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Chapter 24 (v.1) - Preparations

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Back in Niagrad, Tsunami, Joe and Alpha were standing beside a well at the edge of the city. They stood there, waiting in silence. Joe was struggling to stand on his own, so Alpha was letting him use him as a leaning post, gripped onto his shoulder tightly. He looked terrible - His long light brown hair was scruffy and all over the place. His shirt was covered in drink stains and his robes were so bad that Tsunami had forbidden him to wear them until they were cleaned.

Tsunami still had his hair long and un-styled which made it look a lot like Alpha's. It wasn't very hard to tell that they were twin brothers with him like he was. A harsh breeze flew past, making them shiver as they stood there.

But then, Octavia slowly appeared from one of the alleys and began to walk towards them. Behind her, Nightly, Opus and a small girl with long blonde haired followed. They stopped in front of them as everyone began to stare at each other. Alpha seemed very curious and waited for his brother to introduce everyone to him.

But Tsunami seemed slightly confused as he turned and looked at the small girl. She looked very young and was holding what seemed to be a staff in her left hand. She was wearing a light-yellow cape and wore seer underclothes as well as seer boots. She blinked slowly as she stared back at him. But he then looked up at Opus who was staring curiously with his uncovered eye.

''Who is this?'' Tsunami asked as if he was trying to be discrete.

Nightly then threw herself onto the girl, hugging her tightly, ''this is Divina!'' she smiled happily, ''Isn't she cute?''

''Um... Why is she here?''

''She's coming with us''

Everyone stared at them in confusion, disapproval and shock.

Tsunami shook his head, ''No... No, she's just a child'' he said sternly.

Nightly frowned sadly.

''Let's hear her out'' Alpha said.

He turned around and looked at his brother strangely, ''Hear her out? Are you nuts? There's no debating this!''

''Um, Mister Tsunami'' she said suddenly, ''I know that the battlefield is no place for a child like myself but... But I can be useful-''

''No!'' he denied, ''there's no way-''

''Please!'' she cried, ''I need to do this!''

He froze and stared down at her. The determination and seriousness in her eyes reminded him of himself when he was younger. But even so, a young girl like this? What reason could she have for wanting to fight Warlocks? And how could she even match up to them? But he fell silent and waited, giving her a chance to explain herself.

She breathed deeply and gripped her staff tightly, ''my name is Divina Amira Leonhardt. I've been training as a healer mage since I was four years old. My Mistress was very strict and persistent, but I respect and look up to her. She took me in when my parents were taken by Warlocks. I want to prove myself to her and to others... I want to be useful and fight back against the Warlocks!'' she explained, so fast that it took a moment for everyone to take it in and understand.

Joe hiccupped and smiled, ''I think we should... Give her a chance''

Tsunami shook his head again, ''but she's a child!''

''Please, Mister Tsunami, I may be a child but I am good at what I do''

''Which is what?'' Alpha asked.

''I... I'm a healer mage'' she said quietly, slightly nervous of Alpha.

He stared at his brother.

''Ugh fine!'' he growled, ''but you stay close to one of us at all times, do you understand?'' he said sternly.

She nodded in gratitude and fell silent.

''Anyway'' he said as he sat down on the side of the well, crossing his arms, ''before I start, are there anymore-''

''No'' Nightly smiled as she let go of Divina.

''Okay... Well, as some of you already know, this is Alpha, my twin brother'' he said as he looked up at Alpha.

Nightly squinted as she stared at him strangely, ''you... Look different'' she said, ''where's all the armor and the horns and-''

''That wasn't exactly my brother...'' Tsunami said slowly.

She frowned, ''what do you mean?''

''It doesn't matter right now. What does matter is that this is Alpha and he's our ally''

''Hmmmm, but you had-''

''Nightly!'' Tsunami snapped.

''It's okay, brother'' Alpha said as he turned to Nightly, ''when you last saw me, I wasn't in control of my body. However, now that I am I can change at will, like this-''

But before Alpha could do anything, Tsunami slammed his hand on his chest and shook his head slowly, ''Not here''

''So, this is what you normally look like?'' she asked.

He nodded as he sat beside his brother.

''This is Nightly'' Tsunami said as they both looked at her.

She waved excitedly and grinned, showing her two fangs-

''The vampire'' Alpha added.

''This is Opus, you met him last night. That's Octavia''

Upon mention of her name, Octavia's face went red and she hid herself behind Opus.

''Feline shape shifter?'' Alpha asked as he gazed curiously at her cat-like ears that sat on the top of her head.

''Obviously, you've met Joe. He and his brother Logan are Arikarin-Do-Shikaki''

''Arika-what-ta?'' he spat as he frowned in confusion.

''A group of people who are seriously skilled sword fighters. Joe doesn't follow their traditions, however Logan still does''

He nodded slowly, ''and I'll be meeting Logan soon right?''

Tsunami saddened again, but nodded, ''I hope so''

Opus gazed up at the sky, his purple eye glistening brightly, ''the day is coming to a quick end, yes'' he said slowly.

''What?'' Tsunami grunted.

''You slept most of it away, brother''

Tsunami fell silent. He realized that it had been a whole day since Logan and Kathrina had been taken. His hope for their return was dwindling as he sat there, thinking. Maybe they should head out without them, maybe they'd meet them on the way if they had escaped. Or maybe when they reached Gahi they would be there too and he could save them... He sighed deeply and sadly. But what if they were already dead?

''We should prepare the horses... We leave at dawn'' he said as he stood up and straightened his robes, ''even if they don't return by then. We need to reach the gateway before the full moon''

''Yes... But how do you expect to find it without Kathrina's friend, yes?'' Opus asked slowly.

''We have Alpha. There's no better tracker than my brother. He'll find Gahi''

Everyone looked at Alpha as he also stood up and nodded in agreement.

''So, everyone, be ready''

As Tsunami walked away, Alpha followed, leaving Joe and everyone else he had just met at the well. The two of them walked through the alley and onto one of the main streets. But even though they seemed quite capable to him, Alpha still had doubts about his brothers chosen allies. His knowledge on Warlocks wasn't as widely spread as Tsunami's, but from what he had been told, a small group like the one they had formed wouldn't stand much of a chance against a huge clan of Warlocks and this Gahi one that was apparently the reason for their realm's destruction.

He glanced at his brother as they continued to walk in silence. Clearly, there was something on his mind too. But what? Maybe he was thinking the same thing? Or maybe he was still thinking that his friends that were taken weren't going to return. Then, he remembered what Tsunami had said about continuing with or without them. That was very unlike his brother. One of his strongest traits was his power to never give up on someone or something. But then again, these Warlocks... Were they really as much of a threat to make Tsunami act in this strange way?

Alpha frowned in confusion. Just who were these two people that Tsunami seemed to care about so much? He didn't think his brother was capable of caring for anyone else in such a way ever again, especially after what happened back then... But just then, back at the well... He showed a lot of concern for that child, someone he didn't even know. It seemed that in all the years Alpha had lost, not only had the world around him changed, but so had his brother.

''Tsunami'' he said quietly.

''What is it?'' he asked as they turned onto another street and started to walk up towards the fort.

''How... How have you managed to adapt so quickly?''

Tsunami slowed and stopped, noticing the sadness in his brother voice. He frowned, slightly confused as to what Alpha meant. But he sighed and looked at him slowly.

''It took me a long time to get over what happened''

Alpha stared into his brother’s black eyes - ''Just how long was I... Not myself?''

The question cut Tsunami deeply. He felt such horrific guilt and anger for himself. How would his brother react if he told him how long it had been? Would he lash out? Would he-

''Tsunami'' he said again, ''Just tell me''

He looked uncomfortable and reluctant. But it wasn't fair to keep it from him. He sighed, ''Five years''

Alpha stuttered and stared blankly at the building behind Tsunami. He opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out. He slowly looked down at the ground below him.

''Five... Years?'' he said quietly.

''Yes. Right after Shyannah's death... Well, after I... Killed you... When you revived, you weren't yourself. I had no choice but to-''

''Seal me away?''

Tsunami fell silent. Was his brother finally catching up to everything that had happened? Was he about to resent and take his anger out on him? He backed away slowly, unsure of what Alpha's next move might be. Both wary and unsettled, he watched him closely. But there was no sign of anger or resentment on his brother’s face. Instead, he had deadpanned, staring down at the ground.

''I... Remember somethings'' he said slowly as he looked up at his brother.

''W... What things?''

''It may not have been me in control of my body but... I still witnessed everything like it was me''

Tsunami frowned in confusion, ''What do you mean?''

''It was like... I could see everything, hear everything but... I couldn't control myself'''

He thought to himself for a minute, ''Everything?''

Alpha frowned, ''Well... Not like everything, but... Some things''

''Okay...'' he said slowly, ''like what?''

He slowly moved closer to his brother, a slightly intrigued look on his face, ''It's all really just little fragments of memories but... I do remember that my former self did this a lot-''

Suddenly, Alpha grabbed his brother’s shoulders and pulled him closer. He widened his jaw, baring his fangs as he went to bite Tsunami's neck-

''Alpha!'' he yelled as he kicked his brothers shins and shoved him away.

He stumbled back and tripped, falling into a puddle of mud. He stayed down, snickering. But then turned around and looked up at his brother who was glaring down at him.

''I was just fooling around. I'd never hurt you'' he said strangely, almost mockingly.

For a moment, Tsunami recognized the attitude of the previous Alpha, but it was mixed with his normal sarcastic attitude. This couldn't be good. Was a part of his darkness still awake within him? Unsure, he held out his hand and helped his brother to his feet.

Alpha tried to wipe the mud from his clothes, but it smudged and only became worse.

''Damn it'' he muttered as he continued to try.

''Just... Leave it; you can clean yourself up when we get back to the fort'' he said sternly.

He stopped and rubbed his hands together, trying to remove the mud from them. But then, he stopped when he noticed the worried look on Tsunami's face.

''What? Is it wrong to have a joke?''

He angered slightly, ''Joke? You don't really joke about something like that''

''Like what? The fact that thanks to your careless research, safety precautions and actions I'm a monstrosity? What do you call them?'' he paused thinking, ''Oh yeah, vampires''

Tsunami felt the same burning guilt again. His brother really hadn't even tried to hold back on that one. He grinned nervously, ''Uhh... I... I...''

''Hey'' Alpha said calmly as he smiled at his brother, ''It wasn't your fault. Okay?''

He shook his head slowly, ''No, you're right. It is thanks to me that-''

''No, no, no'' Alpha grumbled as he tapped Tsunami's shoulder harshly with one of his finger tips for every word he said, ''No time for sob stories. I need to clean this mud before tomorrow. Don't forget, we've got a long journey ahead of us''

He smacked his brothers hand away and started to walk again, ''Do you remember anything else. Seriously, this time'' he said sternly.

Alpha followed him, tapping his chin as he thought about it, ''hmm... I seem to remember every time I killed someone''

''Really?'' he asked, slightly revolted.

He nodded his head, ''Uh huh. I remember all of the times you released me and resealed me too''

''Back to what you said the first time, do you remember seeing a small girl with long dark brown hair with a tall guy with long light brown hair?'' he asked.

''Hmmm...'' he mumbled as he thought harder, ''nope''

Was that a good thing or a bad thing? Tsunami wasn't sure. It seemed that Alpha remembered every time he killed, so surely he would remember his victims faces? So, maybe Kathrina and Logan were still alive after all.

''Why?'' he asked, ''are they the two friends that were taken?''


''Why would I have...'' Alpha paused, ''did you send me after them?''

''Yes. But it would seem that you failed''

''If I know one thing, brother, it's that whatever was controlling me never failed any order you gave it. What did you tell it to do?''

''I told it... You to find them and get them back here... Alive''

''And obviously, they're not here'' Alpha concluded.

Tsunami didn't say anything else as they continued to walk up to the fort. He didn't even know what to say or think. There was no way to find out if they were alive or dead. And it was destroying him.


''Logan'' Kathrina called.

He opened his eyes and stared forward. To his relief, in front of him was the entrance to Niagrad. He sighed happily as his horse trotted through the gates. Waiting for him was Joe, waving next to a crowd of people. As the horse stopped, he jumped off and approached his brother. But as he did, his bright smile suddenly faded into a confused frown.

''Joe?'' he asked.

He stared at him in horror - ''You... You're a Warlock!?''

Suddenly, the crowd fell silent and glared at him. He turned to look at Kathrina who he thought was behind him, but instead, glaring at him was Carlos.

''You're a Warlock. You can never be one of us again''

He turned to look for Joe, but instead, his father was stood in his place, staring at him.

''Warlock'' he grumbled as he turned away in horror.

Joe grabbed his shoulder, ''Are you forgetting what that Warlock did to our family?''

''And to me?'' Carlos added, pulling Logan's other shoulder.

''And now you're like her?'' His father growled.

''You're not our brother''

''You're not Arikarin''

''You're a monster!''

''You should just kill yourself!''


Just then, everyone disappeared and only a single person was left standing in front of him. He wore dark purple Warlock robes and his hair was long and a very light brown color. He glared at Logan with his demonic purple eyes.

''Gahi'' Logan growled.

He grinned, ''You should just kill them. It's their fault that you're like them''

''Elijah and Kathrina?''

''Free yourself from the pain. Do it. DO IT!!!''

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