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Chapter 32 (v.1) - Unprecedented Friendship

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Submitted: August 11, 2017





Kathrina stopped beside Tsunami as he crouched down to wake Joe up. But as he stood up, he bumped into her-

''S-Sorry'' he said quickly as he put his hands on her shoulders to see if she was okay.

''Tsunami'' she said quietly.

He frowned, confused, ''what is it?''

She smiled slightly, ''nothing''

He let go of her, ''uh... Okay, well we're going to head out soon. Is he getting dressed or what?'' he asked, a slightly displeased look on his face.

She nodded, ''send your brother to him. I told him that they need to talk and stop fighting before we set out''

''Fighting? Yeah, they do, but it was a bet, Kathrina''

She looked at him strangely, ''what do you mean?''

''The two of them made a bet. Whoever kills who first wins or something like that'' he muttered as he nudged Joe with his foot who was still passed out on the ground, ''it was some kind of game''

''A game or not, they still need too. There's no time for these things''

He nodded in agreement as he lifted up his leg and stomped harshly on Joe's back-

''HUH?!'' he yelled as he opened his eyes and jumped to his feet.

''We're leaving. Go and get yourself cleaned up'' he said bluntly, scowling at him.

As Joe wobbled away, he turned back to face her, ''you heard what Alpha said. If they're both Demons, we're gonna get trouble from them no matter what. So, what's best? To let them cause trouble to each other or cause it for everyone else? I know my brother. He won't kill Elijah. He's barbaric... He'll torture him within an inch of his life but he won't let him die, just so that he can do it over and over again. And he can't die, my brother. So technically, their little game is fine by me. If there's anything I'd love to see again, it would be him rolling around on the floor in unbelievable torture'' he said plainly, not bothering to hold back his harsh words at all.

Kathrina glared at him, ''are you serious? I thought that at least you would agree with me''

He shook his head slowly, ''I do not like him one bit. There's something about him that boils my blood. None other beats my sense of judgement. He deserves all he gets. I'm sorry, but that's how I feel. But if you want me to send my brother to speak with him, then that's what I shall do. But don't expect them to become best buddies overnight''

She watched as he walked away. Was that really Tsunami speaking?! He had completely changed both his tone and attitude. He didn't bother to hold back at all. She had just seen how much he despised Elijah... But he didn't even know him... How could he say such things and act in that way?


Tsunami walked up to his brother who was muttering to Joe quietly. He placed his hand on his shoulder, ''Alpha'' he said.

He turned around and looked into his brother's black eyes, ''yeah?''

Looking at Joe, he sighed, ''give us a minute, will you?''

Joe grunted but turned around and walked away over to Logan.

''I gotta ask you something''

He waited.

''Kathrina wants you to go and speak to Elijah. You know, sort things out, calm down with the fighting... It's...'' he paused and sighed, ''it's not...'' he paused again, struggling.

Alpha grinned, ''you want me to be his friend?''

''No, I don't. Not at all. To be blunt, I think he deserved what happened. But my opinion aside, this conflict isn't good for everyone else. Any one of us could get caught up in it and end up getting hurt, or even die''

He sighed and started to look away, bored by the subject-

''Listen to me!'' he demanded, ''do it, or one of you will have to go''

Alpha noticed that his brother was hinting that it would most likely be him that would be outcast, ''are you serious? I don't give a shit about anyone here'' he growled.

''That may be so, but I do. Now go and talk to him''

Before he could refuse, Tsunami walked away angrily.

He growled and glared over at the wagon, ''fucking... Shit'' he mumbled.

But then, he paused and slowly looked over at Kathrina... He smiled sneakily and began to walk over to the wagon.


By the wagon, Elijah was clipping his shoulder armor and cape onto his coat, grunting quietly as he pushed down on his injured shoulder. Then, he tilted his head to the side and cracked his neck-

''Looks like it still hurts'' Alpha grinned as he slowly approached him, his hands in his trouser pockets.

He turned around and scowled, glaring at him evilly, ''what do you want?''

''That's pretty rude. My dear brother requested that I come speak to you. Apparently, it was your girlfriends idea''

''She's not my girlfriend'' he snapped defensively, straightening his cape out and making sure his sword's scabbard was properly attached to his side.

''Well, what are we 'spose to be talking about?'' he mumbled.

Elijah sighed irritably and leaned back against the wagon, crossing his arms in front of him, ''we need to stop fighting''

He grinned, ''but where's the fun in that?''

''We don't need to be enemies''

''Are you asking me out?'' he smirked.

He stared at him in disgust, ''no, you fucking creep'' he spat, revolted.

''Hey, I'm messing with you. I'm not-''

''I don't care what you are and what you're not'' he grumbled.

Alpha grinned excitedly, ''so, you're suggesting that we... Work together? Like buddies? The 'dynamic Demon duo' huh?'' he snickered.

He scowled at him, ''what the hell are you talking about?''

''Ugh, it was... Never mind'' he grumbled, ''look... You and I both know that there's only one reason two Demons would be in the same place without fighting''

Elijah slowly turned his head and looked down at him. He was glaring over at Kathrina, a strange, sneaky look on his face. He then glared up at him and smirked.

''You best leave her out of this, or I will kill you''

''Sooner or later-''

''I SAID... No''

He sighed in disappointment, ''tell me, then, how is it that you're a Demon?''

''If I tell you-''

''If you tell me, I'll hold off on our bet until Gahi is dead, dead, dead'' he said as he jabbed his finger into Elijah's shoulder.

He smacked his hand away harshly, ''stop that'' he growled.

''Oh, is it annoying?'' he grinned as he poked him again.

He growled quietly, pain starting to return in his shoulder as Alpha continuously poked it-

''I said stop it!'' he growled as he grabbed Alpha's hand and bent his finger back-


He pulled his hand back, grunting quietly, ''you bastard''

''Deal the fuck with it''

They both glared at each other, a heated hostility firing up around them. But then, they both sighed and looked away.

''I was born a half-Demon''

Alpha turned his head and looked at him curiously, ''so it wasn't my fault?''

''W-What?'' he asked, confused.

''I thought that my attack in the forest turned you into-''

''Anata wa baka, you can't make someone a Demon by biting them''

''What's that supposed to mean?'' he grumbled.

He sighed lazily, ''I said, you fool. But no, it's not because of you''

''Okay... So, how come you get to retract your fangs? Mine are always here'' he said as he opened his mouth and flicked one of his four fangs.

He laughed quietly, ''Warlock magic''

He waited for him to elaborate, but he didn't, he just stood there. It made him slightly angry and jealous that he had such an ability. He knew too well how annoying it was to have these four fangs. The amount of times he had bitten his own lips because of them... He sighed angrily.

''How does that work?''

Again, he sighed lazily. He really did not like being asked questions and Alpha was asking so many it made him want to hit him and walk away. But he wanted to keep him quiet and to get him to stick to this deal, so he sighed once again.

''Warlock magic suppresses my Demon half'' he said, ''so therefore, it allows me to retract my fangs just like I can my claws. If I were not a Warlock, they'd be visible all the time like yours''

''So... Let's say you're not a Warlock... What would that be like for you?''

''You'll have to wait and see'' he grinned, baring his own fangs.

Then, he kicked back off the wagon and stretched his arms behind his back, yawning slightly. Before Alpha could ask any more questions, Elijah wandered off towards the group.


Kathrina was still stood where Tsunami had left her, thinking about what he had said to her. She was still shocked and angry that he had said what he did. But at least his feelings were clearer to her now. Idiot. Why did he have to be so cruel?

But then she started to think about Elijah... Was he really hiding things from her? Remembering what Tsunami had said to her back in the city, a lot of uncertainty started to wash over her-

''What are you thinking about?''

She flinched as Elijah placed his hand on her shoulder.

''What? Oh... Nothing. How'd it go with Alpha?''

''I guess you could say... Well'' he said as he moved around in front of her, ''he agreed not to start anything else until Gahi is... Dead, dead, dead'' he smirked as he jabbed her shoulder like Alpha had done to him.

''What... What the heck are you doing?'' she grumbled.

''Imitating him'' he smirked as he lowered his hand.

She looked away, still thinking about what Tsunami had said-

''Look, did Alpha say anything to you?'' he asked, oblivious to her drifting mind.

''Um... Like what?''

He gripped his sword's hilt and looked down at her uncomfortably, ''did he ever... Try it on with you?'' he asked quietly.

''Huh?'' she asked, clueless about what he was asking.

His face looked more awkward than it ever had before as he struggled to word whatever it was he was trying to say, ''did he ever try... To bite you?'' he mumbled.

She frowned, ''yes, he did. Twice''

He growled quietly, gripping his sword's hilt tighter.

Staring up at him, she could tell that her answer had greatly disturbed him. He was glaring over in Alpha's direction with what looked like an intent to kill on his face. It didn't surprise her at all. But she wasn't going to let anything happen again-

''It's fine. He won't try again, not after what you did to him, right?'' she asked, unsure.

''He'd better not'' he mumbled as he sighed deeply.

But as he faced her and went to say something else-

''Hey! You guys!'' Nightly called, ''we're heading out so get your asses over here!''

They both stared over at her as she waved crazily.

''Just... Be wary around him, okay?'' he said as they began to slowly walk over to the others.

She nodded, but wasn't quite sure why he seemed so worried. If anything, he should be worried about himself. He was, after all, the one that Alpha was trying to kill. All it seemed he was trying to do to her was mess with her head.

Elijah walked over to his horse which Joe had placed in the lead of all the others. As he mounted it, he grunted again, the pain still lingering in his shoulder. He looked down at Joe who was staring up at him both curiously and cautiously.

''Don't worry, Arikarin, it'll heal before we reach Gahi''

He frowned, but walked away and began making sure all of the horses were ready.

Kathrina hadn't gone to her horse yet; she had walked to the back of the wagon and was stroking Spirit slowly.

''Don't worry,'' she said, ''it'll be okay''

''You talk to that Unicorn?''

She turned around and stared up at Logan.

''Yes. It comforts her''

''Hmm...'' he breathed, ''well, I gotta ask you something before we head out''

''What is it?'' she asked as she stared up at him curiously, still stroking Spirit's mane.

''I... I'm starting to feel all weird again... You know... Like...''

''I can't do anything about that. You'll have to ask Elijah''

He frowned uncomfortably, ''ask him what?''

''To get you blood'' she said plainly.

The thought still disgusted him. He really had to drink that stuff, didn't he? He sighed and tightened the headband around his face.

''He might have some already'' she said as she turned back to face Spirit, ''so go and ask him''

''B... But... What if someone sees me or hears me?''

''That's true...'' she said slowly, ''I'll go and ask him-''

''No, wait!'' he said as he grabbed her arm, stopping her from walking off.

''What?!'' she exclaimed, ''do you want it or not?''

''I... Isn't there anything else?'' he asked quietly.

''You...'' came a croaky voice-

They both turned around and stared at Opus.

''You need-''

''Don't say it, please'' Logan said awkwardly as he waved his hands - ''Wait - You know?!''

''It is not hard to sense, yes...'' he said slowly.

Kathrina didn't say anything and didn't look the least bit surprised. After seeing what Opus had revealed to her and Elijah, it all made sense.

''Take my hand, yes...'' he said as he held out his scarred hand.

Logan stared down at it, ''w... Why?''

''It is another way, yes?''

''Another way for what?''

''So that you do not have to-''

''I said-''

''-Blood'' Opus grumbled, waiting.

Kathrina stared curiously. What was Opus offering? She had no idea what was about to happen, but he was offering a substitute blood... Whatever it was, she wanted to know. Even though she didn't have to rely on such things herself, it still intrigued her.

Logan gulped, but slowly reached out and placed his own hand into Opus'-

Then, both of their hands started to glow golden-

''Are you-?!''

''It is a rune of mine, yes... I can share my life force, so you can absorb it without killing me''

Kathrina stared at him in amazement; did such a rune really exist? She had never heard of one, but then again, it had recently been told that the runes on Opus' body were so much older than all of them put together, so maybe it was an ancient magic.

Opus let go of Logan's hand and glared up at him, ''you best hope we kill Gahi in the next two days, yes... I cannot do that again for a week''

''What is it, though?''

He looked over at Kathrina, ''it is a healing technique, yes... I can share my own life force with another, but it takes a week to regenerate, yes...''

Logan stared down at his hand as the golden light faded. He felt better. The sickness and dizziness was gone and he felt... Amazing!

''I... Thank you'' he muttered.

''It is not a problem, yes... But be wary, Logan...'' he warned as he slowly walked away and mounted his horse.

He turned to Kathrina, ''what did he mean by that?''

''Consuming life force may not be as dangerous as blood, but it can greatly enhance your power. If you do not keep it under control, you may accidentally reveal to everyone that you are a Warlock'' she explained.

''Wait. There was something else'' he said as he stopped her from walking away again.

''What?'' she asked, annoyed.

''How... How come you don't have to take life force or whatever?'' he asked.

She frowned, ''I'm not the only one. There was a few of us back in the Kingdom. Elijah said it had something to do with corrupted magic, so some of us didn't gain every trait of a Warlock''

''Corrupted magic?''

She nodded.

He let go of her and she walked away. As she did, he felt slightly envious. It wasn't fair. Both the fact that he was a Warlock and the other that she was too, but she was able to eat proper food unlike him. He was starting to miss food... Right now, he wanted Hayashi rice (beef stew on rice) ... Or Onigiri (balls of rice with a filling in the middle) ... But most of all, he was starting to miss the sweet taste of Sake...

He sighed, but then began to follow Kathrina.


Everyone had mounted their horses, ready to leave. They all sat in the same order as before with Joe sitting at the back on the wagon, holding the reigns of the two horses which pulled it.

Elijah looked back at everyone: Kathrina looked irritated, Tsunami looked pissed off, Alpha was smirking sneakily and Opus looked tired. Octavia was flicking one of her ears as Nightly laughed quietly. Divina looked slightly depressed. It was hard to tell what Logan's expression was, but Joe was staring at his brother again.

He didn't care to ask anyone why they had such expressions on their faces, apart from Kathrina.

''What's wrong?'' he asked quietly, leaning back.

''Just thinking about Opus''

He frowned, ''I'll tell you later if he doesn't'' he smiled.

Then, he faced forward again.

''We'll reach the Gateway by tomorrow afternoon. We'll travel for most of today until we reach another area I've picked out for us to rest for the night. We're very close to the Warlock Kingdom, so do not be surprised if any Warlocks turn up''

''Wouldn't it have been better to avoid it?!'' Tsunami exclaimed.

''If we do, it will take us longer and by time we eventually reach the Gateway, Gahi would have already absorbed its power''

He fell silent and started grumbling to himself.

''Looks like I'll get to kill some Warlocks'' Alpha grinned.

''That may be so. Well, let's get going'' he called.

As he lightly kicked his horse's side, it began to walk forward. Everyone else followed slowly.

An overwhelming fear washed over them all as they moved into the forest. They were just one night away from a battle that could very well be their last...





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