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Chapter 40 (v.1) - Downfall

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Submitted: October 30, 2017



Kathrina stared down at the ground below. Not only were there Warlocks everywhere, but there were also the dead bodies of snake-like dragons scattered all over the place. There were huge scorch marks and burns all over the mountain sides and rocky ground too. It looked like they had already faced a huge battle. But the Warlock's numbers hadn't seemed to have dropped at all.

She frowned, scanning to area, looking for - There - Standing at the center beside a huge arched stone was Gahi... Beside him were four others that she recognized as Ritojin, Henderall, Henrik and Alexandre.

But she was more interested in the arched boulder... It was hollow in the center and looked like it had strange, twisted markings on it. In fact, they seemed to have some kind of resemblance to the runes on Opus' arm...

''That's the Gateway'' Elijah said as he pointed at the arched boulder.

''Have they opened it yet?'' Nightly asked quietly.

He shook his head, ''he won't be able to do that until the moon is directly over it. But those five standing near it are Gahi and the Prince's. If we are to have any chance of beating them, we'll need them to separate''

''Okay... So how do we do that?'' Alpha asked.

''We have no other choice but to wait until they begin opening the Gateway. They'll go to separate corners in order to trap the magic from the moon and guide it down to the Gateway. If we try to attack now, the four of them will stick together and there's no way we'll beat them''

''So how long are we going to be waiting here for?'' Tsunami asked impatiently.

Elijah pointed up at the moon; it was quickly moving higher into the sky. He then pointed down at the Gateway and frowned.

''Mere minutes. Get ready'' he said warily, backing away and standing up.

Readying themselves, everyone backed away from the edge and stood around him, waiting for his instructions.

''Alpha, go left. Stick to the tree line and you'll find a stair way carved into the side of the cliff. It’s part of the old castle ruins so its hidden inside the mountain. No one will see you, but use your Vampire stealth just in case. You need to watch where Henderall goes. Do not get him confused with any of the others as you are, after all, the only one here capable of matching him. Understand?''

He grinned excitedly and in the blink of an eye, he was gone.

''Opus, use your stealth rune to lie in wait for Henrik. He's no good with sensory abilities, so you'll be able to take him out easily. I want you to time it right and kill him at the same time Alpha kills Henderall. Understand?''


''Once he's down, move onto Alexandre. Same as before, use your stealth rune, but expect him to put up more of a fight than Henrik. He'll be able to sense your presence but not your movements. Kill him when Kathrina kills Ritojin''

Opus nodded.

''Right. Go the same way I sent Alpha, but walk slowly. If you move too fast, the others will be able to sense you''

He nodded again as he waved his hand over the right side of his stomach. Suddenly, he vanished.

Elijah took a deep breath and looked over at Tsunami, ''you, stick with me. Just as I said''

A serious look on his face, he nodded.

''Nightly and Octavia, you remain up here with Divina, Logan and Joe until we have the Warlocks distracted with their Prince's dying. When Kathrina gives the signal, you'll take the stairway on the right and start clearing out the Warlocks. Got it?'' he said as he pointed at another stair case carved into the outside of the cliff beside them.



''Good. Tsunami, Kathrina, let's go''


Oblivious to their arrival, Gahi stared at the Gateway, stroking it like it was some kind of precious pet to him. He grinned and looked up at the moon which was almost directly over them.

''Go. It is time''

Henderall slowly turned his head and looked up at the cliff where the group had been... He sighed quietly, but did not see nor say anything.

Ritojin scurried off as the other's slowly parted, all wandering over to separate corners of the area. Gahi remained in front of the Gateway, grinning excitedly.

''Finally... At last, I will gain the power I need to defeat that bastard...'' but he paused and started to look around cautiously...

Something didn't feel right. Panicked, he looked up at the sky for signs of another portal, but there was nothing. He shook his head and went back to groping the Gateway.


Not too far away, Alpha was prowling along the ground like a wolf, hidden in the shadows, his eyes glowing bright green. He had an excited, sinister look on his pale face as he watched Henderall walk over to a small fallen castle tower.

He stared at him, examining his hair and mask... Long, lose curly hair and the skull of a Werewolf on his face... That was him. He grinned, baring his four fangs, blood dripping from his forehead where he had transformed into his Demon-form.

Slowly, he continued to prowl towards him.

Henderall slowed down and stopped beside the tower, glaring up at the moon, waiting for the other Prince's to get into place. But then, he sighed, taking his eyes off of the moon and glaring right over in Alpha direction.

Alpha froze - Had he seen him? No, that was impossible... He was using his Vampire stealth, even Elijah couldn't detect him in such a form...

''You're not the one I thought he'd send after me'' he said slowly.

He grinned and stood up, a strange black mist floating off of him as he became visible.

''A Demon, huh?''

''I'm surprised that you could sense me''

Henderall sighed, but then he placed his hands on the Werewolf skull and pulled it from his face. As he did, his long, curly white hair floated around gracefully. He looked pale and quite young... Maybe a little older than himself. His eyes, however, were not glowing. Instead, they were just like any ordinary Warlocks, except they were orange in color.

''It's not hard to detect a Vampire, especially when he reeks of Elijah''

Alpha angered, offended by his words. Was he really that easy to detect?

''Tell me, how do you expect to beat me?''

''I'll tear you apart'' he growled.

''Oh? I see...'' he said slowly as he dropped the skull on the ground.

He growled again, staring at him. This Henderall guy had the same cocky look on his face that Elijah had... He was talking like he didn't care that a Demon was standing in front of him. It was almost as if he was confident that he was no match for him at all.

Alpha held up his hand-

''You do not have to worry, Demon. I will not fight you''

Confused, he slowly lowered his hand, ''what?''

''What? Did Elijah not tell you our situation? I am surprised...'' he sighed as he fiddled with his hair.

''I don't care'' he grinned, ''I was told to kill you and that's what I plan to do''

Alpha then opened his wings and dived towards Henderall, holding his claws in front of him - Henderall immediately grabbed hold of his arms and glared into his eyes.

''So be it''

He threw Alpha off of him with such force that it broke one of his arms-

Alpha grunted painfully as he spun around and landed on his feet, breathing angrily.

Henderall held out his hand and went to cast magic -

''Huh?'' he mumbled as nothing happened.

Alpha grinned.

Slightly panicked, he glared down at him, his eyes lighting up a bright orange, the same four-point stars appearing in them that Elijah had shown them.

Examining them closely, Alpha recognized it to be the ninth stage of the Psyche-Jikato.

''What have you done?!'' Henderall growled, realizing that his eyes were not working either.

Alpha stood up triumphantly, ''me? I didn't do anything. Having one of your own as an enemy is worse than you thought, isn't it?''

He scowled at him, backing away slightly, ''E-Elijah?'' he stuttered, pure shock on his face.

''Hard to believe that he told us the weaknesses of your precious eyes, isn't it?'' he grinned as he began prowling towards him, ''what are you without them? You're just an ordinary Warlock''

The Prince growled angrily as he leaped back cautiously, ''do not underestimate me you Demon scum!''

''Are words all you have now?!'' he laughed manically as he threw himself towards him once again-

Henderall dodge and as he rolled back onto his feet, he glared at Alpha. Suddenly, he held up his hand and a white colored flame exploded from his palm, shooting up into the sky towards the moon. But before Alpha could react, a strange white smoke began to surround him...


Gahi watched as the white flame started speeding towards the moon which was now directly above the Gateway.

He grinned and pushed on the stone - Suddenly, the strange twisted carvings began to slowly light up purple...


Opus was standing not too far away from Henrik.

The Prince was just standing there, staring up at the moon like he was waiting for something. But suddenly, he raised his hand and fired a white colored flame from his palm which raced into the sky and collided with another flame that had come from somewhere else.

Unsure of what to do, he held out his palm - The silver sword he had picked up in the castle suddenly came out of his palm much like Alpha's blades did. He gripped its hilt and charge towards Henrik-


''Ugh!'' he spat, gripping onto the invisible blade with his hands.

Blood dripped from it as it slowly appeared, cutting right through his heart. He coughed, spitting blood everywhere.

Slowly, he looked over his shoulder at Opus' scarred face...

''You... Kedeko?''

''It is I, yes. But this is the end for you, Henrik''

He coughed again and fell to his knees, the blade still through his chest.

Opus fell with him, gripping onto the blade tightly.

''B-But... Why? You... You know that we wanted no part in this!'' he growled.

''I know, yes...''

Henrik glared at him in confusion.

Just then, Opus pulled the blade from his chest and it slowly disappeared back into the palm of his hand. He stood up and pushed the Prince over with his foot.

''Lay there and die'' he growled, his croaky voice changing completely once again.

He sighed painfully, closing his eyes.

But Opus then realized that he had killed him too early... Concentrating, he could sense that Henderall was still alive. But he wasn't going to let that distract him. He took one last look at the dying Prince and then vanished again.


Gahi laughed evilly as he watched the two white flames dancing above the Gateway, the runes lighting up brighter and brighter every minute he stood there waiting.


Ritojin sighed sadly, but raised his hand and prepared to fire his flame-

''Ritojin!'' Kathrina growled.

He froze and slowly moved his head, looking at her.

Behind him stood Kathrina, Elijah and Tsunami at her side.

The Prince shivered, clearly intimidated. He stumbled back, still holding his hand up.

''T-Three on one? How is that fair?'' he panicked.

Just then, Elijah stepped forward.

Ritojin stumbled back again, even more intimidated.

''You're just a kid. Go before I change my mind''

They all stared at him in shock.

''What the hell are you saying? You insistently said that we have to kill him!'' Tsunami argued.

''I... I can't'' Ritojin said, shaking his head.

Elijah moved forward to try and grab him-

''THEY'RE HERE!!!'' Ritojin yelled, leaping back and firing the white flame from his palm.

''Shit'' Elijah growled.

Suddenly, a horde of Warlocks began racing towards them, hearing his cry.

''Kill him!'' Elijah growled, staring at Kathrina, ''you, let’s go!'' he grumbled, tugging on Tsunami's sleeve.

The raced off, leaving Kathrina to deal with Ritojin.

He glared at her from behind his mask, wielding a small sword and pointing it at her.

''This is all your fault!'' he growled.

She glared back at him - ''I'm glad that it is''


Tsunami followed Elijah as he glided through the crowd of Warlocks, completely avoiding every last one of them-

''What are we doing?!''

''We have to get into position, I need to capture Gahi in the gaze'' he said as he rolled to his left to dodge a Warlocks sword.

Copying his maneuvers, Tsunami frowned, ''are you sure this is going to work?''

''Yes, if you follow my instructions'' he grumbled.


Gahi turned around, instructing more Warlock to swarm towards Ritojin.

''I knew she'd turn up'' he growled, ''AFTER HER!!!''

He then watched as the third flame collided with the others, more of the gateway lighting up. Grinning, he stroked it again, ''not long now''


''Elijah!'' Tsunami digressed, ''this is stupid!''

''Shut up! You see that opening there?'' he said as he pointed forward, ducking under a Warlocks sword as it swung towards him.

''Yeah, what about it?!'' he called back, also ducking under the blade.

''I'm going to lift you into the air and when I do so, create the shield'' he instructed.

He frowned - How was he going to lift him into the air? He opened his mouth to ask, but before he could speak, Elijah spun around, grabbed hold of his arms and flung him up into the sky -

''Oh fuuuck!!!'' he yelled as he flew up into the sky with such force he could barely even breathe.

Elijah then pulled his sword from its scabbard and spun around, cutting down an entire group of Warlocks, clearing the chosen area for Tsunami - ''DO IT!!!'' he yelled.

Trying to stop himself from spinning too much, Tsunami straightened up, still ascending into the sky - ''Okay... Okay'' he whispered to himself, trying to concentrate.

He held out both of his hands and closed his eyes, focusing. Suddenly, his hands started to turn an ice blue color, frost seeping from them like mist. But before he could do anything else, he slowed down -

''Oh no'' he whispered - Now he was falling back down.

''What the fuck is he waiting for?!'' Elijah growled as he swung his sword around again, cutting down more Warlocks.

Tsunami opened his eyes and stared as he got closer and closer to the ground... He breathed deeply, noticing that a huge horde was headed right for Elijah.

''I, Tsunami Tadotoka, call upon the power of he who resides with me - POSEIDON'S SHIELD!!!'' he yelled.

Suddenly, just a few inches from Elijah, the ground rumbled and cracked - A huge wall of ice grew from it, spreading out and crashing down along the ground like water, freezing any Warlock in its path-

Noticing it, Elijah leaped up on top of it and then jumped up, grabbing Tsunami's wrist with his spare hand-


''ELIJAH!!!'' Gahi yelled, sounding almost delighted to see him.

He watched as he and Tsunami slowly descended, disappearing inside the ice wall.

''Does he think he can hide from me?'' he scoffed.

Suddenly, his eyes changed from purple to a light blue and dark red, much like Makiere's Jikato, except it had purple mixed in with it and had a lot more cutting lines in it that his had had. He grinned, glaring at the ice.


From within, Elijah let go of Tsunami and breathed deeply.

''Get ready to open this side'' he said as he pointed towards one of the walls.

He nodded.

''Don't forget to kill everything that tries to enter'' he instructed.

''I know. I'm ready when you are''


Alpha glared over at Henderall. His arm had healed, but blood was dripping from his right leg and from his mouth. This Prince really was a challenge after all. But it didn't bother him, it excited him. He grinned and waited for his next attack.

Henderall growled and raced towards him-

Quickly, he leaped into the air, spreading his wings-

The Prince leaped up into the air as well and grabbed one of them-



Alpha groaned painfully as he crashed down into the ground, one his wings broken. He rolled over onto his back and stared up into the sky. He watched as his brother and Elijah descended out of sight. Then, he turned his attention to the fourth flame which was slowly floating up to join the others as they swam around above the Gateway.

He felt tired... For the first time ever, he was actually being beaten. He clenched his fist angrily and watched as all of the Warlocks began swarming around what looked like a wall of ice. Then, he chuckled slightly, spitting blood up into the air.

''What's funny?'' Henderall growled.

''Oh...'' he laughed, coughing blood once again, ''looks like it’s about time I end this''

Angered, the Prince went to grab him-


In the blink of an eye, Alpha was up on his feet and snapped Henderall’s arm, but he wasn't done yet.

''I was just playing with you'' he snickered.

Then, he grabbed his other arm-


Both his legs-


Then, as he grinned evilly, he stabbed both of his wings through Henderall’s back-

''I'm going to make you suffer''

Before he could resist, Alpha sank his teeth into the Prince's neck-

Henderall cried out in agony as he fell to the ground, twitching and thrashing violently.

Alpha looked down at him pitifully, ''don't worry, it'll be over soon. You're just going to experience a whole new world of pain before it is''

Then, he opened his wings and shot up into the sky, leaving Henderall to suffer.


Meanwhile, Opus was fighting Alexandre who was not what he had expected at all. Not only had he detected him straight away, but he had managed to negate his runes...

Opus dodged to his left and spun around effortlessly, moving around in ways an old man like him shouldn't be able to.

Alexandre had also removed his mask, grinning evilly. His long, white curly hair had fallen out of its pony tail and was flying around everywhere.

''You're slow, old man!'' he mocked.

As he raced towards him swinging his sword around, Opus formed another sword from the palm of his hand and held it in front of him, blocking his attack.

''You underestimate me, boy'' he grumbled, his voice a lot deeper than before and no longer croaky.

Opus pushed his sword forward, forcing Alexandre back.

As he stumbled back, he scowled at him harshly, ''no, you underestimate me!''

Suddenly, a white mist surrounded the Prince, cloaking himself with it. Opus jumped back cautiously and waited, holding his sword in front of him...


Not too far away, Ritojin had pulled the same trick; the white mist surrounded him as Kathrina backed away slowly.

''You can't rely on that for everything!'' she growled angrily.

Suddenly, a loud, angered roar filled the air.

Kathrina held her sword in front of her defensively, waiting. But she shivered slightly as another, distant growl echoed towards her. There were only two? She sighed in relief, but it didn't give her much. After all, it depended on who the other was and who it was that they were fighting...

Suddenly, from the mist in front of her, a white dragon emerged-

''Bring it'' she grinned.

It roared ferociously. It looked a lot like what Makiere had turned into, not much taller than her, but its eyes glowed yellow. It bared its teeth and snapped its jaws at her.

She laughed quietly and slowly slid her sword back into its holster, ''what a stupid fool you are''

Angered, the dragon threw itself towards her, but she dodged to the side and leaped a fair distance away. Suddenly, as her eyes glowed bright green, a dark, thick black mist started to surround her...


Suddenly, a loud, horrifying screech filled the air.

From within the walls, Tsunami and Elijah jumped, surprised by it.

''What the hell was that?!''

Elijah then laughed in what looked like relief, ''that, Tsunami, is our over watch''


From the black mist, a pure black dragon emerged. Its eyes were glowing dark green as it glared over at the white dragon. It stumbled back, intimidated as the mist cleared, revealing the black dragon.

It was the same size as the white dragon, however, its wings were feathered like that of a gryphon. Its tail was also covered in feathers at its tip.

The white dragon was in fact Ritojin and the black... Was Kathrina.

She growled at him lowly.

He stared back, unsure of what to do. But then, he froze and focused... He could no longer sense the auras of the other Prince's...

Kathrina prowled forward...

But suddenly, Ritojin spread his wings, turned around and raced off into the sky, fleeing.

She glared up at him as he ran. Sighing, she remembered the plan - Over watch.

Growling lowly, she spread open her huge feathered wings and took off, flying up into the dark sky.


Gahi watched as both Ritojin and Kathrina took to the skies. He growled angrily, but he didn't care to intervene. The Gateway, after all, was now opening...

The carvings were now all lit up purple as the flames above spun around violently. Suddenly, a beam of light shot down from the moon and collided with the flames, slowly seeping down into the carvings on the Gateway.

He grinned and turned his attention back to the ice wall. The stolen Jikato within his eyes glowed brightly as he stared, glaring at the foggy aura's from within the walls. He hadn't had much training with this power, but he knew that if he kept staring, he'd be able to enter their minds sooner or later...


''Ready?'' Elijah whispered.

Tsunami nodded as he held out both of his hands.

Elijah moved into position. He slowly activated his Jikato, glowing bright green and purple and he waited.

''When it hits him, I'll become paralyzed - Whatever you do, don't let me fall on my ass'' he grumbled.

''Yeah, whatever... But, shouldn't Logan and the others be here by now? That was Kathrina's signal, right?''

''Don't worry, they got it. They're on their way''

He sighed, but then closed his eyes and concentrated on the wall in front of him.

''Okay... Three... Two... One-''

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