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Chapter 28 (v.1) - Bloodlines

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Back at the camp, everyone had gathered around the fire, sitting closely to it, shivering and groaning every time a harsh, cold breeze flew past. They all had their hands held out towards it in attempt to keep themselves warmer. But even though its flames burned bright and tall, it seemed as if it wasn't giving off any heat at all. Even so, they still all remained around it in some hope that it would start to warm up.

The only one who wasn't sat around the fire was Kathrina. Instead, she was sat quite far away on a fallen tree, gazing up at the sky. Although she did not feel the emotion, a deeply depressed look was lingering on her pale face. For some reason, this felt familiar. This feeling... Sitting there, staring at the few shining stars in the dark night sky... It was almost as if she had done this many times before, but she couldn't remember it.

She sighed quietly and took her eyes off of the sky, starting to stare down at the ground instead. As she did, uncertainty started to flood her mind once again. It was hard not to think in such a way. Certainly, the Warlocks were going to attack again. But when? Even if they didn't attack and they manage to reach Gahi in one piece, there was the battle with him... There was no way that everyone here was going to survive such a fight. But for some reason, she didn't seem to care very much. After all, she didn't really know any of these people, did she?

Slowly, she looked over her shoulder and stared over at them all as they sat there. Logan, Tsunami and Joe... She did somewhat care about their lives, but all of the others... She didn't really know them at all. They didn't matter to her. But then she looked away; was such an attitude acceptable? For a Warlock, maybe... But she didn't want to be a Warlock. She didn't want to think like them, or act like them.

She breathed deeply and started to stand up -

''What are you doing all the way over here... On your own?''

Startled, she turned around quickly and stumbled back, almost losing her balance. She glared ahead: Standing in front of her was Alpha. Again. Staring at her strangely, a dangerous look in his black, empty eyes.

''What do you want?'' she grumbled as she straightened her robes quickly.

He slowly moved closer, ''I want to know things''

''What... Things?'' she asked as she slowly stepped back.

Before she could move, he grabbed her arms and pinned her against a tree, ''like why you suddenly feel so intimidated when I'm near you. But not intimidated as in afraid...'' he smiled.

She stared into his eyes, it was almost as if he could read everything she was feeling right now, but even she herself didn't know what she was feeling. She tried to pull her hands free, but he was a lot stronger than she thought.

''Let me go'' she said quietly.

He bit his lip and slowly shook his head, moving his face closer to hers, ''not this time''

Again, she tried to pull her hands free, but as he felt her trying to do so, he gripped tighter.

''Let... Go!'' she demanded.

''Why?'' he asked, a slight anger in his voice.

She stopped struggling and glared at him, unsure of what to do next. He had started to dig his claws into her wrists, staring at her with what looked like hunger in his eyes.

''I want... To kill you. I want to watch you die'' he smiled evilly.

''Get off me!'' she demanded again, now desperately trying to pull herself free.

He growled angrily and quickly went to bite her neck -

Suddenly, before he could sink his teeth into her, he was pulled back off her. He felt as two cold hands grabbed his shoulders and what felt like claws digging into his skin - Almost instantly, whoever had grabbed him moved one of their hands and grabbed hold of his hair, pulling his head to one side and then -

''Elijah!?'' Kathrina exclaimed.

He ignored her as he quickly sank his own teeth into Alpha's exposed neck - As he did, Alpha grunted loudly, painfully - There was a mixture of both shock and anger in his voice as he whined in agony. Elijah frowned in what also seemed like pain as he pulled Alpha down to his knees, making sure that he was away from Kathrina who stood there, watching in both astonishment and gratitude.

Alpha groaned again, trying to pull away, but the second Elijah's teeth had pierced his skin, he felt his body turning numb. First his arms, then his legs. He struggled, trying to retract his wings, but his body wouldn't respond. He felt weak. He stopped struggling, now finding it hard to breathe as his body went limp and completely unresponsive. All he could feel now was the agonizing pain in his neck, like his blood was boiling, burning him from the inside, too weak to even yell out in pain -

But then, Elijah let go, standing up and stumbling back. As he did, Alpha's limp body fell to the ground with a THUMP!!! He couldn't move. But Elijah stumbled back, almost falling, using a tree to keep himself upright. He leaned over, hiding his face from Kathrina. He grunted loudly, spitting in revolt. He coughed violently and spat again, almost as if he was being sick. But he wasn't.

Kathrina stood there, staring down at Alpha. He was trembling uncontrollably, his teeth chattering like he was trying to speak, but couldn't. She felt nothing. Ignoring him, she turned her attention to the incoming group of people.

With Tsunami in the lead, everyone came rushing over, spotting the collision. He ran straight to his brother, grabbing hold of him and rolling him over onto his back in an attempt to ease his rushed, unsteady breathing. He examined the wound on his neck as everyone else crowded around.

Logan had rushed over to Elijah with Joe shadowing him. He placed his hand on his back in attempt to comfort him, but Elijah harshly smacked his arm away as he coughed again.

Tsunami stared down at his brother, panicking as he tried desperately to figure what Elijah had done to him. He looked closely at the wound - His blood was gushing out of it. Quickly, he turned and looked at the puddle of blood on the floor where he had fallen - Mixed in with the dark red was a black color...

''WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY BROTHER???!!!'' he yelled as he stood up and stormed over to Elijah who coughed violently once again.

He didn't answer.

Logan and everyone else backed away, sensing the tension and hostility in the air.

''ANSWER ME!!!'' he demanded.

But he still didn't answer, Instead, he spat again.

Furious, Tsunami grabbed hold of Elijah's shoulders and pulled him away from the tree-

''DO NOT TOUCH ME YOU - '' he paused, realizing that everyone could now see his face...

He stood there, furious, breathing heavily. Everyone stared at his blood-covered face. But it wasn't the blood that had startled everyone. It was the two sets of fangs visibly bared in his mouth...

But Tsunami didn't care. He frowned angrily and clenched his fist, swinging it towards him-


His fist collided with Elijah's bloody hand. He had quickly held it out to block Tsunami's attack. But instead of pulling away, they both stared at his hand... Much like Alpha, he now had long, sharp claws instead of finger nails. Just like his fangs and face, they were covered in Alpha's blood.

''What the hell...?'' Tsunami growled as he pulled back, stepping away.

They both glared at each other evilly, waiting for whoever was going to make the next move.

But as they stood there, Kathrina stared in shock. She had never seen or even knew this side of Elijah. Why had he hidden it from her? What even was it? It wasn't clear to her, but she then turned her attention to Alpha. He was still laying helplessly on the ground, so she held out her hand as it started to glow. Suddenly, Alpha was lifted from the ground. Angrily, she waved her hand and sent his body far across the field. She watched as he crashed to the ground without a single care for his current state.

Nightly watched as she did with fury in her big, red eyes. As Alpha hit the ground, she hurried over to him. Everyone else also quickly joined her, keeping clear of Elijah and Tsunami as it was clear a conflict was about to begin.

''What did you do to him!?'' Tsunami yelled again.

But he continued to glare at him.

Tsunami glared back. For some reason, he saw a part of his brother standing in front of him... The look on Elijah's face was much like that of the one Alpha had when he killed those people back in Atlantis. This image... It was all too familiar to him. The blood, the fangs, the claws and the blood-thirsty look in his eyes... Demon.

''A... Answer me!''

Elijah breathed deeply, turning his attention to Kathrina who was now stood beside Tsunami. He closed his eyes, stood up straight and closed his mouth. He waited for a few moments and then exhaled slowly. As he opened his eyes, he looked down at his blood-stained hands; the claws were gone. Then, he quickly glared back at Tsunami.

''You need to teach your brother some manners!'' he growled as he pointed harshly as Tsunami.

''What are you talking about?!''

''Did you not see how he was treating her?!'' he growled furiously.

Tsunami flinched and looked at Kathrina, only just noticing that she was stood beside him, ''what do you mean?''

''It's nothing'' Kathrina said as she glared at Elijah, informing him to drop it.

''Whatever... NOW TELL ME WHAT YOU DID TO HIM!!!'' he yelled as he clenched his fists again, turning back to face Elijah.

''Nothing he didn't do to me'' he said calmly as he gripped his swords hilt.

''What the fuck is that supposed to mean!?'' he growled as he also gripped his swords hilt.

He coughed slightly and spat again.

They both stared, noticing that it was blood that he was spitting from his mouth. But why? Honestly, Tsunami didn't care, he just wanted to know what he had done to his brother and how to get him to reverse it.

''Why don't you ask him when he can talk?'' he snarled as he turned around and started to walk away-


Elijah quickly turned around, pulled his sword from its scabbard and pointed it at Tsunami, just a mere inch from his face, ''what?'' he asked intimidatingly, ''you... What?''

Tsunami wasn't intimidated at all. Furious, he smacked the blade away with him arm and threw himself at Elijah so quickly he didn't have time to steady his massive blade - Tsunami's fist smashed into his blood-covered face, knocking him back. But quickly, he jumped back as Elijah stumbled, trying to regain his balance. As he did, he didn't say anything, he just held his hand over where he had just been hit, groaning quietly.

Then, Tsunami pulled his sword from its holster and stood there, waiting. There was no way he was going to back down this time. No one gets away with hurting his brother. No one. He glared at Elijah as he wiped his own blood from his mouth, a bright red mark on his pale face where Tsunami had just hit him. He then grinned evilly as he looked over at him.

He stared back strangely, noticing that his fangs were gone as well as the claws. Was he like Alpha? Could he turn into a demon at will? No... Alpha's fangs remained visible even when he wasn't in his demon form, so what exactly was he? He tried not to care, but not knowing what his opponent is capable of in a fight could get him killed.

Kathrina had fallen back with the others. She stared over at them as they readied for their fight. As much as she wanted to stop it and keep the somewhat minimal peace between the two, she felt as if they needed this. Whether it was to settle their differences or just to let out all of their anger towards each other, it was probably best to leave them too it. Not only that, but she was rather looking forward to it. She knew what they were both capable of in combat and they were both very strong. However, she had just learnt something about Elijah she didn't know before. Would such a thing give him an upper hand in the fight or would it work against him?

Elijah glared over at Tsunami, waiting, but not for him to make the first move. He was waiting for himself to recover; there was no way he'd be able to fight like normal in such a state. Although he was trying to contain it, he could feel such an intense rush of adrenaline boiling up within him and it was becoming extremely difficult to hold back for much longer. If he were to use it to fight, it would very quickly consume him and he'd lose all sense of direction, control and the ability to fight properly. So, he had to try and contain it, but Tsunami could attack at any moment and if Elijah was to make even the slightest movement, he wouldn't be able to stop.

He frowned angrily, but then coughed quietly again, spitting more blood from his mouth. If he could remove all of Alpha's blood from his system before Tsunami attacked, he'd be able to fight like normal. But it didn't seem like he was going to have much longer-

''What are you waiting for?!'' Tsunami yelled angrily.

He angered. What could he say back that wouldn't make Tsunami charge at him? He had to think of something, but was there anything he could say that wouldn't make him look like he was stalling?

''Are you sure you want to fight me like this?'' he called.

''Like what?!''

He coughed and spat again, ''I'm injured'' he lied.

Tsunami could see right through it, ''do I look like I give a damn?!'' he yelled as he leaned forward, ready to charge, ''Injured or not I'm still going to make you pay!!!'' he growled as he began to step forward-

No, it was too soon. He still needed more time... ''don't you want to know what I am? It could help save your brother''

Tsunami halted and glared at him, waiting. He watched as he coughed violently yet again. This was now very persistent and it was staring to make him wonder why he kept doing it. Was he actually injured? Did Alpha manage to attack him before he was defeated?

''Well!?'' he growled, waiting.

Elijah straightened up and held his sword to his side. He felt ready. Recovered. The burning rush of adrenaline had seemed to have disappeared now. So, he smirked, ''COME!!!'' he shouted angrily as he burst into action, holding his sword behind him as he raced towards Tsunami-

Tsunami flinched at the sight of Elijah's speed, but he quickly held his sword in front of him and raced towards him-


As the both of their blades clashed together, they glared into each other’s eyes. Both of their eyes were visibly full of anger and hatred. But they backed away almost instantly and began to run towards each other again.


As their blades clashed together again and again, Elijah began to feel a harsh pain in both his head and chest. He could feel what seemed to be that same fiery adrenaline building up within him once again. He was clearly mistaken when he thought he was ready. But there was no going back now... The only thing he could do was try to end the fight in the next couple of seconds-

He held his sword above his head and swung it downwards - Tsunami dodged, but Elijah leaped onto his blade and used it to jump back into the air. Then, instantly, he held his sword above him again and as he fell downwards, he smashed it into Tsunami's sword with such force it stumbled them both. They fell back, but Elijah quickly recovered and raced back towards the disorientated Tsunami. He then began to wave his sword around with incredible speed, cutting through the air and then clashing with Tsunami's, again and again and again and again, so fast Tsunami was struggling to keep up to block his attacks.

Elijah kept attacking, but as he did, he began to feel a weakness in his arms. His desperation to end the fight was making him misuse his sword and techniques... But he had to do whatever he could to end this now! He kept attacking without even the slightest pause to breathe, the hilt starting to warm and burn his hand... Tsunami was clearly just seconds from collapsing, he had to keep going-

Tsunami grunted angrily. But then, Elijah was seeming to slow down dramatically; now was his chance! He managed to break free, swinging his sword to the right to help pull himself away from Elijah.

He fell forward, only just realizing that Tsunami had broken free, but he had put all of his strength into those attacks that he couldn't even stand. He fell to his hands and knees, dropping his sword, breathing furiously. He groaned loudly as the agonizing pain in his head became worse by the second. The adrenaline was only growing stronger and he wasn't going to be able to contain it this time-

''DIE!!!'' Tsunami yelled as he jumped into the air, pointing his blade downwards towards Elijah-

''NO!!!'' Kathrina yelled as she stepped forward, but Logan grabbed her arm and stopped her from rushing over to them.

Elijah yelled agonizingly as Tsunami's sword pierced straight through his back and out through his chest, stabbing the ground below. He forced his sword downwards until its cross-guard hit his back. He held onto its hilt tightly, staring down at him, breathing deeply. He remained standing over him, making sure that he couldn't move.

He coughed violently again, but this time it was his own blood that spewed from his mouth. He moved his head down and stared at the blade that had cut right through him. His blood had started to trickle down it as he remained there. Then, from where the sword had pierced, his body began to slowly turn numb, a quiet cracking sounding coming from it. He was dying.

He growled angrily as he gripped the grass in his hands. He stopped staring at the wound and breathed deeply, there was no other choice. He had to act quickly or he was going to die a Warlock. He exhaled painfully and held his eyes shut tightly.

Tsunami grinned cruelly. He had won. Finally, this bastard he had such a furious hate for was about to die by his hands. He couldn't have wanted anything more. But then, his grin faded as he stared down at him. He watched as the claws slowly appeared on his fingers again. His pained breathing began to turn into angry growls-

Suddenly, Elijah kicked Tsunami away and quickly climbed to his feet, gripping the blade with one of his hands. He then grabbed the hilt with his other hand and began to pull it from his back as Tsunami watched in both horror and confusion. He pulled the sword violently from his back and then threw it in Tsunami's direction, but clearly had no intention of hitting him with it.

But as it landed on the ground beside him, he didn't pick it up. Instead, he continued to stare at Elijah. Although he looked the same, there was something different about him... Not only had the claws and fangs appeared on him again, but a very strong sense of danger and blood lust was coming from him. It was like Tsunami could see it as clear as blood in water. Whatever this man was, he wasn't like Alpha and he was no ordinary Warlock.

Elijah waited for his wound to heal and then slowly picked up his sword from the ground. He felt different; he could feel his heart pounding in his chest. He could feel his blood rushing through his body. He felt... Alive... But on a whole new level. He now had so much adrenaline building up within him and he wanted to use it. But he had felt this way a few times before. Although it was a long time ago, it was something he would never forget. But would he be able to control it this time?

He closed his eyes and breathed deeply as he turned around to face Tsunami again. He opened his eyes and glared over at him. From the second he set his eyes on him, an aggressive anger fired up within him and a desire to kill. He grinned, baring his fangs.

Tsunami shivered... This man... Wanted to kill him. He could see it in his eyes. He wanted to tear him limb from limb. He wanted to make him suffer... But he wasn't going to let that happen. He quickly grabbed his sword from the ground and slowly backed away, waiting to see what move Elijah was going to make.

Elijah glared at him, ''daikirai'' he mumbled.

Tsunami stared back in confusion; was that even English? But he held his sword in front of him and pointed it towards him, ''what are you waiting for?!'' he growled-


At the blink of an eye, maybe even faster than light itself, Elijah had appeared in front of Tsunami, his sword clashing with his. He had moved so fast that the grass had been ripped up from beneath him, flying through the air as he grinned at Tsunami's shocked face.

This feeling... It was amazing... Almost satisfying. Seeing such a look on his face pleased him. It was about time somebody beat his stuck-up looking face.

Elijah kicked back off of Tsunami's sword and spun around, dragging his blade on the ground and sending more grass and dirt into the air. But before it could fall back to the ground, he launched himself forward again-


Again, their blades clashed. Somehow, Tsunami was able to keep up with his insanely fast attacks. He pulled back, then swung and clashed again and again, trying to weaken Tsunami just like he had once done with Logan, but it was proving to be difficult. He was stronger than Logan. But what about speed? Did he possess such a thing?

He jumped back and stood ready, giving Tsunami the chance to attack.

Tsunami stood up straight and glared over at him. Why had he retreated? Had he used up all of his strength yet again? How careless. Now was his chance to finish him off - He spurred into action, racing across the field towards Elijah who was standing, waiting. A frontal attack wouldn't work; that huge sword would give him a strong defense, so the best thing to do would be to attack from behind. It looked as though that sword was heavy, so it would be impossible to move it quickly enough to block an attack from behind.

He continued to run towards Elijah as if he was going for a frontal attack and it looked like he had fallen for it - Just inches from him, Tsunami slid to the side and swung around behind Elijah - Now!


His sword clashed with Elijah's - How had he turned around so quickly!? But wait, he was weakened from his last attacks, right? Yes... Tsunami didn't back off; he forced his sword forward, trying to push Elijah back, their blades scratching together - Tsunami's blade slid down Elijah's and hit the cross-guard - He looked up... Staring dead into his eyes was Elijah, a sinister, evil look on his face. Their faces were just inches apart. Being this close to him seemed to slightly frighten Tsunami. After all, he had no idea what he was fighting. But he had him in a difficult lock, so he smirked.

Elijah grunted, realizing that he couldn't move his own sword. But then, he grinned and pulled on the bottom of his swords hilt - Suddenly, he pulled another sword from what seemed like nowhere as the blade on his other sword shortened.

Tsunami backed away, unsure of what had just happened. But he stared at Elijah as he stood up and held a sword in each hand. They were both the same, but shorter. They actually looked a lot like Logan's. But where had the second one come from?

But there was no time to think - Instantly, Elijah appeared in front of him again and started to smash his swords into Tsunami's, one after the other again and again and again and again without stop - This was crazy! He was relentless, attacking without hesitation or end, he just kept swinging and clashing. He fought a lot like Logan but with so much more speed and force.

Tsunami grunted loudly; every time Elijah's swords collided with his own he could feel his arms weakening. He needed to do something quickly or he was surely going to lose - But then, he began to feel an unbearable heat clawing at his face... Embers had started to fly from their swords every time they clashed - What was this?

He continued to block each of Elijah's attacks, but he was so much faster with two blades than he was with one. He stared at his swords - They had started to glow orange with what looked like fire racing around inside the blades...

Fire... Tsunami grinned and yelled loudly - Suddenly, a huge burst of water exploded from his sword, crashing into Elijah and forcing him back along the ground.

As the water smashed into him, he held his swords in front of his face in an attempt to block it, but it soaked him as he skidded across the grass.

As the water stopped, Tsunami stood up and caught his breath, glaring over at Elijah.

He glared back, shaking his swords to remove the water. The blades were steaming loudly as he stared down at them, angered. So, he was strong and could create and manipulate water. It wasn't clear if he was fast or not, but he couldn't use his swords against him anymore. However, he'd have to dry off before being able to sheathe them.

Tsunami watched him closely as he stared down at his swords. What was he thinking right now? He wondered. Was he pissed off that he had been forced away so easily? He didn't know, but he had to be ready for whatever Elijah had planned next. But then, he watched as he held up the sword in his right hand and slowly began to push the blade of the left one into the bottom of its hilt. The blade of the right one began to extend back to its normal huge size as he waved it around and held it behind his back - What was he planning now?

Elijah leaned forward and started to race towards Tsunami, but a small distance away he turned right and started to run towards the others who had crowded around Alpha...

Logan and Opus stood in front of everyone defensively, thinking that he was headed their way to harm them, but just a few inches from them he turned right again. They both stumbled back from the sheer force of him running past them.

He continued to run as the water began to fly off him and his sword-

''That bastard - I see what he's doing!'' Tsunami growled as he held his hand up towards the sky.

As he did, a huge crash of thunder echoed through the sky as it began to pour down with rain. Then, he began to run towards him, aiming to intercept his course. But Elijah suddenly stopped, noticing that Tsunami was pursuing him. He ignored the rain as it harshly splashed onto his face. Instead, he held his sword above him, pointing it towards Tsunami-

Noticing his stance, Tsunami fell back and skidded across the soaked ground, aiming for Elijah legs -

Suddenly, Elijah leaned forward, grabbed the blade of Tsunami's sword and pulled it forward, blood oozing down it from his hand - He was too quick - He pulled Tsunami forward right into his face -

''Tsukaene yatsu dana''

Suddenly, Elijah's eyes glowed brightly and with a sudden bright green flash, Tsunami blacked out for a second. But he then pulled away from Elijah and jumped back.

They both stood there, glaring at each other. His eyes were normal again, no longer glowing. Had he just tried to get into his head? Tsunami angered at the thought. But he wasn't successful. For some reason, Elijah was just standing there, holding his sword at his side, blood dripping from his hand.

Tsunami didn't care - He raced forward, pointing his blade forward, aiming for Elijah's chest...  But as his blade collided with Elijah's motionless body, he suddenly turned to smoke and disappeared into the air.

''What the hell?!'' Tsunami growled as he turned around and started searching the area for him.

But it was then that he noticed... The air... It felt different. An ominous black mist was floating above and all around him. It was faint and barely visible, but it was there. The rain had also stopped and it was silent. No noise. No wind. Nothing. All he could hear was his own pounding heartbeat. He looked to his left - Everyone was still crowded around Alpha, but there was no sign of Elijah any-


Only just noticing in time, Tsunami held his sword above him to block an attack. He looked up - Elijah had jumped out of nowhere! But before he could even try to counter, he vanished into smoke again.

He turned around in confusion, searching for him again. Where was he coming from? Bu then -


Their blades collided again, Elijah appearing yet again from the mist. He vanished again, and then re-appeared, again and then again, each time clashing his sword with Tsunami's and then disappearing.

Tsunami growled angrily. This was starting to feel like the time he had fought Opus. But certain aspects of it were different. For one, there was this mist and then there was the fact that he appeared every time he attacked. There had to be some kind of pattern... Some kind of way to sense where he was coming from... But as hard as he tried, he couldn't find any way of countering.

But then, he turned around - Elijah was standing in the distance, staring right at him. Whatever magic he was using, had it finally run out? Tsunami presumed so and began to race towards him.

He felt so angry! He considered such a move dirty! How dare he use magic like this in a fight?! He yelled angrily as he leaped into the air -

Suddenly, Elijah's motionless body moved - He pointed his sword straight up towards Tsunami-

''HURGH!'' Tsunami groaned as blood spewed from his mouth.

He dropped his sword and stared down - Elijah's blade had cut right through him, holding him up in the air. His blood trickled down the blade as he breathed uneasily - He had been so careless that he had jumped right into the end of his sword. He groaned again as he slowly began to slide down the blade as it cut through him.

Elijah then held out his hand as it started to glow golden - Tsunami was then pulled forward right down so that the cross-guard of Elijah's sword was touching him. He coughed, spitting blood onto Elijah's evil face.

He grinned, but then, Tsunami blacked out once again-

Tsunami gasped for air as he opened his eyes - Staring down at the soaked grass, he realized he was on his hands and knees. He was trembling madly, his arms and legs weak. He slowly looked up and saw a pair of black boots a few inches from his face. He looked up more and gazed up at Elijah's face -

''HUH!?'' he growled as he went to grab his sword, but before he could, Elijah kicked it, sending it flying across the field and landed right beside Kathrina who was stood watching with a pissed look on her face.

Before he could react, Elijah grabbed him by the throat and held him up off of the ground, choking him. He glared evilly into his eyes as he dangled there, trying to breathe. He then pulled him closer and barred his fangs-

''Don't ever... EVER underestimate me, you Atlantean scum!'' he growled, ''count yourself lucky that Kathrina cares about you or you'd end up like your brother, kisama'' he hissed as he let go of him, but then lifted up his leg and smashed his foot into his chest, sending him flying through the air and crashing down beside his sword.

Elijah then groaned quietly as he slid his sword back into its scabbard. The amazing rush of adrenaline he once had was now fading and it was making him feel disorientated. He stumbled back and fell against a tree which he slowly slid down and sat, resting. He watched cautiously as Kathrina slowly wondered over to him.

Defeated, Tsunami remained on his back, staring up at the dark sky. He had been an idiot. Somehow, just for a second, he had let his guard down and Elijah noticed; he had taken that chance and used his eyes on him. All of that mist... Tsunami should have known it was an illusion. He should have seen through it and it made him so furious that he hadn't. He hit the ground with the side of his fist and growled quietly. He had lost... Lost to that... Bastard. But that wasn't what mattered - Alpha.

He quickly sat up and looked over in his brother's direction; he was still in the same state he was in before the fight, maybe even worse. Tsunami climbed to his feet and rushed over to him as everyone backed away, unsure of Tsunami's reaction and intentions.

''A... Alpha?'' he asked.

His brother looked awful. He was trembling and muttering, twitching and muttering like he was trying to speak, but he couldn't. What had that evil, twisted bastard done to his brother?!

But then, Alpha slowly moved his eyes and stared up at Tsunami who stared back. He looked like he was in such agony... This look had appeared in his eyes once before... The moment when he had begged his brother to kill him...

He placed his hand on Alpha's shoulder in an attempt to comfort him, but he then looked away in what looked like disappointment. Was he really asking for Tsunami to kill him? To end his pain? Could it really be that bad?

Alpha started to thrash violently, sweat dripping from his head as he lay there in what the others could only guess to be extreme agony. He couldn't speak. He couldn't move. He could barely even breathe. The pain was unbearable - Like he had boiling lava running through his entire body, burning him from within. It was so excruciating, unlike anything he had ever felt before; it was even worse than the moment he awakened Ares' curse. Was this pain going to cease?

A fair distance away, Elijah was still slouched down beside a tree with Kathrina sat beside him. He had heaved himself behind it so that none of the others could see his dreadful state. It was nowhere near as awful-looking as Alpha's, but he still didn't want anyone to see him, least of all Kathrina, but he couldn't bring himself to tell her to leave him.

He avoided looking back at her as she gazed up at him. There was no telling what she was thinking right now, the only way he would know is if he read her thoughts, but he would never do such a thing to her. So, he sat there, an awkward feeling lingering inside him.

Suddenly, she snatched one of his hands and peered down at it, ''you should take better care wielding that sword'' she mumbled as she stared down at the slowly healing burns on his skin.

''Nan demo'' he grumbled quietly.

She then held up his hand and glared at his blood covered claws, ''so tell me what this is''

He turned his head and looked at her awkwardly as she waved his hand from side to side, waiting for an explanation. He then realized that he still hadn't retracted them. Harshly, he snatched his hand away and glared at her. Was there any way he could avoid having to explain his actions and appearance to her? Although he hated to keep secrets from her, this was one thing he didn't want anyone to know, especially her.

''N... No'' he mumbled as he looked away painfully.

Surprised, she sat back and stared at him. This was the first time he had refused to tell her something that she asked.

But then he started to grumble quietly, like he was furious with himself. He turned his head again and stared at her sternly, awkwardly, trying to find the words to explain such a thing.

''Well?'' she asked.

''I... I'm... I don't... Ugh'' he grumbled as he looked away again.

Slowly, she took his hand again and gazed up at him, ''I understand'' she said quietly, ''you think if you tell me that I'll be afraid of you''

He looked at her again, ''no I...'' he paused and sighed, ''It's not something I'm comfortable talking about... With anyone''

She frowned in confusion, ''but I want to know... I want to help you''

''H... Help me?''

She nodded, ''you're a Demon, right? That's not something you can control easily''

He stuttered, but didn't say anything. She knew? But how? This was the first ever time she had seen him this way before... Before... He breathed deeply.

''No, I'm not''


''I'm only half Demon. If I were a full-blooded Demon I'd be just like Alpha'' he cringed.

''Just like him?'' she asked curiously as she leaned in closer to him.

He was unsure what she was asking, but he started to feel strange. The closer she got to him, the more a strange urge to attack built up within him.

''Don't'' he said as he pulled his hand away from hers again.

She sat back and looked away from him sadly.

''I mean... If you get too close, I don't know what might happen'' he said, worried.

''Why did you do that?'' she asked quietly, changing the subject.

''Do what?''

''You attacked Alpha... And in doing so you did this to yourself''

He froze and suddenly recalled the previous fight with Tsunami - ''It was necessary''

''How?!'' she exclaimed, ''you could have completely lost control!''

He flinched in fear as she raised her voice, ''I... I couldn't stand to see that bastard anywhere near you... What he was doing was unacceptable'' he growled.

''Why didn't you just kick his ass? You didn't need to-''

''It was necessary, I told you. I only did to him what he did to me''

''So, you're saying that he sneaked up on you and tore your neck apart with his fangs?'' she frowned in disbelief.

He looked away, embarrassed as she glared at him, ''yes''

''Really? Well now I guess I understand why you attacked him in such a way... But then how are you here? Shouldn't you be out where ever it happened slowly dying in unbelievable torment?'' she said casually.

''I had an anti-venom''

''Oh? And how did you manage to apply it while rolling around on the floor?''

He frowned in embarrassment again, ''he... Helped'' he said quietly.

''What was that?'' she asked harshly.

''He helped'' he mumbled again.


''He helped me!'' he grumbled stubbornly.

She smirked.

He looked at her blankly, but then realized what she was getting at - ''You... Want me to help him?!''

''No, I don't want you too. To be honest, he deserves it. But, you should help him. He did help you when you were in the same state, after all. Or so you say'' she said.

''I can't'' he replied as he looked away again.

''Why not?''

''I can't go near him while I'm like this'' he said as he lifted up his hand again, waving his claws around in front of her.

''Well get rid of them'' she said plainly.

''It's not that simple'' he grumbled as he stared at her once again.

She frowned. She didn't really understand this as much as she was pretending she did. All she really knew about Demons was from what she had heard from townsfolk and villagers in all of the places she had been. She knew that their venom was one of the most dangerous and that even other Demons can be harmed by it. She also knew that if a Demon consumes too much blood, they can become addicted and lose their minds.

Elijah sighed quietly and smiled, ''you don't really know much about Demons, do you?''

''N... Not really'' she admitted.

He laughed quietly, ''Blood, mai rabu. It’s like a drug. The branch of Demons I belong to can use both blood and our venom in different ways. In my case, when I consume blood it gives me a temporary adrenaline rush. Its unlike anything I have ever felt,'' he explained, ''but if I'm not careful, I could lose control and turn into a monster''

She stared up at him, fascinated, ''so you don't have to drink blood to live like a vampire?''

He shook his head, ''no. I only chose to do so as a Warlock because I do not wish to kill anyone'' he admitted.

''But, I've never seen you like this before''

''That's because this Warlock magic allows me to suppress my Demon magic'' he said, ''I can retract both my claws and fangs at will''

She frowned, ''so if you weren't a Warlock anymore, what would you look like?''

He shook his head, ''It doesn't matter''

''But I want to know'' she demanded quietly as she moved her face right into his, glaring evilly into his eyes.

He stared back, intimidated, ''n... Now isn't the time''

''Why not?'' she asked in a stroppy voice.

''Because... I...''

''Hmmm 'cause what?'' she grumbled.

''I... I don't know'' he lied.

''You're a terrible liar Elijah'' she growled.

He laughed nervously as she glared into his eyes, almost as if she was peering into his very soul. He wanted to avoid the subject, but how was he going to get her to back down?

She angered, waiting for him to answer as she leaned in closer and closer, trying to scare him into answering-

Suddenly, he placed his hand on the back of her head and pulled her closer - Without thinking, he closed his eyes and gently pressed his lips against hers. He then sighed deeply.

''Not now'' he said softly.

She opened her eyes and stared at his face, slowly backing away from him. His four fangs were sinking back to normal teeth and his claws had disappeared.

Elijah opened his own eyes and stared at her curiously. But then remembered - ''I guess I should go and help Alpha''

Kathrina didn't say anything as he slowly stood up and struggled to balance. But she then also stood up and let him lean on her. Without another word from either of them, they walked out from behind the tree and headed towards everyone else who was gathered around Alpha.

As they walked, Kathrina couldn't help but feel some kind of familiarity in this moment. The talking, the kiss... For some reason, she felt like this had happened before. But she wasn't going to give it much thought. Right now, she had to focus on helping Elijah to help Alpha. As much as she despised the man, she didn't wish him dead. But seeing him in such torment didn't seem to satisfy her as much as she thought it would.

But as they came closer, Tsunami jumped to his feet and stormed over to them -

''You son of a bitch! What have you done to my brother?!'' he yelled furiously as he grabbed Elijah by the collar of his jacket and pulled him forward, glaring into his eyes.

Kathrina stumbled back, but as she went to confront Tsunami, Elijah held out his hand to keep her from doing so. He glared back at him.

''Ussendayo, you piece of shit!'' he growled as he smacked Tsunami's hand from his collar, ''get out of the way before you end up like him!''

''Just try it! This time I'll-''

''Tsunami!'' Kathrina snapped.

Both he and Elijah froze and slowly stared at her. She looked furious, glaring at them both. They waited.

''Stop fighting like children and get on with it!''

Elijah turned back to Tsunami and snarled at him, but pushed him aside and began to walk over to Alpha.

''W... WAIT!!!'' Tsunami yelled, ''what are you doing?!''

Kathrina grabbed his arm and stopped him from rushing over to stop Elijah, ''he's going to save him''

''Do you really believe that?!'' he growled as he pulled away and rushed over.

She quickly followed as they all walked over to Alpha.

As Elijah reached the crowd, they all backed away cautiously, obviously unsettled and afraid of what he had just done. But he didn't care. He stopped beside Alpha and looked down at him pitifully.

He shook his head slowly, ''you're pathetic''

Alpha slowly moved his eyes and looked up at him. The moment he saw him he grunted, but it was hard to tell if it was out of anger or fear. Maybe it was both. But there was pure fear in his black, soulless eyes. He was afraid. He didn't know what he was going to do to him next. Could there be any worse than this though?

Tsunami pushed past everyone and glared over at Elijah as he stood there, staring down at his brother, ''what are you doing?! Get away from him!''

''If I do that... He'll die. For good. So, keep out of it'' he said harshly as he crouched down and looked at Alpha more closely.

He really was in a terrible state after all. It was clear by the shadows under his eyes that he had lost a lot of blood. If he was just a human, he'd have died from blood loss a long time ago. He then reluctantly placed his hand on Alpha's neck and looked at the wound where he had bitten him: all around the wound, black burns had started to sprout on his skin like the roots of a plant, spreading from the wound all around his shoulder and up his neck, slowly spreading onto his face.

Elijah shook his head again, ''kore wa waruidesu'' he mumbled to himself quietly-

''What does that mean?!'' Tsunami asked frantically.

He didn't answer as he continued to examine the wound.

But then, Logan walked over and stood beside Tsunami, ''he said 'this is bad', Tsunami''

He froze and glared at Logan, ''what?''

''That's what he said. Also, earlier he called you 'kisama', that means 'motherfu-''

''I don't care what that means! WHAT'S WRONG WITH ALPHA???!!!'' he growled, shoving Logan aside with such force he had to hold the headband over his eyes in case it fell off.

But then, Elijah stood up and grabbed the hilt of his sword, turning his head to look at Tsunami, ''your brother is going to die''


Kathrina grabbed his arm to stop him from launching himself at Elijah.

''However, there is a way to keep him from staying permanently that way''

He calmed a little, waiting for him to finish.

Elijah sighed and looked down at Alpha again, ''kare wa ima, shinu koto ga arimasu''

Before anyone could say anything, he pulled his sword from its scabbard and stabbed it through Alpha's heart. He groaned loudly, unable to scream or yell in pain.

''NO!!! YOU BASTARD!!!'' Tsunami cried -

''He will die now and then he will awaken again'' Elijah said as he put his sword back into its scabbard, ''he is cursed by Ares, is he not?''

Tsunami glared at him; how did he know that? How did he know about such a thing?

''My blade killed him before my venom, so he will arise'' he smirked as he stepped away from Alpha's cold, lifeless corpse.

Tsunami fell to his knees in relief, but he was furious. How dare he?! He was responsible for all of this! How the hell can he act so damn calm!?

Elijah turned around and began to walk away, ''keep an eye on him, someone. Once all of the black marks have vanished from his skin, the wound will start to heal. Once its healed, he'll wake up. Who knows what state he'll be in, so watch your backs'' he smirked as he walked off towards the wagon.

Logan and Kathrina watched him leave, but then slowly followed, Joe still shadowing his brother.


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