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Chapter 30 (v.1) - Well-Deserved Payback

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Back over at the wagon, Kathrina and Elijah were still sat beside each other. He leaned back against it, staring up at the few stars in the black sky as she still stared down at his hand.

But then, she slowly lifted his sleeve up and peered at something on his fore arm-

''What are you doing?'' he asked defensively as he snatched his arm away.

She harshly snatched it back and pointed to an ugly-looking wound on his arm. It was deep and had faint black vein-like marks around it much like the bite on Alpha's neck had. It wasn't bleeding, but it looked painful and wasn't healing.

''What is this?'' she asked.

He grumbled quietly and frowned, ''I had to make an anti-venom. What did you think it was?'' he mumbled as he pulled his arm away and covered it with his sleeve.

She looked at him angrily as he went back to staring up at the sky, ''you didn't have too, you know''

''I did'' he said, ''otherwise he would have died. Killing him with my sword only gave him a little more time'' he explained.

''Why didn't you tell Tsunami that?''

''Why would he care? Like they said, I'm the reason for it in the first place''

''Not really. You were defending me. You need to tell them that, get them to-''

''There's no point''

''What do you mean there's no point?!'' she growled.

''Because they would never believe me. I saw their faces, what they were thinking... They think I'm a monster and they are afraid'' he said as he looked down at her.

She could easily see the sadness in his eyes. Is this why he had kept such a thing from her for such a long time? It looked as though he had felt this way before... Like he had shown this side of him and been treated in a terrible way because of it. But she wasn't afraid of him. To her, it didn't matter what he was or what he looked like, he was still Elijah.

Unsure of how to react to his sadness, she frowned and looked away, ''then you should show them that they don't need to be afraid. You're not a monster; you're not going to suddenly turn around and kill everyone here, are you?''

He faced forward, ''no. But how do I prove that?''

''I don't know. But I'm sure a time will come''

Not really convinced by her words, he slowly turned his head and gazed at her as she stared down at the grass. But then, the sound of rushing footsteps suddenly broke their silence.

Kathrina jumped to her feet and looked over the wagon - Tsunami was rushing over with everyone else following. But why did he have such a panicked look on his face?

Suddenly, a loud WHOOSH flew over her head followed by a CRASH!!!

Startled, she turned around-

Alpha landed on the ground in front of Elijah and grabbed hold of him by his throat before he could even stand - He pulled him to his feet and glared right into his eyes, growling angrily.

Elijah choked as he grabbed Alpha's arm with both of his hands, trying to pull him off, but he was so much stronger. He stared at him - His eyes were glowing a bright green, blood dripping from his head where four, long straight horns sat. His body was covered in what looked like black armor apart from his face and hands, twisting around him like the scales of a dragon. His wings looked much like a dragon’s as well, sprouting from his back.

He grinned evilly as he glared at Elijah, ''you bastard... You killed me'' he laughed.

''Alpha!'' Tsunami yelled as he stopped beside Kathrina, panting, trying to catch his breath.

''Let. Him. Go'' Kathrina growled.

He turned his head sharply and glared at her, ''or what?''

''I'll make you'' she said.

But then, he grinned at her - Elijah growled and groaned painfully as Alpha started to dig his claws into his neck.

''Stop it!'' Tsunami demanded.

''No'' he grinned as he turned back to face Elijah.

He stared down at him as he held him up, blood dripping from his neck and Alpha's hand.

''I wonder...'' he started, ''if I kill you, will you wake back up like me?''

Obviously threatened, Elijah widened his eyes, staring down at him as if he was trying to say 'no', but Alpha laughed mockingly.

''Don't you think you're going a little too far?'' Logan asked as he reached out to grab Alpha-

''Anyone tries to touch me and I'll rip his head off!'' he growled as he smacked Logan's hand away.

Everyone backed off slightly apart from Kathrina and Tsunami who stood beside each other, watching closely.


''Don't you start either!'' he grumbled as he dug his claws deeper into Elijah's neck.

Kathrina stepped forward to attack, but Tsunami grabbed her arm to hold her back, shaking his head in disapproval, ''don't''

''Don't?! He'll kill him!''

''No, I won't'' Alpha grinned, ''but by time I'm done, he'll be wishing I did kill him''

She kept trying to launch herself at Alpha, but Tsunami wouldn't let her go.

Elijah coughed, trying to talk, but the claws in his neck prevented him from being able too. As much as he tried to pull Alpha's arm, nothing was happening. He could feel himself getting light headed, his breaths getting shorter and shorter. The longer he was held there, the harder it was becoming to breathe. Pretty soon, he'd pass out.

But then, Alpha turned to the side and threw him forward. He flew through the air and landed on the grass, skidding across it and stopping in the middle of the open field.

He lay there, trying to catch him breath... Blood spilled from his neck as he climbed to his hands and knees, coughing violently. But before the wounds could heal, Alpha raced towards him, leaping into the air-


Elijah held both of his arms in front of him to block Alpha's attack - He dug his claws into his arms, grinning cruelly. But he didn't yell in pain. Instead, he grinned right back at him, grunting quietly.

As Alpha swung one of his wings around, aiming for his head, Elijah lifted up his leg and kicked Alpha's shin-


He fell back and stared down at his leg; somehow, the force from Elijah's kick had cracked his armor and snapped his leg - He howled loudly in pain, only just realizing both the pain and damage. As blood spewed from the crack in the armor, he glared over at Elijah who was climbing to his feet.

Alpha stretched out his other wing and aimed for his head again, but he dodged to the side and grabbed hold of it with his left hand.

Furious, he pulled his wings back and climbed to his feet, his leg snapping back into place as the armor healed. He then instantly threw himself at Elijah, holding his claws out in front of him - He was quick.

Elijah held up his arms in defense again. There was no way he'd be able to dodge all of these attacks... It seemed possible that Alpha was in fact quicker than he was. He didn't draw his sword either. Nor did he use his own claws and fangs. He didn't want to fight him.

As the wounds on his neck healed, he forced Alpha back, ''stop this!'' he growled.

He ran at him again, ignoring him. Elijah dodged this time as Alpha crashed into the ground, but instantly got back up and starting repetitively swiping the air in front of him, missing Elijah's face by mere inches every time, getting closer and closer.

Kathrina watched in anger as they fought. She wanted more than anything to go over there and put Alpha down herself, but Tsunami wouldn't let her go. She tugged on her arm again and again, but he wasn't giving up.

''Let go of me!'' she demanded again.

''No! If you go over there, he'll kill you both''

''Do you seriously underestimate me that much?!'' she growled.

''He's right, Kathrina'' Logan said as he stepped forward, standing next to Tsunami, ''none of us should get involved. This is between the two of them''

''But why?! Why is it?!''

''Well, Elijah killed Alpha so I guess he wants some payback'' Joe said.

''We can't just let them fight! We're supposed to be fighting Warlocks, not each other!''

They all looked at her in agreement, but no one said anything. It was like they were all too afraid to try and break up the fight themselves.

Kathrina turned back to watch - She then noticed that Elijah wasn't fighting back at all. Why?! Was he just going to let Alpha kill him?!

''Tsunami! Do something!'' she insisted.

He shook his head slowly, ''I can't. It was bound to happen at some point; so rather here than on the battlefield'' he said simply.

Logan grabbed her arm to stop her from storming off, ''he's right. Just let them fight it out here. It's better they settle their differences now rather than when we're in the middle of fighting Gahi''

She frowned angrily, but then turned back, staring at them as they fought. There could only be one reason as to why he wasn't fighting back - He didn't want to kill Alpha again. He wanted to be trusted by these people and to do so he was going to show them that he's not a monster... But it was a stupid idea, especially against an opponent like Alpha. He was a full blooded, cold-hearted Demon. Not to mention the fact that he was also a Vampire...

Alpha grinned again, relentlessly attacking, trying to hit him. But after one last swipe, Elijah grabbed each of his wrists with his hands, glaring at him evilly. Quickly, Alpha opened one of his hands and suddenly a black colored blade burst from his palm - Elijah took too long to realize - The blade cut straight through his shoulder, just missing his armor.

He grunted quietly, pure shock wiped across his face as Alpha laughed. The blade snapped from Alpha's hand as he pulled free from Elijah who then fell to his knees, gripping the blade, trying to pull it from his shoulder. But it wouldn't budge.

Alpha held out his hand as another blade shot from his palm, cutting through Elijah's other shoulder.

''A... Ahoka?'' he muttered as he fell onto his back.

Then, he fired two more into his shins, pinning his legs to the ground. Alpha stood over him and glared down at him, ''I pierced both points in your shoulders that enable you to move your arms,'' he smiled, ''so now they're useless to you''

Elijah scowled at him - Suddenly, his eyes shined bright green and purple, but nothing happened. They dimmed as he stared up at Alpha, confused.

He crouched down and grabbed one of the blades, pulling Elijah closer to him, ''that won't work on me'' he whispered into his ear.

Elijah couldn't move. He struggled, but nothing worked. He had no idea what had just happened and whatever those blades were, they were nothing he had ever seen or heard of before. Somehow, Alpha was able to create and fire them from his hands. Not only that, but his eyes wouldn't work on him!

''I should kill you right now...'' he said quietly, ''but now I'm thinking about how you just made me suffer the worst, most unimaginable pain... Would you like to know how it felt, Elijah?'' he asked.

He grunted, ''no pain... Can be any greater than that which I live everyday''

Alpha had no idea what he meant. But he scowled and laughed quietly, ''I'd like to test that''

''Elijah!'' Kathrina yelled again, still trying to pull away from Logan and Tsunami.

Alpha looked over at her, but then turned back to Elijah, a cruel grin on his face, ''I'm going to make you suffer, you bastard... But I'm not going to let you do so in silence''

He groaned painfully as Alpha twisted the blade around in his shoulder, blood dripping from the wound. He had an idea of what he was about to do and it was starting to make him panic. There was a time when such a thing had been done to him before; a long time ago, back when he was just a child-

''I hope this doesn't kill you too fast'' he grinned.

Then, before he could even say anything back, Alpha viciously sank his fangs into the side of Elijah's neck-

The moment his teeth pierced his skin, Elijah felt an unbearable pain - A burning surge of pain rushed from his neck and through his entire body - He breathed deeply, but then yelled out loudly.

As he cried out, everyone stepped back and stared in horror - Hearing such a cry come from someone as frightening as Elijah startled them so much that even Kathrina had stopped trying to rush over and intervene.

But while they sat there, the blades began to dissolve along with the horns, armor and wings on Alpha's back. Then, he pulled his fangs from Elijah's neck and backed away, watching as he gripped his neck and fell to the ground, laying on his side.

He watched as he struggled; screaming, yelling in such agony that pleased Alpha greatly.

Elijah gripped the wound on his neck tightly, but it gave no relief at all. The excruciating pain surged through him like lightning, only growing more and more painful as he lay there. There was nothing else he could do but yell in response to the pain.

He was trying to wait for his body to start going numb, but it wasn't. The pain wasn't ceasing, it was only growing - As another agonizing surge of pain raced through him, he yelled again, louder, gripping his neck tightly.

Alpha glared down at him as he started to shake and tremble, still groaning and yelling loudly. He grinned, but then he turned around and began to walk back towards Tsunami-


He gasped - ''Y... You bitch'' he growled as he spat blood from his mouth.

He stared into Kathrina's angry eyes as she glared back, her sword cut through his stomach-

''BIND!!!'' Tsunami yelled, holding his Talisman in front of him, pointed towards Alpha.

Suddenly, a huge dark cloud appeared above Alpha's head, twisting around violently like a tornado - Then, thunder crashed from within it followed by flashes of lightning - A pair of huge chains spewed from the cloud, crashing down and wrapping themselves around Alpha.

Immobilized, he growled angrily as Kathrina pulled her blade from him, but his growls of anger were drowned away by the sound of Elijah's agonized screams.

She stopped to the side and stared over at Elijah as he lay on his side; he had started trembling and shaking, hunching himself up trying to contain his pain. But it wasn't working.

''Give it to me!'' she demanded, holding her hand out.

Logan handed her a small jar as she held up her sword and tilted it, Alpha's blood dripping from her blade and into it.

As she did, Tsunami tucked the Talisman into his belt and approached his contained brother. He stared at him both pitifully and angrily. He stared right back at him.

''Forgive me'' Tsunami whispered.


Tsunami grabbed Alpha's face with one of his hands and his chin with the other - He forced his mouth open as he struggled, trying to pull free, but the chains coming from the cloud kept him from doing so.

''Do it'' he said as he looked over at Opus.

He nodded as he walked over and stood over Alpha, ''you'd do well not to struggle, brother of Tsunami... Yes... I will take your fangs now'' he said casually.

''H... Huh?!'' Alpha choked, struggling to speak.

But then, Opus grabbed hold of one of Alpha's fangs with his fingers and pulled harshly-


He pulled the fang from his mouth as blood spewed from his gum.

Alpha grunted loudly, painfully... But Opus reached in and removed another with his other hand-


''Are you done?'' Tsunami asked, clearly disturbed by his brother’s pain.

''Yes'' he said as he threw the fangs on the grass.

They watched as the blood coming from Alpha's gums started to darken and turn black -

''That's it'' Kathrina said as she handed the blood-filled jar to Opus.

He took it and began to collect the black liquid in it.

Kathrina then turned around and rushed over to Elijah - He was still laying on his side, burying his face in the grass, trying to silence his screams.

He was holding his eyes shut tightly, gripping the grass with one of his hands, pulling it from the ground as he groaned and yelled.

''E... Elijah?''

He opened his eyes, but didn't look up at her. It was almost as if he couldn't bare to look at her while he was in such a state. How could he? This was pathetic... He must look so weak to her, so... Ridiculous... But the pain was too much to handle - He breathed sharply and yelled loudly again-

''Here!'' Tsunami called as he rushed over to her, holding the jar.

Within it was a dark blue liquid, much like the one Elijah had made for Alpha not too long ago. She grabbed it and turned back to face him. Logan and Opus had also rushed over, leaving the others to watch Alpha who was still restrained by the chains.

''Roll him onto his back'' she said as she crouched down beside him.

Logan crouched down and grabbed Elijah's arm, pulling him over onto his back. They all stared at him. He was gripping his neck tightly, shaking and trembling a lot like Alpha was before he was killed.

He closed his eyes again, sweat dripping from his forehead. He groaned, yelled and cried painfully. The excruciating pain was growing by the second, surging through his entire body, making him trash violently every time it grew.

Kathrina stared in shock as what looked like a tear fell from his left eye, falling down his face and dripping onto the grass. Was he really in that much pain?

But as Logan tried to pull Elijah's hand from his neck, he threw his other hand around, knocking him back harshly, yelling painfully as he did-

''D-d-d... Don't... T-t... TOUCH ME!!!'' he cried agonizingly.

''We're trying to help!'' Tsunami yelled as he helped Logan up.

He slammed his hand down onto the grass and grabbed hold of it again, groaning, shaking his head violently in disapproval.

Opus sighed quietly, ''then I'm afraid you will die, yes...''

He grunted and shook his head again, blood dripping from the hand he had on his neck.

''Elijah,'' Kathrina said as she placed one of her hands on his other shoulder, ''if you don't us it then... You'll die''

He slowly opened his eyes, still trembling and trashing, another tear falling from his left eye - Again, he let out another agonized yell as he looked away, but he had let go of his neck...

Logan crouched down again and stared at the wound - Blood spewed from it like a waterfall, splashing onto the grass. Mixed in with the blood was also the same black liquid they had extracted from Alpha's mouth - Venom.

''Get this off him'' Logan instructed as he pulled on Elijah's coat.

Kathrina handed him the jar as she began to un-clip Elijah's shoulder armor and cape. Then, she carefully pulled his arms through his sleeves as he cried out again, trying not to push any of them away.

As she pulled the coat from under him, the wound on his neck became visible - It was horrible, even worse than what Alpha had been given; the same black vein-like marks were spreading from the wound up his neck and down his body and past his shirt.

Logan tapped it, telling Kathrina to also remove it. She looked at him strangely-

''Do it! If I can't see how far its spread I won't know how much to use!''

Elijah grunted loudly again, making them all flinch in shock.

Without any more hesitation, she quickly grabbed hold of the bottom of his shirt and lifted it over his head, removing it.

Logan stared in what looked like worry - The marks had spread all over his body, still quickly spreading downwards.

''Stand back'' he advised as he pushed Elijah's face to the side so that he could see the wound more clearly.

He hesitated for a moment; If he were to use even the slightest bit too much, it could make Elijah's condition worse and even kill him. But if he didn't try, he'd die anyway... This was the first time he had ever had to deal with something like this... What if he messed up?

''Just do it!'' Tsunami demanded as Elijah yelled once again.


Then, he slowly began to pour the blue liquid onto the wound on Elijah's neck. As it hit his skin, it fizzed loudly, burning-

Elijah cried in agony again, grabbing hold of Logan's arm, making him drop the jar onto the ground-

''Fuck'' he growled.

''You idiot!'' Tsunami grunted as he went to try and recover it, but then he stopped as he noticed Elijah.

He slowly let go of Logan, his fast, agonized breathing slowing and calming. The wound was still sizzling, but it looked like it was healing. Another tear fell from his eye as he sighed quietly. Was that relief?

''Elijah?'' Kathrina asked.

But he didn't respond. Instead, he slowly raised his trembling, blood soaked hand and held his thumb up.

She smiled as he lowered his hand, calming down.

''So, what now?'' Tsunami asked as he looked down at Logan.

''He'll be out like this for a while, probably until the morning. We should move him to the wagon so that he's safe... Not just from monsters'' he grumbled as he looked in Alpha's direction.

''He is cured, yes?'' Opus asked slowly.

''Yeah. But he needs to rest. It looks like this is the first proper sleep he's going to have had in a long time...'' he said as he tightened the headband around his face, ''help me carry him Opus. You should deal with your brother''

Opus crouched down and grabbed one of Elijah's arms.

''Shit, he's heavy'' Logan mumbled.

As they picked him up, Kathrina grabbed his coat, cape and armor, carrying them and following as Opus and Logan carried him towards the wagon.

But Tsunami didn't follow. He stood where they had left him, staring down at the grass where Elijah had been. The amount of blood was unimaginable. Surely he should have died of blood loss? He sighed and then turned around, staring over at his chained brother.

The others had already left him and started to follow Logan and Opus as they carried Elijah.

Unsure of what he was going to say or do, he wondered over to Alpha. As he walked, he started to think to himself; why hadn't Elijah fought back? This guy had beaten his brother the first time, so why did he not fight back this time? He saw the whole fight... Elijah didn't even draw his sword...

He stopped in front of Alpha and stared down at him, ''why would you do that?'' he grumbled.

He tugged on the chains wrapped around him and growled, ''why would you do this?!''

''It was necessary'' he said as he crossed his arms, ''there was no way you'd willingly let us rip your teeth out''

''Is that 'spose to be a joke?''

''Not at all. But it was the only way we could obtain your venom to make the antidote''

''You din' have to rip my teeth out!'' he growled loudly.

''They'll grow back''

''Tha's not the point!''

'''Look, Alpha. I hate him as well. But you can't go around attacking these people, even if they're as annoying as him. We're all supposed to be working together to kill Gahi. Even if you have some kind of game or bet or whatever going on with him; at least make it wait until our mission is over''

''Oh ho ho... Look at you'' he grinned, barring his new fangs, ''trying to act like the goodie goodie neutral... Please, don't make me sick''

''W... What are you talking about?''

He opened his mouth to speak, but then sighed deeply, ''you gonna let me go?'' he asked as he waved his chained hands around.

Tsunami frowned, ''only and I mean ONLY if you leave this little game of yours until after Gahi is dead''

Alpha sighed again, ''yeah, fine, whatever. Now let me go''



''You'd better mean it'' he scowled as he pulled the Talisman from his belt and held it in front of him - ''Release!''

Suddenly, the cloud vanished along with all of the chains. Alpha straightened up and brushed his clothes, glaring at his brother harshly. But he had no intention of attacking him. After all, Tsunami was the only person he'd never draw blood from.

''What's for dinner?'' he mumbled.

''Huh? D... Dinner?''

''Yeah, dinner. You sent those Arikarin out to hunt, right? Why didn't they bring anything back?''

Tsunami stared straight at him, ''dinner?''

''Ugh, yes! What don't you understand about that?!''

He shook his head, ''I uh... Thought you didn't eat? You're a Vampire Demon''

''Yeah, so? I can still eat''

He turned around and began to walk towards the fire, ''I'm not sure why they didn't bring anything back... Perhaps they couldn't find anything''

''So, we're gonna die of starvation then? Here was me thinking we'd be killed in battle or something'' he said sarcastically as he followed his brother.

''Don't be stupid. We have food in the wagon. We'll let them sort out Elijah and then we'll find something''

''On the subject of Elijah...'' he started, ''he'll be okay, right?''

Tsunami stopped. Was Alpha concerned? It shocked him beyond words... He had just tried to kill him, but now he was worried if he was okay or not... Why?

''You care?'' he asked.

''No, not in the way you're thinking. He ain't my friend. He's just someone I can mess with. If he dies, my fun dies with him''

Liar. Tsunami could see in his black, soulless eyes that he was lying. He was concerned, he did care. For some reason, he felt some kind of friendship towards Elijah. He smiled weakly and continued to walk towards the fire.

''Yeah, I think so. Logan's pretty good with all that medical stuff, plus we have Divina, but now we've found out that Elijah is a Demon, her magic won't work on him. So, let's just hope he doesn't go into some kind of shock because of the amount of blood he lost''

He gulped quietly, ''did he really lose that much?''

''You tore his damn -''

''I didn't intend to'' he grumbled as they reached the fire.

Tsunami sat down, ''he'll be fine. Logan knows what he's doing... I think''

''Right, whatever you say'' he grumbled as he sat beside his brother, ''but I hope you realize that when he wakes up, he'll probably try and make up for that lost blood by tearing into some poor unsuspecting victims neck''

''He's not a Vampire-''

''No, but as Demons, we can drink blood to recover much faster''


''He's gonna be feeling pretty damn terrible when he wakes up, so you'd better make sure no one's around him''


Over at the wagon, Joe helped Logan and Opus lift Elijah into it, laying him on top of his cape on his back beside several crates. He was unconscious, breathing deeply, the black marks on his neck and chest slowly fading away. He looked awful; his skin was more pale than usual and covered in blood stains.

Nightly peered down at him, ''will he be okay?''

Kathrina moved her away defensively, ''stay away from him. Didn't you all want him gone not too long ago?''

Divina stepped forward, ''we... We might have misjudged him'' she said quietly, gripping her staff tightly.

''Don't'' she grumbled, ''all of you... You caused this''

''H... How?'' Nightly asked angrily.

As Kathrina went to answer, Logan stopped her. She glared up at him, waiting as he turned to face Nightly.

''He heard what you all said. You hurt him. Then when Alpha attacked him, he didn't fight back because he saw it as the only way to prove to us that he has no intention of harming us unless necessary. Why did he attack Alpha earlier? He was defending Kathrina because Alpha was trying to harm her''

They all fell silent and looked at one another in confusion. Was that really true? Was what Logan saying the truth? Had Alpha really tried to hurt Kathrina? Did Elijah really only attack him to protect her?

''So... He was just defending you?'' Octavia asked nervously.

She scowled, ''yes, he was''

''So why not tell us that in the first place?'' Nightly grumbled.

''You never gave me the chance and you probably wouldn't have believed me anyway''

''That... That's not true'' Octavia squeaked, ''you should have sai-''

''Whatever. What does it matter? It's happened. He's in this state because of you. All of you. I really wouldn't blame him if he did leave when he wakes up. None of you here deserve to have him around'' she said harshly as she climbed into the wagon and sat beside him.

Nightly went to speak, but Logan scowled at her disapprovingly, ''grab that crate, I heard Alpha asking about food''

She grabbed it and stormed off over towards the fire.

''We'll leave you to keep an eye on him. If he wakes up, let me know, I'll need to check on him'' he said as he looked up at Kathrina.

She nodded and pulled the cloth door down.

''Let’s go and join them'' Logan said as he began to lead the way over to the fire where Tsunami and Alpha were sat.

As she heard them leave, Kathrina gazed down at Elijah. Although he had just been through such an agonizing experience, for once, he looked peaceful. It really did seem that sleep wasn't something he got much of. She smiled slightly as she pulled a cloth from one of the crates and began cleaning the blood from his neck.


As Logan, Opus, Divina, Octavia and Joe joined Alpha, Tsunami and Nightly, they all began to look at each other uncomfortably.

But as each of them looked at Alpha, they seemed to have some kind of anger or fear in their eyes, unsure of his intentions.

Tsunami noticed everyone's discomfort, so he quickly reached into the crate that Nightly had thrown down beside him and pulled out a small glass bottle. Inside it was a brown liquid, shimmering from the light of the fire.

''Who wants a drink?'' he asked, trying to distract everyone.

''I'll have one'' Logan called.

''Me too'' Joe said.

''And me'' Nightly giggled.

''Yes... I would like one too'' Opus said slowly.

They all began to pass the bottle around, taking small sips each time they were handed it. The only ones who didn't drink were Divina and Octavia who were sitting beside each other, muttering quietly.

But as Nightly was handed the bottle again, she glared over at Alpha, ''so, what's your problem with white-hair?'' she asked slowly, ''you two have been at each other’s throats lately... Literally''

''Yeah, why the sudden fights?'' Joe asked as he grabbed the bottle from Nightly.

Tsunami turned and looked at his brother curiously. He was looking forward to hearing his explanation just as much as anyone else.

He grabbed the bottle and downed the rest of it in the blink of an eye - ''we're both Demons''

Tsunami snatched the empty bottle from him angrily.

''I sensed there was something different about him the moment I saw him, but I didn't know what it was for sure''

''But what has that got to do with it?''

He hiccupped and cleared his throat, ''well, my dear little Vampire,'' he sneered, ''Demons are solitary... The only time you'll ever see two together is when they're fighting or causing trouble. I chose to take the first option and I 'spose he did too. We don't like sharing''

''Sharing what?''

''Anything. I guess you can say you lot are my group and he thinks you're his. Boom! Conflict! Hahahaha!'' he laughed.

''So, Demons just don't like another of their kind too near?'' Joe asked.

''Yup, we're very possessive. But it wouldn't be a problem if we chose to get along''

Tsunami frowned, ''then learn to get along''

''Brother'' he laughed as he grinned and reached for another bottle, ''it's never that simple'' he sang as he pulled the cork from the bottle, taking a sip.

Logan grabbed the bottle, ''why not?''

Alpha snatched it back, ''well, 'cause we need to have some kind of mutual ground I guess. Like the same goal or something. But I don't think I have anything in common with him''

''You don't think? You're both crazy, obviously'' Nightly mumbled as she handed the bottle to Tsunami.

''Maybe you need to sit down like this with him and see what you do have in common'' Logan suggested.

''You need to get along with him if we're gonna take down Gahi successfully'' Tsunami said as he sipped from the bottle.

''I know!'' he called as he snatched the bottle from his brother and pointed it at Logan, ''you know 'bout 'im, don't ya?'' he asked crazily.

''Um... Somewhat, yeah, I guess''

''Good, I'll tell you about me and you can tell me about him!''

''I... I don't think-''

Alpha leaned forward, ''I'm Alpha Tadotoka, twenty-four years old and just seconds younger than Tsunami, my bro'' he smiled, ''I'm part Vampire, full damn Demon''

They stared at him blankly.

''I like to watch people suffer, thas' why I didn't paralyze Elijah when I bit him. I like to hear people's cries'' he whispered strangely.

''Uhh... Do we need to know this?'' Logan asked.

''Yes... You should calm down on the gory details there, brother'' Tsunami said awkwardly.

''What? It's all necessary, you know... I like to smoke... I could do with one right now...'' he paused and then stared at Logan, ''now tell me about dear Elijah'' he snickered, drinking from the bottle again.

''Uhh... I... Don't really know anything to be honest... Uhh... He... Doesn't sleep...'' he said unsure.

Alpha frowned, ''huh? Doesn't sleep?''

''Yeah. When he was bringing myself and Kathrina back to the city, he never slept. At all. I think he might be afraid of the dark because I saw him taking a nap under a tree when we stopped during the day... More than once''

He scratched his chin, thinking, ''I couldn't imagine someone like him being afraid of the dark''

''Well, don't judge people by their looks'' Joe said quietly.

''Hmm... What else? Like, what are those fancy ear rings he wears?''

Logan shook his head slowly, ''that's not for me to tell''

''Why does he say those strange words? They don't even sound like our language''

''That's also not for me to tell''

''Why does he-''

''How about we wait until he wakes up and ask him? Right now, why not tell each other about ourselves, huh?'' Tsunami suggested.

They all fell silent and stared at him. Alpha glared evilly, annoyed by his brother's interruption. But then he faced forward again and nodded as he handed Joe the bottle.

''You'' he said, ''you first''

He took the bottle and stared into it, ''um... Well, I'm Joe, you all know that''

''Joe what?'' Nightly asked rudely.

''J... Joe... J...''

''We are Joe and Logan Kashiki'' Logan said, ''I am twenty-three years old and Joe is eighteen. We are Arikarin, the last of our family. Our surname is somewhat cursed, it's why we're afraid to say it aloud''

''Cursed? Cursed how?'' Tsunami asked.

''I just explained why. We are the last of our family''

Tsunami looked away, guilt building up within him. He had already been told by Joe not too long ago, but it seemed like he had forgotten. How rude and selfish of him.

''You'' Alpha said as he handed the bottle to Nightly.

She snatched it from him, ''Nightly Rukarin. I'm twenty and I'll stay this way forever thanks to you'' she said sarcastically as she handed the bottle back to Alpha.

He frowned at her cruelly, but then pointed to Divina and Octavia, ''you two''

They both cowered together - ''Uh... I... I'm Divina Amira Leonhardt... I'm... I'm fourteen and I'm a healer mage''

''I... Octavia Elisse... I'm... Eighteen as well''

''Hmmm... You'' he spat as he pointed to Opus.

''Yes... I am Opus''

They waited, staring at him. But he showed no sign of saying anything else.

''Just... Opus?'' Nightly asked.

''Yeah, how old are you? You look ancient'' Alpha laughed.

He glared at him from behind his long, grey hair. That had clearly pissed him off.

''You have to tell us at some point'' Logan said as he grabbed he bottle from Alpha and began to sip from it.

''W... Wait, you're an old man, right? Right? T... Tell us a story'' Alpha spat.

Opus frowned, ''I... Am not an old man, yes...'' he said slowly, his voice suddenly changing from deep and croaky to deep and serious, making him sound a lot younger.

He choked, ''huh?''

''You want to hear a story, yes?'' he asked.

Everyone stared at him, the same shocked, speechless expressions on their faces as Alpha. They watched as he dropped his staff and pulled off his long, saggy robes, revealing a black coat much like Elijah's underneath. However, it was sleeveless-

''The fuck?'' Alpha asked slowly.

One of Opus' arms was covered in ugly, long, deep scars and burns from his hand all up to his shoulder and up his neck. But his long hair still covered his face. His other arm had strange black markings on them that looked a lot like runes, but they were nothing any of them had ever seen before.

''This...'' he said slowly, ''this here is a story''

''Where the heck did you get all those scars?'' Nightly asked.

He turned and looked at her with his one eye, ''the war''

''War?'' Alpha asked.

They all fell silent and stared down at the ground. War? What war? Why had no one said anything before and why did they all look so depressed?

''Yes... No one speaks of it. But it was the war that gave the Warlocks their grip on this world. I fought in that war, yes... This is my reward'' he said as he held out his arm, ''my brothers were also taken from me''

''Opus... How come you never told us before?'' Tsunami asked sympathetically, ''I mean... You hinted at it when you spoke to Logan and me but... You never told us it was because of the war''

He shook his head slowly, ''it did not matter, yes...''

Alpha finished off the bottle again and threw it on the grass, ''then just how old are you?''

''One does not wish to share his age, yes...'' he grumbled as he pulled his robes back on.

''Why do you hide them?'' Kathrina asked.

They all quickly turned around and stared up at her as she stood there.

''When did you get there?'' Nightly asked.

''Since you started giving away your names and ages'' she grumbled as she sat down beside Tsunami.

''How is he?'' Logan asked.

''Asleep'' she said as she turned back to Opus, waiting for him to answer.

He stared at her, ''like my past, I do not wish to see nor remember them, yes...''

''W... What are you hiding under that hair?'' Alpha stuttered.

''More scars, yes'' he said slowly.

But then Alpha grabbed yet another bottle and handed it to Kathrina, ''you''

''Me what?''

''Tell us about you''

She frowned sadly, ''I... I'm Kathrina and I'm eighteen. That's all I know''

''Hmmm... What about white-hair?''

She frowned at Alpha angrily, ''you heard Tsunami. Wait until he wakes up and ask him yourself'''

They all fell silent and began to pass the bottle around again, drinking and laughing as each of them told each other small details about themselves. Opus watched from behind his hair... These people... They seemed promising...



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