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Chapter 8 (v.1) - The Stag

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The sun was high in the sky as the air was filled with bird song. The skies were clear and the air was warm. Sitting beside a river was Kathrina, staring into the flowing water. She was quietly humming to herself as a familiar white feathered bird sat on a branch of the tree behind her. She placed her hand into the water, feeling it run through her fingers as she closed her eyes slowly. Suddenly, the grass in front of her rustled as twigs snapped. She quickly opened her eyes and looked up - Standing directly in front of her on the other side of the river was a stag. It flicked its ears slowly as it stared at her. Staring back, Kathrina turned her head slightly, confused. Then, it looked to its left as a timid doe emerged from the trees. It walked over to the stag, also staring over at Kathrina, who watched as they bent down and slowly drank from the river. Both deer raised their heads slowly as water dripped from their chins. But then, the stag flinched as the doe cowered behind him. It was still staring over at Kathrina, did they only just notice her? She stood up slowly, but the deer both turned around and quickly fled back into the trees. She stood there, staring into the forest.

''You...'' whispered a voice from behind her.

She flinched as she looked ahead, terrified.

''I found you...'' he whispered again.

She slowly turned her head and looked over her shoulder, but suddenly, he grabbed her neck and turned her to face him - She stared at him; he was a lot taller than her, her head just reaching his shoulders. He wore a stag mask and was dressed in jet black robes with a white outline. He was wearing armor on his shoulders and had a long, thin sword holstered on his left side, barely visible under the robes. She then looked into his eyes, but saw only darkness.

''I... Have been searching for you'' he whispered as he loosened his grip on her throat, but didn't let go, ''and I... found you''

He lifted up his other hand and slowly pulled the stag mask from his face. As he did, his white, shoulder length hair floated softly in the light breeze, a single unkempt lock folding out from his long fringe dangling loosely over his face. She stared as his light green eyes shined brightly in the sunlight. As he stared into her shimmering emerald eyes, he smiled, ''I have found you'' he then pulled her closer to him, moving his hand to the back of her neck and closing his eyes as he held her close, hugging her. Kathrina continued to stare at him as he pulled away, staring back at her. He let go, confused.

''Kathrina...'' he said softly, ''it is me''

But she did not respond, instead, she stood there, frozen, staring. Then, another familiar black bird flew overhead and landed next to the white one. They began to groom each other as the two stared at each other.

''You...'' she whispered, ''I...'' she looked down at her feet sadly.

''I am here'' he said as he put his hand on her face slowly.

She looked up at him and stared once more, ''Elijah? Is it really you?'' she asked quietly.


Kathrina weakened and dropped to her knees. He also fell with her as she began to sob, ''I... thought you were dead'' she cried, ''Where have you been!?'' she asked, raising her voice.

He dropped the mask on the ground and placed both hands on her face, making her look into his eyes, ''Kathrina, please understand, what I did was to protect you''

''You left me! You left me with the thought that you were dead! I felt like I died every time I thought about it... For two years, I thought you were dead''

''Kathrina, believe me, I am sorry... But it was the best thing to do... If you thought I was dead, you would not have returned to the Kingdom to search for me''

She pushed him away and stood up quickly, moving away from him, ''Two years!'' she yelled as she backed into the water.

He stood up and tried to grab her again, but she continued to step back away from him, ''What are you doing?''

''You're not real'' she said as she moved deeper into the river.

''What are you talking about? Of course I am real... I am right here, I came back for you''

''No... You're another of Gahi's illusions, trying to trap me''


''Stay away from me!'' she yelled as she held out her hands.

He stood on the river bank and stared hopelessly at her, ''Gahi? Kathrina, please believe me! It is me!'' he insisted.

She looked at him strangely, ''prove it!'' she demanded, still holding out her hands, ready to attack.

He slowly stepped into the water, ''The words I spoke to you in your dream the day after you ran...'' he began.

She glared at him, ''What did you say?'' she asked, testing him.

''I will see you in the future when we are older.'' He took a deep breath, ''Cross my heart...''

''...and hope to die...''

''...Mai Rabu...''

‘’we will meet again... I promise''

They stared at each other as he began to move closer to her. She lowered her hands, but he grabbed them and held onto them as he stared at her. She looked down at the water as it flowed past them.

''Kath... I...''

She looked up at him and smiled, ''It really is you''

He smiled back at her as he rested his head on hers, ''It is me'' he whispered, ''and I am never going to leave you again''

She wrapped her arms around him, holding him tightly, ''You'd better not''

He also held onto her, ''I am not going anywhere''

They remained in the river, still holding onto each other as the two birds began to chirp quietly. But then, Kathrina reached into her wet pocket and pulled out the emeralds. She held them out in front of her as she pulled away from him, ''Was this you?''

He brushed the back of his head, shaking ash from his hair, ''I... Uh... Was it obvious?''

''At first, I thought it was Gahi... Taunting me, making me think that you really were dead. But... Now I know it was you''

''I left them everywhere you had been, every time I was always too late. I have been tracking you for almost a month... You finally stopped moving, and that is where I found you... In that castle. I thought I was too late, but I left them anyway, hoping you would find them... and you did''

''But... why?''

''I thought that if you found them, you would know I was safe, but I guess you never found any of them... Except those ones'' he said as he looked at the small emeralds in her hand.

She then dropped them into the water and smiled at him, ''Well, now you've found me''

He grabbed her hands again and stared at her longingly, like he had something he needed to tell her. She looked back down at the flowing water.

''Kathrina... There is something I must tell you'' he said.

She looked up at him, but it looked like he was struggling.

''I... Kathrina, I...''


He sighed deeply as he looked at her, ''You... You are the reason why even at the saddest moments in my life, I... Smiled... I...'' he stuttered, struggling once more, ''I... Cannot make you understand... I cannot make anyone understand what is happening inside me... I cannot even explain it to myself'''

She looked into his saddened eyes.

''I... I am glad I found you... I... Missed you'' he said quietly.

They fell silent again, both staring down at the flowing water. The birds also fell silent. But then, Kathrina began to feel a warmness within her as she looked up at him. Suddenly, she felt like she was free, like there was nothing to worry about anymore. She nudged him and laughed.

''Come on, let’s go'' she said playfully as she grabbed his hand and began to pull him out of the river. As she jumped out, he curiously followed.

''Where are we going?'' he asked as he followed Kathrina, who ran into the trees.

''Come on!'' she smiled.

He ran into the trees with her as she raced ahead.

''Kathrina- Ow!'' he muttered as a twig flung back and whipped his face, ''Where are we going!?''

''Catch me and I'll tell you'' she laughed as she disappeared into the trees.

He stopped as he brushed several leaves from his hair. He then smiled as he began to walk through the trees, searching for her, ''Still the same Kathrina I remember... Always playing games'' he called, ''Where are you?''

The two birds had followed them into the trees, sitting above him as he searched for Kathrina. Suddenly, she jumped out from behind a tree and began to run.

''Ne! Wait up!'' he smiled as he chased after her. They both raced through the trees, the black and white birds flying overhead. As they ran, the green leaves began to fall from the trees around them, blossom floated in the breeze as the grass rustled below them. As he got closer to her, he reached out and grabbed her arm. They laughed as they fell to the ground. They stared up at the sky through the trees as they lay beside each other, watching as the two birds flew past.

''I have always dreamed of this'' he sighed.

''Of what?''

''Peace... I feel it. The quiet, the calmness... It is what I have always wanted'

She sat up and looked down at him, ''This realm is far from peaceful, Elijah''

''I know... But I just wanted to know how it felt... To be free... And this is what I imagine it to be'' he smiled.

''I have never known peace'' she said sadly as she began to stroke the grass, ''And I never will, not so long as Gahi is alive''

He also sat up and pulled a small piece of blossom from her hair, ''I will protect you, Kathrina. You will know peace, one day... As I hope to too''

She smiled slightly as she laid back down, staring up at the sky once more, ''I believe you'' she whispered. She then thought to herself, ''Why did you not try to tell me you were alive?'' she asked slowly, ''Why did you think leaving me with the thought that you were dead would be better than telling me the truth?''

Elijah looked down at her, ''I had to be careful, I did not want any of the other Prince's suspecting me of helping you escape. I needed to stay in the kingdom and watch Gahi... Believe me, I wanted to find you sooner, but I could not risk being caught'' he explained.

She turned her head and looked up at him, ''Then why have you come now? Gahi may have still been-''

''He sent me to find some Warlocks who never returned from a hunt... I found what was left of them near the mountains around that human stronghold''

''They attacked the humans, I was there'' she said plainly.

Elijah smiled, ''I trained you well''

''Actually, I trained myself in sword combat''

He deadpanned, ''What did you do? After you ran?''

Kathrina closed her eyes, ''What I've done... The things I have seen...'' she said quietly, ''What I have become, just to survive''

He looked at her, ''You do not need to hide from me, Kathrina. You can tell me''

''I have killed countless amounts of Warlocks... I have watched as Warlocks killed just as many humans and Seers... Where ever I go, death is never too far behind. That is why I never stayed in one place for too long, because they always found me''

''Gahi was tracking you for about a year... After that, he stopped for a while. But not too long ago, he started looking for you again. When I heard, I slipped away to find you first... You cannot let Gahi-''

''I don't plan to get caught'' she said as she sat up, ''I'm not in the habit of letting that monster get what he wants''

''You still see Gahi the same way as I?''

''He will die... One day''

Elijah moved closer to her, ''and that is why I am also here''

She looked over at him curiously.

''Gahi plans to open another Realm... To drain the power of those within and destroying it in the process, just like what happened three years ago''

''Tsunami'' she whispered.


''Nothing... When is-''

''Once he finds you''

''What? Why does he need me?''

He looked at her, reluctant, ''He... He is not powerful enough to control the void between the realms... He wants you... To channel your power''


''He needs you... He wants to use you as some kind of energy source; the void will focus on draining you rather than him...''

''But... Why does he want to open another Realm?'' she asked, confused.

''Gahi is a monster, as you said. He hungers for more power, like a Black Dog hungers for flesh. He is afraid to die... He believes the power from this void will grant him immortality''

Kathrina looked down at the grass, ''why me?''


She glared at him.

''This was your purpose''

She coughed as she felt a sharp pain in her chest, ''W... What?''

''It is true. The only reason Gahi let you live was so he could use you for this very reason. He wants not only to be immortal, but to have your powers and many others. I should have told you a long time ago... But... I...''

''But what!?'' she asked angrily, ''Why would you keep something like that from me? You knew all that time, but you didn't tell me? You let him raise me like a lamb for slaughter? Why would you let me live just to die again?''

''Kathrina, please calm down'' he said as he held tightly onto her hands, ''That would have never happened! My plan was to free you as soon as I could! I did not agree with what he had planned for you... That is why I was the one that agreed to train you, so I could stop his plan...''

She looked at him strangely, ''Why? You were a Prince, why would you care about me? You didn't know me, I was just another of your leaders' plans for power''

He looked into her eyes, ''Because when I looked at you, I saw something... Different about you. I knew that together, we could change the world''

''Change the world? What are you talking about?'' she asked as she stared at him, it seemed that there was something he wasn't telling her.

''Listen to me, from the very beginning, I have never been on Gahi's side. I was waiting... For someone like you, someone to see the world the way I do. Warlocks are monsters and they need to be stopped'' he said plainly, ''You and I... We are free, we cannot be controlled. Other Warlocks will never know our freedom so long as Gahi is around. If we stop him, every other Warlock goes down with him. If he dies, they will be free''

Kathrina thought to herself, it still seemed like he was keeping something from her, but what he had just said made some sense to her. She stared at him strangely, ''What are you saying? Kill Gahi?''

''That is exactly what I am saying. If we kill him, there will be no one to control the Warlocks, they can be free and so can everyone else''

''What about the other Prince's? What about you?''

''All we have to do is kill Gahi and I can free them... I will just need to convince them''

''Is this why you are here... To share your plan on freeing Warlocks?'' she asked, ashamed.

''Kathrina, do you not see? Warlocks are only monsters because they are controlled by a monster. If that monster is no longer in control, they will no longer be monsters''

''Are... are you sure?''

''I have watched Gahi for a long time... I am certain''

She sat there in silence, thinking to herself. She was confused, but he sounded confident that his plan would work, ''Then that is what we will do'' she said, ''we will kill Gahi... I will kill Gahi''

Elijah stared at her, ''You will kill-''

''I am going to kill him, yes. It is time for him to answer for everything he has done. He took everything from me... My home, my memory, my freedom... So yes, I will kill him!'' She said as she stood up, ''I must go back''

''Back where?'' he asked as he also stood up.

''To the city, I have someone who can help us-''

''What? Who?'' he asked protectively.

''His name is Tsunami, and his hate for Gahi is just as great as mine''

He stared at her, ''Who is he?''

Kathrina sighed and sat back down with him, ''Remember a while ago, Gahi destroyed that realm? Well, that is where Tsunami is from''

She stared at him and noticed a slight glimmer of relief in his eyes, ''A survivor?''

''You knew?''

''I... Yes, I was there''

''Of course you were'' she muttered.

''Gahi tried to draw power from the realm, but it failed, and the realm was ruptured and probably destroyed. But while the realm was open, somebody was pulled through. Gahi told us to keep him alive for some reason, but I do not know why''

''He doesn't know why he was kept alive either, but he escaped''

''That he did, and Gahi sent us after him, but we could not track him... He had some kind of aura protecting him''

She began to think to herself again, staring down at the grass, ''How long have you wanted to kill Gahi?'' she asked quietly, like she didn't believe what he had just explained to her, ''truthfully''

He sighed deeply as he too stared down at the grass, ''A very long time''

''How long?''

''Ever since I became a Warlock''

''What?'' she asked, confused.

''Kathrina, there are things you do not yet know about me, but-''

''Kathrina!'' called a voice.

They both stood up and began to stare into the trees, the lake only just visible through the branches. They both watched as someone kneeled and examined the stag mask Elijah had left by the lake. He was dressed in blue robes, holding his sword in one hand-

''Tsunami'' she said quietly. She began to walk through the trees towards him as Elijah slowly followed. She jumped out of the trees and approached him as he stood up, holding the mask.

''Kathrina, there you are''

''What are you doing here?'' she asked as she looked back for Elijah, but he wasn't there.

''I came to see if you were okay'' he said as he looked at her strangely, ''What are you looking at?''

''Uh, nothing''

Suddenly, Elijah walked out from the trees, glaring at Tsunami.

''Warlock!'' he yelled as he pointed his sword at him. Kathrina stood in front of Tsunami defensively. He slowly lowered his sword as he stared at her, confused, ''That's... that's a Warlock'' he said as Elijah stood beside Kathrina.

''He is a Warlock, but he is like me'' she said slowly as she looked up at him, ''Tsunami... This is Elijah''


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