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Chapter 38 (v.1) - Struggle For The Gateway

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Submitted: October 30, 2017




Dawn had come far quicker than everyone had hoped; the sun was already high in the sky, shining down on all of them as they glared back up at it. The sound of singing birds filled the air, denying any kind of silence.

Tsunami was already preparing his horse, encouraging everyone else to get up and do the same, but no one felt motivated enough. Today, after all, was the day they were going up against Gahi and an unknown number of other Warlocks.

The tension in the air was like a thick cloud of smoke, floating around menacingly... It wasn't hard to tell that all of them were afraid, some were even having second thoughts. There was the possibility that some if not all of them could die today...

Nobody spoke to one another; they all sat in silence, thinking. Pretty soon, they were going to head out towards the Gateway and what could very well be their last battle would start.

Alpha was glaring over at Elijah who was still sat under the same tree as he was last night. Kathrina was also glancing over at him, waiting for him to get up and tell everyone that it was time to leave. However, he just sat there, staring down at the grass.

She looked away and started to think herself. It didn't seem to her like everyone was ready... To be honest, the only people she felt were prepared for the upcoming battle was herself, Elijah, Alpha and maybe Tsunami. Everyone else looked terrified and reluctant. She had expected everyone to feel assured of victory after hearing Elijah's plan, but it didn't seem that way at all. If anything, the plan seemed to have increased their doubt and uncertainty.

But just then, Alpha slumped down beside her and sighed loudly, almost as if he was bored. She glared at him harshly as he stared back, a strange look in his black eyes. He frowned curiously as he started fiddling with the grass, pulling it up and throwing it into the smoking fire wood.

Strangely, he didn't say anything; he just sat there and stared at her, like he was waiting for her to ask him what he was doing.

However, she wasn't going too. It was obviously what he wanted, so she wasn't going to comply. Instead, she turned her attention to Opus who was muttering to himself quietly, gripping his staff tightly like he was worried he was going to lose it. He was sat far away from everyone else, but even though she could hear him, the words he was uttering made no sense to her, much like the Arikarin language. Whatever he was speaking, it wasn't English or Arikarin.

Logan slowly climbed to his feet and wondered over to his troublesome horse. It grunted irritably as he started adjusting the saddle again, glaring back at him.

He was still thinking about what had been said to him last night... For some reason, Elijah's sudden moment of sadness had affected him a lot more than he had realized. What he had said confused him, but it also worried him. He knew too well that keeping so much anger and sadness buried within yourself was never a good thing. He knew that it slowly destroys you, consumes you... If he was going through something like that, he wanted to help him.

Trying to think of a way to start such a conversation, he turned around and looked back at Elijah. He was still sat against the tree, staring down at the grass. What could he possibly be thinking about? Logan wondered if it was what he had said last night, or maybe something else. But whatever it was, the depressed look wiped across his face showed that it wasn't anything positive.

But before he could start heading over to him, Joe stood in front of him, glaring up at him suspiciously. He stared back, waiting for his brother to question him.

He sighed quietly and tied his long hair loosely, ''what's on your mind, brother?''

Logan scratched the back of his head slowly, trying to think of a way to word it without exposing too much about Elijah. But was there any other way he could put it? It was now known to him that this man had some dark, terrible secrets and it seemed like they were what prevented him from sleeping at night. But Joe's intimidating glare was making him feel uneasy as he tried to think of an answer.

''Well... I spoke with Elijah last night'' he said slowly.

Joe nodded, ''okay... and...?''

He sighed irritably and crossed his arms, ''it appears that he is... Depressed, I suppose you could say''

''Him? Depressed? About what?''

''I'm not entirely sure; he wouldn't tell me anything''

They both turned their heads and stared over at him. Still, he had not moved. It was almost like he was frozen.


Not too far away, Alpha was still sat beside Kathrina, glaring at her strangely as she tried to ignore him, but it was proving futile. Just knowing that he was staring at her made her so angry and disgusted that she just wanted to stab his eyes out...

But he then grinned and sat up straight, ''I have a question'' he smiled.

The sound of his voice made her even angrier - ''What could you possibly want from me?'' she growled.

He smirked sneakily, ''well, if you put it that way, I-''

''Just ask the damn question'' she grumbled.

He scoffed and frowned, ''you're just as fun to talk to as white-hair over there'' he mumbled.


''Well,'' he breathed, ''I'm curious. About you, that is''

She turned her head and scowled at him, waiting for him to continue.

''Do you really not remember anything about who you were before you became a Warlock?''

''No, I do not''

He ran his hand through his hair and grinned, ''well, how does Elijah remember?''

''What do you mean?''

''How does he remember who he was? How does Logan remember? Is it just me, or does it seem like you're the only Warlock who had her memory wiped?''

She glared at him, thinking about what he was saying - He was right... But Elijah had entered Logan's mind and saved his memory before Gahi could erase it. As for him, he was a Prince, so that had to be the reason why he still had his memory... Right?

Alpha snickered quietly, ''see, that got you thinking, didn't it?''

''I'm not the only one'' she denied angrily.

''If you ask me, I'd say that he's hiding a lot more from you than he says''

''You're being just like Tsunami now''

''Am I? My dear brother spoke to you in this way too?''

She scowled at him, but looked away.

He grinned and reached out to grab her-


''Ouch, that kinda hurt'' he grinned excitedly.

Kathrina had grabbed hold of his wrist and twisted it out of anger, blood dripping from both her hand and his wrist. She scowled angrily at him as he stared back, laughing quietly.

''Oh, be careful'' he smirked, ''if you weren't a Warlock, you'd be on your way to becoming a Vampire'' he grinned.

She snatched her hand away and stared down at it. Where she had twisted his wrist, the bone had snapped and torn out of his arm, cutting her hand which was now bleeding. But she watched as it healed and grabbed hold of the bottom of his coat, wiping the blood onto it.

''Get away from me before I do worse than break a few bones''

''Ohh should I be scared of you?'' he grinned, leaning in closer.

''Yes, you should be'' she growled as she stood up and stormed over to her horse.

He watched as she left, still grinning sneakily while his wrist cracked quietly, slowly healing. He enjoyed pissing people off nearly as much as he did hurting them. But for some reason, he didn't want to hurt her. He'd rather anger her, saving the hurting for Elijah.

Still grinning, he climbed to his feet and walked over to his own horse.


 From the corner of his eye, Elijah had watched their small conflict. Normally, as soon as he saw Alpha approaching Kathrina he would have been over there in an instant and sent him away, but right now, he wasn't feeling 'normal'.

As he sat there, the same sadness he had felt last night was still drowning him. He couldn't stop thinking about his past, the present and even the future. As it was, currently, none of them were good. His past was so dark that he avoided sleeping to forget it. The present was just as bad; everything he cared about was either gone or not the same. And as for the future... All of the possible outcomes he had laid out didn't seem very appealing to him.

If anyone here was to find out any of what he was trying so hard to hide, they would surely brand him as a monster and a liar. They had already found out about his Demon-half and that had scared them all terribly, so much that they had even thought of out-casting him. But if they were to discover what he had done all that time ago... They would despise him. He thought that he didn't care about anyone else apart from Kathrina, but as he thought about it more and more, these people... He did somewhat care about how they thought of him.

He watched as everyone started to mount their horses and stared over at him, waiting for him to join them.

He sighed. That's right... Today was the day they would fight Gahi. Today could possibly be the day that some of his tormenting pain was relieved.

Yawning slightly, he climbed to his feet and started to walk over.


Kathrina watched as he walked over. He looked tired, but that was no surprise to her. However, the sad look on his face was. Had he been awake all night over thinking again? She didn't know, but it was pretty obvious. This wasn't the first time she had seen him like this.


Elijah mounted his horse and sighed, ''right, everyone ready?'' he called.

''Yeah, we're ready'' Tsunami called back.

He then held out his hand and pointed forward, too lazy to say, 'let's go'. He tapped his horse's side and began to lead the way for the last time.

However, as they all started moving forward once again, none of them had any idea exactly what it was that they were going to be up against in the next couple of hours...


As they moved through the trees, Opus trotted forward and walked beside Kathrina.

She turned her head and looked over at him, ''what's wrong?''

''Kathrina...'' he said slowly and quietly.


He looked rather reluctant for some reason, like he was unsure of what to say. He looked at her, but then turned away. Then, he gripped his staff and looked at her again.

''There is something I must give to you, yes?''

She frowned at him, confused, ''what is it?''

He shook his head slowly, ''I cannot reveal it now, yes... When the time is right, I shall give it to you''

''What are you even talking about?'' she grumbled, irritated by his words which made no sense to her at all.

''I cannot say any more. But when I call to you, you must be ready''

Kathrina scowled. She had absolutely no idea what the old man was chattering about. First, he had said he was going to give her something, but then he said he couldn't, and then he said he could but only at a certain time?! What was he going on about?

''How can I be ready if I don't even know what to be ready for?!'' she exclaimed quietly.

''You must trust me, Kathrina. Please. I cannot show it to anyone until I am certain you are able to do what is necessary''

Again, she frowned. The more he spoke, the angrier it made her.

''Why can't you just tell me?''

He shook his head slowly again, ''just trust me, yes...?''

She stared into his glowing purple eye. He had never looked this serious before. Whatever it was that he was mumbling about, it had to be important. Unsure, she nodded slowly.

He nodded in thanks and fell back in line.

''What was that about?'' Elijah asked, looking back at her.

She shrugged, ''I don't know''

He smiled, but then turned back to facing the front, glaring into the trees ahead.


As they continued onwards, Logan started to feel strange again. However, it wasn't the feeling he had felt when he was hungry. This time, he felt slightly tired. It was like he hadn't even slept last night...

He stared forward, trying to stay awake, concentrating on the others in front of him, but it was proving pointless. The further they went, the more he felt like he was going to pass out. But a small nap wouldn't hurt, right? He would just do what he had seen Elijah do many times and take a quick nap.

Giving in to his sudden fatigue, he slowly closed his eyes, trusting his horse not to throw him off and bolt. But as he closed his eyes, he suddenly felt a huge relief, like he was being swept away in a huge sea...

He sighed quietly as he drifted off...



Startled, he quickly opened his eyes - Staring up at him was Carlos... Logan was holding him in his arms, both of them covered in blood.

Carlos was sweating, his skin pale and cold. The shadows under his eyes made him look like he hadn't slept in a while. He was panting, like it was hard for him to breathe.

Logan stared down at his brother... Why? Why was this happening again? This was a moment he had tried so hard to forget...

''Brother, listen to me'' Carlos breathed.

He breathed sharply, still startled by his brother's voice. As he spoke, he noticed that he had four fangs in his mouth, much like the ones that Elijah and Alpha had...

''This... This is what I wanted... Do not... Burden yourself with my death... Do not blame yourself'''

slowly, Logan raised one of his hands and brushed the hair out of his brothers face so that he could see his eye's clearly - They were pure black, slowly fading back to their normal color.

''C... Carlos... There had to be another way'' he said quietly.

Carlos shook his head slowly, ''no... This was the only way,'' he paused and coughed violently, spitting blood onto Logan’s face, ''there... I couldn't live like this... You may think I chose the easy way out, but...''

Logan shook his head, ''no, you didn't. You're brave, brother, you were always the bravest of us all'' he smiled sadly, ''what you did... It wasn't for nothing. You sealed her away again... You sealed her''

''I... I... Did'' he smiled weakly, ''I... I...''

''Don't try to speak anymore, just... Just rest''

''Logan...'' he breathed as he closed his eyes, ''take care of Joe... He's going to need you... Now more than ever... I'm... I'm sorry I won't get... To see you both grow up... I'm sorry-''

''You don't need to apologize, brother''

He smiled again, ''we... We did it''

''Yes, we did'' Logan smiled.

He stared down as the faint remained of life left his brothers face... He fell silent, still. He was gone. A tear fell from his face as he stared down at him... He slowly turned his head and looked down at his hand which was gripping tightly onto the hilt of what looked like a wakizashi, impaled through Carlos' chest. He closed his eyes in anger and shame; he had just killed his own brother...



''HUH?!'' he yelled as he quickly opened his eyes and looked around.

Tsunami was glaring back at him, ''wake up!''

''I am awake!'' he grumbled.

He frowned angrily, but turned around and faced the front again.

Logan slowly looked down at his horse's head, staring, falling into a deep thought... Why had such a thing come to his mind after such a long time? It was something he had kept hidden deep within himself, hiding it, trying to forget it... But how could he forget something as horrific as the murder of his brother?

Sighing quietly, he remembered what the reason behind such a tragedy was. After they escaped Alikmartol's tomb, whatever the monster was the resided within it had followed them. It latched itself onto Carlos like a leech, feeding off his magic. It didn't take long for them to notice and when they did... It turned Carlos into a monster as well.

To be exact, it was a Demon. A nasty one, ancient and powerful. Only greater Demons like her had the ability to turn others into Demons... Logan wondered: Were Elijah or Alpha capable of such a thing?

But then, he realized he was straying from his thoughts... Carlos didn't want to live like that. Being a Demon would destroy every moral and belief that he had. Not only was it a Demon that killed their entire family, but Demons were dangerous to other people. Even the slightest drop of blood sent them into a craze and Carlos had fallen victim to such a thing too many times while trying to accept his new self. So, he decided that he wanted to escape it and the only way to do that... Was death.

Logan had been the one that ended his suffering... He was the only one capable of such a thing. He was stronger than Joe, both physically and mentally. Carlos wasn't able to do it himself; he had tried many times, but every time, he either hesitated or the monster within him wouldn't allow him to do so. The only way was to fight him and kill him.

He sighed sadly. It was the only way. As much as he had hoped or believed that there must have been another way, deep down, he knew that there wasn't.  But there wasn't a single day that went past that he didn't spend missing him and regretting the choices they had made. It must have been hard, but living as a Demon couldn't be that bad, could it?

Perplexed, he glanced forward at Elijah and Alpha... The two of them seemed to be just fine. However, it seemed that right now, Elijah had some kind of restraint on his Demon side thanks to the Warlock magic and Alpha was born that way... Sort of. So, they had time to get used to it. Carlos just wasn't strong enough, he summarized. But such a thought angered him. His brother wasn't weak at all... But then again, Logan had no idea how overwhelming being a Demon was.

He frowned. In his death, they had managed to seal away the bitch that had cursed their family... But she wasn't dead and it tormented him. Carlos' death may have not been for nothing, but he wished that they had been able to do more than just seal her away.

The question still rolled around in his head... What was it like to be a Demon? Why had his brother given up as quickly as he did? He frowned; the only way he'd know is if he asked someone who was actually a Demon...

''A... Alpha'' he called hesitantly.

Curious, Alpha leaned back, dangling slightly from his horse and caught Logan's eyes, ''yeah?''

''Can I... Uh... Ask you some things?''

He grinned excitedly, ''yes you can'' he snickered as he straightened up and tapped his horse's side, falling back and walking beside Logan.

Logan stared over at him curiously.

''Well, what is it?''

''Um... Well... I was just wondering... What is it like to be a Demon?''

From the front, Elijah overheard his question and grunted, annoyed. Why did he have to ask Alpha? He knew that his answers were going to be all kinds of crazy and exaggerated. He sighed and continued to lead the way.

''Why the sudden curiosity, Lo-gan'' he said as he jabbed his shoulder.

He frowned angrily, ''I just want to know''

He pulled his hand away and rubbed his chin, ''hmmm... Well, put into one word, it's sensational'' he grinned.

''Um... Okay... Well... In more than just one word... I mean, what is it like as in what do you feel?''

Alpha scratched the back of his head, but then grinned sneakily, ''well, the first thing I noticed when I turned was that I could smell blood from miles away, I could hear the heartbeats of everyone around me, I could sense people's fear...'' he said strangely, almost as if he was trying to frighten Logan.

''You're talking about being a Demon and not a Vampire, right?''

''Oh yeah, all being a Vampire does is increase all the shit I have to deal with as a Demon''

''Okay... So what else?''

''You really want to know?'' he smiled.

He nodded, unsure.

Alpha laughed excitedly, ''well, for one, you're really, really horny all the damn time. You wanna fuck every girl you see'' he snickered.

Logan turned away in revolt, ''I... I didn't need to know that part''

''Well you said you wanted to know what it was like, so I told you''

''Not the unnecessary things like that!'' he exclaimed.

''Well it’s not unnecessary'' he said as he waved his hand around, ''it’s a real problem. Anyway, is that all?''

''Is that all?'' he replied.

''Well, you wanna kill and kill and kill and tear everyone apart. You crave the scent and taste of blood and when you drink it, you feel so fucking amazing it’s like you're in heaven... If that's even a real place'' he said so quickly it was hard for Logan to keep up.

''So... All you ever think about is killing?'' he asked slowly, slightly concerned.

He laughed, ''yes''

''Then... How do you restrain yourself?''

Alpha frowned, trying to think... ''Well... I guess over the years I've just learnt that killing everyone straight away isn't exactly fun''

Logan stared at him as he grinned evilly. This man really was a monster... Is that really how he felt and thought? But most importantly of all... Was that how Carlos had felt?

''Is that all, then?'' Alpha mumbled.

He nodded and watched as he walked away, falling back into line beside Tsunami.

''Let's take a small break'' Elijah suddenly called, stopping almost instantly and jumping off of his horse.

Everyone stopped and stared at him.

''Why?'' Tsunami growled.

''Because I gotta take a piss, you ingrate''

Tsunami scowled at him.

Before anyone could stop him, Elijah stormed off into the trees and vanished.

Kathrina watched as he left and once he was out of sight, she turned to Alpha who looked at her curiously, surprised that she had done such a thing.

''Is it really like that?'' she asked quietly.

He smirked, ''yeah, it is. Worried about white-hair?''

''No, I was just curious'' she grumbled as she turned back around, staring into the trees and waiting for Elijah to return.

Alpha then grinned - He was going to take full advantage of Elijah's absence.

''Hey, Kathrina'' he called.

She turned around irritably, ''what?''

''You do know that when he isn't a Warlock anymore and his Demon-self is no longer being kept sedated, he'll be a lot like me'' he grinned.

She frowned, ''no... No, he won't. He's nothing like you''

He snickered harshly, ''do you really know that though?''

Just then, a twig snapped loudly and Elijah came storming back out of the trees. He eyed Alpha harshly as he climbed back onto his horse.

''Let's go'' he called as he started to lead the way forward.

Following him, everyone started moving again, getting closer and closer to Gahi and the Gateway...


Not too far away, Gahi and his Warlocks were still gathered in the clearing, but it wasn't as calm as it had been the night before...

Suddenly, a huge burst of light exploded into the air followed by a loud, piercing roar which echoed through the sky so loud it was almost deafening. An eruption of fire spread across the rocky ground, sending dozens of Warlocks flying-

''KILL THE BASTARD!!!'' Gahi yelled fiercely as he pointed up at the sky.

From a thick cloud of ash and smoke, a dark orange and red colored dragon emerged, swimming effortlessly through the sky, swaying its body around like it was made of water. It wasn't very big; it looked only a foot or two taller than a man, but its body was long and snake-like, twisting around, spiraling as it moved, gently flapping its black colored wings. It had a furry mane which was also black in color and two long whiskers dangling from its wolf-like snout.

It roared loudly and opened its jaws to fire again-

''It's firing again!'' a Warlock yelled as he turned around and tried to run-


A fireball crashed down from the sky and smashed into the ground, sending more Warlocks flying as they ran around in panic. Some were throwing attacks up into the sky, a combination of fire balls, telekinetic energy and ice shards, but the dragon evaded them all with ease, snarling mockingly as it did.

Gahi stood there, watching as his Warlocks failed. He angered and turned around, grabbing the collar of one of the Prince's-

''Turn and fight the bastard!'' he growled, glaring into his yellow glowing eyes from behind his wolf skull mask.

''Yes, My L-''

Suddenly, a crack of thunder silenced them. They turned and looked up into the sky - A purple colored portal had opened above them, spewing violet colored ash down to the ground as it spun around crazily.

They watched in suspense; there was no telling what was about to come through it...

Another loud, piercing roar cut through the air. Just then, from within the portal, another snake-like dragon floated out, glaring down at the scurrying Warlocks below.

As the portal vanished, the two dragons paired up and began attacking together, causing even more devastation-

''What are you waiting for!?'' he hissed again, pulling the Prince closer.

Suddenly, the Prince wearing the Werewolf skull stepped forward, his white, long, loose curly hair floating around in the breeze. His orange eyes glowed brightly through the mask as he glared at Gahi.

''I will go, My Lord. I am the strongest among us''

''Fine. Go, Henderall'' he growled as he let go of the other Prince.

He turned his head and looked at the other Prince's behind him, ''my brothers, I will need your assistance. Two of this type are a challenge''

They nodded and stepped forward, walking a few meters apart from each other.

But then, two more fireballs smashed into the ground not too far away from them. Fire spread across the ground like lava as the dragons circled around, preparing for another attack.

Henderall sighed and looked at each of the Prince's one by one as they nodded to show that they were ready.

Gahi grinned evilly, walking away from them. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply as more ferocious roars filled the air.


Two pained howls filled the air followed by a huge SMASH!!!

He scoffed and turned around, opening his eyes - Just a small distance from him, the two snake-like dragons lay on the ground, lifeless and covered in burns and blood. Their black mains were covered in what looked like white colored flames...

''It is done, My Lord'' Henderall said as he and the other Prince's stood behind Gahi.

''Good...'' he breathed, ''those bastards... They actually think they can stop me?'' he snickered.

''It was to be expected, My Lord. More will come now that they know we are here''

''More? Bwahahahahaa!'' he laughed mockingly, almost excitedly, ''he can send as many as he wants, he'll never stop me'' he grinned, his eyes glowing a dim, light blue.

''Their kind was never a match for ours'' the yellow eyed Prince muttered.

Gahi laughed, ''your kind are all the same... Why doesn't he show his face? I want to kill him myself''' he growled.

''He does not ever show his face. No Warlord ever has, My Lord'' Henderall explained.

''Coward...'' he grunted as he clenched his fist.

But just then, he paused and turned around, staring at the cliff edge above them.

''They will be here soon, My Lord''

He turned his head sharply and stared at the yellow eyed Prince, ''Ritojin...I don't need you to tell me that'' he threatened, ''I can sense their aura's...''

''You'd do well not to underestimate them, My Lord'' Henderall said slowly and cautiously.

''What!?'' he snapped, growling.

''They have become not only stronger in numbers, but the foreigner seems to have somehow increased his magic. I can see it. And Kathrina-''

''I don't give a fuck about them!'' he growled, ''no one can beat me! NO ONE!!!''

Henderall sighed quietly, ''yes, My Lord''

Gahi grinned evilly again and stared back up at the cliff edge, waiting. But another crash echoed from behind them as the purple colored portal opened once again.

The Prince's left him and rushed off once again...



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