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Chapter 5 (v.1) - The Deviant

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Submitted: March 31, 2017



She growled lowly, but did not attack him. She continued to stare at him as her aura completely disappeared. She then stared at him, relieved, ''Tsunami''

''W... What did you do?'' Tsunami asked.

Kathrina took a deep breath, ''I told you... I'm a different kind of Warlock...'' she said, sounding exhausted.

''So... Is that some kind of Warlock power?''

She nodded as a group of fighters ran towards them and pointed their swords at Kathrina-

''E... Explain!'' The Captain demanded.

She stared at them as they stared back into her visibly slit-pupil eyes-

''She's a Warlock!'' one of them yelled.

They all took a step back as Kathrina glared at them, but Tsunami stepped in front of her, ''No!''

''And you are a traitor! You brought her here!''

Tsunami glared at them, ''I am not a traitor! She may be a Warlock, but she's different!'' he insisted, ''She saved us!''

''Shut it, traitor! You will both die!'' the Captain yelled as he pointed his blade at them.

''NO! YOU LISTEN TO ME!'' he yelled, intimidating him, ''You all saw what happened! She saved my life and killed those Warlocks! She's on our side!''

''All Warlocks are our enemy!'' one of the fighters called.


''Humans...'' she muttered, ''All the same; Too afraid to look beyond what they think they know, cowering behind the Seers and their hateful tales''


''She's right...I agree. You do hide behind the Seers'' Tsunami said.

The captain eyed the two, with a disgusted look on his face.

''I can help you against the Warlocks,'' she said as she moved closer to them, ''I know things you don't, and my hate for them is greater than yours''

They all stared at her confused, backing away.

''B... But you are a Warlock... How can you hate your own kind?'' one of the fighters asked as he lowered his sword.

''They took my freedom... And my friend. Besides, I am not all Warlock''


They all fell silent, searching for an argument-

''How do we know you didn't just kill them to try and gain our trust, and then when we least expect it, you'll kill us all!''

''You're mad!'' Tsunami protested, ''She-''

''No, you're right'' she said, ''you can't know for sure if that's my plan or not, and asking for you to trust me is out of the question, no human would trust a Warlock. So do it, kill me here and now, be done with me''

Tsunami looked over at her, confused, as she held her arms out, waiting for the Captain to strike.

The Captain hesitated as he stared at her. He looked over his shoulder at the fighters, who had all lowered their swords, ''Take her to the General, he'll decide what to do'' he instructed as he slowly lowered his sword.

Two of the fighters grabbed hold of her arms and began to pull her back to the city, but she followed without hesitation. Tsunami glared at the Captain, but turned away and caught up with Kathrina.

''What are you doing?'' he asked as he walked behind her.

''You told me I should stay here, so I have to gain their trust first, right?''

''I guess... but the General... He'll most likely kill you on sight as soon as he hears you're a Warlock''

''Don't worry, that won't happen'' she assured him as she was lead into the town square. They stopped in front of two more guards who stared at Kathrina.

''Captain Relamae insisted we bring her to the general''

The guards eyed her, ''Why? We have just been attacked, everyone should be-''

''She's a Warlock-''

The guards panicked and pointed their swords at her-

''-But she insists she is on our side. Relamae was convinced, but says the General should decide what to do with her''

The two looked at each other and then stared at Kathrina, who smiled mockingly.

''Warlocks are the enemy!'' one of them yelled as he moved forward, pointing his sword at her face, ''they are all the same!'

Suddenly, the door behind them flung open, the guards froze as a tall, armored man strolled out, holding his sword. He looked around cautiously, ''What is... going on out here?'' he asked slowly as he glared at each of them.

''General...'' the guards said as they stood up straight.

''This Warlock-''

''Warlock...?'' he asked slowly as he stared at Kathrina.

''Sir, I was the one who brought her here... she's-''

The General held his hand to Tsunami's face, silencing him. He then moved closer to Kathrina and stared into her glowing green eyes. ''Warlock...? Get Opus, bring her in here'' he said quickly as he backed into the shack, still glaring at Kathrina as the fighters led her inside. Tsunami slowly followed as the guards closed the door behind him. They walked down a narrow hallway and into a large room, decorated with pictures of what seemed to be the previous Generals. As they walked in, the General sat down. He nodded quickly and the fighters threw Kathrina to her knees.

''Why... are you here?'' he asked as he began to click his fingers impatiently.

''I don't know'' she said.

''Who are... you?''

''My name is-''

''Where is Opus?'' he interrupted, ''he's supposed to be doing this''

Just then, a door behind him opened as another man walked in. He was tall, wearing white Warlock-like robes and carrying what looked like a staff in his left hand. He was clearly older than everyone else in the room, his skin wrinkled and hair long and greyed, covering all of his face apart from his right, pupil-less dark purple colored eye and half of his mouth. He slowly closed the door and stood beside the General.

''This here... Warlock, is said to be on our side'' the General said as he waved his hand around, pointing to Kathrina.

''Warlock, hmm?'' he asked, his voice slightly croaky.

Tsunami kneeled down beside Kathrina, ''That's Mage Opus... if anyone is telling a lie, he can find out'' he whispered.

''You would do well to co-operate, yes?''

Kathrina stared at him, ''I will''

Opus moved closer, staring her with his purple eye, ''You... are unusual... to me, yes? I, in my many years, have never seen a female Warlock, yes''

''The Warlocks believe females are inferior and weaker than men. That's why I'm the first you have seen, whatever I was before they made me a Warlock, they must have been desperate for'' she said quietly.

''You... Were not human, yes?''

Everyone looked at Opus strangely.

''No, I don't know. But like I said, I must have been something they wanted desperately''

''Sir,'' one of the fighters called, ''she... Had some kind of immense power-''

Opus seemed intrigued, ''You... have an ultimate ability, yes?''

''That's what they call it''

''I have seen and learnt much in my years, yes, Warlocks... are powerful, with the ability to create other Warlocks from humans, Seers, or even Mages... but you... Were something different, yes?''

Kathrina stared at the ground, confused, ''I don't know''

''Hmm... How... are you here? You are not controlled, yes?''

''No, I was freed from the compulsion the higher Warlocks had over me. I have self-control''

''You... Are free, yes?''

''Yes. They cannot control me. They refer to me as a Deviant, meaning, I am different''

''Then, if you are as you say you are, you will tell us why you are here, yes?''

Kathrina looked up at Opus, ''I don't have a reason for being here, I don't even want to be here. But, I share the same hatred for Warlocks as humanity and the Seers. They took from me what I can never take back. They took my freedom, and I shall never know who I really am or anything of my life before they made me one of them. But they took my only friend, I don't know if he's still alive, but I want to find out. I plan to kill every Warlock that stands in my way, and then I will kill Gahi, the highest of Warlocks, the one who made me like them'' she whispered, slightly growling.

Opus gazed at her, ''You... want revenge, yes?'' 

She took a deep breath, ''I want them to pay for what they did to me... Warlocks are parasites, walking this realm like they own it, killing those they think are inferior to them... they need to die... and I'm the one who will kill them all'' she said, angered.

Everyone stared at her, but Opus seemed confused, ''Yes... A Warlock that kills Warlocks... that... intrigues me, yes?'' he turned to the General, ''She, for sure, is not with the Warlocks, yes. She has expressed and convinced that to me... but... being a Warlock, we are unsure of your power, yes?'' he said, turning back to her.

''My Warlock class is Prime... One level below Prince. I have healing powers, and high resistance to magic. That's all that matters'' she explained.

Opus dropped to the ground and crawled over to her, grabbed her chin and stared closely into her eyes, ''Yes... Deviant indeed... your eyes are emerald in color, yes...'' He let go of her as she pulled away and climbed to her feet, staring down at him in disgust. He remained on the floor as he turned to face the General, ''She will help us, yes?''

The General slowly stood up, ''Opus... he is my closest friend. I... trust him, he is highly skilled in finding liars...'' he stared at Kathrina, ''You, Warlock, will be allowed to remain here, and stay in the Seer fort,'' he began, ''But... you will share with us what knowledge you have of... your kind. I was also told you came here to deal with our werewolf infestation... You will still tend to that''

''You're... Just going to let a Warlock walk around our city?'' one of the fighters asked.

''This particular Warlock... is our ally... do you have a problem?'' the General asked as he stared at the fighter.

''Uhh...  No, sir''

''Good. Now, we will arrange another meeting here, where you, Warlock, will share what you know. You two,'' he said as he pointed to the fighters, ''Share the news of our new... friend'' he then turned around without another word and walked out of the door. Opus climbed to his feet, picked up his staff and followed.

Tsunami looked at Kathrina, ''I... was not expecting that''

''I thought you said he'd most definitely have me killed?''

''I don't know... maybe he thinks having a Warlock as an ally will help us against them''

The fighters glared at them, ''Don't get too comfortable, Warlocks are the enemy, nothing will change that''. They then walked out of the room, leaving them alone.

''What now? I just go back to the fort like nothing happened?''

''It won't be long until the whole city knows what you are... it depends if they accept it or not. But yes, we should go back to the fort''

''What's the deal with that creepy Opus mage?'' Kathrina asked as they walked down the hallway and out of the doors.

''He's old, not only that, he spent a long time living with goblins-''

''Why would anyone want to be anywhere near goblins?''

''A long time ago, he fled from his village, which was attacked by warlocks. They were following him for quite some time before he fell. The goblins found him... he's a mage so he easily convinced them he was their friend. He stayed with them for a couple of years before he found this place. It only used to be a small town below the seer fort. Ever since Opus and more Seers turned up, it got bigger and bigger. I've only been here a while though, I have no idea what it used to be like''

''So, that's what's with the 'Yesss' crap?'' she mocked.

''I do believe so... most of us call him Hopeless Opus, because sometimes he rants on and on and it’s hard to understand him'' he smiled, ''anyway, we should get back to the fort. No doubt by now the entire city has heard about you, most likely bad things''

''You mean they're all convinced I'm gonna kill you all or something?''

''Most likely. It wouldn't surprise me if the fighters have made up a load of shit, too scared to see past their petty human fears-''

Kathrina stopped and looked at him strangely, ''You sound like a Warlock'' she said as she pushed the door open and walked out of the building.

Tsunami followed, but didn't say anything. The two walked in silence towards the fort. As they did, many of the villagers stared at Kathrina, some cowered behind others, scared. But as they got closer to the fort, a group of Seers ran out of the courtyard and approached the two. A tall, clean-shaven man stood in front of them all and stared down at them.

''So,'' he began, ''It’s true then? You really are a Warlock'' he smirked. He then suddenly grabbed Kathrina, holding one arm around her neck and holding her arms behind her back, ''tell me why I shouldn't just kill you here'' he whispered into her ear as he held a blade to her throat.

Tsunami tried to grab hold of him, but the other Seers stopped him, blocking is path, ''Foggy! What the hell are you doing!?''

''This right here... this is a Warlock'' he breathed, ''the enemy! And they have been for as long as I can remember!''

Kathrina struggled and managed to free her arms. She grabbed his arm in attempt to remove it from around her neck, but he wouldn't let go- ''I... I can't... Breathe!''

''Good!'' he growled, ''we don't want you breathing the same air as us!''

The seer pushed the blade into her neck slightly, ''I'll kill you myself!''

Kathrina struggled as blood began to drip from her neck, ''Let me go!''

''Foggy! That's enough!'' someone called. The crowd moved away, but he still held on to Kathrina. Another tall man emerged from the courtyard with a strange black colored dog beside him. He looked down at them, ''Why are you threatening Tsunami's new... friend?'' he asked calmly.

Kathrina stared at him. He wore robes quite like hers, but they were a very dark red color, almost brown. His hair was a calm, light brown color. It was long, floating in the light breeze. He wore a headband the same color as his robes around his forehead to keep his fringe from covering his eyes. She watched him closely as he confronted Foggy.

''Do you not know who... what she is?'' he yelled as he pulled the blade from her. Blood dripped onto the ground as he stared at it, ''this is a Warlock''

''Yes, I am fully aware that she is in fact a Warlock'' he said as his purple eyes glared down at them, ''But she was given permission by the General to reside here... and help us. Plus, she is Tsunami's friend. We all respect him, and his friends. Let her go Foggy... a friend of Tsunami is a friend of ours''

Foggy stared up at him and then looked down at Kathrina, ''listen to me, Warlock'' he began as he placed the blade back on her throat, which was still bleeding, ''I see you doing anything I think of as suspicious, I'll kill you in the blink of an eye'' he then threw her on the ground, stood up and stared at the man, ''this is on you, Logan. Just remember that'' he then threw the blood covered blade on the ground beside Kathrina and walked away, back into the courtyard along with a few of the other Seers.

Logan then crouched down and helped Kathrina to her feet. She breathed deeply as she gripped the wound on her neck. But she then wiped the blood from her neck where the wound was. Tsunami stared as it healed slowly. ''What?'' Kathrina asked as she flicked the blood from her hand onto the ground.

''Uh... nothing''

Kathrina then stared at the dog, ''Is that... a Black Dog?''

''This is Cobra, I saved him when he was just a pup a while back on one of our hunting trips. His mother was already dead, I found him clinging to her dead body... I didn't want to leave the little pup to die, so I took him in, trained him to be a tracker dog and I'll tell you one thing, he's a bloody good tracker'' he said as he stroked the dogs head.

Kathrina stared at Cobra, who seemed extremely calm for a Black Dog. But then she turned her attention to Logan, looking up at him. He was slightly taller than Tsunami, although he looked younger, ''Why did you help me?''

He took a deep breath, ''You may be a Warlock, yes, but you are Tsunami's friend and I believe in his judgement. He trusts you, therefore I trust you. Don't worry about Foggy and the others, they'll come around at some point once they realize they're wrong... well, at least I hope they are'' he said as he looked at her uneasily.

Tsunami looked at him, ''They are wrong, Logan. Trust me, Kathrina is different''

He sighed deeply, ''I do trust you, tsunami. But trying to get humans to trust something they deeply fear is near impossible, it’s like trying to tell a werewolf not to transform on a full moon...  Come, let’s get inside. Its gonna get dark soon''

Kathrina looked at Tsunami strangely, but then followed Logan as he led the way into the fort. ''If I were you, Kathrina, I wouldn't wonder around by yourself for now. Foggy is one of those people who doesn't like the idea of 'an enemy of my enemy is my friend', he doesn't trust easy. He's used to Warlocks being the enemy, not allies'' he said as they walked up the stairs and down the corridor, ''Just stick with Tsunami''

''Wouldn't it be easier for me to just leave?'' she muttered, ''I don't want to cause tension at a time like this, the Warlocks could attack again at any time-''

''And this time, you'll be here to help again'' he said, ''things will calm down, you just have to give it some time''

They stopped outside of Kathrina's door as Cobra began to growl quietly, frantically sniffing under the door.

''What's wrong with him?''

Tsunami pulled her away from the door as Logan pushed it open. Cobra pounced into the room and started to search around, sniffing. He then stopped and stared up at Logan, barking.

''Someone's been in here'' he said as he patted Cobra's head.

Kathrina and tsunami walked in, looking around.

''I don't see anything'' Tsunami said as he looked at Logan.

Kathrina walked over to the bed and stared down at it. Sitting on the edge of it was a small green stone. She picked it up and stared at it closely.

''What is that?'' Tsunami asked as he and Logan stood beside her.

''It’s an emerald...''



''Then how did it get here?''

''Your guess is as good as mine'' she said as she looked at Tsunami. She then put the stone in her pocket and sat down on the end of the bed. ''If you don't mind, I'd like to get some rest now''

Logan nodded as he left the room, Cobra followed him quickly. Tsunami looked down at her, ''will you be ok?''

She nodded slowly as she stared at the wall in front of her.

''Well, if you need anything, I'm just across the hall'' he said as he stared at her hopelessly, ''We should see to that werewolf issue soon as well'' He then slowly walked out of the room and closed the door behind him. Once he was gone, Kathrina reached into her pocket and stared down at the emerald as it sat in her hand, shimmering. As it did, her eyes glimmered too. She breathed deeply and closed her eyes. She put it back into her pocket as she stood up and took her purple robes off. She then laid down on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. As it darkened outside, she closed her eyes, slowly falling asleep...


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