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Chapter 22 (v.1) - Two Atlantean's

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Logan walked away from them and stared down into the flowing river. The same thought continued to fly around in his head. He was a Warlock and there was no going back from it. Ever. He was a Warlock. For as long as he would live. What would Joe think or do when he finds out? What would Tsunami do? He then realized that he was shaking. The anxiety was affecting him more than he thought it would. He held his hands out in front of him and stared down at them, watching them as they shook violently -

''It's started''

Suddenly, Elijah grabbed hold of Logan’s arm and pulled him over, staring down at his shaking hands.

''What has?''

''You're a Warlock. You need to feed''

He snatched his arm away and backed away from him.

Elijah glared at him from the corner of his eye.

''I... What?'' he asked quietly.

But he didn't repeat himself. Instead, he continued to glare at Logan. It seemed like he was trying to peer into his thoughts again, but his eyes weren't glowing. Maybe he was waiting for something? But just then, Kathrina joined them.

''Are we ready?'' she asked.

''Uh... For what?'' Logan asked almost panicking, what were they planning now?

''To leave. We're heading back to the city''

He sighed in relief, but choked realizing that Elijah was still glaring at him. He looked away uncomfortably. It really did creep him out every time his eyes met Elijah's. Not only did it make him feel intimidated, it also gave him an awkward feeling. After all, this guy could see into his very mind and could know everything he was thinking. But then he stepped back and looked over at Kathrina.

''Yeah, I'm ready to go'' he said eagerly.

Elijah smirked and began to slowly raise his hand. Logan backed away, nervous.

''Why so nervous?'' he scoffed as he placed two of his fingers on his lips and whistled loudly.

The eerie sound echoed through the trees for a few seconds and then fell silent. They waited. The wind brushed past again, revealing Elijah's ear from behind his hair once again. Logan stared. Something seemed familiar about-

''Stop staring'' he growled as he covered it.

Just then, a strange rumbling noise began to echo from the trees ahead of them. It got louder and louder and as it did the sound cleared. It sounded like rushing hooves - Horses?

From out of the darkness of the trees, five horses emerged, racing towards them. They watched as they slowed, stopping a few meters away from them. One of them was a light brown color with a black mane, another was dark grey with a lighter grey mane. The third was jet black with a long black mane. The other two were pure white, one with a white mane and the other with a long silver mane. All of them looked well groomed, like they were greatly looked after. But by who? Logan couldn't imagine Elijah grooming horses.

They were all equipped with saddles and saddle bags, but the jet black one looked like it was carrying a lot of inventory. Elijah then quickly walked over to it and removed something that was attached to the side of the saddle. As he pulled it off, it unfolded into what looked like a long black cape.

Logan watched curiously as Elijah took off his shoulder armor and his robes which he stuffed into one of the saddle bags. From the other one, he pulled out what looked like a jacket. It was black with a white-collar line, much like his robes. The collar was also tall, long and pointed just like on his robes. He pulled the jacket on and began to clip the cape to its shoulders, placing his armor over his shoulders once he was done. The new jacket had faint grey colored flame-like patterns wrapped around the shoulders spreading down each arm all the way down to the cuff links. The cloak was plain jet black and went down to just above his ankles. The bottom right corner seemed to be burnt slightly.

Elijah then pulled two black belts from the back of the jacket and tied them. As he did, Kathrina wondered over to the light brown horse and climbed onto it, sitting there and silently waiting. The horses grunted loudly as another breeze floated by. This time, Logan grabbed onto his hair so that it didn't fly everywhere.

As he clipped the saddle bags shut, Elijah mounted the black horse and began to fiddle with the cuff links on his jacket. The cape fell to the side, so he grabbed hold of it and threw it so that it covered the horse's back.

Logan stared at the two of them blankly.

''What are you waiting for? Pick a horse'' Elijah mumbled as he nudged his own, making it slowly walk over to Kathrina's.

He walked over to the remaining horses and looked at each of them carefully. Why were there five? There were only three of them, so why the extra horses? They were all carrying things too. He noticed that the white one with the long silver mane had a bow and several arrows strapped to one of its sides. There was also a large crossbow attached to the other side of its saddle. The other white horse had several different sized and shaped swords strapped to each of its sides. The grey horse only had a few daggers clipped to the back of the saddle. Why?

As much as he wanted to know, he held back his questions. He approached the grey horse and tried to mount it, but it backed away and grunted loudly at him. Angered, he snatched the reigns and pulled, forcing the horse to move towards him. He then grabbed the saddle and climbed onto it. The horse grunted again as Logan tried to make himself comfortable.

From the corner of his eye, Elijah watched Logan struggle. For some reason, it seemed to amuse him. He knew that the horse he had chosen was particularly difficult but chose not to say anything. He was curious as to how he would deal with it.

''Elijah'' Kathrina said softly as she leaned in closer to him.

He looked down at her curiously, his usual evil glare no longer visible.

''What's going to happen when we get back to the city?''

''I'm not sure'' he said quietly as he glared back over at Logan who was still trying to adjust the saddle.

Just then, he pulled on one of the belts -


The saddle came loose and fell to the side taking Logan with it. He hit his head on the ground as the horse stood there gracefully as if nothing had happened. As he dangled from the horse, it looked like he had given up. His swords fell from their holsters as his hair untied and started to fly around in the breeze.

''This... Horse...'' he growled slowly.

Elijah nudged his horse and moved over to Logan, ''Mei was never really keen on strangers, just like her owner''

He moved his hair from covering his face so that he could see Elijah. He was glaring down at him pitifully, that same evil look on his face.

''You?'' he grumbled.

He shook his head slowly. Then, he reached over and pulled another belt on the saddle-


Logan fell to the ground along with the saddle. Mei neighed loudly and then trotted away in victory.

Embarrassed and angry, he quickly scrambled to his feet and started to fix his shirt and hair, placing his swords back into their holsters. He didn't understand why Elijah had to be such a jerk. He could have simply gotten off his own horse and helped him back up, but instead decided to cause him more pain. His behavior was starting to make Logan want to kill him even more.

Elijah watched him as he re-attached the saddle to Mei and mounted her. This time, he didn't try adjusting it, he just left it as it was. As he kicked her side, she trotted over to Kathrina and waited. Elijah slowly followed, making sure that the other two horses would follow. For some reason, he seemed very attached to them. Of course, Logan wanted to know why, but then again, he didn't want to have to talk to a jerk.

As Elijah started to lead the way, the three of them set off, heading towards the trees.


Meanwhile back in the city, Tsunami had just woken up. He was sat on the end of his bed in just his trousers, staring blankly at the wall in front of him. His skin was pale and looked cold.  There were quite a few scars on his chest and back which looked like they had come from a sword. His un-styled hair was long and scruffy-looking, reaching just below his neck. His eyes were dark and had shadows around them; it looked like he had barely slept. But he had spent most of the night trying to take in everything his brother had told him. He had had so much light shed onto him about so many things he didn't understand. The things he tried to forget about were now becoming the things he needed to know more about. And it seemed like Alpha had all of the answers.

He sighed quietly and looked over his shoulder, staring at a pile of clothes thrown on the floor just beside his bed. There was a strong look of confusion and uncertainty in his tired eyes. It was like everything was starting to make sense, but then again, it wasn't. The whole situation and feeling was greatly confusing and upsetting him which made him angry. But then, he relaxed and fell back on his bed, staring up at the ceiling. This time, he wasn't alone; Alpha was here... The Alpha he called brother.

A faint smile appeared on his face. He hadn't felt such happiness since he had left his home. But it didn't last long. Kathrina. Logan. The two names had suddenly returned to his mind. How could he be so selfish?! He growled, furious at himself. He seemed to have forgotten about them and what had happened. Ashamed, he shook his head and put his face in his hands, trying to focus.

But, just then, a quiet knock came from his door. Quickly, he looked up, staring at the door-

''C- Come in'' he stuttered as he quickly sat up.

He waited, but no one came in. He frowned and went to stand up, but then, the door started to creak open slowly. As it creaked, he leant back to try and see who was coming in. But he couldn't see anything. Just as he went to stand up again, it flung open and flung shut in almost an instant. He stared. Standing with her back against the door was-

''Octavia?'' he asked quietly.

She was shaking, trembling almost. She looked terrified. But why? With her arms tucked behind her back, staring down at the floor like she was trying to hide her face, she squeaked quietly, but said no words that he could understand. But then, slowly, she lifted her head and looked at him. He stared back at her, a puzzled look on his face. But before he could say anything, she looked away from him nervously. He noticed that her face had gone red, almost as if she was embarrassed. Then he stopped and remembered - He had just woken up, he probably looked like a totally different person. He grunted and reached for the rest of his clothes.

''T... Tsunami'' she squeaked quietly.

He paused and looked over at her, waiting once again.

She took a deep breath and looked over at him, ''A... Alpha is...'' she paused.

''Alpha is what?''

''He... Isn't what we imagined'' she said.

He frowned again as he grabbed a pile of dark blue colored long bandage-like cloth and placed it next to him on the bed. Then, he grabbed a dark blue shirt and pulled it on over his head.

''Well?'' he asked as he pulled his hair out from the shirt.

''He... He didn't stay in the fort last night''

Tsunami began to slowly wrap the bandage-like cloth neatly around his wrists and forearms, then his upper arms. After he was done, he leant forward and rested them on his legs, staring up at Octavia. She stared back at him nervously but then turned away shyly, her face still red.

''Well, why not?'' he asked calmly.

''Uh... He... He went with Joe''

He reached down and picked up more bandage-like cloth, but this pile was grey. As he started to wrap it around his shins, Octavia gazed over at him, hiding her face like she was trying not to be noticed.

''Went with Joe where?''

''To... To the tavern''

He paused and angered slightly. A tavern? He stood up, still holding some of the grey cloth and wondered over to his window, staring down at the damaged city below. He began to wrap the last of the cloth around his neck and reached for his robes which were thrown down next to his white shirt. He pulled them on quickly and headed for the door-

''Octavia,'' he said as he grabbed the door handle and looked back at her, ''What's making you so scared?''

She looked up at him nervously, ''I... I'm just not used to this new version of Alpha''

Tsunami frowned once again, ''Hmph, don't worry, he's just like me''

Before she could say anything else, he pulled the door open and left, not realizing the state of his face or hair. She reached out to grab him, but he was already gone. Suddenly, a strange sense of curiosity washed over her. Slowly, she peaked over to the side of the bed were Tsunami had pulled his clothes from. Lying on the floor was his sword, still in its holster which was connected to his belt. Also, his boots were thrown down next to it. She giggled quietly. He had forgotten not only his shoes but his belt and sword as well. She grabbed hold of them in her arms and rushed out of the room after him.

In the hall, just as Tsunami was about to leave the fort, he stopped, noticing a few Seers behind him were snickering. He turned around and faced them, glaring intimidatingly. They fell silent and looked away from him, trying to act like it wasn't coming from them, but Tsunami wasn't an idiot.

''What's funny?'' he asked as he scowled even more, slowly walking towards them.

They stared at him blankly, but the smallest one of the men was obviously trying to hold back laughter. His face was turning red and he appeared to be trembling. Tsunami moved over to him and stopped just inches from his face, glaring at him.

''Um... Tsunami'' came a quiet squeaky voice.

He glared at the Seer, but then turned around - Staring up at him was Octavia. In her arms she held his boots, sword and belt. She looked rather pleased with herself, like she had just rescued him. He grinned awkwardly and took them from her, letting the Seers quickly scurry away like children.

''Thanks'' he mumbled as he kneeled down and slipped his boots on. Then, as he started to put his belt on, he stopped and looked down at Octavia as she stood there, nibbling on her nails like she was extremely nervous yet again. He frowned in confusion.

She then looked up at him sternly, ''You look better like this'' she smiled, but before he could say anything she turned around and ran away like she had to be somewhere.

He was shocked. This was the first time he had ever seen her with such a serious look on her face. But what did she mean?

''Like... This?'' he mumbled to himself, but then he shook his head, remembering that he had to go and find Alpha. So, he clipped his belt on and headed for the door.

As he walked outside, the brightness of the sun hit his face and burnt his eyes, making quickly shut them. It was a lot brighter than he thought. Holding his hand on his forehead to shield his eyes from the sun, he headed out of the fort courtyard and began to walk down one of the narrow paths. There was still a lot of rubble scattered around, but all of the people who had died were gone. There were no traces of blood or bodies. Just the rubble.

For some reason, Tsunami felt anger. He had seen enough death and destruction for two life times, but more and more kept coming his way. Not having to see the fallen seemed to somewhat make him feel strange. There was just a battle here, for some reason, he wanted to see the aftermath. He sighed as he reached the city center. There were a few people moving rubble and two women crying in grief. Normally, he'd ask what was wrong. But he already knew.

He turned right down another small street and passed a fruit store. Ignoring its damages and burnt roof, he walked past it and approached a large building. Its roof was burnt and falling apart, but the small sign above the door still read 'tavern open'. He stopped at the door and stared at it. From inside, he could hear laughter and shouting. Some was hostile, some was not. Then, a glass smashed from within. He slammed his hands onto the door and swung it open, stepping inside.

Everything fell silent. Everyone stopped what they were doing, staring at him as he stood there. He glared, looking around at each and every person within the tavern. Then, he stopped and focused on two people who were slumped over the bar, their heads in their arms. Angrily, he shut the door and walked over to them. There were three others standing around them, but the moment they noticed Tsunami heading their way, they moved and stood far back, watching.

Tsunami looked down at the pair pitifully. One had shoulder length black hair and was wearing similar clothes to him, bandage like-cloth wrapped around his fore arms, upper arms, shins and upper legs. There was also some wrapped around his waist and neck. He wore a darker blue shirt and black trousers much like Tsunami's. The other man had light brown hair which was so long it was dangling from the bar. He was wearing Seer robes with what looked like a headband tied around his waist.

''Really?'' Tsunami asked, annoyed.

Then, the one with the headband looked up at him. His eyes were dull green and had shadows under them much like he did. He grinned, saliva spilling from his mouth. But then passed out, slamming his head on the bar. Tsunami then kicked the other man's shin. He immediately woke up and sat up, shocked and confused. He turned sharply and met Tsunami's furious gaze. He stared at him in confusion, barely able to sit up. His eyes were just like Tsunami's; pitch black and soulless. He sat there with his mouth open, groaning slightly. He had two sets of fangs, one on his top row of teeth and another on the bottom. His ears were also slightly pointed, similar to an Elves’. He stared at Tsunami.

''What do you think you're doing?''

He cleared his throat and rubbed his eyes, squinting at him strangely like he couldn't see him. He shook his head and stared again, ''Uh... What?'' he mumbled.

''What are you doing in here?'' he asked again, trying to be patient.

Again, he rubbed his eyes and cleared his throat, ''Um... Drinking?''

''I can see that'' he grumbled as he looked around at all of the empty glasses surrounding him and the passed-out man beside him.

But then, the black-haired man reached out and put his arm around the other who woke up in confusion, trying to keep his eyes open.

''I would have at least thought you were more sensible, Joe''

The brown-haired man laughed, but then hiccupped and fell back, but the other man held him up to stop him from falling.

Tsunami crossed his arms angrily, glaring at them both.

''Oh, lighten up brother'' the other laughed, ''I haven't been able to do things like this for years'' he said as he stared deeply into his eyes.

He stared down at him. He felt guilty. It was true. His brother had been sealed away for years, and whenever he was released, it wasn't truly him. He had missed so many years of his life because of him. Tsunami looked away sadly, but then Alpha reached out and pulled him over, making him sit beside him. He let go of Joe who fell forward onto the bar again and passed out. As he did, he grabbed a bottle before it was knocked to the floor and poured them both a drink. Tsunami grabbed his glass and stared down into it.

''Don't dwell on it, brother'' Alpha said more sternly, the dizzy-like tone disappearing from his voice as he sipped from his glass.

He folded his arms onto the bar in front of him, still staring into his drink, ''How can I not?''

Again, he cleared his throat and sipped his drink, ''It's done. It happened. It's over. That's all that matters''

Tsunami was perplexed. He frowned as he watched his brother pour himself another drink. It seemed like Alpha had completely forgiven him already, or maybe he was just holding back all of his anger and hate to spare his feelings? He didn't know, but something about it made Tsunami angry. It's done? It happened? How could he say that? Surely Tsunami deserved some kind of hostility or anger from him... Then, he quickly grabbed his glass and drank, trying to distract himself.

Alpha watched him. It wasn't very hard to tell that he was overthinking again. But he didn't say anything. Instead, he poured more drink into Tsunami's glass as he placed it back down on the bar.

''So,'' he started as he sipped from his glass again, ''Do you wanna tell me where we are? Clearly, this isn't Atlantis or any place near''

''You're right. This is Alvenguard, an entirely different realm'' he sighed as he also took a sip from his glass, ''and this is the city of Niagrad''

''Hmm'' he mumbled quietly, thinking to himself as he stared longingly at the wall in front of them, ''What happened?''

Tsunami froze. That's right. His brother had no idea what happened. He had no idea that his home was gone along with every other person he once knew and loved. And Tsunami hadn't told him anything about it at all yet. He sighed sadly and held out his empty glass for Alpha to refill.

''There are things in this realm far worse than what was back in ours'' he said as he pulled his glass back and sipped from it.

''Worse than me?'' he asked.

He felt slightly uncomfortable, ''I... No...''

Alpha laughed quietly and nudged his brothers shoulder, ''I'm just messing with you. Anyway, what were you saying?''

''I... Well, there's things worse than demons here''

''Like what?''

''They call themselves Warlocks''

''WARLOCKS!? WHERE!?'' Joe yelled manically as he shot up and looked around defensively, but then fell back down.

They both stared at him strangely, but Alpha was smiling.

''He's just like - ''

''-Vidmer'' Tsunami said sadly as he turned back to his drink.

Alpha stared at his brother curiously, ''So, what are these Warlocks?'' he said as he sipped from his glass, trying to change the subject.

''Monsters'' he said plainly.

He waited as Tsunami also sipped his drink and cleared his throat.

''From what I've heard, they first appeared hundreds of years ago, but no one really knows where they came from, or why. They take people, or kill them. I was recently told that those who are taken are turned into Warlocks. In the process, their memories and will are taken from them. They're controlled like puppets by higher classed Warlocks. They kill to survive apparently, kinda like a Vampire. I'm not sure what they do or how they do it'' he said slowly with what sounded like disgust in his voice.

Alpha took a few minutes to take it all in, going over every word his brother had said. To him, they sounded just like Vampires, what made them different? He sipped his drink again and exhaled slowly, ''What makes them different from Vampires then? They sound just the same''

''Well, for one, they can walk in the sunlight without any kind of magical protection. What mostly differs them is that they possess telekinetic powers and magic. They heal a lot faster than vampires too. I've seen them use magic far greater than any Seer'' he paused, ''they can even open gateways to other realms'' he said angrily.

Alpha then realized what this was leading up too - ''It was one of them who destroyed our home, wasn't it?''

He nodded angrily as he gripped his glass and finished another drink.

''Hmm, did you kill him?'' he asked casually as he finished his drink too and reached for another bottle over Joe.

Anger began to fire up inside Tsunami as he thought about it, ''No. Not yet''

''Why not?'' he asked strangely as he poured them both another glass.

He clenched his fists and breathed deeply, ''I can't do it alone'' he admitted.

Alpha sighed in relief and picked up his glass, ''It's very unlike you to admit something like that so openly, brother. But now this really has me interested. Who in this world could make you back down?''

He growled, ''I never backed down. We never even fought''

He looked astonished as he downed his drink, ''Are you serious? Well, this just gets better'' he said excitedly, pouring another drink.

Tsunami fell silent. To him, his brother seemed to be unaffected by the news of their fallen realm. He didn't even show a single hint of sadness, sorrow or hatred. Why? He sipped his drink slowly and calmed down.

''I've been biding my time. Waiting. Gathering allies and information'' he explained, ''He's a new enemy, if I rush in there unprepared I could be killed''

Alpha smirked, ''So, how's your ally gathering been going?''

''Lately, a lot better. We’re organizing our attack right now''

''Hmph'' he grumbled as he placed his glass down and looked at his brother seriously, ''You know I want to help''

He smirked, ''Yeah, I know''

''Good. Well, who are we fighting alongside then?'' he asked as he turned back to his glass, pouring more drink into it.

Tsunami sighed again, remembering Kathrina and Logan. There was still no sign of them and it was tormenting him. Just then, a terrible thought came to mind. Had Alpha killed them? He slowly looked at his brother. Alpha wouldn't even know himself if he had. That side of Alpha was gone, hopefully. He breathed deeply. No. There was no way Kathrina and Logan together would be beaten by him. He looked away and stared into his glass again.

''The one next to you''

Alpha turned and looked at Joe as he drooled on the bar, snoring and mumbling to himself in a language he didn't understand. He frowned but then smirked, waiting for Tsunami to continue.

''Nightly, a Vampire. Octavia, a Katokirinkata-''

''A what?'' he spat, choking on his drink.

''A feline shape shifter''

He nodded slowly, wiping the drink from his face.

''Joe's brother, Logan, he's somewhat of an amazing fighter. Then there's Ka...'' he paused and saddened, but cleared his throat, ''Kathrina''

His brother looked at him strangely, almost sympathetically, ''Why does this person’s name seem to depress you?''

He sighed, ''It's just... We're waiting for her and Logan to get back to the city''

Alpha smiled weirdly.

Tsunami looked at him angrily, ''No, it's not what you think. They were taken by Warlocks''

''Oh'' he said quietly, slightly ashamed of himself, ''So... You said those that are taken-''

''No. That won't happen. Kathrina is... Well, she's already a Warlock''

A silence fell over them as Alpha refilled their glasses. Just then, Joe mumbled louder and quickly sat up, looking around, a puzzled look on his red face. He wiped his mouth and leaned over the bar, staring at Tsunami curiously. He turned slowly and looked back at him, a rather annoyed look on his face. Joe hiccupped and then looked up at Alpha who looked down at him with the same look on his face as his brother. But then he smirked and slowly patted him on the head like a dog. Joe frowned at him in confusion and shoved him away.

''What's going on?'' he asked slowly as he leaned down again and looked over at Tsunami who was sipping his drink.

''My brother is telling me about Warlocks'' he grumbled with hostility as he slurped his drink slowly.

There. Finally. Some kind of emotion. Tsunami felt what he thought to be relief. His brother looked angry, like he too wanted to get revenge for their home. He put his glass down and looked over at Joe who seemed spaced-out.

''Did you two spend the entire night here?''

''Uhhh... No'' Alpha said as he leaned in trying to stop Joe from answering.

Tsunami scowled at them both but then looked away, staring back down at his drink, ''I'm explaining how we plan to go after Gahi once Logan and Kathrina return''

Joe moved around uncomfortably in his seat and looked depressed, ''If they do come back''

''They will''

They both stared at Alpha from the corners of their eyes like they were waiting for him to say something. But he didn't. He continued to pour himself another drink and sipped it slowly, staring at the wall in front of them. But then, he placed the glass down and moved around, leaning his back against the bar and staring out of one of the small tavern windows.

''So,'' he said as he exhaled deeply, ''When do I get to meet these friends of yours, brother?'' he asked excitedly.

He sighed hesitantly and quickly finished his drink, also turning around to stare out of the window, ''Whenever you want''

''You know,'' Joe said as he spun around, ''Maybe we should wait until my brother gets back with Kathrina to do that''

Alpha looked at him strangely as he stood up and tried to walk, but he stumbled and fell, gripping onto Alpha's arm to keep himself from falling. He helped him sit back down and smiled, ''Then we'll wait''

Tsunami stared at him. They both seemed so confident that they would return. But even after saying himself that they would, he had a strange feeling that they wouldn't. He sighed, but relaxed back and continued to stare out of the window, waiting.


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