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Chapter 25 (v.1) - He Who Never Sleeps

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Submitted: June 21, 2017



Logan opened his eyes and breathed sharply, gasping for air. It was just a dream. Or was it? He looked around. It was dark, silent. They were still in the forest. But then he froze and slowly looked over in Elijah's direction... There he was. Sitting there, leaning against a tree. But he wasn't asleep. Instead, he was staring out into the darkness.

''You can't sleep?'' he called.

Elijah turned his head and stared blankly at him, ''I don't sleep'' he said and then went back to staring into the darkness.

He stared at Elijah's ear, ''You never actually told me how you got those'' he said.

Irritated, he covered it and glared at him, ''I never had any intention of telling you'' he grumbled rudely.

''You said you'd answer my questions. So where did you get them?''

He sighed angrily and stared out into the darkness, ''you know what they are?''

''Yeah, they symbolize your title among the Arikarin''

''There, you just answered your own question''

''I've never actually seen the fourth one''

Elijah moved one of his hands up to his ear and tapped the cylinder-like ear ring that was wrapped around the outside of his ear above the other three rings, ''this?''


''Hmph, I'm not at all surprised. As you should already know, these three represent my title: Master''

Logan didn't want to believe it, but he waited for him to finish.

''And this represents my Spirit'' he said.

''Wh - Since when-''

Elijah unclipped it and held it with his thumb and index finger, showing Logan.

''What is it? Your Spirit?''

''Look closer'' he said as he moved his hand towards Logan, letting him look closer.

Logan stared at it. It was barely visible, but there were three lines carved into it and behind them was what looked like a small winged serpent - Just then, Elijah closed his hand and pulled it away. As he started to put it back onto his ear, Logan glared at him disapprovingly.

''All of this is hard to believe; not only did a clan of my people apparently accept an outsider to train with them, but the legendary Risan was a member of this clan? As well as that, he supposedly made this outsider a Master? And his spirit so happens to be Dragon? Why would any Arikarin preform the Spiritual awakening on someone who has no Arikarin relation!?'' he exclaimed in confusion and anger.

Elijah stared evilly at him. He looked almost offended.

Logan calmed down, ''but seriously... How?''

''Risan was my half-brother’s mother's grandad. It hurt him to see his great grandchild resent his heritage. So, he gave me the opportunity to train in my brother’s place. Of course, he wanted to test my skills before accepting me into the clan. I fought with him''

''You had a duel with Master Risan?'' Logan asked, amazed.

''Yes. But, I lost. As I said before, I was a foolish and cocky child''

''You're still cocky now'' he mumbled.

Ignoring him, Elijah continued, ''however, he saw potential in me. He accepted me into the clan where I stayed and trained for many years. In my final year, I was granted the title of Leader. But that was only because we were soon to face a group of Warlocks and we had a shortage of capable Leaders. We destroyed the Warlocks, but at great cost''

Logan stared, to his astonishment, Elijah seemed to be depressed.

''Many of the Arikarin were lost. Some of them were my friends. But there was no time to grieve. Master Risan announced that in all of the chaos, his son was taken by Warlocks. No one offered to go after them. No one was in good enough shape. Even I was too exhausted to go. But I went. Without Master Risan's knowledge, I slipped away and chased down the Warlocks. They were held up in a small castle ruin not too far from our camp''

''How many of them were there?''

''I didn't know, there were too many to count in the little time that I had. I rushed in there. I didn't stop slicing and killing until they were nothing but crumbled stone. Master Risan's son was alive and still Arikarin. I took him back to the camp... Well, he took me back. I was unconscious and completely out of strength from the battle. I woke up two days later and it seemed that everyone had recovered'' Elijah paused as he lowered his hand and gripped the hilt of his sword.

''And so?''

''Master Risan said he had never witnessed such bravery and loyalty towards him. Even though I was not of the Arikarin, I risked my own life to save his son's. He had already decided in the time that I was unconscious that he was going to make me a Master. And he did. Firstly, he gave me Lutakarinku. Then, he presented these to me'' he said as he pointed to his ear rings, ''I had the entire ceremony''

''I bet that's something you'll never forget?''

''Of course not. But straight after he insisted I have the Spiritual awakening ritual performed on me''

''That's always something to look forward too. If it's you or someone else having it done, it's amazing to watch. Well, how did that go?''

''It... Was different'' he said slowly, ''I had never seen it done before. But the moment he saw the dragon dancing in the flames... His reaction was unexplainable''

Logan frowned in confusion, ''In a good way or a bad way?''

''I don't know. But after he had this made for me,'' he paused and pointed to the fourth ear ring, ‘'he wouldn't let me leave his side. Right up until the moment of his death I was at his side. After he died, everyone had expected me to replace him seeing as I was the only Master among them. But I refused''


He sighed, the same depressed look appearing on his face again, ''It just didn't feel right to me. Without Master Risan, I just didn't feel like I belonged there anymore. So, I left and returned to my home land. From what my brother told me, Master Risan's son took over as the clans Leader''

''So, you just gave up on everything Arikarin to you?'' he said, slightly angered.

''No'' he said as he stared back into the darkness, ''I was never an Arikarin in the first place. So, it didn't matter''

''So why do you still wear them?'' he asked plainly.

Elijah ignored him.

''No'' he started, ''I believe that, even though you're not Arikarin, you still remain as you were back then. Not only out of respect for Master Risan, but because you still feel some sense of belonging among my people''

He slowly turned his head and glared at him.

''Let me guess; you weren't exactly accepted by your own people, so when you were offered a second chance with the Arikarin, it was the best moment in your life?''

He shook his head slowly, ''the best moment in my life?'' he asked.

Logan watched as Elijah turned his head and looked over at Kathrina. She was asleep, using her robes as a blanket. He then turned back and stared at him.

''I suppose you could say that although I did not remain among the Arikarin, I still remain who Master Risan made me''

It was strange, this new side to him. Logan actually liked this side to Elijah. Instead of all the sarcastic comments and rude attitudes, he was acting calmly and openly. It wasn't hard to tell that the subject of his Arikarin side depressed him.

''So'' he said, ''What do I call you?''

Elijah scoffed, ''you know my name. Only use that''

And at that, it was over. He was back to his usual jerk self. Logan frowned angrily. But then he thought back to what Elijah had said when he woke up.

''What did you mean when you said you don't sleep?''

''I mean what I said and said what I mean'' he smirked, still staring into the darkness.

It was nearly impossible to start a conversation with this guy and it made Logan furious. He wanted to keep himself from falling asleep to avoid another nightmare, but it looked like Elijah wasn't going to play any part in that. But he wasn't going to give up. He had found that if you ask enough times, he'll answer in order to get you to shut up. So that's what he was going to do...

''It's another question and you said you'd answer all of mine''

''All questions relating to my Arikarin years. Nothing else''

''But still, what did you mean?''

He didn't answer.

Logan grinned, ''would Kathrina know what you mean?''

Elijah sharply turned and glared evilly at him. But then he turned away-

''Are you going to tell me or-''




''You said-''

''No'' he growled more angrily.



''Are you afraid of the dark or something?!'' he growled.

Elijah quickly stood up and glared down at Logan so fiercely it frightened him. He then flipped his cape behind his back and stormed off into the darkness.

Logan felt no guilt. Was he supposed too? But now he was alone. Kathrina was asleep and he didn't want to wake her up. If he did, he had no idea how she would react, but there was no doubt that Elijah would come storming out of the trees and make sure Logan knew he had done wrong. Maybe a walk would take his mind off of things? But then he would be leaving her unprotected while she slept. If he did tha, Elijah would probably kill him. He sighed quietly and slowly closed his eyes, hoping that he could sleep until the morning.


Just a small distance from where he had left Kathrina and Logan, Elijah had sat down against another tree, staring into the darkness. After his conversation with Logan, he had started thinking a lot about his past. As much as it depressed him, he couldn't help but remember his time among the Arikarin. It was indeed one of the best moments in his life. Logan was right when he presumed that he had been given a second chance by them. But that was some time ago and there was no way to go back to it. Risan was gone and so was Elijah's sense of belonging among their people.

He breathed deeply and slowly stared up at what was visible of the dark sky through the tree tops above him. He felt a deep loneliness. So much of him was missing. The most important parts of his life were gone and he wondered... Would he ever get them back?

Just then, he frowned and quickly went back to staring into the darkness. He had let his mind wonder and distracted himself. If he let his guard down at any time out here, it would be the end for all three of them. Not only were there a pack of Black Dogs nearby, but Makiere could return with reinforcements any second. But then, he remembered... The Black dogs.

Without a second thought, he climbed to his feet and began to slowly walk through the trees, listening carefully. He was unable to use his eyes power at the moment, so he had to rely on his other senses. He had a rough idea of where they were, but he knew he couldn't run straight in there. After all, it was possible that the dogs had noticed his presence already and were currently hunting him instead. Elijah smiled excitedly. If there was anything that he enjoyed other than pissing people off, it was dangerous hunts.

Slowly and quietly, he pulled his sword from its holster and held it to his side as he crouched slightly and moved slowly through the trees, searching. He was so silent that not even the dead leaves cracked beneath his feet. But just then, a faint rustle came from behind him. He stopped and turned around. Staring into the darkness, he waited, crouching down even more.

If they were all hunting him as a pack, then there was a chance that some of the dogs were making noise to distract him from the stalkers behind him. He turned again and continued to walk through the trees. More rustling came from behind him as he continued, ignoring it. It became more frequent and louder as he continued. It was obvious that they were trying to grab his attention. But he knew how Black Dogs hunted. The desperate attempts were just telling him that he was close to the Alpha. And that was his target.

Continuing forward, he set his eyes upon what looked like a nest made out of branches and leaves. That was it; the den. But suddenly, something cracked and rustled above him - He quickly looked up and stopped in his tracks. Staring down at him was a pair of glowing yellow eyes - Before he could move, a Black Dog jumped from the trees above and came crashing down onto Elijah. He dropped his sword and grabbed hold of it in his hands, trying to hold it back as it snarled and snapped at him, trying to get to his throat. But then, he grabbed its head and-


He threw its lifeless corpse to the ground as it started to dissolve and grabbed his sword. Then, he climbed to his feet and continued moving towards the nest. But just a few moments after, several Black Dogs rushed out of the darkness headed straight for him - He snapped into a stance, holding his sword above his head with both of his hands. The dogs jumped at him and one after the other, he swung his blade and cut them in half with ease. As the bodies fell, he swung his sword around to remove the blood from its blade. As the sizzling blood hit the trees around him, he glared at the nest from the corner of his eye - He noticed a pair of yellow eyes staring at him from within.

He grinned as it growled at him. That was it. The Alpha Black Dog. A challenge. He waited as it emerged from the nest, hauling its huge body towards him. It was huge, nearly three times the size of any normal black dog. But Elijah smiled as it bared it’s disgusting, huge razor-like teeth. It snapped its jaws as a warning, but he had no interest in leaving it be. He took a step forward -

The dog burst into action, sprinting towards him at an incredible speed. Elijah held his sword above him again, ready. As the dog jumped up into the air, he took one of his hands off of his swords hilt and smashed his arm into the dog’s side, sending it crashing to the ground. Then, he quickly walked over to it and placed his foot on its side as it lay there in utter shock. Before it could retaliate, he stabbed his sword through its side, ending it.

As he pulled his blade from its dissolving corpse, he looked around slowly, making sure that they were all dead. It was over quicker than he had hoped, but at least there was one thing less to deal with tomorrow. He put his sword back into its holster and flipped his cape behind him again, walking back towards Logan and Kathrina.


Logan watched as Elijah suddenly appeared from the darkness and returned to his post, sitting back down against the same tree. As he sat down, he glared over at him.

''Why aren't you asleep?'' he mumbled as he made himself comfortable.

''I can't... I keep seeing-''

''I get it'' he interrupted, ''You're seeing Gahi, right?''

''Uh... Yeah. How did you know?''

Elijah turned away and stared into the darkness once again, ''It happens to every new Warlock. It's Gahi trying to control you. Many succumb to it. You will eventually''

That didn't make Logan feel any better. In fact, it made him panic slightly, ''what do you mean?''

''Sooner or later, you'll lose your grip on reality and become a violent, confused killer. Like all other Warlocks''

He glanced over at Kathrina, ''then... Then how is-''

''I'd do for you what I did for her, but I am currently unable to use my eyes. So, you'll have to wait until they recover''

He glared at him as he stared into the trees. Why the sudden attitude change? Just a while ago he looked like he would have ended Logan’s life, but now he was openly offering to help him? He really did not understand him at all. But then again, now was a good time to take advantage of his mood...

''Where did you-''


''Can you just listen to me for a second?!'' he exclaimed.

Elijah sighed irritably, but turned and faced him, waiting.

Logan sighed angrily, ''why are you so... So...'' he stuttered, unable to find a word to explain Elijah's attitudes.

''Why am I so... Private?''

''What?'' Logan asked.

''Why am I so closed off? Why am I such a jerk?''

It slightly amazed Logan that Elijah knew exactly what he was thinking even without using his eyes to read his thoughts. But he was right, that was what he wanted to know. He nodded.

It looked like Elijah was about to go into another deep conversation, but then, he smirked and turned away, ''because I am''

Logan growled quietly. Jerk. The way he acted made him furious. He turned away and leant back on the tree, trying to think of something to keep himself from falling asleep again. But it was seeming impossible. His mind was empty. All he could really think about was how tired he felt. Maybe this time he could sleep without those thoughts of Gahi replaying in his head... Slowly, he closed his eyes, falling asleep once again.


What seemed like almost instantly, he opened his eyes and looked around slowly. It was day. He was still in the forest, leaning against the same tree he had been all night. But as he looked around, he noticed that Kathrina and Elijah weren't there. Neither were the horses. Had they left without him?!

He quickly climbed to his feet and started to search around for tracks. But there weren't any. For a moment, a strange feeling washed over him... It felt like someone or something was watching him, waiting. But what could it be?

As he stood there, he tried to think of a reason as to why Kathrina and Elijah would have left him. Maybe they thought he'd be better off alone since he became a Warlock? Or perhaps they saw him as some kind of threat? After all, Elijah had said himself that newly made Warlocks were dangerous... But he had also pledged to help him! Why would they just abandon him?! Whatever their reason was, if he ever saw them again, there was no way he'd forgive them; even if it took him down too, he'd kill Elijah and wipe that smirk off of his face for good!

But just then, all of the light shining through the tree tops had started to disappear like it was being pulled into a darkness... Suddenly, as everything around him became nothing but darkness, he froze-

He watched as a tall, dark figure slowly appeared in the darkness, moving towards him. It was hard to make out his face; all Logan could really notice was the figures long hair. But then, it stopped in front of him. All of this felt familiar... Almost like what it had felt like when Elijah used his eyes to show Logan his state before he became a Warlock... But this person in front of him was not Elijah...

''Who are you!'' he demanded as he stumbled back.

A few moments later, a light appeared above the figure, slowly revealing his face-

''Gahi!'' he growled in both anger and fear.

He grinned and reached out to grab Logan, but before he could, someone else grabbed Logan and pulled him back -

Logan was pulled back, but he had no idea who was behind him. Quickly, he hit whoever's hand it was on his shoulder and stumbled to the side. Then, he stopped and stared... The person behind him was none other than Elijah... But why? He then glared at Gahi who looked somewhat threatened by Elijah's appearance. Logan stared in confusion as the two of them glared evilly at each other.

''So, it was true'' Gahi growled, ''what the other Princes have been telling me... You really are a traitor''

Elijah smirked, ''it really took you this long to figure that out?''

''You...'' he growled, ''I knew from the very beginning that I couldn't trust you... Your people are nothing but traitorous cowards!''

''Do I detect slight worry in your voice?'' he asked slowly, ''do you feel... Intimidated?''

Gahi held his hand out like he was about to attack, ''intimidated? By what? You?!'' he mocked, ''never''

Elijah also held his hand out, copying Gahi's stance - ''I am the only one capable of withstanding you'' he said almost proudly, ''so of course you're intimidated''

Gahi smirked mockingly, ''that may be so, but you can't save everyone... Sooner or later, that barrier will wear off and I'll take from you what you live for''

Logan had no idea what they were talking about, but he wanted to know why they were both here... And where even was 'here'?!

Elijah frowned, losing his smirk. What looked like worry and anger had appeared on his cold, pale face as he looked away from Gahi, staring over at Logan. Whatever Gahi had meant, it had clearly unsettled Elijah. But then, he sighed quietly and faced him again -

''Don't underestimate me; it will be the last thing you ever do'' he growled.

Gahi smiled, ''it's all just a matter of time... And time is something I have a lot of'''

Logan watched as Elijah angered, a furious look appearing on his face as he glared straight over at Gahi. He closed his open hand which he was still holding out in front of him. He sharply turned his head and glared at Logan.

Before he could even say or think, Elijah stood up straight and moved over to him, grabbing his shirt and pulling him away from Gahi who remained where he was, almost like he was frozen. Logan stared up at Elijah's face - He looked mad. Unsettled. As much as he struggled to get him to let go, he wouldn't. He continued to drag him into the never-ending darkness, walking like a stroppy child who had just been told 'no' by its parents. They continued, leaving Gahi behind.

Once Gahi was out of sight, Elijah stopped and threw Logan in front of him. He stumbled, but as he stood up straight and went to question Elijah -


He smashed his fist into his face! Logan fell down and hit his head on the ground. As an overwhelming dizziness washed over him, he slowly blacked out, Elijah's pissed off face being the last thing he saw...


''Wake up, ass hole!'' Elijah yelled.

Logan quickly opened his eyes - Staring down at him was Elijah and Kathrina. He had hold of his shirt with both of his hands, shaking him furiously. His face felt sore which meant he must have hit him a couple of times too, but why?

''Hey!'' he yelled again as he held up his fist, ready to strike -

''What?!'' he yelled back as he glared into his dimly glowing eyes.

Clearly annoyed, he let go of him, dropping him harshly. He stood up and quickly stormed off back over to his tree. Kathrina also stood up, but only took a few steps back so that Logan could stand up too. As he did, she watched him slowly. He stared at her.

''What's wrong?'' he asked as he rubbed his face where Elijah had hit him.

''Nothing. Well, not with me anyway'' she said as she glanced over at Elijah who was leaning against his tree, his eyes closed and arms folded in front of him.

Logan glared at him. But then turned his attention to the forest - It was day. The sunlight shining through the tree tops. He was slightly relieved; at least now he didn't have to sleep. But then he turned his attention back to Kathrina -

''What happened?'' he asked.

She looked up at him curiously, but then a concerned look appeared on her pale face. She sighed, ''Gahi's trying to get to you, isn't he?''

''I... Guess'' he said slowly, slightly unsure of what she meant.

''You've been seeing him in what seems like an unending darkness?''

She was spot on about that, so maybe she knew what was going on? He nodded and waited for her to explain more, but she didn't. Instead, she looked over at Elijah again who was still leaning against the three, resting.

''Why did he appear in there with Gahi?''

''Elijah was trying to get you out of there and as you can see, he succeeded''

''What does that mean?''

She turned again and looked up at him, ''Elijah can use his eyes to enter people's minds, just like he entered yours when Boeithen was about to take your memories. This time, he entered to stop you from being pulled into the darkness with Gahi. If you had fallen, he might not have been able to get you out again''

He was slightly confused as to what she was saying, but it did somewhat make sense. If Gahi had managed to grab him, would he have turned into a mindless killer like most other Warlocks? He then looked over at Elijah thankfully.

''How does he do it?'' he asked curiously.

She frowned, clearly confused herself, ''I'm not entirely sure'' she admitted, ''but it has something to do with will power. Elijah has a strong will and sense of loyalty. He will protect what he sees as most important to him. As long as his will remains strong, he can fight against mind-manipulating powers such as Warlock compulsion'' she explained slowly, ''he can literally overpower and release Warlock compulsions with his visual powers. But only if his will remains strong, that is where most of his eye's power comes from''

''So basically, what you're saying is that his eyes are as strong as his will?'' he concluded.

''Yeah, you could say it like that'' she agreed, ''So if somehow Gahi manages to weaken his will, he'll also weaken Elijah's visual power''

''Well, that's remarkable'' he admitted, thinking to himself.

However, he remembered what had happened: Gahi had said something that seemed to disturb Elijah. It clearly wasn't enough to break him, but it had unsettled him. He looked down at Kathrina slowly. She gazed at him, like knew he was about to ask her something.

''Gahi said something to him, but I'm not sure what it meant''

''What did he say?'' she asked.

Logan opened his mouth to speak, but before he could, he stopped and noticed that Elijah was glaring evilly at him. It was surely a sign for him to shut up. So, he did - ''I... Can't remember'' he lied.

Perhaps it was best for everyone if he kept that to himself. Elijah was now the only one he could rely on to save him again if Gahi came back to try again. If he started exposing something that unsettled Elijah, anyone could use it against him and Logan's chances of surviving would quickly diminish. He watched as Elijah closed his eyes again. Then, he looked back at Kathrina.

''Do you see Gahi as well?'' he asked quietly.

She looked down at the ground and seemed to be thinking to herself, but then she looked back up at him, her dark green eyes shining in the sunlight, ''I did... A short while ago, back in the city''

Logan didn't say anything else as he started to tidy his hair. They should be moving out soon, so he thought he should get ready. But he also had to prepare himself for everyone else's reaction to his new appearance... How would Joe and Tsunami take his being a Warlock? It scared him. What if Joe turns away from him? What if Tsunami sees him as the enemy? Maybe it would be best if he just stayed away. Would it be better for them to think he had died instead of returning as the enemy?

He sighed. If he kept thinking about it, eventually it would destroy him. As much as he despised him, he wanted to stick close to Elijah as he had sworn to help him deal with this new power. So where ever he went, he would go. And it was clear that where ever Kathrina went, he was going to go. So, the city was their destination. Slowly, he walked over to his horse and stroked her mane. The only thing he could think now was 'whatever happens, happens'.

Kathrina wandered over to Elijah and tapped his arm, but he didn't respond. He just stood there, leaning against the tree, his face pointed down like he was trying to hide his closed eyes. She taped his arm again, but still nothing. Then, she flicked his hair with her hand. Still, he didn't respond.

Logan watched her as she tapped her foot impatiently. Then, she raised her hand and harshly smacked his face-

''HUH?!'' He yelled as he quickly looked up.

She glared at him, tapping her foot on the ground, ''we're leaving''

He stared blankly at her, wide-eyed and confused. Was he sleeping!? Logan didn't know for sure, but he certainly had been unconscious. He could tell by the confused look on his face.

''What?'' he asked again, ''we're leaving? Now?''

''The sooner we get back, the better. Today is the day we were planning on leaving to find Gahi. We need to get back and join Tsunami before they leave'' she said quickly.

He wiped his hand over his face and breathed deeply, ''okay'' he said as he kicked back off the tree and walked over to his horse.

As he walked, he felt slightly dizzy. Not only had Kathrina just woke him up, but he had used his eyes to help Logan too soon. Doing so had a horrible effect on him. His vision was blurred and it felt as though his head was spinning so fast he couldn't even think straight. But he couldn't let either of them know he was in such a state. Logan would most likely mock him and Kathrina would try to keep him from fighting and pushing himself. So, he remained as though everything was fine. Surely, he'd be able to fit in another nap when they reached the city.

But as he mounted his horse, he turned his attention to Kathrina, remembering what Gahi had said to him inside of Logan's mind... As much as he hated to realize it, he was right. Sooner or later, the barrier he had put in Kathrina's mind would break and Gahi would be able to take her away from him. There was no way he was going to let that happen; he'd die before letting something like that happen to her again. The only way to stop it from happening was to kill Gahi, but he knew he couldn't do it alone. Sticking with Logan and Tsunami would ensure Gahi's fall and their freedom.

He saddened. Simply being able to overpower his mind powers wasn't enough anymore. He wanted his freedom back. He wanted Kathrina to have her freedom back and killing Gahi was the only way to obtain such a thing. That wasn't all though; he himself had to stay focused. If he thought about it too much, it would surely defeat him. So, he smirked and looked over at Logan.

''You stay here with Kathrina, I'll be right back''

''Why?'' he asked.

He ignored him as his horse trotted over to Kathrina, ''I've just got to-''

''I know'' she smiled as she mounted her own horse.

''Hey!'' Logan called angrily, but fell silent as Elijah kicked his horses side, making them race into the trees and out of sight.

Kathrina trotted over and sat beside him, ''he'll be back in a couple of minutes, don't worry''

''I'm not worried about him!'' he growled, offended, ''I don't understand why he had to be so secretive''

''It's just how he is'' she said simply, a faint smile on her face.

''Whatever'' he mumbled as they both sat there, waiting for him to get back.

As they sat there in silence, Logan began to feel strange again. He could feel his body trembling, his heart beating. His head felt as though it was spinning, faster and faster as each minute went by. It was like he was tired, exhausted. It felt as though he was being crushed very slowly. He groaned quietly. What was this strange feeling? He had to try and distract himself, otherwise it was only going to get worse. But his only company was Kathrina and he was pretty sure that she would act the same way to his questions. But there was no harm in trying, right? He turned his head and looked at her uncomfortably.

She continued to stare into the trees, waiting for Elijah to return. It was like she didn't even care that Logan was there.

''So...'' he said awkwardly, ''how long have you... Been a Warlock?'' he asked slowly.

She blinked slowly as she turned her head to look at him, ''I actually don't know''

He looked surprised, ''really?''

''Yeah. I tried asking Elijah once, but he wouldn't tell me''

That was strange. To him, the two of them seemed so close. He would have thought they both knew everything about each other, but he was obviously wrong there.

''Hmph'' he grumbled, ''do you even know how long you've known him?''

She shook her head slowly, sadly, ''he wouldn't tell me that either. All I know is that from the moment I was a Warlock, he was my overseer. He was the one tasked with training me''

''Training? Like teaching you to use Warlock magic?''


He frowned in disbelief, ''how could he have taught you anything? I've never actually seen him use any Warlock magic''

She laughed quietly, ''yeah, he's not one for Warlock magic. He does know how to use it and trust me, if he ever does, you'd want to stay out of his way... But he prefers not to use it. I'm not completely sure why. Maybe you should ask him''

Just then, Elijah came trotting out of the trees on his horse, a tired look on his face. Logan eyed him closely as he stopped in front of him, glaring evilly at him. For a moment, they just stared at each other. But then, Elijah slowly reached into one of his horse’s saddle bags and pulled something out.

Logan felt cautious as he watched, waiting. Elijah then held a small green glass jar in front of him. There was what looked like a black liquid inside, but it was impossible to tell what it was since the glass was a stained green color. He held out his own hand curiously as he handed it to him. Elijah waited.

''What's this?'' he asked as he held it up to his face and swished it around.

Whatever the liquid was, it was thick and looked disgusting.

''Drink it'' he replied.

Logan deadpanned, ''seriously? You expect me to just drink this? I don't even know what it is'' he said reluctantly.

''It will get rid of your dizziness and shaking''

So, was it a potion? Medicine? But whatever it was, where did he get it from? There was no way Logan could ever imagine someone like Elijah sitting beside a cauldron brewing witch’s potions. He laughed quietly at the thought, but pulled the glass lid from the jar. He peered inside, but still couldn't determine the color of the liquid. He still felt reluctant about drinking it and the two of them closely watching him made him feel even more uncomfortable about it. He stared at it.

''What's in it?''

Elijah became impatient, ''drink it before I make you'' he threatened, widening his eyes as they glowed a bright green and dark purple.

Logan looked away as his eyes slowly dimmed back to normal. He moved the jar close to his mouth, but then stopped. It smelled metallic, almost like iron. He stared down at it again. As much as he wanted to just throw it back at Elijah, if it was going to help him, then he had no choice. Slowly, he moved the jar onto his lips and tilted it. He choked slightly as he drank - Whatever it was, not only did it look and smell horrible, but it tasted like it too. He closed his eyes tightly as he swallowed the last drop. He wiped his mouth and threw the jar back at Elijah.

As he caught it, he pulled another jar from the same bag. But his was clear. Logan glared - The liquid was dark red and looked a lot like blood - He paused and looked down at his hand. There was a red smudge on it from where he had wiped his mouth.

Disgusted and furious, he glared at Elijah who was still staring at him.

''What?'' he asked.

''What? What do you mean 'what'?!'' he growled, ''why would you make me drink that shit?!''

''It got rid of what I said it would, didn't it?''

Logan paused. He was right. He was no longer trembling or dizzy. The fatigue had vanished and he was starting to feel a lot better.

''Exactly'' he grumbled as he pulled the lid from the other jar and quickly drank the liquid, cringing as he did.

He barred his teeth in disgust and exhaled through them as he drank it. He shook his head and dropped the empty jar back into the saddle bag. Clearly, it didn't taste any better to him. If anything, it looked like it revolted him even more than it had Logan. It seemed to cause him discomfort, like it wasn't exactly agreeing with him. But he cleared his throat and made his horse face forward.

''Let’s get moving'' he said as he tapped his horses side.

As it started to walk, Kathrina followed. Logan followed her with the other two horses right beside him. He didn't know how far they were from the city, but he hoped they would reach it soon. As afraid as he was of his brother's reaction, he wanted nothing more than to let him know that he was okay. He sighed. He was on his way to what could be the last time he sees his brother...


Meanwhile in the city, Tsunami, Joe and Alpha were all preparing horses and a wagon. Today was the day they set out on their journey to find and kill the one known as Gahi.

Tsunami was working slow, still distracted and depressed by the fact that Logan and Kathrina hadn't returned. He didn't show it, but it was slowly killing him. He felt like it was all his fault. If only he had stayed with them. If only he hadn't been careless and focused too much on killing the Warlocks... He could have protected them. He should have-

''Brother'' Alpha said as he put his hand on his shoulder.

He flinched, but then looked over at him, ''yes?'' he asked.

''Don't dwell on it, okay?''

''What do you mean?'' he asked, trying to act like he didn't know what Alpha was talking about.

''You know what I mean'' he said as he let go and tightened the saddle on one of the horses.

Tsunami ignored him and wondered over to the wagon which had several crated and barrels in it. He stood there, counting and eyeing each one of them closely.

''Where's Nightly with the rest of this stuff?'' he called.

Joe shrugged and so did Alpha as he looked at them both. He grumbled angrily and started to walk up a path beside them, but stopped as he heard someone approaching. Just then, Nightly, Octavia, Divina and Opus came around the corner. Octavia and Divina were carrying a crate between them and Opus was carrying one by himself. Nightly, however, had one under each arm and another balanced on her head. She had a rather bright smile on her face as they all wondered over to the wagon and started to load the crates into it.

Alpha leaned on his brother’s shoulder, watching Nightly closely, ''so you say she's a vampire like me?''

Tsunami looked slightly annoyed, ''No''


''You're a Vampire and a Demon. She's just a Vampire''

Alpha stepped back off of his brother, ''that's kinda what I asked... Well, what’s the difference?''

''Don't make me explain it again'' he mumbled as he rushed over and helped Divina and Octavia with their crate.

Alpha looked down at his hands and retracted his claws several times, slightly amused by it. He grinned but then grabbed Tsunami, pulling him back, ''do vampires have claws?''

''No'' he growled as he tried to pull away.

''What about wings?''


''But then-''

''Seriously, Alpha. If you want to know this stuff go find a damn book''

''Wow... What's eating you?'' he laughed, ''see what I did there? Hahaha''

He deadpanned, not amused, but then pulled away and went back to the wagon.

As he did, Opus wondered over to Alpha and stood beside him. For a few minutes, neither of them said anything, they just stood and watched the others. Alpha glanced at him awkwardly a couple of times, waiting for him to speak. But he didn't. He turned his head and looked at him with his one visible purple eye and smiled.

''You know very little of this realm, don't you?''

Alpha seemed surprised. It was very rare for someone to look at him without having fear spread all over their face. He nodded slowly.

''Yes... I could share my own knowledge with you?'' he suggested, waiting for Alpha's reply.

As much as he wanted to accept, he knew from his past conversation with this guy that it would take far too long for him to explain a simple thing to him.

''Um... No, it's fine, I'll learn as I go, I guess'' he smiled.

Opus smiled back, ''yes...''

Just then, someone came rushing towards them from the alley and grabbed hold of Tsunami, panting so furiously he looked like he was about to pass out-

''What?'' he asked confused.

''You... Must come to the gate... They... Warlocks'' he panted.

Warlocks... A huge anger built up inside of him. Without a second thought, he burst into action and began to race towards the gate. Both worried and confused, Joe followed. Then, shortly after, Alpha, Opus, Nightly, Divina and Octavia followed.

But as Tsunami reached the gate, he slowed down, his anger melting away when he realized who was at the gate. Five horses. Three people. Two men, one girl. As he pushed his way through the crowd, his heart began to beat furiously. A sadness washed over him along with such an overwhelming relief -

''Kathrina! Logan!'' he yelled, pushing people out of the way so that he could get to them.

As he stood below them, he completely ignored Elijah. They all stared down at him as he gazed up. There seemed to be a slight light of happiness in his dark, soulless eyes.

''You... You're alive!'' he said as he looked at them both.

He noticed that Logan was hiding his face, but he didn't pay much attention. The fact that they were back was enough to send all of his sadness away.

''You didn't think we'd come back?'' Kathrina asked, slightly offended.

''I... Well...''

''It doesn't matter'' she smiled, ''we didn't want you to leave without us''

''You... I...'' Tsunami was speechless. He didn't know what to say, he was just so happy that they were back. But then the question rolled into his head... ''How?''

She then looked up at Elijah who was staring out up at the fort that sat at the end of the city. Tsunami glared up at him.


''Yeah, he got us out of there'' Logan called quietly, still hiding his face.

Tsunami frowned, but turned around as he heard the others running towards them. They rushed over, all panting. Opus slowly followed, walking calmly. They all pushed through the crowd and halted behind Tsunami.

Joe gazed up at his brother.

''L... Logan?'' he asked, ''you... You're back!''

He didn't say anything, instead, he looked like he was trying to hide his face even more. But nobody understood why.

Elijah looked over his shoulder at him and frowned. He could see that Logan was in a very awkward and difficult position. And with all these random people around him, revealing such a thing at this time and place wouldn't be the best thing for him or anyone else around him. He tapped his horses side and made it trot over to him. He stopped right in his face and reached behind his head. Quickly, he untied his headband and moved it from his forehead to his eyes. He tied it tightly behind his head and then moved away without saying a single word.

Tsunami stared up at him strangely, ''what did you do that for?''

Elijah glared down at him, ''Logan has a problem with his eyes'' he said plainly.

''Like what?''

Elijah ignored him as he looked around again.

''Hey! I'm talking to you! What kind of problem?!''

Angered, he slowly turned his head and glared down at him, ''He has none''

Everyone gasped and looked over at him sympathetically and strangely.

''No... Eyes? What the hell happened to him?!''

''It's nothing'' he called, ''I just... When the wall fell on us, this happened'' he lied.

Tsunami frowned again.

Joe looked over at his brother strangely, slightly confused.

''How exactly did you help them get out?''

Elijah glared at Tsunami, but turned away and didn't answer.

Before he could yell at him again, Kathrina cleared her throat, ready to speak.

''He disguised himself as Gahi's ally. When we were put into cells, Elijah came to us and freed us. We were expecting to have to fight our way out, but there was something distracting the Warlocks''

''What was distracting them?'' Nightly asked excitedly.

''We don't know. Elijah said all he could see was a thick cloud of black smoke''

Tsunami glanced at his brother from the corner of his eye.

''So, are we all going to be standing here forever or are we actually going to get ready to move out?'' Elijah grumbled, ''we don't have long until Gahi tries to open that Gateway''

''This way'' Tsunami grumbled as he began to lead the way back to the wagon that they were preparing, ''we'll leave immediately''

As they started to walk, Alpha looked up at Kathrina... So, this was the Kathrina that his brother seemed so upset about losing? He was surprised. And not only that, but this is what a Warlock looked like? They didn't look any different than a human. But then he turned his attention to Elijah. There was something about him that intrigued Alpha. Not only did he find his attitude amusing, but he sensed some kind of darkness attached to him. He could feel that the upcoming journey was going to be very interesting... And fun.



(End of Part one)

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