see the grey cobbled ground below. He stared in horror - Laying in the center of the river of blood were at least six dead people, but many of their bodies were scattered all over the area in several pieces. Tsunami could not believe his eyes-

''W... What the hell happened here?'' he asked slowly.

''Do I look like I know!?'' he exclaimed, a horrified look on his pale face.

Tsunami stared down at the mess, ''An enemy attack? Did you-''

''No... No this wasn't an enemy attack, it can't have been''

''Why? Who or what else would do this!?''

''We don't know, but whatever it was, it left no traces of itself what so ever. No footprints, no scent... We even tried using Aura to track whatever did this but... Nothing. Whatever did this... Either it was invisible or attacked from above''

''How can you be sure?''

''This wasn't a man. You can tell that just by looking at how the bodies are severed''

He looked at him impatiently, ''Well!?''

''Uh... They are covered in what look like claw marks, teeth marks... Like that of a bear or a wolf'... But the way they-''

''Get to the point!'' he demanded.

''It's almost as if they were picked up and dropped from a great height, but they were already i pieces when they hit the floor''

''How do you know that?''

He stepped aside to reveal a petrified woman, cowering in a door way of one of the houses, ''She said she saw blood and people falling from the sky... Like something from a nightmare'' he explained.

Tsunami stare at her closely as she sat there, shaking. She was pale, almost like she was freezing to death. Her breathing was strange, mumbling to herself. Slowly, he walked closer to her and crouched down so he was at the same level as her. She flinched and stared at him like she was trying to decide if he was friend or foe.

''My name is Tsunami'' he said softly, ''I need you to tell me what happened here''

She shook her head quickly, her long, jet black hair cutting through the air.

''Okay... Can you tell me what you saw?''

She squeaked quietly, ''I... It was horrible''

He stared at her, waiting for more, but she fell silent again. He sighed quietly, ''What was horrible?''

She looked up over at the blood, ''It... It came out of nowhere''

''What came out of nowhere?''

''M... Monster'' she whispered, trying to hide her face with her hands, cowering.

''Did you see this 'monster'?'' he asked, both intrigued and frightened.

She shook her head again, ''No, no, no, can't tell...'' She mumbled, ''He'll kill me too, he wants blood... Blood''

''Who is he?''


He stared at her as a frightening look washed over her pale face. Just from the sound of her voice, he felt a chill run down his spine. He didn't even know what this 'monster' was but, he could tell from just looking at her that it was terrifying. He quickly stood up and stepped away from her, wondering over to the few armored men who were examining the corpses.

''Regj'' he called as he glared over at the man who had shown the woman to him.


''You said...'' he said quietly, thinking to himself, ''You said that whatever did this had to have attacked from the sky or been invisible?''

''That's right, why? You got any ideas?''

He sighed reluctantly, ''A... Alpha'' he growled quietly.

''Your bro-''

''Do not call him that!'' he snapped.

''I... Sorry. Well, what should we do?''

Two other men joined them as Tsunami stood there, thinking deeply. Was this really Alpha's doing? If it was, what were his reasons? Why would he suddenly go on a murderous rampage after so many long years of never killing anyone? He sighed. Did his words make him do this? No... Such things had never affected him. Alpha was strong. Not just physically, but mentally too.


He turned sharply and looked up at him, staring into his blue eyes, ''We need to find him. If this was him, we need to make sure it doesn't happen again''


He glared at him.

''Uh... Where was he last?''

''Back in that cell''

Without another word, Tsunami left the scene and headed for Alpha's cell, the three armored men following him.


Joe filled both cups again, staring at Tsunami as he sat there, gazing down at the floor. The silence was uncomfortable, almost eerie. After the tragedy that had happened, the city was quieter than ever. Foggy and the other Seer's had left unnoticed, but neither of them cared about their whereabouts. Everyone was acting strange, not just Tsunami. But why now? Why did all of his past memories have to come running back to him at a time like this?

''I... Should have saved him''

''What?'' Joe asked as he stared at Tsunami.

He was paler than ever, shadows were under his eyes, lingering. For the first time in a long time, he seemed to show some emotion. Sadness. It was stuck to his face like glue. It seemed like he wasn't even trying to hide it.


''Maybe... If I hadn't said those things... Maybe if I hadn't abandoned him, he might have never ended up this way. It was my fault, I could have saved him from himself... But I left him''

Joe then realized what he was talking about- ''Alpha... But... How?''

''I told him that he was no longer my brother... After what he did. I know it was an accident but I let my anger and loneliness consume me. I took it out on him. I cut him with my words. You know, he once told me that words can cut deeper than any blade. I never believed it until... Until...''

''I can't tell you what you should have done'' Joe started, ''I can't even tell you what to do now. All I can say is what I have been saying: Maybe, there's still a chance to save him, even now. You just need to try to reach him. You are his brother and there is no bond greater than that of brothers''

Tsunami stared into his bright green eyes as he stared back. But as he did, he seemed to look right through him, almost as if he wasn't even there...


It was cold. Dark. As he stood outside the door, the same anger he had felt when he confronted Alpha began to re-emerge inside him again. He breathed deeply.

''Tsunami, are you okay?''

''I'm fine. Let's go'' he growled as he slowly pushed the door open.

It creaked loudly, echoing through the dark room. As it swung wide open, the four of them stood at the threshold, staring inside. There was no light, but a strange aura was coming from within. A cold breeze rushed past them as they stood there. None of them seemed to want to enter first. But Tsunami sighed impatiently and entered slowly. Quickly, the other followed behind him.

''Can't we get some light?'' One of them muttered, fear in his voice.

At his request, one of them held out his hand and a small flame grew in his palm, creating a dim light.

Suddenly, the sound of dripping water echoed through the dark hall way as they walked down it followed by what sounded like someone's frantic breathing, mumbles and snickers.

A cloud of fear had surrounded them all, even Tsunami. But they continued forward. It seemed like the corridor was never-ending. But just as one of them was about to complain again, Tsunami stopped. The dim light flooded the area-

''W... What the-''

They set their eyes on the cell; It's bars were bent outwards, some were broken and covered in blood. Slowly, he lifted the light-


Sitting in the corner was Alpha. His arms thrown over his knees as he sat there. He was staring down at the ground, shaking. His hands were covered in blood, dripping into a puddle on the ground. It seemed that the dripping 'water' they had heard was in fact the blood dripping from his hands.

He laughed quietly, ''I must kill. I must make him hate me... Kill me''

They stared at him, terrified. The claws on his hands shined brightly, the blood reflecting the light of the dim flame.

Again, he laughed, ''They must die - They must all die... No, that's not enough. More - I must kill more or he will not come... He will not kill me''

''ALPHA!!!'' Tsunami yelled.

He fell silent. But slowly, he raised his head and looked up at him. His pale face was covered in blood. It dripped down his skin as he grinned, baring his sharp fangs.

''Brother...'' he laughed, seeming almost relieved, ''You... Have come to kill me?''

He stayed silent, glaring down at him. The entire cell was coated in blood. From what he could see, Alpha's appearance had changed even more than before. Discarded in the corner were his robes, torn and drenched in blood. The horns on his head were larger and more dragon like, curved inwards at the ends. He grabbed the arm of the man holding the flame and made him hold it closer to the cell - What the light revealed was even worse than they could have imagined; Covering all of his body except his face and hands was a dark, thick armor. It looked almost like the scales of a dragon. Long, horn-like bones had sprouted on each of his shoulders, sharp and slightly curved.

''No'' he growled.

The relaxed expression melted away from Alpha's face, but then suddenly, he stretched out his wings. They rushed towards them, impaling two of the men who had followed Tsunami. It happened so fast that none of them had any time to react until the men were dead, their bodies cold on the ground. Alpha flicked the blood from his wings and folded them beside him again.

''Do you hate me now?'' he grinned.

Tsunami stumbled back, falling against the wall. The shock and terror in his eyes grew as Alpha laughed manically. The man holding the flame was frozen, petrified. Shaking in terror, he didn't know what to say or do. Right before his eyes... Was a monster... A demon. His own brother-

''DO YOU HATE ME!!!???'' He yelled, his voice deeper and harsher than before. He slowly stood up, glaring at Tsunami, the blood lust in his eyes was terrifying.

''I... I...''

Alpha prowled towards him like he was hunting him, staring straight into his black eyes. He stretched out his wings, the talons on them stained with blood. Then, he growled loudly and smashed them into the wall behind Tsunami, missing his face by inches. The other man fell to his knees, so terrified he couldn't even move.

''You!'' He growled as he pulled himself closer to him, ''You did this to me'' he mumbled.

He stared back at him, ''W... What?''

''This is your fault, brother...'' He breathed, ''I am this because of you...''

''N... No''

Alpha grinned evilly and leaned in closer, his mouth to Tsunami's ear, ''I killed her''

He gasped quietly.

''I killed her and I enjoyed it'' he laughed, ''Her blood was the first I had ever spilled... She was the first person I had ever killed... And it felt exhilarating''

''You're a monster''

''Ha!'' he growled, ''I am... But only because of you, brother mine''

''I will stop you''

''You cannot stop me. I am far more powerful than you... And you know something? I always have been''

''You lie!'' He growled, ''You are nothing but a burden. You killed mother, you left father to die in battle... You killed Shyannah... The first time you actually take a life and it's one of someone who did not deserve to die!''

Alpha laughed quietly as he pulled away, ''Are you trying to hurt me with your words again? Your words may cut deeper than any blade can, but they can never kill like one''

The two stared into each other’s eyes. Tsunami could see that the monster in front of him was no longer the brother he loved and knew. He was something entirely different. Everything about him had changed... Except his eyes. The same depressing loneliness remained deep within them. Stuck forever like a scar, burned into his stare. It was the only part of him that he recognized. Alpha was lost. He had become stranded inside the monster he had within himself. He had fallen so far that he couldn't climb back out, so far that the light above was no longer visible. Was this really his fault? The words he had scratched into Alpha's mind... Had they really done this to him?

''I like what I am now... Killing... The blood... It makes me feel alive'' he grinned, ''and I will kill and kill and kill and kill and KILL AND KILL!!!''

Suddenly, Tsunami pulled his sword from its holster and stabbed it into Alpha's stomach - He groaned loudly as he removed the blade and stumbled back, pulling his wings from the wall, gripping a bleeding wound on his stomach. The blood spilled out instantly. He laughed like he was satisfied, but Tsunami stared at him like he didn't even know what had just happened.

''You... Hate me'' he grinned as he let go of the cut, letting his blood stream to the floor.


But before he could say anything, Alpha threw himself forward and onto his blade once more. This time, it pierced right through his chest and out through his back. He grunted loudly, pained. Blood oozed from his back as he pulled himself closer to Tsunami. He stopped just inches from his face and gazed into Tsunami's eyes. He stared back. Alpha's eyes were fading in color; the bright green was becoming more and more dull by the second and dark shadows had begun to appear beneath them. But despite the fact that he was dying, he smiled softly.

''Brother... Tsunami''

He stared at him, shaking, confused and afraid.

Alpha coughed as blood spewed from his mouth and down his chin, but still, he smiled pleasantly, ''I... I'm sorry''

''W... What?''

''I killed Shyannah... And then... I became... This'' he coughed, ''It may have all been an accident but... There are things you do not know''

He looked at him strangely as he coughed again.

''I... Don't have long left, brother... There is never enough time'' he sighed quietly, ''What I did... It was all to... To...'' he paused and breathed weakly.

''To what?'' he asked quickly.

''It was all... To protect you, brother''

A sudden shock fell over Tsunami as he stared at his dying brother, ''W... What?''

''We... Have both been deceived... Deceived'' he said slowly.

''What? Deceived how!?''

Alpha's smile faded from his bloody face, ''Do not... Trust anybody... You are all that remains of our family now brother; the last of us who... Possesses the blood of Ares''

He was confused and finding it hard to concentrate on what Alpha was saying. He was dying right in front of him... ''What are you talking about?''

Alpha coughed again, his blood splashed onto the wall behind Tsunami, ''It's too late to explain everything now... Forgive me for I should have told you sooner... But we have a special power, a unique power'' he paused, ''Okami... She will do anything... Anything to obtain it... Trust... No one''

''Okami? What are you-''

Alpha rested his forehead on Tsunami, closing his eyes.

''Th... ankyou'' he smiled.

Tsunami stood there, wide-eyed, staring at his brother’s lifeless face. He began to shake uncontrollably. A lonely tear fell from his right eye as he felt Alpha's last breath on his face.

''A... Alpha?'' he mumbled, sadness in his shaky voice.

But he did not reply. He remained standing there, leaning on Tsunami, blood still dripping from his body and off the blade.

''A... Brother!?''


''Brother...'' Tsunami whispered sadly.

Joe shook his head in disapproval, ''Do not grieve for him now''

He looked at him strangely.

''There is no point. He is not here. He cannot see your sorrow, your regret''

''Hell is not a place you go to, it is a place within you'' he said quietly, seeming to have ignored Joe who sat there, confused.

''We all have demons''

''But not everyone has a demon for a brother''

They both sat in silence, but then chuckled together, trying to lighten the cold, dark mood. But they quickly fell silent again. Tsunami sighed and took another sip of his drink.

''If there was any way to save Alpha... I would do it, no matter what''

''You mean if there was a way to get the old Alpha back, you would do it''

''Demon or not, he is my brother. I cannot change that. I never got the full story from him, but I was so sure that there was so much more behind his curse awakening, behind Shyannah's death... But I don't think I will ever know''

Joe leaned in closer, ''Like what?''

Tsunami sighed, ''To put it simply, it was all a huge mess''

He backed away in disappointment, but then folded his arms onto the table and sighed deeply, ''I don't get why we're all just sitting here. We should be out there looking for Logan and rebuilding what was destroyed in the attack'' he moaned, changing the subject.

''I'm pretty sure we'll get to that in the morning. But like what was said out there, we can't track them. There's no way to track through portals''

He sighed impatiently.

''Just calm down, Joe. He will find them'' Tsunami muttered as he looked down at the talisman but as he did, he began to feel a great sadness. All this talk of his lost brother was affecting him more than he thought it would. All of his memories of him were flooding back into his mind as he sat there, a cloud of depression forming over him. But he did not cry, he couldn't. Joe was right, there was no point in grieving for him now. His chance was lost the day Alpha died by his sword right in front of him. He didn't realize how much he regretted it until now; All of these years he had told himself that killing him was the right thing to have done. Doing so saved the lives of many men and his own. But, it only seemed to have made things worse. Alpha's last words were echoing through his mind, replaying over and over. He wanted to know what he was trying to say, he had to know what Alpha wanted him to know.

''I'm going to rest, I can't stand all of this waiting around'' Joe suddenly said as he quickly stood up, staring down at Tsunami.

He looked up at him blankly, ''What?''

He growled, ''Were you even listening to me? You know - Forget it'' he said quietly, ''Later''

As he walked away from him, Tsunami watched him. It was easy to see that he was distraught, upset... Maybe more than he was about his own brother. But as Joe walked out of the fort, closing the doors behind him, Tsunami turned and faced the floor once again.

''Brother... If only... You could forgive me'' he whispered.

''The Ares Curse'' came a cold, eerie voice.

Tsunami shook his head slowly, ''Yeah''

''Only those who come directly from his blood line possess such a power. Though, some may not consider it a power. Some like your mother considered it a burden''

''I don't know what to consider it'' he mumbled.

''Why was it ever called a curse?'' the voice asked curiously, ''Is it because of what it takes to awaken it? Or because of the demon - like appearance it gives you?''

''How should I know?''

''Ares... An untamed aspect of war'' it laughed, ''His curse truly was untamable. None have ever gained full control over it. Alpha though, he was the closest to doing such a thing''

Tsunami growled and angered, ''Are you serious? You'd call that control?''

''Do not misunderstand me, he was close. But that was before-''

''I know'' he grunted, ''I don't need to be reminded of such a tragedy''

''But it is necessary if you wish to find him again''

He paused, ''What did you say?''

But the voice was gone. He began to look around frantically, but sighed sadly.

''How can I reach his soul if I don't even have my own?''



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