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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Contract: Niagrad

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Kathrina stared in awe, ''I've never seen a human settlement so big''

''It’s the largest in this whole mountain range. Most Seers reside here too, we live in the fort at the back, it’s called The Seer Fort''

''I do have to say, I am amazed, Tsunami. It’s strange that a werewolf would attack and hunt in such a largely populated area'' she said, thinking.

He continued to lead the way as she and Spirit followed, still staring at the city. As they approached the gate, two guards in red and grey armor stood tall. Tsunami nodded at them in thanks as they walked in, but they eyed Kathrina and Spirit strangely.

''Don't threat, Kathrina, just stick to the story'' he assured her as he looked up at her.

They stopped in what seemed to be the town square. As they did, a rather chubby man walked over with a grin on his plump face, ''Tsunami!'' he greeted.

They shook hands as Kathrina unmounted Spirit.

''So, did ye come across anything mysterious?'' he mocked as he chuckled and waved one of his hands in Tsunami's face.

''Not really, just a few basic Warlocks''

''Oh, so the same ol' shit then?'' he laughed.

''Yeah... but that's not all'' he moved aside and looked at Kathrina, ''This is Kathrina, a Seer... she was in distress, the Warlocks I spoke of were attempting to kill her''

The man looked at her and the Unicorn, ''Ye don't look like na Seer ta me'' he spat as he looked closely at her eyes, waving his drink around.

Kathrina glared at him, ''And you look like you've eaten half the cities winter supplies''

Everyone around them fell silent, some trying to hold back laughter.

''So yer a joker too ri'?'' he said, losing his grin.

''I saved her, but she has nowhere to go. I was thinking we could let her stay in the fort... we have many spare rooms'' Tsunami began as Katrina and the man glared at each other. But he then looked back to Tsunami, ''She was actually already on her way here... To kill the werewolf, she's a hunter''

The man looked back at the guards and grunted ''Aye right... I don' see no harm in it... but I don' like the way she glares at yer'' he smirked as he stared back at her.

''She'll be no trouble, I assure you. In fact, she seems to know a lot about Warlocks, she said she's been studying them for years'' Tsunami said quickly.

''Well if yer wanna stay 'ere, yer can share some o' that knowing wi' us'' he spat as he smoked his pipe, ''An' that werewolf best be dead soon''

Kathrina remained silent as one of the guards stepped forward and handed her a ripped poster. She looked down at it, reading quickly. It was the contract for killing the werewolf. ''Reward'' she said, ''What's the reward?''

''Quiet'un too... Stayin' 'ere is yer reward''

''I'll show her to the fort and then the city. Once she's settled in, she'll get started on the contract and share what she knows... right?'' Tsunami asked unsurely as he looked back at her.

She nodded slowly.

''Best be on yer way then...'' the chubby man instructed as he turned back to the guards he was with.

Tsunami lead the way through the city as Kathrina followed, pulling Spirits reigns to make her follow.

''Who was that fat fu-''

''That was the Niagrad Baron, he's in charge of the forces we have here. He's a nice guy, rather funny to be blunt. But he does have his bad side and trust me, you don't want to get there''

''You sound like you're talking from experience''

''Oh I am. When I first came here, it was in the dead of night and I was starving. I stole bread from one of the stalls and was seen. I was confronted by him... he let me stay as I was useful, being a Seer. But I didn't get out of his bad books until a Warlock attack, my unique abilities have helped folk a lot around here''

''I'm not here to make friends, it’s just somewhere to stay for a short while''

''Well, still, you should avoid him for now, he'll give you hell for that comment you made. As funny as it was, you should have stayed silent''

''Whatever you say''

''You're so stubborn'' Tsunami moaned as they followed a path towards the fort.

''I am who I choose to be, so deal with it'' she snapped.

''Are you trying to make me regret bringing you here? Because if you are, it isn't working''

''No... I just don't feel safe here. As tall as the walls are, something will bring them down one day. I mean, if a werewolf managed to get in- ''

''I'm pretty sure it didn't climb the wall, or dig under it. It must have come in in its human form'' Tsunami suggested quietly as they continued to walk.

Kathrina nodded in agreement as she read the contract once more. ''It says here that it’s so fast that people have claimed to have seen it in two places at once, sometimes more''

''I've only seen a glimpse of it myself, dark brown in color, big yellow eyes. Faster than anything I've ever seen. Too fast for me to even attempt to fight'' he admitted.


As they got closer to the fort, more Seers were hanging around, chattering and crafting swords.

''Tsunami!'' one called from his table, ''Come join us for a drink eh?''

''Not now, Sphinx, I've got other things to do''


As they passed by, Kathrina stared at Sphinx and was disgusted by his sloppy nature and his rather dirty beard- ''Don't they ever clean?''

''Sphinx is who he chooses to be, so deal with it'' Tsunami mocked.

''Very funny. But seriously''

''To be honest, I don't really pry into the other Seers lifestyles, I just focus on my own. Anyway, here we are'' he said as the stopped at the entrance to the stone fort.

''So how long do I have to stay here?'' she asked irritably as they stood in the entrance.

''Just give it a chance, Kathrina. You shouldn't judge something until you've experienced or done it yourself''

''Whatever that's supposed to mean... I don't want to be here, we both know that''

''That may be so, but trust me, it's not all bad here''

She looked over at him expressionlessly, ''I wish I could'' she muttered.

Tsunami looked at her, confused. But turned to his left, ''Joe!'' he called as another Seer turned around to look at him, ''Take Spirit to the stables!''

The Seer was slightly taller than Kathrina and looked younger than Tsunami. He wore a simple shirt and jeans, both dark blue. He also had a light brown belt tied around his waist. As he rushed over, his long, light brown hair floated violently in the wind. As he slowed and stood beside Tsunami, she glared into his light green eyes as he curiously stared back. She then turned to Tsunami.

''What?'' Kathrina asked, ''Why can't she roam free? She hates being in closed places''

They looked at her strangely, but she handed Joe Spirits reigns. He pulled them tightly as Spirit reluctantly followed, looking back at her sadly.

''That was sarcasm, right?'' Tsunami asked as they continued to walk up a path towards the huge wooden doors.

''No, it's true. We had to travel through a mountain range once, the path was very tight and she didn't like it one bit, panicking and whining through the whole journey''

''I thought unicorns were fearless creatures''

As they approached, two Seers held the doors open for them. They walked in and stood in the entrance hall. A group of Seers were sat at a table eating and chattering. A pair were in a corner clashing swords and more were playing cards. The floor was covered with a large red and golden colored carpet, candles and torches lined the walls and a giant chandelier hung from the ceiling, the candles shining bright.

''Come, I'll find you a room''

''How many Seers actually live here?'' she asked curiously as they began to walk up a twisted stairway.

''Well, there are about thirty of us. We come and we go, some moved on... some even died in battle''

Kathrina was confused, ''Are there any female Seers here? I mean, I've only seen-''

''Oh, there are, but they prefer to spend their days in the city''

''I can see why'' she muttered as she looked down at the Seers in the courtyard below, fighting over a spilt drink.

Tsunami lead the way out into another corridor and down the hallway, passing many doors. He stopped outside the one at the end next to a huge painting of a wolf, ''This one’s spare and my room is just across the hall'' he said as he pushed the door open.

Kathrina walked in and looked around. A large bed with quite new looking sheets sat under a large lake painting, a table in the middle of the room and a few empty shelves hung here and there. The walls were red and gold like the carpet. Two windows were on the outside wall as well as a door which lead out onto a balcony. The chandelier on the ceiling was silver and a few torches were lined around the room on the walls. A few paintings clung onto the walls and she could notice some of the wallpaper was peeling away. 

''How old is this place?'' she asked as she waved her hand, lighting the chandelier and torches.

''I don't actually know, I haven't been here long either, but I've heard some say that Seers have lived here way before the city was built in front of it''

''So, the fort was here before the city?''

''Apparently, but I don't care much for the history of this place'' he said sadly, ''I just want to go back to my own realm''

''I know how you feel, Tsunami. I want nothing more than to return to my kingdom, just to see if he is alive'' Kathrina said slowly as she sat down on the end of the bed.

He sat next to her and sighed, ''So, what actually happened? I mean... the day you fled?''

''It was just like any other day, waking up and getting ready for training. I went to meet with him in the grounds. At first, he looked a little nervous, but I just thought it was because I was so close to mastering my abilities. But it turned out he had something to tell me...''


She took a deep breath, ''As soon as he saw me come out of the doors, he rushed over and told me I had to get out of here as Gahi was looking for me... to kill me''

''Seriously? He just threw that straight at you? No warning?''

''No warning. He grabbed hold of me, pulling me out of the grounds and towards the exit of the kingdom. He didn't say anything, except that he'd see me in the future'' she said sadly, ''I didn't question him, because I trusted him. So I just turned around and left him, no proper goodbye... nothing''

''And there was me thinking that Warlocks were emotionless''

''What do you mean?''

''Well, you're clearly upset, every time you think of the subject, you sadden''

''Well obviously, I lost everything that day-''

''I know how you feel-''

''No you don't! You really don't!'' she said, raising her voice. She quickly stood up and walked over to one of the windows, staring out at the city, ''It's just... everything seemed fine and then one day... something comes along and fucks it all up!'' she said angrily, ''And now I'm going to be like this for the rest of my life, always running, always alone''

''But you don't have to be alone, Kathrina. You are alone by choice, all you have to do is trust in other people and you'll see that you're not alone. I was like you when I was thrown into this realm, but I made friends''

''Friends? I don't need friends to be happy, I just need to see Gahi die!''

Tsunami could see he wasn't getting through to her at all, she seemed intensely stubborn, but he wasn't going to give up on her. ''Look, I'm clearly not getting through to you. Fine, if you want to run for the rest of your life, then go, I won't stop you. But maybe if you stopped being so pig-headed, you would see sense in what I've been trying to tell you!'' he snapped as he jumped to his feet.

Kathrina slowly looked over her shoulder at him as he walked out of the room and slammed the door. She sighed and thought to herself, maybe he was right? Maybe this was her chance to finally stop running. She looked down at her feet and slowly closed her eyes, ''Okay'' she whispered as she turned around, walked out of the door and started to look around for Tsunami.


Outside, he was in the stables trying to help Joe contain Spirit, who was panicking as they tried to grab hold of her.

''Who in the hell had the idea to bring a bloody Unicorn in here anyway!?'' Joe yelled as Spirit flung him on the floor, letting go of her reigns.

''Just help me get hold of her'' Tsunami laughed as he helped Joe to his feet.

Just as Spirit was about to make a break for the exit, she stopped and calmed down as Kathrina walked in, looking for Tsunami.

''Oh... I guess you've come to get Spirit to leave then?'' he asked unsurely.

''Actually, no. I thought about what you said and you're right, I'll stay'' she said slowly as she grabbed Spirits reigns and lead her back into the stables.


''Well, yeah, I have a contract to get on with'' she smirked as she put Spirit into a fence and closed the gate.

''So, what I said actually got through to you then?'' he asked rudely.

Kathrina sharply turned around, ''I... yes, I suppose it did, I should stop running, learn to trust others''

Joe watched them, confused, ''Uh... you want me to go?''

''No, we're fine'' she snapped, ''I just came to tell you that'' she said, turning back to Tsunami, ''Now can we get out of here? It smells like something has died in here''

The two walked out of the stables and Tsunami began to lead the way through the city, ''So, what made you change your mind... again?''

''Like I said, you're right. I should stop running and let go of what happened in my past, or I'll be alone forever... and I don't want that''

''Well, if you're not gonna shout at me this time, I'll tell you, I know how you feel. I lost everything in one day too... in a matter of seconds, everything I knew and loved was pulled away from me''

''But you know of their fate, I do not know of his. He could be dead, he could be alive... I don't know''

''Who actually is he? You haven't told me his name... or anything about him except that you trusted him''

''That's all you need to know, I trusted him, and I don't trust easily''

''Well, you obviously cared about him- and don't bother to deny it, I can tell, your tone seems to change when you speak about him''

''Listen, Tsunami, he was just someone I trusted and someone who helped me escape Gahi's claws- that is all''

He wasn't convinced, but dropped the subject as he could see she was getting agitated, ''well, do you have any ideas on where to start with that contract?''

''Actually, yes'' she said as she looked down at the poster, ''there was a witness, says he saw the beast right in front of him, but it didn't attack''

''Here,'' he said as he looked at the poster, ''That's Cadet Shanloe. He's stationed on top of the wall during the day light. I'll take you to one of the scouting posts, you'll get a good view of the city and you can talk to him too'' He lead the way up a huge stair case carved into the mountain side all the way up to the left wall. As they reached the top, Kathrina noticed several other Seers standing there, staring out into the valley. A few barrels and crates were scattered around containing swords, shields, arrows, bows and water. They walked along the top of the wall slowly and stopped when they reached Tsunami's post next to a flag pole. A few meters away stood another Seer; he looked like he hadn't slept in days, the terror in his eyes was clearly visible.

''Shanloe!'' Tsunami called.

The cadet gasped and stood up straight, shaking, ''Sir!'' he called back.

''Come here, we need to speak with you about the beast''

He shivered and gulped, ''uh, yes Sir''

As he walked over, Kathrina stared at him closely, she could see that he was scared out of his mind.

''This is Kathrina, she's here to kill the werewolf that has been seen around the city. You need to tell her everything you saw and anything you know. Do you understand?''

''Yes'' he mumbled.

''What did it look like'' she started, ''eye color, fur''

He thought to himself, ''uhh... it was... Brown... Yes brown... and yellow eyes''

''You don't sound so sure''

Tsunami looked at her strangely.

''No... I'm sure''

''So, you saw it kill somebody?''

''Um.. No, it just... stood and looked at me. It had blood in its mouth but... I didn't see or hear it kill anybody''

''You can go now' she said as she turned to Tsunami, ''The werewolf isn't killing anybody?''

''Not as far as we know. Nobody has been reported injured either. Do you think it’s after the livestock?''

''But it doesn't mention here that it’s taken any livestock... So it’s just roaming the city at night to scare people? No, there's something else going on here''

''Like what?''

''Shanloe said he saw blood in its mouth, so where did the blood come from?''

Tsunami thought to himself, but couldn't come up with an answer, ''So what do we do to find it?''

''We have to wait until dusk, when he is in his wolf form. When he shows up, I'll capture him. I need to find out what it wants''

Tsunami sighed and then turned to face the valley below. ''This is where I scout,'' he said, ''I prefer to stay here rather than go out on the long-range scout posts. That's where I was when I found you'' he said, changing the subject.

''Why in the world are you a scout?'' she asked slowly, clearly still thinking about the werewolf.

''What do you mean?''

''Well, what use are you and your sword up here? It's not like the Warlocks are over thirty meters tall'' she exclaimed.

''Oh... well quite a few reasons actually. First of all, powers make use from up here, I get a clear view of enemy positions. Secondly, I have aura, from up here I can sense incoming danger from miles away''

''But isn't that what the long-range scouts are for?'' she asked, confused.

 ''well... yes, but it is still useful if they miss anything'' he explained, but Kathrina didn't seem too interested as an awkward silence fell between them.

''Elijah'' she said suddenly, breaking the silence, ''his name was Elijah''

Tsunami looked over at her as she stared out at the valley. ''The one who you trusted?''

She nodded slowly, ''and no matter how hard I try, I can't stop thinking if he's still alive or not''

''What was he like?'' he asked curiously as they both sat down. He continued to look over at her as she spoke.

''Well... different'' she said plainly, ''he was nothing like the others, he wanted to help me rather than control me''

''Forgive me, but I do not fully understand''

She took a deep breath as she stared up at the sky, ''I am a different kind of Warlock'' she said quietly, ''A Deviant. Our abilities are much greater than those of any other Warlock, including some of the Prince's. We were created to serve Gahi as he was the one who gave us our abilities. Each of us were assigned to serve one higher rank Warlock for the rest of our lives, obviously, I was assigned to him. At first, I was hostile towards him, I hated the idea of being under someone's command for my entire life... but he was different, I witnessed the way the other Deviants were treated... Some were even killed for incorrectly following orders... But he was always so kind, so understanding... like he too hated the way we were treated. Then one day, he did something... I don't know what, but somehow... I was free... I could think and act alone, my mind was my own... and it was the best feeling I have ever experienced, being an individual. And as time went on, he taught me to master my other abilities, from dawn til' dusk we would spend every day together, training or just talking and I knew I had found someone I could finally trust. He made me who I am today, if it hadn't been for him, I wouldn't be here right now, either I'd be dead... or worse, still trapped in compulsion, being controlled, used... I still don't fully understand why he did what he did... but I am grateful... I owe him my life, but... I do not know if he is still alive, he might have been caught... I didn't even get to thank him, or say goodbye'' she said sadly.

Tsunami put his arm around her and pulled her closer to him as she mourned, ''I promise you, Kathrina, I will help you find him''

She sat there, trying to hold her tears back, ''I didn't even get to say goodbye''

''I feel your pain, I've had loved ones taken from me''

''No'' she said quietly, her speech slightly muffled where she was resting her head on Tsunami's shoulder, ''It wasn't like that... he was just the first one to ever care about me''

''I understand, Kathrina. Trust me, you and I are not so different, we've both been through a lot, but it's time to let go'' he said quietly, trying to comfort her.

''I'm starting to trust in your words, Tsunami, but as I told you, I do not trust easily'' she said as she pulled away from him and went back to staring down at the valley. ''I used to dream... about seeing him again. I promised myself that I would see him again, that he was safe. There has not been one second since the day we parted that I haven't thought about him... not one second have I not missed him... I feel incomplete without him. Even though I prefer to be by myself, I still wish he was by my side. Warlocks do not feel... but I...'' she sighed, ''I... feel'' she whispered, confused.

''You... feel? But Warlocks have no emotions... how can you feel? What do you feel?''

''I feel... empty... alone''

He stared at her, both curious and confused, he could see something in her eyes as she stared back, ''You are different, Kathrina. To me, you seem almost human. The way you speak... with such emotion...'' he paused and stared at her, she was staring back strangely, like he had offended her, ''Well, changing the subject, why don't you tell me about you?'' he suggested, ''like how old are you?'' he asked as he stared at her curiously.

''Why are you so interested in me all of a sudden?'' she asked, looking over at him. She sighed deeply, ''I don't know, but he told me I was Eighteen''

Tsunami seemed shocked, ''what?''

''Surprising, isn't it? To think that someone as young as me has such a dark past already''

''Well, not really. But how can you not know how old you are?''

''Warlocks are created, not born'' she said plainly.

''What do you mean?''

''I... have witnessed it... They take a mage, or a seer, even a human... they strip them of their memory and power, if they have any. Then they force the power of a Warlock into them. They call it Lucious-kinus, this power. Some don't survive-''

Tsunami was horrified, ''I had no idea... I always thought Warlocks were born like seers... but created? That's... that's...''

''I know. Unimaginable, horrific. But its how it is. I don't know who I was before I became a Warlock, but I know for sure I wasn't human... or a seer, nor a mage. I was something else... but I'm not sure what''

Tsunami was finding it hard to take in all he had just been told, ''I... they turn seers into Warlocks?'' he said, almost as if he was panicking.

She looked over at him strangely, ''what's wrong? You're shaking-''

''They wipe their memories... they...''

Kathrina then thought to herself, ''Did they take someone from you?'' she asked quietly.

''N...no I... I don't know... I...'' he paused for a moment, ''They... Were going to make me a Warlock?''

''What? They caught you?''

''A long time ago... it never occurred to me until now... I was wondering why they kept me alive for so long... But after I was pulled from my realm, Gahi locked me away. I didn't know what he wanted with me but he insisted I was kept alive... but somehow, my powers returned, more powerful than before, allowing me to escape... I don't remember much, but I felt as if the power of Poseidon had been bestowed upon me-''


''He is the god of my realm, there was an old story that said a worthy subject would be granted his power in the time of need... I guess that was my time of need''

Kathrina was slightly intrigued, the thought of a whole new realm excited her, ''Can you get back to your realm?''

''I don't know... but as I said... it's gone, I watched it... burn...'' he fell silent for a moment, ''But as I've been saying, you and I are not too different. We are both young and been through a lot already. It might not seem like a good thing to share, but both our pasts are dark''

Tsunami was right. They were both so young to have been through what they had, losing their homes, family and friends. A gentle breeze passed by as Kathrina's dark brown hair floated slowly, revealing her shimmering green eyes more clearly. As she looked up, her slit-like pupils thinned, Tsunamis pure black eyes didn't reflect the light like hers, but his short white and blue hair glistened gently.

''So... why do Warlocks eyes look like cat eyes?'' he asked suddenly, ''I mean, do they work like cat’s eyes? Allowing you to see in the dark?''

''You ask the most obscure questions, Tsunami... but yes, I suppose they do look and work like those of a cat'' she said, a faint smile showing on her face.



Scene - Tsunami and Joe frown when Kathrina mentions Spirit's hate for enclosed spaces - by myself (PrincessStardustPony on Deviantart)


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