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Chapter 37 (v.1) - Dusk And Dawn

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Submitted: October 30, 2017



Following the scent, Elijah slowly walked into the trees, gripping the hilt of his sword cautiously. If there was a Vampire prowling around her somewhere, it could jump out on him before he'd even realized it. He knew too well from Alpha's previous attack how stealthy Vampire really are. They make no noise whatsoever when they're hunting. But was this Vampire hunting? It was, after all, its blood that he could smell.

He looked around, realizing that the further he went into the trees, the less space there was around him. There was no way he'd be able to use his sword here; he let go of its hilt and reached behind him, gripping the hilt of his wakizashi as it sat in its scabbard tied to the back of his belt. He leaned forward slightly, ready for anything.

The scent was getting stronger as he moved forward. He wasn't sure what to expect... Could there have been some kind of fight between a Vampire clan? Maybe it was hunters? He had heard that people had started hunting Vampires a while ago... He gripped the hilt of his blade tightly, looking around warily.

But as he moved closer, the sound of rushed, panicked breathing started to echo through the darkness. He stopped and waited, thinking. Was someone still alive? It could possibly be the injured Vampire, so he had to be extra cautious. If it was bleeding and still alive, it would most likely try to attack him.

He prowled forward, using all the trees as cover, crouching behind each one as he got closer. The scent was very strong now; it was close. But as he covered behind another tree, he paused... It sounded like there wasn't just one... He could make out the sound of two people, breathing furiously, panting like they were running. But there were no footsteps...

As he sat there, he frowned in confusion. Two Vampires? But suddenly-

''I'm... Gonna kill you'' someone whispered, breathing uneasily.

Elijah flinched slightly; the voice sounded a lot like Alpha...

''K-Kill me?'' came another voice, but this voice was from a female and she sounded rather excited about what the other had just said.

But if this was Alpha, he knew there was trouble. Without thinking, he pulled his wakizashi from its scabbard as he stood up and stormed forward, turning past a large boulder and into a small opening -

He stared forward in what seemed like horror and complete shock...

Alpha was standing behind Nightly who he had pinned against a tree, both of them clothe-less. He had his fangs in her neck which was bleeding aggressively as he held both her hands above her head, holding one of her large breasts in his other hand, his claws digging into it as it also bled slightly.

But he then pulled his teeth from her neck and grinned, noticing Elijah-

Quickly, he turned away, ''fakku - Moshiwakearimasen'' he called, his back to them both.

He laughed quietly as Nightly moaned pleasurably, breathing loudly.

''Elijah...'' he grinned, blood dripping from his fangs, ''how nice of you to join us''

He grunted in disgust, still looking away, ''fuck off. I thought-''

''What? You thought someone was dying?'' he asked slyly.


Alpha laughed again, ''we're both already dead. All that's happening here is me fucking this little Vampire'' he grinned as he pulled her closer to him, making her stand upright, leaning back on him.

Nightly whimpered quietly, trembling as Alpha sank his teeth back into her neck.

''I'll leave you to it then'' Elijah mumbled as he went to walk away-

''You don't have to go...'' Alpha mumbled, his teeth still in her neck, ''join us'' he snickered invitingly, almost seductively.

He shook his head, ''No, I'm good''

Before Alpha could try enticing him anymore, he slid his wakizashi back into its scabbard and stormed off, leaving the two alone.


Back at the camp, Kathrina was still sat by herself. She kept looking over her shoulder for Elijah, but he still wasn't there. Yet again, he had disappeared and she didn't know where too.

She sighed sadly and stared down at the grass. But as she did, she heard footsteps approaching her from behind-


She quickly looked up and saw Tsunami staring down at her.

''Why are you over here all by yourself?'' he asked as he sat beside her.

''I'm just thinking'' she said.

''About what?''

''I... I keep trying to remember my life before I became a Warlock. But every time I do, I always start to feel so... Sad''

''Sad? I thought Warlocks had no emotions?''

''We don't but... It’s what I imagine sadness to be. I don't know why it happens, but it does'' she said as she frowned in confusion.

''What about Elijah? Isn't there something he can do to help?''

She shook her head, ''he said that he can't''

''Can't or won't?''

Kathrina looked up at him strangely, ''what do you mean?''

He sighed ''nothing. It just... Feels like he knows a lot more than what he says he does. I do not like him nor do I trust him''

''I already know how you feel about him, Tsunami. But you're wrong'' she said sternly, ''he's not a bad guy. He's not like Gahi or the others''

''But he used to be, didn't he?''

Angering, she looked back down at the grass, ''I don't want to talk about this. We need to devise some kind of plan''

''Yeah, we do. That's actually why I came to you. Where is 'white-hair' anyway?''

''You mean Elijah? I don't know, he was here a little while ago''


''What about your deranged brother? Where's he?''

Tsunami felt slightly awkward, ''he... Went off to look for Nightly'' he lied.

But just then, they both turned around and watched as he walked out of the trees, a strange look on his face.

''Well, there he is. Let's go'' Tsunami said as he tapped her back.

They both stood up and started to head over to the fire as everyone gathered around it.

Kathrina rushed over and stood beside Elijah, staring up at his pale, awkward looking face. Had he seen or heard something that revolted him? She wasn't sure and she didn't really want to ask either.

Tsunami joined them, sitting down beside Logan who was sat beside Joe.

Opus and Divina were also sat down, staring into the flames.

Octavia slowly shuffled over and sat beside Tsunami who smiled at her.

''What's wrong with you? Not that you don't always look like that, but you seem extra disgusted right now'' Tsunami smirked as he glared at Elijah.

He glared back down at him, ''I found your brother''

His words silenced him. He knew exactly what he meant and exactly what is was that Alpha was doing. He looked away and started gazing into the fire.

''What's wrong?'' Kathrina asked as she and Elijah sat down.

''Nothing'' he smiled.

''It seems we are waiting for Alpha and Nightly, yes?'' Opus asked.

''Where are they anyway?'' Logan asked.

Elijah stared over at him, ''karera wa kusoda''

''Th-They're what?!'' he laughed, shocked.

Joe frowned, ‘they're fucking’... ''Nightly and him?!''

Elijah nodded slowly, clearly disturbed.

Nobody else had understood what they had said, but the looks on Logan's and Joe's faces plus their reactions were enough for them to work out what was going on.

Everyone snickered, all except Octavia and Tsunami.

He frowned angrily. He really hated his brother's affairs.

But Octavia looked rather upset. Was her friend really involved with such a creepy man? She was worried for her... What if something happened to her? He was a monster; what if he killed her?

Just then, Nightly's giggling came from the trees as she and Alpha emerged from the darkness. He had a satisfied look on his face, holding his arms behind his head as he followed her.

As they reached the fire, Tsunami glared at his bother. The coat he had lent him was covered in both blood and mud where he had clearly taken it off in a hurry and threw it down.

Nightly slumped down beside Divina and stretched her arms out, groaning.

''Sit down, we're about to discuss our plan of action'' Tsunami grumbled.

Alpha grinned and slowly walked over to Elijah, slumping down beside him.

He growled irritably at him, glaring at him with his light green eyes, ''do you have too...?''

''Yes, I do'' he grinned.

Tsunami then took a deep breath and went to start-

''The plan is simple'' Elijah started, silencing Tsunami.

''It is?'' Logan asked.

He nodded, ''the first priority should be disabling Gahi's ability to use his stolen Jikato''

''So how do we do that?'' Tsunami asked angrily.

''I can do that. However, I cannot do it alone. There is the possibility that the other Princes have taught him all the tricks and powers of this Jikato. If they have, he will be expecting the move I will need to make on him''

''Wait... You mean...?'' Kathrina asked slowly.

''Yes. I must capture Gahi in the endless gaze. It is a technique used for balancing the battlefield between two people who own the Psyche-Jikato. It will disable both mine and his Jikato. However, if he has managed to master the Jikato, it will leave me in a paralyzed state. But it will still disable his Jikato''

''So, what you're saying is... You have to sacrifice yourself...?'' Nightly asked.

''Somewhat, yes. It will not take me long to recover from the side effects as I have dealt with it many times before. But while I am in this state, someone will need to protect me as I won't be able to move''

''I will'' Kathrina said.

He shook his head, ''no... You are our over watch. You'll be able to keep most of the Warlocks off of us from above'' he said.

Everyone stared at her in confusion - Over watch? From above?

Elijah sighed, ''I'll need Tsunami''

He turned his head sharply and glared at him, ''why me?!''

''Because of your adept abilities with ice and water. You will create a wall of ice around us both, leaving a small opening to take out anyone who tries to enter''

Tsunami nodded slowly. He was surprised. Although he hated this man, he was actually pretty strategic. He knew very well what he was talking about.

''But wait, how do you get Gahi in this 'endless gaze' thing?'' Joe asked.

''It takes but a second of eye contact. He will also need to have his Jikato activated, but knowing him, he will do. That bastard loves nothing more than to show off his power. It is also why I am the only one here who did not take anything silver from the castle''

They all nodded, listening closely.

''Anyway, after his Jikato is disabled and after I have recovered, myself and Tsunami will head straight for Gahi. Alpha, you will deal with Henderall''


''Henderall; he is one of the strongest Prince's. You, being a Demon, will be able to take him on. Once he's dead, go and help anyone who needs it. Kill as many Warlocks as you can''

''What about the others?'' Kathrina asked.

''Opus, you will deal with Henrik; he is also a Prince. You'll be able to take him down easily, so after he's down, move onto Alexandre, another Prince. I will explain what they all look like before we get there tomorrow and where they are most likely to be''

''And Ritojin?'' Kathrina asked.

''I'll need you to deal with him, but only once you've cleared as many of the other Warlocks as you see necessary'' he said as he looked down at her, ''he's one of the weakest so he won't be a problem''

She nodded.

''As for you, Logan and Joe, you two will also deal with the other Warlocks - Crowd control'' he instructed.

''Got it''

''Stick close to the ice wall that Tsunami creates. Nightly and Octavia, you two are going to need to work together''

They slowly glanced at each other harshly, but then turned to him.

''Have you mastered your transformation?'' he asked as he looked down at Octavia.


''Good. You two are going to create a combined attack and use it to take down as many Warlocks as you can. You'll be further away from the ice wall, so Nightly, you'll need to have her back''

''Yeah, right. What's this combined attack?'' she grumbled.

''Although Katokirinkata are already pretty swift, she's going to need to be faster. You'll move her around faster using your speed as a Vampire. It will also make you both completely silent, so they won't even know what hit them. You're responsible for taking out as many as you can as well, keeping too many of them from reaching Tsunami and I''

''Sure'' she mumbled.

Octavia nodded nervously.

''And you'' he said as he looked over at Divina.

She gripped her staff tightly, waiting for his instructions.

''You'll need to stay with Tsunami's ice wall too, using healing spells on whoever needs them-''

''But... I can't heal-''

''Yes, I know, you can't heal Demons. But that doesn't matter. Tsunami, Joe and Octavia will need your spells''

''O... Okay'' she nodded.

He sighed, ''once all of the Princes are down, I should have recovered. That's when Tsunami and I will head for Gahi. Kathrina, you'll need to back us up. His Jikato will be disabled, but he is still a challenge without it. With the new power he gained from Makiere, it will take two of us to fight him. Kathrina, you'll keep any other Warlocks away from us while we fight him''

''Alright... But what if he manages to open the Gateway?''

''He won't. We'll get there before he can. But, if he tries to open it upon our arrival, Kathrina, you'll stop him''


''Wait a minute, will you?'' Tsunami said, ''what do you mean by over watch? What is that?''

He smirked and looked down at Kathrina, ''you never told them?''

''Told us what?'' Joe asked.

''No. It was never really necessary''

He smiled, amused. But then, he looked back up at everyone, ''Kathrina here is what we call... A Shifter''

Logan's jaw dropped - ''What?!''

''What's that?'' Alpha asked, curious.

''Oh...'' Elijah said quietly, ''that's right. I never told you''

''WHAT ELSE???!!!'' Tsunami growled.

''I'll show them'' she said quietly as she stood up.

They all watched as she and Elijah stood up. Then, she pulled her purple robes off and moved her long hair around her front. She turned around.

''This...'' Elijah said as he pulled down the top of Kathrina's shirt, revealing a mark on her back just below her neck, ''this is the mark all Shifter Warlocks have''

Everybody stared curiously. There were two dragons, spiraling around each other in a circular shape. One of them was black and another was white within a black teardrop-like shape. The black dragon was on the right side, with the white one on the left. Around them was a thorn-like shaped circle, much like a rune or ward.

Logan stared closely. It was exactly the same as the one Makiere had... But it was the other way around. The one on his back had the white dragon on the right.

''Does that mean you have a Psyche-Jikato as well then?'' he asked.

Elijah let go of her shirt as she put her robes back on.

''No. The only ones who have these eyes are myself and the other Princes''

''W-Wait you could have told us that before!'' Tsunami growled.

''It wouldn't matter. They won't be able to use it on you as you all have silver on your person''

''So, are the Prince's Shifters as well?'' Alpha asked.

''Yes, they are''

Tsunami angered again.

''What even is a Shifter? That fancy tattoo has to do something, right?''

He scowled at Alpha, ''yes. And it's not a tattoo. Shifters are born with it. Anyway, Logan has witnessed firsthand what a Shifter is. Why don't you explain?''

Logan stared blankly at him, confused.

''Well?'' Nightly moaned.

''Oh... Well... A Shifter... They turn into dragons''

''Dragons?!'' Joe exclaimed.

''You have got to be kidding me'' Tsunami mumbled.

As everyone started mumbling about what they had just been told, Alpha glared at Elijah.

''So... Are you a Shifter?''

''No, I am not''

''Then why do you have those eyes like all the others?''

''Because I'm a Prince''

He grinned suspiciously, ''right...''

But then, Tsunami silenced everyone and turned back to Elijah, ''what happens after we kill Gahi?''

''That's the best part'' he smirked, ''if he dies, every other Warlock around him will fall''


He nodded, ''after he dies, it will all be over. But do not forget this plan. Remember it and discuss it with each other''

''Well, that's good timing'' Joe said happily, ''food's ready''

''On that note, I'll be over there'' Elijah grumbled as he climbed to his feet and started walking away.

Kathrina stood up and went to follow him, but he stopped and looked back at her, ''you should eat too. I'll just be keeping watch'' he said reassuringly.

She sat back down and watched as Joe started cutting off small pieces of the cooked doe, handing it out to everyone.

But as they all started eating, Alpha sneaked away, tailing Elijah.


Kathrina gazed into the fire, waiting for Joe to hand her some food. Everyone looked so happy... Did food really have this kind of effect on people's moods? She didn't really feel excited about it. Food was food. She had to eat it or she'd die. It was that simple to her.

But for some reason, Logan's question about Elijah being a Shifter started rolling around in her head... It was rather strange that he wasn't. He did possess the Psyche-Jikato, but he didn't possess Shifter abilities. It was much like herself... She possessed Shifter abilities, but not the Psyche-Jikato. It confused her, but if she asked him, would he tell her the truth?

''Kathrina'' Joe smiled as he handed her some of the food.

She took it and smiled in thanks. Looking down at it as it sat in her hands, she scowled. It was dark brown, almost black. It looked like it had been over-cooked. But no one had complained, they all seemed to be biting into it just fine. So, she took a small bite...

''Hmm...'' she said.

It actually tasted pretty good, unlike every other food she had tried. This actually tasted of something and she liked it. Now she understood why everyone was so happy-looking.

''My brothers and I used to hunt deer all the time back when we were boys'' Logan said, staring at it enviously.

''It was everyone's favorite'' Joe added, ''we were the most skilled hunters among out family''

Kathrina stared down at the grass. Family... Did she have a family? Were there people out there looking for her? Was there anything that she used to be really good at back before she became a Warlock? Did she know how to hunt?

Now thinking about it, she really didn't know. She didn't feel like she was the kind of person who knew how to hunt... But she did feel as though she had a family. However, she would never know. If she hadn't been told by Elijah, she wouldn't even know her own name or age...

But she then turned her attention to Opus; just like Logan, he wasn't eating. It was no surprise to her, the only thing that shocked her was that no one else had noticed and questioned it.

He slowly looked over at her with his purple, pupil-less eye.

Neither of them said anything, but it was like they knew what each other were thinking. Why wasn't he eating?

She frowned, but then looked away.

Tomorrow... Tomorrow, they were going to fight Gahi. She felt ready, but she felt worried for everyone else here. They were, after all, going up against four Prince's and a Higher Prince... She sighed quietly. Elijah believed that they were capable, so she would try to believe it too, although her doubts were only increasing.

Trying to stay focused, she continued eating, hoping that the doubts she had would soon disappear.


Quite some distance away, Elijah was leaning against a tree, his eyes closed, resting. He, too, felt ready for the battle tomorrow. Right now, he was trying to get what little rest he could without sleeping. That was something he never wanted to do again.

But as he stood there, he started to feel as though something was watching him... Quickly, he opened his eyes and stared forward. But he could see anything, nor could he sense anything. It was strange.

The laughter from everyone around the fire echoed towards him. They all seemed so happy... A feeling that he hadn't truly felt in a long, long time. The last time he was truly happy was before he became a Warlock... Before she became a Warlock-

''Hi'' Alpha grinned.



Alpha stabbed one of his talon-lined wings through Elijah's back, sticking out of his stomach, bleeding rapidly.

Somehow, once again, he had sneaked up behind him.

Elijah grunted loudly, gripping onto it with both of his hands, trying to keep himself from bleeding too much.

Alpha then put his claws to his neck, ''you let your guard down again''

''Y-You said... No more of this shit until... We kill Gahi'' he grunted, trying not to make too much noise and alert the others.

''I got bored'' he sighed, leaning forward and resting his chin on Elijah's shoulder.

He was using his other wing to grip onto the tree, staring forward. As blood dripped from the end of the wing he had impaled Elijah with, he snickered harshly.

''I wasn't trying to kill you. Surely you can see that''

''Then why-''

''If I was serious, I would have torn your throat out'' he smiled.

Elijah glared at him from the corner of his eye, ''let me go''

''No, not yet. There's something I want to tell you''

He grunted quietly, trying to stay upright against the tree.

''You may hide it well, but I know what goes through your head every time you look at her'' he whispered.

''What... The fuck are you talking about?'' he growled.

''Kathrina...'' he grinned, ''I know how much you crave her... I can see it in your eyes... Even now''

He snarled at him, his fangs suddenly appearing in his mouth.

''I know what you want to do to her, I know... How badly you want to-''

''If you say another word... I'll kill you!'' he growled furiously.

''What? Am I offending you?'' he laughed, ''or am I just making it worse for you?''

He grunted quietly, trying to escape, but Alpha flicked his claws, reminding him that he still had them at his throat.

''I'm a Demon, so I know what it’s like. You say that your Warlock magic suppresses your Demon blood, right?''

''What about it?'' he growled.

''Well... When you kill Gahi and are no longer a Warlock... You're not really going to be able to restrain yourself, are you?'' he asked sneakily.

''You don't... Know anything about me... I know full well how to control it''

''Do you?'' he grinned doubtfully, ''I don't believe you''

Angered, he let go of Alpha's wing with one of his hands and swung it around, trying to dig his own claws into him, but Alpha used his other hand to grab Elijah's arm. He laughed quietly.

''You must wonder what her blood tastes like, huh?'' he whispered.

Elijah frowned.

''You must wonder how she moans... How she calls your name... How she whines for you...''

He glared at Alpha from the corner of his eye, but he slowly turned his head and gazed over at Kathrina who was still sat by the fire with everyone else.

''Do you? Do you wonder what it would feel like?''

He then breathed deeply, ''stop... Trying to entice me,'' he growled, ''I'm not playing your games''

''Games?'' he laughed quietly, ''this isn't a game. It’s just fact''

''Get off me'' he growled angrily.

Alpha grinned, but he slowly pulled his wing from Elijah's back and let go of him, backing off into the darkness.

Elijah grunted painfully, but then fell back, sliding down the tree until he was sitting on the ground. He felt relieved. Usually, he'd chase after Alpha and teach him a lesson, but he didn't feel like it. Not only did he feel extremely lazy, but what he had said to him was now echoing around inside his head...

He was right. He did wonder those things... He did crave her... But he had morals, unlike Alpha. He wouldn't do anything to her without her approval. But that was something he'd probably never get from her. She was oblivious to his feelings. And it tormented him.

As he sat there, he saddened. But then, footsteps started to approach him - He grabbed the hilt of his wakizashi-

''Hey, whoa, it's me!'' Logan said as he stepped back, waving his hands around defensively.

''Oh'' he sighed as he let go and relaxed again.

He looked down at him strangely, ''what are you doing down there? And why are you all blooded up again?'' he frowned.

He grumbled quietly, too lazy to answer.

Logan then slumped down beside him, also leaning against the tree.

Elijah slowly glared at him from the corner of his eye.

He sighed deeply, ''will it be like this forever?''

''What do you mean?''

''Will I be a Warlock forever?''

''I'm not sure. I think that killing Gahi will erase all his magic from everyone who he has ever turned''

''Including you?''

''Yes. And I believe that if I am no longer a Warlock, my magic will disappear from everyone as well. It is, after all, originally Gahi's magic''

''Huh...'' he breathed.

For some reason, he didn't really feel anything. Something like that should have given him some kind of comfort or hope, right? But it didn't.

''Do you miss your family?'' he suddenly asked.

Logan frowned and stared at him, ''of course I do. Everyday... Why do you ask such a question?''

Elijah sighed quietly and gazed up at the stars, ''you... You killed your brother, didn't you? Carlos?''

He saddened, ''yes. We had no other choice. He was possessed by that Demon''

Logan waited for him to continue speaking, but he didn't. He felt strange... Why was he asking these things all of a sudden? It wasn't really any of his concern and it really didn't seem like he was the kind of person to wonder or care about other people's pasts.

He shuffled around so that he could see Elijah's face more clearly - He looked depressed, like something was destroying him...


''I... I did some pretty terrible things'' he started.

''Like what?''

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, ''I did worse'' he said quietly.

Logan stared at him... What was he talking about? And why was he telling him this now? What was with the sudden confession? He waited. Although it was obviously a sore subject, he wanted to know exactly what it was that Elijah was trying to tell him.

''You... Killed a brother?''

''No... I just killed everyone else''

He fell back slightly, shocked, ''...Everyone else?''

Elijah opened his eyes and stared at Logan, ''the things I did to prevent chaos... It only caused more''

''I don't understand...''

''No. No one ever did. Except... For her'' he said as he looked over at Kathrina.

Logan looked over his shoulder at her as well, ''Kathrina?''

''Yes. She came to me at a time when I was lost within myself. She... Saved me, I guess you could say''

''How so?'' he asked as he turned back to face him.

''I... Didn't have the easiest life. Long story short, she saved me from myself. But I couldn't save her''

''What? What does that mean? Save her from what?''

He frowned, ''nothing. I... Can't say''

Logan angered, ''can't say what? Tell me!''

''No'' he grumbled, ''now is not the time''


''I did terrible things. I killed innocent people. And it was all for nothing''


''Go and join your friends. We should rest soon. Tomorrow, we fight Gahi''

He could see that he was in a great deal of pain. He looked so depressed, so sad... But what could possibly be making him feel that way? He had said he killed innocent people, but who did he mean? And why did he ask about Carlos?

Logan frowned, but he stood up and walked away. He didn't want to cause Elijah any more pain. But why did he seem to carry so much of it?


As the night carried on, everyone had quietened down. Most of them were already asleep. But Elijah sat under the tree, still awake, still staring up at the sky.

He knew that morning would come soon and along with it the beginning of their battle. He was glad that the time had finally come, but he wasn't sure how to feel about its final outcome. If they won and Gahi died, what would become of him and Kathrina?

Sighing, he watched as the moon slowly moved across the dark sky. Tomorrow... They would fight Gahi.

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