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Chapter 29 (v.1) - Elijah: Friend Or Foe?

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Logan stormed forward and grabbed hold of Elijah, pulling him back to face him. Kathrina and Joe stood and watched as Elijah glared evilly at him. Logan let go of him and sigh angrily.

''What was that?!'' he grumbled.

Elijah stared at him harshly, but calmed down and smirked, ''that was me saving that ass-hole's life''

''No'' Logan growled as he grabbed him again, stopping him from turning around and continuing to walk towards the wagon, ''not that. Before that; why the hell did you pick a fight with Tsunami?!''

He smacked his hand away cruelly, ''me? I didn't start that shit, he did!'' he growled as he pointed in Tsunami's direction.

Logan shook his head, ''you need these people to trust you. If you do things like fight with them then they ain't gonna!''

''I don't need anyone to trust me'' he grumbled, ''leave me alone''

He then turned around and continued to walk towards the wagon, but the three of them still followed.

Kathrina looked over at Logan. He was right. They weren't going to get anywhere if they couldn't trust and co-operate with one another. Fights among each other were the last things everyone needed. But she knew one thing very well about Elijah: he doesn't ever back down, no matter what. If he starts a fight with you, he'll finish it, win or lose... And she had never seen him lose.

Joe then grabbed his brother's shoulder and pulled him back to walk beside him, ''how does he know our language?'' he asked quietly.

Logan shrugged. He didn't want to expose any of Elijah's secrets without his permission. He did, however, feel guilty as it was his own brother he was hiding it from.

''How does he know how to fight like that? Why does he have an Arikarin sword? Or... Swords...?'' he asked slowly.

''I don't know, Joe''

''You didn't ask?''

''Would you really want to ask him those kinds of questions?'' he whispered.

Joe slowly looked over at Elijah as he continued to walk ahead of them and then shook his head, ''no, but... I want to know. There's no way he's an Arikarin - Look at him!''

''I know, brother, just forget it''

He let go reluctantly and fell silent. There was a lot going on here that he didn't know about, he could feel it. There was a lot of uncertainty and hostility floating around as well as many whispers and secrets. It seemed like everyone was hiding something.

Just then, they stopped as they reached the wagon.

''So why are we here?'' Logan asked as he stopped beside Elijah.

''None of your business, Arikarin'' he grumbled as he shoved past him and walked over to his horse which was stood behind the wagon beside Spirit.

Then, he reached into one of the saddle bags and started to rummage around, searching for something. He was angry, but was trying to keep it hidden.

But then Kathrina stepped in front of him and stared up at him curiously. She didn't say anything, she thought that the look on her face alone would explain what she wanted to ask. And it did.

''I need to go and-''

''I know'' she said, ''don't be too long, he could wake up any moment''

He nodded as he pulled something from the saddle bag and tucked it into a pocket behind his sword's scabbard. Then, he turned around and walked off into the darkness of the trees.

As he left, Kathrina suddenly heard Joe and Logan muttering to each other. She thought she heard Elijah's name, so she listened more...

''...It's not just me. Everyone has their doubts. Isn't he a Warlock, after all? Tsunami tells us that he's a Prince. How the fuck can we trust him?!'' Joe muttered.

Logan shook his head slowly, ''he saved my life... And Kathrina's. Not only that, he restored my eyes sight''

''He killed Alpha! He could have killed Tsunami! I can tell just by looking at him that he's hiding a lot more than just some claws and fangs. What if he's leading us into a trap?'' he argued as he grabbed his brother's long sleeve.

''You can't just assume these things!''

''Yes, I can! We all can! We have good reason not to trust him!''

''So, what about me then?'' Kathrina asked slowly as she appeared behind them.

They both jumped, startled, but it was clear by the look on her face that she had overheard them, so there was no way to talk their way out of it.

Logan scratched the back of his head slowly, ''everyone here... Well, they don't trust Elijah. I mean, can you blame them? He did just-''

''I know what he did'' she said plainly, ''but he didn't start it''

''That doesn't matter! Whether he started it or not, he shouldn't have gone so far!''

''Enough!'' Kathrina snapped as she glared at Joe, ''you don't even understand the situation!''

''What situation?!'' he growled.

''Hey, calm down'' Logan said as he pushed them away from each other.

He then looked at Kathrina who seemed slightly unsettled and uncomfortable. It seemed that something may have happened before that provoked Elijah into doing what he did and it possibly involved her. He sighed and looked at her sternly.

''What happened then?'' he asked.

She looked up at him slowly, ''the reason he attacked Alpha... He was trying to kill me''

They both stuttered and looked at her, confused.

''W... What? Alpha tried to kill you?''

''Or at least it seemed like he did. He tried to bite me. If Elijah hadn't had done what he did, I'd be in Alpha's place''

''But... Why would Alpha want-''

''I don't know'' she grumbled, ''who knows what goes on inside a Demon's head''

''Obviously you do'' Joe mumbled.

''What was that?'' she asked angrily.

Joe scoffed, ''well, you're the only one who seems to know Elijah. You're the only person I haven't seen him talking down too and insulting. He only speaks to you like an actual person. You treat him in the same way, I guess. So, you must understand what he’s like. He's a Demon, so you understand Demons''

''That makes no sense, you idiot'' she growled, ''understanding one doesn't mean I understand them all. I didn't even know he was a Demon until you all did''

''Oh, so he keeps secrets from even you? You see what I mean?'' Joe said as he turned back to Logan, ''we can't trust him''

''Oh really?''

''He could turn on us at any time. I say we go now without him why he's out doing whatever he's doing''

''Don't be an idiot'' Kathrina growled, ''we'd get nowhere without him''

Logan shook his head again, ''brother, stop being frantic. I know Elijah. You know my judgement is trustworthy. I trust him. He's not the enemy''

Joe stared up at him, but calmed down. He trusted his brother. But he still felt that this Prince Warlock couldn't be trusted. He had just killed Tsunami's brother... He sighed angrily.

''Yeah well, I'm pretty sure that the others won't be as easily swayed'' he grumbled.

Kathrina growled quietly, ''they better be''

''We should go back and help keep an eye on Alpha'' Logan said quickly, trying to avoid any more hostility.

As he led the way, they both followed. But then Kathrina started to think. Did nobody here really trust Elijah? Did they really not see him as an ally? It made her angry, but it did seem to somewhat make sense. His actions so far weren't exactly... Friendly.

There had to be a way to convince them to trust him. But it was probably best to get him to act in a more friendly manner first. So, she was going to tell him what she had just heard when he returned and try to sort it out before it became worse.

As they reached everyone, Tsunami turned around and looked up at her. She stared back blankly. What was he about to say?

''Where'd that white-haired bastard go?'' he growled.

She scowled at him, ''somewhere. How's your brother'' she asked harshly.

He stepped to the side and revealed Alpha's lifeless body.

The black marks were slowly fading, but the wound on his neck was still open and bleeding. Surely it would have stopped by now? He was dead, after all.

''Couldn't you have healed him?'' Nightly suddenly asked as she put her arm around Divina.

She flinched and gripped her staff with both hands, trembling, ''I... No, my magic doesn't work on people like him''

''So, it only works on the living?''

She shook her head, ''it won't work on Demon's or Vampires. Anyone who possesses dark magic... I can't use my magic on''

''Poor little Divina'' Nightly laughed as she hugged her tightly.

But then, Tsunami grumbled quietly and stared back down at his brother, ''he better wake up or I'm going to kill that bastard''

''Didn't you already try that?'' Kathrina mumbled.

''Yes... I might add that you failed, Tsunami'' Opus added.

He sharply turned his head and glared at them both, ''whatever his intentions are... They're not in our best interest'' he said, ''we don't want him here with us'' he said cruelly.

Kathrina stared at each and every one of them... They all looked the same as Tsunami. Confusion, hate, anger and fear was rubbed over all of their faces. But none of them understood. None of them knew what had happened and why Elijah had acted in the way that he did. But she didn't see her words getting through to any of them, especially with Tsunami so biased towards him.

''Is that really how you all feel?'' she asked slowly.

Nightly let go of Divina, ''well, yeah. Clearly, he's dangerous. How do we know he won't turn on us? He's already killed Alpha and almost Tsunami''

''I... He scares me'' Octavia mumbled.

''And me'' Divina said.

Opus then cleared his throat, ''but none of us really know him, yes... We should trust someone who does know him, like Kathrina, yes...'' he said slowly.

''But her opinion is clearly biased. It’s the fact that she's so close to him that we can' trust what she says about him'' Joe said.

''I'm right here, you know'' she growled, ''you're all just being harsh. You have no idea what happened. There was good reason behind what he did-''


''Calm down...'' she growled.

''Kathrina, you gotta see where they're coming from. He hasn't exactly done anything to prove he's on our side'' Logan said slowly.

She slowly looked up at him like he had betrayed her, a disgusted look on her face, ''seriously? He saved your sorry ass more than once''

''Yeah, well that's me. Not them'' he said as he looked at everyone else.

''I don't want to be around him'' Octavia said nervously as she brushed her hand over her cat-like ears.

''Can't you see that he's here to help?'' Kathrina growled again.

''Is this what he sees as help?!'' Tsunami exclaimed as he pointed down at his lifeless brother.

But suddenly, everyone's faces went pale. They were all staring at something behind Kathrina... She turned around quickly-

''E... Elijah?''

He was stood there, an unsettling look on his pale face. From what she could tell, it was a mixture of anger and sadness. How long had he been there? But then, Tsunami climbed to his feet and glared over at him harshly.

''We don't want you here'' he scowled.

He didn't say anything. Instead, he saddened and looked down at his hands - He was holding a small jar in one of his hands with a dark blue colored liquid in it. He gripped it tightly and glared at Tsunami.

''So, leave''

''Kusokurae'' he growled as he threw the jar at Tsunami.

He quickly held out his hands and caught it, staring down at it. Then, he looked back up at Elijah who turned around and walked away.

''What is this?'' he asked Kathrina as she glared at him furiously.

She snatched it from his hands and walked over to Alpha. Without uttering a single word, she pulled it open and slowly poured the dark blue liquid over the wound on his neck.

Everyone leaned in closer and watched as it started to sizzle. Suddenly, all of the black vein-like marks began to disappear, soaking back up to the wound which then started to heal rapidly. She threw the empty jar back up at Tsunami as he watched. He caught it and stared at her curiously as she stood up and began to walk off in Elijah's direction.

''W... Wait! What did you just do?''

''It's not what I did'' she grumbled, ''Elijah just saved your brother’s life''

He stared down at the empty jar and then at his brother. The wound had completely healed. But how? Was it some kind of potion or healing ointment? He wasn't sure, but he wasn't going to start thanking anyone yet. Not until his brother had woken up.


Over at the wagon, Elijah had slouched down against one of its wheels. Kathrina sat down beside him and gazed up at him.

It looked like he had heard most of the conversation back there and for some reason, it looked like it had upset him. Was that even possible? She had thought that nothing got to him, least of all the words of people he didn't even know or care about.

He looked down at her and sighed, ''do they really hate me?'' he asked.

She was surprised. He did care. But why?

''I think they're just afraid. You need to show them that they can trust you'' she said quietly as she grabbed his wrist, glaring down at his hand noticing a deep cut.

''Isn't my being here enough?'' he asked.

She let go and stared at him, ''I thought it would be. But I guess after what just happened... Well, it scared them. They all trust and care about Tsunami a great deal. You fighting him like that... Well of course it's going to make them question you''

''Tsunami...'' he growled, ''why is everyone so obsessed with that shit?''

She sighed, ''I don't know. I'd guess he's helped them all in some way. They all seem to be his friends so-''

''Nan demo,'' he muttered, ''I don't care about him. His brother deserved all he got. He doesn't even understand what happened''

She looked up at him sympathetically as he stared off into the trees. It really had gotten to him. But then she thought back to what he had just given Tsunami - Maybe once he understood what it was, Tsunami would apologize... Or at least tell the others to leave Elijah alone. But then again, he was a stubborn man. All she could do was hope.


Tsunami crouched down beside his brother and watched closely as a small amount of color started to return to his pale white skin. The wound was gone and so were the black burns.

Suddenly, Alpha gasped for air loudly as he opened his eyes. Confused and panicking, he looked over at his brother - He started to breathe frantically, looking around at each and everyone's startled faces.

What had happened? Was he... Alive? All of the agonizing pain had ceased and he didn't feel like he was burning from within anymore. He could feel his arms, his legs... He calmed his breathing and raised his hand up to his neck, feeling around for the wound. But there was nothing there.

''Alpha?'' Tsunami asked slowly.

He glared up at him as he lowered his hand, ''what... Happened?'' he asked, still finding it hard to speak.

Tsunami didn't answer.

He stared at his brother. The look on his face wasn't a good one. But then, all of what had previously happened came rushing back to him - Kathrina, Elijah attacking him and then killing him... He grunted and looked around at everyone again, scanning the crowd for Elijah. But he wasn't there.

He felt pathetic. How had he been bested so easily? He had not only lost to Elijah, but he had made himself look like an idiot. He felt like an idiot. Embarrassed, he slowly sat up and rubbed his neck with his hand.

''I died, didn't I?'' he asked casually.

''Y... Yes you...'' Tsunami paused.

''Where is he?'' Alpha growled quietly.

''Just leave it, brother. He's gone''

''Really?'' he asked, ashamed, ''I wanted to congratulate him''

Tsunami frowned, ''what are you talking about?''

Alpha climbed to his feet and stretched his arms out, yawning, ''he and I had a bet''

''What bet?!''

''Hmm? Oh, well see I challenged him a while ago. Whoever killed the other first wins. Just a harmless game'' he smiled.

Tsunami twitched his eye, an unbelievable anger exploding within him - He grabbed Alpha's collar and pulled him into his face -

''A BET???!!! A FUCKING BET???!!!''

''Why are you so mad?''

Opus and Logan shook their heads slowly, laughing quietly. Joe scowled in confusion and everyone else glared at Alpha.



He growled loudly as he threw his brother away. He breathed deeply, ''I just fought with him! I thought he attacked you out of spite or something! But a BET???!!!''

''Hey, hey, calm down'' he laughed nervously as he waved his hands in front of him.


''You are a total idiot'' he mumbled.


''You always do crazy, careless stuff. You should have known I wouldn't actually die'' he muttered as he ran his hand through his hair, trying to tidy it.

Tsunami angered and grabbed his brother again, ''you're a reckless, careless idiot!'' he growled.

''Hey, Alpha'' Logan said, ''you know, you could have died''

He shoved Tsunami away and turned to face Logan, ''what are you talking about?''

''Elijah told us... If he hadn't have killed you with his sword, then you wouldn't have woken up again''

''Is that right?'' he grumbled, ''he doesn't know what he's talking about. Nothing can kill me permanently''

''You want to test that, yes?'' Opus interrupted.

Alpha stared into his purple glowing eye, but then turned away stubbornly, ''I want to know where he is so I can-''

''Can what?'' Logan asked, ''I see you've failed to realize that he saved your life''

He clenched his fists in anger and moved right into Logan's face, ''shut your hole, no one saved anyone's life!''

''You know, maybe we should send you away instead'' Joe mumbled.

''Huh?!'' he growled.

Tsunami grabbed him to stop him from attacking Logan and pulled him back.

''I... I still don't trust him'' Octavia said nervously, ''he scares me more than Alpha''

He looked around at everyone, noticing that they all looked somewhat afraid. But why? Had he woken up in the middle of some important discussion between them? Now he was interested. Just what were they talking about?

''Who does?'' he asked sneakily.

''Elijah'' Logan said, annoyed, ''they don't want him to come along with us after seeing what he did to you and your brother''

Alpha fell into a deep thought... They didn't want Elijah around? If he were to leave, he'd take all the fun with him. There was no one else here that he wanted to fight, to mess with or to piss off. If he left, what would he do? He'd finally found an opponent worthy of fighting. There was no way he was going to lose that just because some of the expendable people he was travelling with were afraid of him.

He sighed deeply and grinned, ''we need him''

Everyone fell silent and stared at him, startled. Had he really just said that? After being killed by this guy, he wanted to have him stay?!

''Look at it this way:'' he started, ''he's the only one who knows how to get to where ever it is we are going. Secondly, his power is far greater than most of yours. Without his skill, we'd probably get as far as killing ten or twenty Warlocks and no more. We'd have no hope in defeating this Gahi guy. Lastly, he knows a lot more than all of us put together. So, we need him. And after we're done with Gahi, he'll probably run off anyway. He'll have no reason to stay with us''

They all looked at him strangely, but it looked as if most of what he said had got through to them.

But he started to look around again, searching for Elijah. But he wasn't there. Had he already been driven off?

''Where is he anyway?'' he asked.

''He went that way'' Joe said as he pointed towards the wagon.

As Alpha went to head over there, Tsunami grabbed his arm and stopped him. They glared at each other harshly.

''Where are you going?''

He frowned angrily, ''where does it look like? I'm going to find him''

''Why? Why do you even care?''

''Why do you?'' he grumbled as he snatched his arm back, ''let me go''

They all watched as he stormed off, but then, he stopped and looked over his shoulder back at Tsunami. He grinned and suddenly, as a thick black mist exploded from his back, his wings appeared along with his four horns. Instantly, he flapped his wings and flew up into the air, disappearing into the darkness.

Tsunami growled in anger, but then looked back at everyone's petrified faces.

''M... Maybe he's no as scary after all'' Octavia squealed quietly as she hid behind Opus.

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