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Chapter 35 (v.1) - Onwards

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Kathrina stared down at them both as they remained unconscious, Elijah still leaning over Logan. He had started grunting quietly, he had even slammed his hand down onto the ground out of what looked like anger. Whatever was happening, it wasn't good. The last time he had done such a thing, there was no problems. It took him a matter of seconds to enter Logan's mind and exit again with him intact. But right now, it looked like he was struggling.

She felt a strange anxiety building up within her... If he was really struggling in there, what could possibly be happening? It had been nearly ten minutes and neither of them had woken up. Being unconscious for this long could mean that either one of them or even both of them could have become lost...

Clenching her fists tightly, she shook her head, trying to rid her mind of the thought. There was no way that such a thing would happen! Elijah was far too smart... Far too strong to let something like that happen! But... What if it had happened? If Elijah had lost... What would she do? If he woke up, no one here would be able to match him at his full power... Except for herself, maybe, but she couldn't bring herself to fight him.

But then she thought about everyone else here... If it did turn out this way, if she didn't fight him herself, then everyone else here would be put in danger. They could possibly die and it would be her fault. Unsure of what to do, she leaned forward and placed her hand on one of Elijah's shoulders, hoping that he would return to her as himself.

Behind her, Tsunami was glaring harshly, keeping a close eye on him. He still didn't trust him at all. Even if what she had said about him saving Logan was the truth, he still hated that man's guts. The way he just moved around and did what he wanted without morals disgusted him... It made him furious! How stupid was he? Did he actually give any thought to what he does? Were there any reasons at all behind his insane actions? His agonizingly annoying attitude... That cocky, stuck-up smirk that he always has wiped across his face...

Gripping the hilt of his sword tightly, he growled quietly. Being defeated by him so easily... No... That wasn't it at all... He fights like a coward! He had relied on his visual power too much; he has no skill in sword fighting! But then again... That speed - No... He growled again; as much as he was trying, he couldn't find something to use against him. He had beaten Tsunami and that was that. As much as it angered him, he knew that he had misjudged Elijah greatly. If there comes a time when they fight again, at least he'll know what to expect.

He scoffed and let go of his sword's hilt. That's right. That first battle was nothing but a mere test of each other's strength. Next time, he won't lose! Everything about him boiled Tsunami's blood and looking at him right now was tempting him to take advantage of his unconsciousness and strike - But if he did, what would everyone else here think of him? No, now was not the time. He would settle it later.

Just then, Alpha placed his hand on his brother's shoulder and grinned. It was almost like he knew exactly what he was just thinking about. He shook his head slowly and stared into his eyes from the corner of his own.

''My brother, you are very vindictive, after all...'' he laughed quietly.

He didn't say anything in response; he remained where he was, silent, glaring down at the three of them. Was Alpha thinking the same thing, maybe? Why would he be though? He had already gotten his revenge on Elijah... Could he possibly want more? He was, after all, very cruel. Once was never, ever enough for Alpha. Ever. He'd go back time and time again for continuous revenge-based attacks. He believed in keeping his nemesis alive, beating them within an inch of their lives and then letting them go, only to return later to remind them that he was still there and always would be, reminding them that there was no escape.

Alpha grinned as he stared at his brother's face. He could tell what he was thinking. It wasn't hard to see that he wanted to take his revenge right now, in one of the dirtiest ways - To attack his opponent while he is distracted, unconscious... He had never thought his brother was capable of such an act, but it pleased him to see that he in fact was.

Kathrina looked back over her shoulder at them... Both Alpha and Tsunami were staring down at Elijah with such an awful look in their black, soulless eyes... That look... Was it desire? A desire to... Kill? Why would they have such a look at a time like this?

It was somewhat scaring her that Tsunami had such a look on himself, it didn't much surprise her at all that Alpha had it, but Tsunami?

She looked away, noticing that her hands had started to tremble slightly. Was it anger? Fear? Worry? Whatever it was, she didn't like it at all. The fact that two of the men behind her were carrying an intent to kill Elijah with them confused her, but it also made her want to stand up and put them in their place... But was it the right thing to do? Would causing more tension really help anyone at all?

But, just then, she felt her hand slip from Elijah's shoulder - She stared at he slowly stood up...

Tsunami and Alpha stepped back slightly, unsure of what was about to happen.

Kathrina sighed quietly and stood up as a great relief washed over her, but then she gripped the hilt of her sword, waiting to see if it was him who had returned and not Gahi...

He grunted quietly as if he was in pain, falling back and leaning on the wall. He held his eyes shut tightly, grinding his teeth together angrily as his arms and legs trembled.

''E... Elijah?'' she asked warily.

Slowly, he opened one of his eyes and stared at her. The comfort he found whilst staring into her shimmering green eyes gave him a great relief. He sighed and held his thumb up, his usual smirk returning to his exhausted face.

Seeing his reaction, Joe stepped forward, ''what about Logan?''

Sighing lazily, he lowered his hand, placing it against the wall to keep himself up straight. He really had been in there for too long... He had passed the ten-minute limit and at that point, he had started to lose his magic and strength at an incredible rate. But luckily, he had awoken before all of it was drained.

''He... He will wake up shortly'' he breathed as he closed his eye, trying to relax.

Kathrina gazed up at him as he stood there. He looked awful; why he kept putting himself in danger to save Logan confused her, but she was glad that he was successful again. But what had happened? Not only did he look physically exhausted, but he looked shaken... Deeply unsettled like something had gotten to him.

She let go of her sword's hilt and slowly walked over to him, but before she could say anything he reached out his right hand and grabbed her arm, pulling her towards him-

Everyone who had a sword gripped their hilts and stood ready, expecting him to attack, but actually, he had pulled her closer for none other than a hug.

He wrapped his arms around her tightly, pulling her against his chest. He sighed quietly.

She stood there, startled. As he held her tightly, she could feel his arms trembling. His entire body was shaking, but only enough for her to notice when this close to him. For some reason, she wanted to put her arms around him too, but she didn't.

Slowly, he lowered his head and rested it on one of her shoulders, breathing calmly, his trembling slowly disappearing as he held onto her. Being this close to her made him feel better, but it was starting to upset him. She had, after all, made no attempt to put her own arms around him. But it didn't matter. As long as she was here, that's all that he needed.

He then moved his mouth to her ear and whispered, ''Kathrina...''

She waited.

''Please... Don't ever leave me''

''I... I won't'' she said quietly.

However, she had no idea why he had said such a thing. The sadness in his voice made her believe that whatever had happened in Logan's mind, it had caused him a deep disturbance. It was almost like he was trying to see if she was actually here and not just some illusion...

But before either of them could say anything else, Logan gasped for air loudly, panting furiously like he had been drowning in an endless ocean and finally reached the surface-

''Logan!'' Joe yelled as he rushed to his side and sat beside him.

The relief quickly vanished from his face as he stared into his brother's yellow eyes... It still caused him great pain to see it; the fact that his brother was a Warlock... He wasn't sure exactly how he should feel about it.

But as Logan turned his head and looked back into his eyes, he knew that this man was still his brother, no matter what he was. Warlock, Werewolf or even Vampire... No matter what, Logan was still his brother.

Joe smiled, relieved.

Logan grunted as he moved his arms onto his chest, ''I... Fell back, didn't I?''

''You passed out''

''No, I already know that'' he grunted, ''but I fell on my back... Damn swords are digging into it''

''Oh...'' Joe said, but then he grabbed hold of Logan's shoulders and helped him sit up.

As he sat up, he turned his head and looked up at Elijah who was still holding onto Kathrina, ''watashi wa futatabi anata ni kansha suru hitsuyo ga arimasu yo ni mieru, Elijah-Sama''

Joe stared at him blankly - Looks like I should thank you again, Elijah...

Elijah looked up and smirked, ''watashi ni chodo kansha shinaide kudasai... Kekkyokunotokoro, watashitachi ga getou~ei ni totatsu suru mae ni ko no yona betsu no jikan ga ari, jikai wa kare ga seiko suru kamo shiremasen''

Astonished, Joe couldn't believe what he was hearing - Don't thank me just yet... After all, there's bound to be another time like this before we reach the Gateway and next time he might very well succeed - Not only did Elijah understand Logan, but he spoke back to him in the same language... The Arikarin language!

Everyone else watched with both confused and displeased looks on their faces. None of them had any idea what the two of them were saying.

Logan frowned, ''shikashi, anata wa kare o moichido tomeru koto ga dekirudeshou ka?''

But you'll be able to stop him again, won't you? - What were they talking about? Even though he understood their conversation, its meaning made no sense.

Kathrina pulled away from Elijah as he leaned back against the wall again, sighing lazily. She stood beside him, the same look on her face as everyone else who didn't understand their gibberish.

''Watashi wa so suru tsumori wanai. Konkai watashi wa kare to tatakau tame ni kuro shitanode, -ji no jikan ga areba, watashi wa totemo koun ni naranai kamo shiremasen. Watashi mo kore o iji suru koto wa dekimasen. Sore wa watashi ga oini tsukarete shimattakaradesu. Watashi ga sono basho de sarani nagaku sugoseba, nani ga okotta no ka wakaranai'' he replied slowly as he folded his arms in front of him.

Now, he was catching up - I cannot say that I will. This time I struggled to fight him off, so if there is a next time, I might not get so lucky. I cannot keep this up either, for it has greatly exhausted me. If I had spent even a second longer in that place, there's no telling what may have happened to us - They were fighting someone... In Logan's mind?

Listening to them babble, Tsunami started to anger again... How rude?! Now he wasn't even speaking their language! He was acting like no one else here needed to know what had happened and it made him furious.

''Hmm... Seikaku ni wa-''

''Speak English for fuck sake!'' Tsunami yelled fiercely.

All four of them sharply turned their heads and glared at him as he stood there, shaking in frustration.

''Ah, that's right. I guess I forgot you lot were here'' Elijah smirked.

Kathrina looked up at him harshly, ''you forget I was here too?''

He flinched, seeing her angry face, ''no I... I got carried away. It's been a long time since I've been able to have a proper conversation like that. The Arikarin language is tricky, yet fascinating'' he said slowly.

''Yeah, we don't care. Now tell us what happened'' Tsunami snapped rudely.

He growled quietly as he glared over at him.

Logan stood up, noticing the tension. He straightened the swords on his back and exhaled loudly. Then, he started to frantically look around for Elijah's headband, only just realizing that it was gone and everyone could see his face...

''Looking for this?'' Kathrina asked as she waved it around, but then she snatched it back into her hand and tucked it in a pocket in her robes, ''there's no need. Everyone already knows you're a Warlock now''

Startled, he looked around at everyone, but none of them seemed to be bothered by it. Why? Surely, they would all be terrified or horrified, right? Shouldn't they be wondering if he was going to turn on them or try to kill them? He expected them to all be glaring at him like he was some kind on monster... But they looked at him the same way they always had. As a friend.

But looks can be deceiving. Although everyone looked calm, half of them were actually afraid. They had just found out that there had been another Warlock among them this whole time and he had been hidden by the other two Warlocks travelling with them.

Octavia had started to suspect that either Kathrina or Elijah had turned Logan into one of them on purpose as some plot to attack them when they least expected it. She thought that they were actually on Gahi's side. It was meant to be a secret, but she had overheard Tsunami telling Kathrina that Gahi once had him captured... What if they were plotting to recapture him for Gahi? There was no way she would allow that to happen. But she didn't say anything... Why? For some reason, something was making her rethink her suspicion.

Nightly also felt like there was something strange going on here... She really did not like the white-haired Warlock, not one bit. After what he had done to Alpha and Tsunami, there was no way she'd ever like him. She did, on the other hand, seem to like Kathrina. It would be hard to try and explain her reasons to anyone else, but the 'little girl' interested her a lot. She looked like the kind of person that she would enjoy befriending and finding out more about. But that didn't mean she trusted her.

Divina was very shaken. She didn't exactly know Logan very well, but seeing that he was hiding his Warlock identity this whole time made her anxious. Why? Why had he kept something like that a secret? Wouldn't it have been easier to just tell everyone rather than hide it?

Logan sighed deeply, ''I'm sorry, everyone. I didn't mean to deceive you in the way that I did... But I didn't know how to tell anyone what had happened''

''What exactly did happen?'' Nightly asked slowly.

''Well... When Kathrina and I were taken by the Warlocks... I... I guess-''

''They turned you into one of them'' Tsunami said, disgusted.

He nodded slowly, ''yes, Gahi did''

''If that's what happened, then how come you still seem to have your memory intact?'' he asked suspiciously.

Elijah held up his hand slightly, ''that would be my doing'' he smirked.

Tsunami glared at him harshly, ''what do you mean?''

''I reached him before they could erase his memory'' he said simply as he folded his arm around his chest again.

''That doesn't really-''

''Look,'' Kathrina interrupted as she walked away from the wall and stood in front of Tsunami, ''we shouldn't be wasting time here squabbling. We need to get to the weapon room, gather what we need and then head back out. We only have one more night until the full moon which means only one more night until our battle with Gahi begins''

''Right you are'' Alpha grinned as he stepped in front of his brother and stared into her eyes.

At that moment, Elijah unsteadily walked over and pulled her back, glaring at Alpha evilly, ''back off''' he growled.

Logan sighed loudly again, ''well, let's keep going. Elijah-Sama, lead the way''

Joe looked up at his brother strangely, ''why are you calling him 'Sama' now?''

He frowned, slightly offended that he asked, ''he's saved my life more than twice and not just that... Do you know who he is?'' he asked quietly.

Elijah pushed his way through the crowd as Kathrina followed and started to lead the way forward again. But he was moving at a slower pace this time, still exhausted from his confrontation with Gahi.

''Um... No... I guess enlighten me'' he grumbled.

He pointed to the ear rings on Elijah's ear.

''You... You're kidding?!'' he exclaimed quietly, astonished.

He shook his head slowly, ''he is, in fact, Master Risan's former student. That right there is Master Elijah. And he's not just any Master either... His spirit is that of the Dragon; that's what that fourth ear ring represents''

Jaw dropped and amazed, he gazed forward, staring at Elijah's back, ''but... He's not actually an Arikarin, is he?''

''No, his half-brother was. That's why he was accepted into a family''

''Ne! Watashi ni tsuite hanasu koto o yamete, watashi wa anata ga shitte iru koto o kiku koto ga dekimasu!'' Elijah called, holding his fist in the air angrily as he continued to walk forward.

Joe gasped in shock - Hey! Stop talking about me, I can hear you ya know! - ''H-Hai masuta!'' Joe called back nervously.

Elijah grunted as he lowered his hand, ''do not call me that''

One thing that he had never liked was being called 'master'. He didn't like the title, it reminded him too much of Risan...

''Hai!'' Joe yelled.

Logan laughed quietly, ''brother, you don't have to act that way towards him. Trust me, he's not like any other Arikarin Master. He's not bothered by it''

''But... It's just common respect, is it not?''

He scowled, ''why do you care? I thought you had abandoned our ways?''

He didn't answer.

They all continued to follow Elijah as he led the way down the long hall.

But as he walked, he started to think to himself about what had happened with Logan... What crossed his mind the most was the outcome of the attack on Gahi... Logan had thrown his wakizashi with such force it had cut right through Gahi's back and came out through his chest. However, he had to remove it before being able to leave. There was no way he was dead, because if he was, he'd be in a much, much worse state than he was right now.

At the moment, all he was feeling was a small headache from passing that ten-minute limit and slight exhaustion, but that was wearing off. If Gahi was dead, he'd be feeling the overpowering urge to rip everyone here into tiny pieces... But he didn't feel that way. That's how he knew that Gahi was still breathing.

However, it only meant that he was alive... It didn't mean that he was doing as greatly as he and Logan were...

He stopped in front of a closed, molded wooden door and slowly pushed it open. Inside, there was still a lit torch, lighting up most of the dark, cold room.

''This is it'' he called as he held to door open, waiting for everyone to go in.

Slowly, they all filed in and looked around. There were no windows, the only light came from a single torch and several large cracks in the walls. The harsh breeze from outside clawed its way in through them, scratching at them as they crowded around a table which was covered with many different swords.

The door slammed shut as Elijah lazily dragged himself over to a table and slumped down on a bench beside it, sighing quietly.

Before he could refuse, Alpha threw himself down beside him.

Tsunami stood at the weapon-covered table with everyone else, looking at all of the swords. He then looked up at Kathrina and waited, expecting her to explain what it was that they were doing here.

She glared at him, ''these swords are made of silver, so I suggest you all take one. It doesn't matter if you use it or not just keep it on you somewhere, it'll protect you from the Psyche-Jikato''

They all grabbed one each and started to examine them closely, muttering to each other. But Tsunami was reluctant. He had only ever used his one sword and didn't want to even touch another... But if it would protect him from Elijah's filthy mind tricks, then he'd make an exception this one time.

He picked one up and started to stare down at it closely... It looked just like any ordinary sword, but it's blade was indeed made of silver. Why did Warlocks have these here? He wasn't exactly sure, but either Elijah or Kathrina had to know.

As they all focused on the swords, Alpha leaned forward and stared at Elijah sneakily.

Elijah sat there, resting his chin on his hands, glaring back at him from the corner of his eye... What was he planning now? He had that same look on his face that he had had before they left that camp earlier. And he didn't like it.

''So...'' he grinned as he moved in closer-

''Get out of my face'' he snarled angrily.

He moved back slightly, ''hmph'' he grumbled.

He glared, ''what the hell do you want?''

He grinned again, ''you already know what I want'' he said quietly as he grinned, slowly turning his head and staring in Kathrina's direction.

''I already told you-''

''Whatever, E-li-jah'' he mocked as he jabbed his finger into his shoulder again, ''I don't think you'll be saying that when you kill Gahi'' he smiled.

A repulsive look appeared on Elijah's face as he glared at him, ''the fuck you trying to say?''

He laughed quietly, ''nothing. But you gotta give me something here, man''

He growled quietly, but then reached into his belt and smacked something down onto the table as he stood up and walked away. As he left, removing his hand, Alpha grinned excitedly.

Sitting on the table was another rolled piece of paper. He picked it up and stared into it - It was filled with tobacco. He smiled as he put it into his mouth, but then saddened when he realized that there was nowhere for him to light it.

He started to search around frantically, but then turned his attention to the burning torch on the wall. He grinned.

Elijah stood beside Kathrina and stared at everyone closely, ''do you all have one?''

''They do'' she said quietly, ''we should get going, we can't waste any more time''

He smiled down at her, ''I know, don't worry, we're about to head out''

''Are we?'' Tsunami grumbled as he tucked his silver sword into his belt.

''Yes, we are. Soon, we'll reach the spot I picked out for us to spend the night. But we must be careful, not only is it close to a fire mountain-''


''-But it is also close to the Gateway''

''W-Wait!'' Tsunami snapped, ''if it's close to the Gateway then why don't we just head straight there and deal with Gahi tonight?!''

He growled quietly, ''for one, neither Logan nor I are fit for a battle right now. Secondly, we still have not devised a plan of action. And lastly, we must wait for the full moon. We want Gahi to open the Gateway-''


''Stop yelling!'' he snapped, ''he will be at his weakest when he is pouring all his power into it... The moment he tries to take its power, we will kill him. This is exactly why we need time to come up with a plan'' he grumbled as he scowled harshly at him.

''I'm with Elijah'' Alpha mumbled as he walked over, smoking happily.

Tsunami glared at his brother, ''where did you get that?''

''Oh this?'' he asked as he looked down at it as it sat in his lips, ''I found it over there''

He stared over in the direction that Alpha pointed in, but frowned in disbelief.

''Okay, satisfied? Let's go'' Elijah said impatiently, rushing over to the door and pulling it open.

As they all filed out of the room and started following him once again, Octavia fell behind, walking beside Tsunami who didn't look very happy at all.

She looked at him. Why was he so angry all of the time? He had never been like this before... Not until Elijah had shown up. It was unclear to her why he was so mad, but she wanted to know. She wanted to be there for him, to help him.

''T... Tsunami'' she said quietly.

He turned his head sharply and looked at her, ''yes?''

''Um... May I ask... Why... Why are you so angry towards Elijah?''

''I don't trust him'' he said plainly.

She fell silent. As much as she wanted to try and make him change his mind, she didn't want to say the wrong thing and get him mad at her as well.

Noticing her silence, Tsunami looked down at her; her face was bright red, just like it always was when she spoke to him. Why? He didn't know, but he sighed quietly.

''What's on your mind, Octavia?''

She gasped quietly, shocked that he had asked, ''um... I... I just want to know if you are okay''

He frowned, ''uh, yeah, I'm fine. Why do you ask?''

''Well, it’s just that... You shouldn't be so mad all of the time''

He smiled slightly, ''I can't help it with that bastard around... Doesn't he just make you wanna kick his ass?''

She giggled slightly, ''I... I guess''

Alpha looked back over his shoulder and smirked, ''what are you two laughing about?''

They both turned their heads and looked at him as he fell back, walking between them both.

''Um... Nothing, I... I have to go to Opus'' Octavia said nervously as she scurried away and walked beside Opus.

He looked down at her and then looked back at Tsunami and Alpha, scowling. Clearly, one of them had frightened her and it wasn't really hard to tell which one of them it was.

As they reached the spiraling stair case and began walking down, Alpha scoffed at his brother.

''Are you really that simple-minded, brother?'' he asked harshly.

''W-What are you talking about?''

''Seriously? No one pointed it out to you yet? Wow... I was quite surprised that you hadn't noticed yourself, but no one-''

''What are you talking about?!'' he asked again, getting angry.

Alpha dropped the burnt-out paper onto the ground as they walked down the steps and frowned, ''that cat-girl''

''What about her?''

He laughed, ''you idiot, can't you see that she likes you?''

''Of course, I know that she likes me, I'm her friend''

''Ugh, you idiot'' he grumbled as he shook his head, ''not like... Like, she like likes you, as in...''

Tsunami stared at him blankly, clearly clueless as to what he was suggesting.

''You really are an idiot'' he said as he deadpanned.

He frowned angrily, ''no I'm not. I just don't get what you're trying to say''

''Hmm... Best way I can put it?''

This wasn't going to be the best way he could put it at all. It was going to be the funniest, most revolting or dirtiest way he could put it. Tsunami waited for his brother's absurd answer.

He jabbed his finger into his shoulder harshly, ''she loves you'' he smiled.


Alpha skipped away down the stairs and walked beside Nightly who smiled up at him pleasantly.

Tsunami was surprised... His brother hadn't said anything that disgusted him... He really had just put it in the simplest way possible... But then he shuddered slightly - Was what he said true? Was Octavia really... In love with him?

He frowned, thinking to himself as they reached the bottom of the stairs and started to head for the exit. Was Octavia in love with him? Thinking about it now, it actually started to make sense... She was always close by and whenever she was around him or spoke to him, she'd get all nervous and her face even went bright red. Like just now she had tried to comfort him, asking why he was mad. She had even made him laugh...

He smiled slightly. Maybe it was true. But even if it was, he couldn't say that he felt the same way. He had only ever seen Octavia as a friend.

They walked out of the door and were greeted by their horses. The harsh breeze attacked them all as they stood there, the cold scraping at their faces. It really was horrible out here. Everyone seemed to be in a rush to leave, instantly mounting their horses and waiting for Elijah.

He grumbled lazily as he climbed onto his own horse, flipping his cape over its back. As he sat there, he watched as a large group of crows flew overhead. The two-familiar black and white birds were among them - It seemed that they were being swarmed by the crows, cawing and calling out. Suddenly, the white bird turned on the black one, attacking along with the crows. Its wing broke and it came crashing down, landing on the ground, lifeless.

Elijah scowled, ''piss off'' he mumbled.

The crows cawed loudly and started attacking the white bird which slowly fell down too, landing beside the black one. Then, one of the crows flew down and landed in the head of Elijah's horse, staring up at him curiously. Its eyes were a light green color, shimmering brightly.

''Nani o watashi ni tsutaeyou to shite imasu ka?'' he mumbled quietly.

Logan overheard him - What are you trying to tell me? - he had said.

The crow cawed loudly, ''I do not advise your next move'' came a voice in his head.

''Katadzukemasu!'' he growled as he went to hit the crow, but it took off and flew up to join the others.

‘Clear off!’ - Logan looked at him strangely, who was he talking to? But he looked away as Elijah turned around, checking to see if everyone was ready to leave. And they were.

''Let's go!'' he called as he kicked his horse's side gently, making it trot forward, leading the way back into the forest.

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