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Chapter 9 (v.1) - The Prince

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Submitted: March 31, 2017



Tsunami shook his head and frowned in confusion as he stared down at Kathrina. He then scowled and looked over at the man standing beside her, feelings of anger, doubt, suspicion and hostility filling him, intensifying with every moment he spent glaring at him. This… was Elijah? The Elijah that Kathrina spoke of? Tsunami gritted his teeth in anger; the Warlock beside Kathrina was taller than them both, undeniably making Tsunami feel belittled. He had a strange aura to him too and an ominous, evil look on his pale face, something that made Tsunami instantly suspect that he wasn’t who or what Kathrina clearly thought.

Placing his hand over the hilt of his sword as it sat in its sheath, Tsunami glared at Elijah as he glared back, an intense hostility heating the air around them. Then, as Elijah placed his hand on the hilt of his own sword, Tsunami took a step back, ready to attack if need be. But his eyes soon wandered from Elijah’s evil face to his sword; Tsunami frowned, noticing that the sword at Elijah’s side was rather unique. The scabbard was curved, so the blade within had to be curved too – much like Logan’s swords. But why did Elijah only have one where Logan had two? Tsunami didn’t know much about these strange curved swords, but he knew how skilled Logan was with them, and it made him think that perhaps Elijah was just as skilled.

But then, Elijah pulled his coat to conceal his sword and glared at Tsunami, ‘’what the hell are you staring at?’’ he growled.

‘’Your sword’’ Tsunami said plainly, glancing over at Kathrina who had a disapproving look on her face, ‘’first time me seeing a Warlock carrying one like that’’

Elijah then smirked, ‘’that is because I am no ordinary Warlock’’

Scoffing, Tsunami rolled his eyes, ‘’all Warlocks are the same, some just put up a stronger fight than others’’

Kathrina went to step forward, expecting Elijah to act aggressively towards Tsunami for his remark, but Elijah shrugged.

‘’True’’ he agreed rather calmly, ‘’Warlocks are not as smart nor as deadly as some make them out to be’’

He scoffed again, ‘’why do you say that with such a smug look?’’ he scowled.

Instead of answering, Elijah just smirked.

Tsunami sighed irritably and looked over at Kathrina, ‘’I thought he was dead?’’

‘’You were hoping I was dead’’ Elijah interjected before Kathrina could say anything to Tsunami.

‘’What’s that supposed to mean?!’’ Tsunami growled, glaring back at him.

Before Elijah could reply, Kathrina stood between them both and sighed loudly, ‘’let’s not start anything here’’ she grumbled, glaring at them both, ‘’Elijah’s alive, he’s here – and we have a plan’’ she said sternly, looking at Tsunami.

‘’Plan?’’ he frowned, looking down at her, ‘’and hold on – ‘’ he frowned and glared at Elijah again, ‘’ – if you were alive all this time, why’d you never contact her?!’’ he asked sceptically.

‘’I have already explained myself to Kathrina, I have no obligation nor interest in doing so to you’’ Elijah said rudely, taking his eyes off Tsunami to gaze down at Kathrina.

With his anger and impatience growing, Tsunami looked back at Kathrina, ‘’whatever – the General’s looking for you by the way, he wants you to ‘pay up’’’ he said, twitching his fingers to imitate inverse commas.

Elijah instantly gained a protective look, standing in front of Kathrina before she could answer Tsunami, ‘’pay for what?’’ he asked sceptically, glaring at Tsunami.

‘’None of your damn business’’ Tsunami growled, glaring at him.

‘’Elijah, it’s fine’’ Kathrina sighed, nudging him away, ‘’I agreed to share what I know about the Warlocks to the Humans in the city I’m staying in’’

Looking down at her, he frowned, ‘’and what are they giving you in return?’’

‘’They’re letting me stay there’’ she shrugged, looking back at Tsunami.

‘’He gotta know everything or what?’’ Tsunami grumbled, glaring at Elijah from the corner of his eye.

Kathrina frowned defensively, ‘’he’s my friend, and he’s gonna be helping us, so yeah, he gets to know everything’’ she said sternly before Elijah could reply in her place.

‘’Him? Helping us?’’ Tsunami scoffed, eying Elijah with disgust, ‘’I’d rather make out with Oswold than work with this… thing’’ he sneered.

Humored by Tsunami’s words, Kathrina giggled as Elijah frowned in confusion and frustration. But as Elijah looked to her for an explanation, she sighed, ‘’look’’ she said, looking at Tsunami, ‘’Elijah’s a Prince – the strongest ranking Warlock class below Gahi, and he also knows things about that deranged man that I don’t’’ she convinced.

‘’What could he know that we don’t?’’ Tsunami asked bitterly.

‘’The reason I have not been with Kathrina the last two years is because I was watching Gahi’’ Elijah started, sighing lazily, ‘’right now, he is weak, distracted and there is no better time to strike’’

Kathrina nodded, ‘’us three, and anyone else you think could help, will travel to the Warlock Kingdom and take Gahi down!’’ she said enthusiastically.

Slight hope filled Tsunami as he looked over at Elijah who nodded. But then, Tsunami frowned sceptically, ‘’weak how?’’ he questioned, ‘’what makes this such a perfect time to attack?’’

‘’Let’s go back’’ Kathrina said insistently, ‘’we can talk about it – ‘’

Tsunami stopped her in her tracks, ‘’are you crazy?’’ he asked quietly, ‘’we can’t bring him back with us, he’s a Warlock – and a Damn Prince at that! We should just leave him here and return alone’’

Elijah frowned evilly, ‘’I can hear you, I’m standing right here’’

‘’I don’t care’’ Tsunami growled, glaring at him.

Sighing again, Kathrina shoved Tsunami out of her way, ‘’either he comes back with us, or I leave with him – simple’’

Pain and hesitation instantly covered Tsunami’s face, and as he noticed a snide smirk on Elijah’s face, he growled in frustration, ‘’why the heck does he even wanna help?’’ he grumbled.

She looked up at Elijah, an expectant look on her face.

Elijah sighed and glared at Tsunami again, ‘’that man has done multiple things to deserve my desire to kill him’’ he said slowly, ‘’but all that matters is the fact that I want to kill him’’

‘’Seriously?’’ Tsunami scoffed, ‘’why should I believe you? Saying you want to kill him and giving no reason as to why just makes me doubt you even more’’

Scowling evilly, Elijah gritted his teeth in anger, ‘’he took my life from me just as he did with every other Warlock. Not only that, but he made me send Kathrina away – ‘’

‘’Gahi didn’t make you do that; you could have gone with her or defended her, but you sent her away to save yourself!’’

‘’What the hell is wrong with you?!’’ Kathrina growled as she glared at Tsunami, stopping Elijah from throwing himself at him, ‘’what he did protected us both!’’ she insisted.

He shook his head and pointed at Elijah who was clearly trying to keep himself from pushing Kathrina aside to attack, ‘’he’s a liar, I can tell just by looking at him!’’ Tsunami insisted, ‘’he’s clearly hiding something from us!’’

‘’From you – yes’’ Elijah scowled, ‘’from Kathrina? No’’

‘’See?!’’ Tsunami yelled, glaring at Elijah, ‘’we’re heading back now – alone’’ he demanded, reaching out to grab Kathrina’s hand –

Before he could reach her, Elijah pulled Kathrina back away from Tsunami. As Kathrina gasped and grunted in confusion, Elijah pulled her behind him and glared at Tsunami, ‘’keep your filthy hands off her!’’ he growled, gritting his teeth.

Tsunami went to speak, but he frowned as he stared at Elijah’s evil face, noticing something unsettling -

‘’Can you two just stop arguing?!’’ Kathrina then growled, pushing Elijah aside, glaring up at him and then Tsunami, ‘’we need to work together!’’

Forgetting about what he had seen, Tsunami scoffed and crossed his arms, ‘’me? Work with him?’’ he said stubbornly, looking away, ‘’hmph’’

Elijah snarled irritably and also looked away, crossing his arms like a stubborn child, ‘’I would rather not stoop so low as to work with this… peasant’’

Offended, Tsunami sharply turned his head and glared at Elijah who grinned cruelly at him. But before they could lynch one another, Kathrina stood between them, grabbing their shirt collars. She pulled their faces into hers and glared at them both, ‘’what… did I just say?’’ she growled, her eyes glowing with an ominous anger that made the pair gulp and frown in fear.

‘’Uh… we uh… you said… we should stop arguing?’’ Tsunami stuttered.

Elijah nodded as Kathrina glared into his eyes, ‘’we uh… should work together’’ he said with a nervous smile, ‘’after all, wherever you go, I go’’ he added.

She slowly loosened her grip on their collars and pouted, ‘’if I catch you arguing again, I’ll scold you both’’ she warned, ‘’understand?!’’ she asked, glaring at them both again.

They stopped glaring at one another, straightened up and nodded.

Eying them both, she tapped her foot on the ground, trying to decide whether she believed them or not. But there really wasn’t time to stand in the valley arguing; the sooner they came up with a plan to kill Gahi, the better. Not just that, but the general was awaiting Kathrina’s intel. She sighed and started walking forward, ‘’let’s get a damn move on’’ she grumbled.

Tsunami and Elijah sharply turned their heads and glared at one another again –

‘’Don’t make me tell you twice!’’ Kathrina yelled, heading back towards the city.

Instantly, the pair hurried to follow her.


The three walked in silence, heading towards Niagraad. Throughout the journey, Elijah and Tsunami occasionally glanced at one another, the intense hostility still raging between them. But every time Kathrina looked back over her shoulder at them, they both smiled and looked away from one another, acting as if they weren’t both thinking of murdering one another.

After what seemed like an eternity of silence, Tsunami sighed and caught up with Kathrina, walking on her left. At the same time, Elijah caught up and walked on her right, glaring at Tsunami.

‘’You know he can’t come into the city, right?’’ Tsunami asked, glancing at Elijah, ‘’this guy has ‘edgy Warlock’ written all over him’’ he smirked, watching an offended look appear on Elijah’s pale face.

‘’Make one more remark, you piece of – ‘’

Kathrina smacked Elijah’s hand away as he pointed at Tsunami, ‘’I can just tell them that he’s on our side’’ she shrugged.

Tsunami shook his head in refusal, ‘’he’s a Prince, there’s no way they’ll believe it – he won’t even get past the guards’’

‘’Guards?’’ Elijah scoffed, ‘’it would not be the first time I got past their useless – ‘’

Stopping in her tracks, Kathrina turned around and glared at them both again, ‘’I can’t even decide right now which one of you is worse’’ she scowled.

They both pointed at one another –

‘’He is!’’ Elijah insisted.

‘’Him!’’ Tsunami yelled.

Kathrina sighed irritably and continued leading the way, the walls of the city coming into view in the distance.

Tsunami sharply turned his head and glared at Elijah, ‘’I don’t like you!’’ he growled quietly.

‘’And I hate you!’’ Elijah snarled.

‘’Good!’’ Tsunami scoffed.

‘’Perfect!’’ Elijah hissed.




They both stopped, grabbing each other’s collars, glaring into one another’s eyes, their faces just inches apart.

‘’Keep talking you shit!’’ Elijah growled, ‘’I will tear that smug look from your face in moments!’’

‘’And I’ll shut that foul mouth of yours before you can blink!’’ Tsunami growled back.

‘’Ha!’’ Elijah scoffed, ‘’you would be dead before you even think about making a move!’’

‘’Me?! You’re probably slower than a demented blood fiend!’’

‘’At least I do not look like one!’’

‘’Hey! You take that back you edgy knob-jockey!’’

Elijah then struggled to hold back laughter, ‘’the fuck kind of accent is that?’’

‘’I could ask you the same thing, asshole!’’



‘’Why you – ‘’

‘’Can you two JUST STOP???!!!’’ Kathrina yelled at the top of her voice.

Elijah and Tsunami fell silent, sharply turning their heads to look down at Kathrina. She was standing a few feet away, an irritated, angered glare on her face as she glowered at them both. They slowly turned their heads and glared at each other again, but gradually loosened the grip they had on each other’s shirts.

Tsunami then sighed irritably and looked over at Kathrina, ‘’he still can’t come into the city – he can wait outside’’ he sneered, glancing over at Elijah.

‘’No one’s waiting outside!’’ Kathrina growled, her patience having completely withered.

‘’If anyone should wait outside, it should be this dog!’’ Elijah snapped, pointing at Tsunami –

‘’Enough!’’ Kathrina yelled, pointing at them both, ‘’either you both shut up right now, or I’ll kick both your asses!’’

They looked at each other slowly.

Elijah frowned unsurely, ‘’she is not joking’’ he mumbled with concern.

Frowning in confusion, Tsunami gulped, ‘’she uh… she’s not?’’

Shaking his head, Elijah slowly looked back at Kathrina who was glowering evilly at them both.

Tsunami then inhaled deeply and smiled, ‘’alright, let’s head back home!’’ he announced enthusiastically, walking past Kathrina, leading the way forward.


Kathrina looked back at Elijah who smirked at her; she rolled her eyes and started following Tsunami, Elijah hurrying to walk beside her.

Leading the way, Tsunami grumbled quietly. A sour look clung to his face, his anger growing every time he glanced back at Kathrina’s companion. He wasn’t at all happy with the idea of Elijah coming back with them – he wasn’t exactly happy with the fact that Elijah was even there. Tsunami had thought that he was dead, especially after everything Kathrina had told him. But there he was… and something about his appearance was unsettling Tsunami. Why now, of all times, would he show up?

Tsunami frowned sceptically, looking ahead at the gate as he led the way towards it. He felt as though Elijah was up to something, like he had ulterior motives. But right now, he had no solid evidence; he frowned in determination – he was going to prove he was right, he was going to expose Elijah’s lies. He cared greatly for Kathrina and the last thing he wanted was for her to be hurt by someone like Elijah, so he was going to do all he could to remove that poison from her life.

Reaching the city gates, Tsunami sighed and turned around, ‘’so, what’s the plan?’’ he asked, glancing back at the guards. Since the Warlock attack yesterday, Oswold had put a lot more guards atop and along the walls, and there was no way Elijah was going to get through without his identity as a Warlock being revealed. The fact that he had a smug smirk on his face made Tsunami believe he had a plan, so he frowned and waited for the rude jerk of a Warlock to speak.

But then, Elijah scoffed, ‘’walls this tall are nothing but a waste of time’’ he said, raising his left eyebrow as he glared up at the walls, ‘’some Warlocks I know could crush them with a simple clasp of their fist’’ he grinned, clasping his own right fist shut as he held it towards Tsunami.

Kathrina sighed and grabbed Elijah’s wrist, lowering his arm, ‘’what do you supposed we do?’’ she asked, noticing the increased security.

He shrugged, ‘’you already know what I’d rather have happen’’ he said, scowling at Elijah who glowered back at him.

Before Kathrina could yell at Tsunami, Elijah shrugged, ‘’I see knowledge in his choice’’ he said simply, ‘’I shall wait here’’

Kathrina frowned strangely, ‘’what?’’

‘’Yeah… what?’’ Tsunami frowned in surprise.

Elijah looked down at Kathrina and smirked slyly, ‘’do not worry, you will see me again’’

Scoffing, Tsunami rolled his eyes, ‘’I hope you like the cold, I heard it’s supposed to rain later’’ he said harshly, ‘’come on, let’s go’’

‘’Are you really just gonna stay out here?’’ Kathrina frowned as Tsunami waited for her to leave with him.

Nodding, Elijah looked around, ‘’I’m sure I will be fine’’ he smiled, looking down at her.

She frowned strangely, but nodded slowly and started to follow Tsunami, leaving Elijah alone outside the city gates.


As the pair entered the city gates, Kathrina glanced back over her shoulder, but Elijah wasn’t standing where he had just been. She frowned and looked over at Tsunami as she walked towards the town square with him.

She sighed, ‘’what’s your problem with him? You haven’t even known him five minutes’’ she pouted.

Tsunami pouted, ‘’I hate his face’’ he grumbled, ‘’and his aura – there’s some kind of darkness – no… some kind of evil to it’’

Kathrina scoffed, ‘’seriously? Just because he looked at you funny you think he’s our enemy?’’ she frowned, following him up towards the path that led to the Seer fort.

‘’Not just that’’ he grumbled, ‘’I hate how he just shows up here after leaving you for two years’’

‘’He had his reasons’’

‘’Why are you defending him?’’ Tsunami groaned, approaching the fort’s courtyard, ‘’I saw how pained you were by it all, I could tell he broke your heart – ‘’

She scoffed, ‘’don’t talk about this like you know what you’re talking about’’

Tsunami stopped in his tracks and scoffed in offence, ‘’wow’’ he said, ‘’you think I don’t get it?’’

‘’You don’t’’ she said, glaring up at him, ‘’all you know is what I’ve told you, and I haven’t told you everything’’

He scoffed once again, unable to believe what she was saying, ‘’why’re you acting so differently all of a sudden?’’ he then asked.

‘’I’m not acting differently, I’m just… I don’t get why you’re acting differently. Elijah’s someone I trust – with my life’’ she said sternly, ‘’and the fact is: he didn’t have to come back for me, he didn’t have to stay behind either and risk his life to find out what he’s come to us with. He’s come back to me, and he’s brought us a chance to defeat Gahi. Don’t you want that?’’ she asked, looking up at him as he frowned in confliction.

He sighed and looked down at the muddy ground, ‘’I do’’ he mumbled, ‘’but… there’s just something about him that makes me… I dunno’’ he sighed again, dragging his hand over the back of his neck, ‘’something just seems off about him. I don’t get how it takes two years either – ‘’

‘’Tsunami, just stop talking about him’’ she requested, starting to walk through the courtyard.

‘’Why can’t you see what I see?’’ he asked desperately as they entered the fort, ‘’you need to think: what is the real reason he’s come back after so long?’’

She stopped and sharply turned her head, glaring up at him, ‘’I said stop!’’ she growled, clear distress in her voice.

He could tell that he was distressing her, and he felt awful for it. He sighed and nodded, ‘’yeah, I’m sorry. If you trust him, then fine, I’ll try to trust him too’’

‘’Really?’’ she smiled.

Tsunami nodded, ‘’yeah, I’ll try – oh, and don’t forget that the General wants to speak to you’’

Kathrina sighed irritably as they walked up the stairs, ‘’ugh, yeah, I know’’

‘’Anyway, I gotta grab something for Oswold, so I’ll find you soon, alright?’’ he said as they reached the top of the stairs.

She nodded, and as Tsunami left towards his own room, she sighed quietly. As much as she trusted Elijah, she couldn’t help but question his motives after what Tsunami had said. But she didn’t want to think about it; what mattered right now was that Elijah was back, and he was alive. She shook her head and walked towards the door to her own room. Reaching it, she pushed it open and walked inside, almost slamming it shut behind her.


As she entered her room, she dragged herself over to her bed and slumped down. But as she sat there, a cold breeze raced past her, making her shiver slightly. She frowned and looked over at the window to her right, seeing that it was wide open – she hadn’t left it like that, had she?

But she didn’t think too much of it. She sighed and stood up, pulling it shut. But as the lock clicked, faint footsteps came from behind her – she swung around, but before she could comprehend what was happening, she was gently pushed back against the wall. As he back hit the wall, she gasped and stared into Elijah’s unmistakable green eyes as he stared back, a sly smirk sliding across his face.

‘’W-What are you doing?’’ she breathed in both shock and confusion.

With his left hand on her shoulder and his right against the wall above her, he sighed and lost his smirk, ‘’I missed you’’ he said quietly, sadness in his voice, ‘’so much’’

She stared at him as he closed his eyes and rested his forehead on hers, ‘’every day I spent without you was a constant hell’’ he sighed, ‘’without you, I felt worthless, like I had no purpose. There were times where I thought I would never see you again, and times where I felt as though you would forget me again. I feared I would lose you, and it killed me to think these things’’

Kathrina frowned in confusion, ‘’wait, you said – ‘’

‘’I need you’’ he interjected, opening his eyes to stare into hers again, ‘’I feel as though I cannot spend another moment apart from you’’

Still confused, she frowned unsurely, ‘’why are you tell me all of this?’’ she asked, ‘’what… what do you even mean?’’

Elijah frowned and went to answer –

‘’Wait’’ Kathrina interrupted, ‘’I… need to ask you something’’

He sighed and smiled, ‘’anything’’

She didn’t hold back – ‘’why are you really here?’’ she asked, and as she did, she felt him tighten his grip on her shoulder, closing his eyes once again.

‘’I have never lied to you, mai rabu’’ he said quietly, ‘’I truly am here because I have found a way for us to rid our lives of both Gahi and Lucious-kinus’’

‘’And?’’ she asked expectantly.

He opened his eyes and stared into hers, ‘’and because I could not live another moment without you at my side’’ he admitted, ‘’I… had to see you again’’

Content with his answer, she smiled, ‘’I believe you’’

Then, he smirked, ‘’what about you?’’ he asked.

She scoffed, her face turning slightly red, ‘’what about me?’’ she asked, pushing him aside. She wandered over to her bed and sat down, looking over at him as he leaned back against the wall, ‘’I’ve just been doing stuff to preoccupy myself’’

‘’Ma, hontoni?’’ he asked, making her frown, ‘’what is with this… Tsunami?’’ he asked sceptically.

Kathrina grumbled and rolled her eyes, ‘’what about him?’’

‘’One would think he was in love with you’’

She looked over at him and frowned, ‘’are you… jealous?’’ she asked, almost amused.

He scoffed and looked away, ‘’no’’ he denied, but then looked back over at her, ‘’I just want to know whether you share the same kind of feelings towards him as he does towards you’’

‘’Heck no’’ she instantly denied, ‘’he’s just a friend – why?’’

His smirk returned, and as it did, he made his way over to her. He then leaned forward, moving his face into hers as he rested his hands down on the bed beside her, ‘’because I was curious as to whether I would need to kill him or not’’ he said quietly.

Staring into his eyes, Kathrina felt slightly unsettled, a clear intent to harm within them. Would he really kill Tsunami if she had feelings for him? Not that she did, but to think that Elijah would do something like that over something so small… why did he seem so possessive of her? It wasn’t like she was with him – they were never together, so why was he acting like they were?

She frowned slightly, ‘’why would you wanna kill him?’’

Still smirking, he pushed her down on to her back and stared into her eyes, his face just inches from hers, ‘’because you are mine’’ he declared, ‘’and if anyone so much as thinks of touching you in any way, I will gut them’’

‘’I’m… what?’’ she asked, starting to feel strangely okay with what was happening.

‘’Mine’’ Elijah repeated, his eyes drifting down to her neck, ‘’you belong to me’’

Kathrina frowned again as he moved his face towards her neck – what was he talking about? Did he think he owned her just because she was assigned to work for him back in the Warlock Kingdom? Is that what this was? Anger began to build up within her – she didn’t belong to anyone, she wasn’t anyone’s property, and if that was what Elijah thought of her as, then she wanted nothing to do with him. She placed her hands on his shoulders, ready to push him away –

But then, he frowned and moved his hand to the right side of her neck, pulling down her collar to reveal her shoulder, ‘’what happened?’’ he asked, clear panic in his voice as he stared at the faint scar left by the Werewolf from the previous night. There was dry, tacky blood covering her shoulder and robes from where she hadn’t taken the time to clean it yet, and Elijah was more focused on that than the actual wound.

She sighed, ‘’nothing, just an annoying Werewolf – I’m fine’’ she said, waiting for him to move away, but he didn’t.

Elijah slowly dragged his thumb over her shoulder, staring intensely at the blood as it smudged across her skin –

‘’Elijah?’’ Kathrina asked in confusion, ‘’what’re you doing?’’

He sighed quietly into her ear, ‘’I… ‘’ he frowned and stared down at her neck, a conflicted look on his face, ‘’I should have told you so long ago, and I feel as though I should tell you now – tomorrow is never promised’’ he said, changing the subject once again.

‘’What are you talking about?’’ she frowned, ‘’tell me what?’’

‘’I just… I do not want you to love anyone else, I do not want to lose you to someone else’’ he said slowly, ‘’I feel so possessive of you, so protective’’

Kathrina stared up at the ceiling, moving her left hand from his shoulder, dragging her fingers through his hair, ‘’because… you have… feelings?’’ she guessed, ‘’the type you think Tsunami has?’’

He moved his face from her neck and stared into her eyes again, ‘’something like that’’ he said unsurely.

She stared up at him, unsure what to say next. But as he started to move his face closer to hers, Kathrina frowned, ‘’uh… Elijah’’

Elijah stopped and frowned, ‘’what?’’

‘’Your uh… sword… it’s digging into my leg’’ she said.

Instantly, as a look of pure embarrassment covered his face, Elijah gritted his teeth and cringed. Then, he abruptly pulled away from her, moved from over her and stood with his back to her, his face still covered in both frustration and embarrassment.

Confused, Kathrina sat up and stared over at him, ‘’what’s wrong?’’ she asked, leaning to her side, trying to look at his face.

He turned, keeping his back to her, ‘’nothing’’ he mumbled.


Kathrina sighed and shrugged, ‘’well, before we meet with Tsunami, maybe you should tell me what you found out?’’ she suggested, changing the subject.

Looking back over his shoulder at her, he frowned slightly, ‘’there is not really much else to tell other than what I already told you’’ he said.

‘’What about this magic that you said Gahi was trying to drain? Is that important?’’ she asked curiously.

Slowly, he turned around and leaned back against the wall, ‘’it is’’ he sighed, ‘’I think he called it the Void or something – some ancient power’’


He nodded, ‘’I do not know very much about it though’’

She sighed and looked down at her lap, ‘’well… there is this really weird old man here that seems to know a lot of stuff. Tsunami said this guy knows pretty much anything, so maybe we should ask him?’’

Elijah raised his left eyebrow slightly, ‘’weird… old… man?’’ he asked strangely, ‘’what makes him weird?’’

Kathrina laughed slightly, ‘’you’ll see when you meet him’’

‘’I’m not sure if I even want to meet him’’ he grumbled, looking over at the window, ‘’I’m sure he does not know any more than I do’’

‘’Stop getting jealous, Elijah’’ Kathrina frowned, ‘’there’s always gonna be someone smarter than you, and someone stronger – you told me that yourself like… a few years ago’’ she pouted.

He shrugged and looked over at her, ‘’I still think I am smarter’’

‘’Wait until you meet him to say that’’ she smirked, ‘’come on, let’s go find him’’ she said, pointing over at the door as she stood up.

Nodding, Elijah started walking over to the door, but just as he reached it, it swung open –

‘’Yahh!!’’ Tsunami yelled – splash!!! – ‘’what the – ‘’

‘’Your moronic piece of shit!’’ Elijah yelled, grabbing Tsunami’s shirt, pulling him into the room.

‘’What happened?!’’ Kathrina called, rushing over to them. She looked around frantically as Elijah pinned Tsunami back against the wall – Tsunami grunted and struggled, dropping a glass to the floor. Kathrina grabbed Elijah’s arm as the glass smashed on the floor below, ‘’let go of him!’’ she insisted, but as she pulled on his arm, she noticed that whatever had been in the glass had splashed onto Elijah’s coat and shirt.

Elijah eventually let Tsunami go, but Tsunami wasn’t going to just let him get away with that. Tsunami reached out to grab Elijah’s coat, but Kathrina stood between them and scowled in disapproval.

‘’Watch where the fuck you are going!’’ Elijah yelled, pointing at Tsunami.

‘’You should watch where you’re going!’’ Tsunami yelled back, ‘’and it was an accident!’’ he insisted as he watched Elijah look down at his soaked coat and shirt.

‘’Why were you even carrying a glass around?’’ Kathrina asked.

Tsunami shrugged, ‘’I thought you might want some water’’

‘’If she wanted it, she would have asked you, you moron’’ Elijah called, pulling off his coat, and as he chucked it onto the bed, he glared at Tsunami.

‘’You’re so damn rude’’ Tsunami growled.

‘’Bite me’’ Elijah snarled.

Kathrina sighed and shook her head, ‘’let’s not get into this – again!’’ she growled, glaring up at Elijah. He looked down at her and pouted, but then pulled his shirt off over his head, throwing it atop his coat. Then, as he looked back at Kathrina, she couldn’t help but stare at his muscular body.

‘’Is that even necessary?’’ Tsunami scoffed, ‘’it’s just some damn water, and the last thing I wanna see is… that’’ he grumbled, waving his hand towards Elijah.

Scoffing, Elijah looked over at him and crossed his arms, ‘’you have a problem with just about anything I do, do you not?’’

‘’I do!’’ Tsunami growled, ‘’your face pisses me off’’

Smirking, Elijah looked down at Kathrina, ‘’do you have a problem with me?’’ he asked slyly.

Her face turned bright red as she looked away, ‘’I-I… go get him a shirt’’ she pouted, looking over at Tsunami.

But then, Tsunami shook his head, ‘’hold on, what the hell are you even doing here?’’ he asked.

‘’Did you really think I was going to wait outside?’’ Elijah scoffed.

Shaking his head, Tsunami looked over at Kathrina, ‘’get him the hell outta here!’’ he insisted, ‘’are you so stupid as to let him – ‘’

Tsunami was silenced as Elijah forced him back against the wall once again, holding his wakizashi to his throat, ‘’I have had jut about enough of you’’ Elijah growled aggressively, glaring into Tsunami’s panicked eyes.

Panicking, Tsunami looked down at the blade, but then stared at the four fangs within Elijah’s mouth as he gritted his teeth, the same fangs he had noticed earlier when they were down in the valley. Tsunami had never seen anything like it and it made him wonder… what the hell was he?

‘’I could kill you – right here, right now… but Kathrina cares about you – ‘’ he said, glancing back at Kathrina who had moved to try and stop him, but stopped when she saw that he wasn’t intending to kill Tsunami. Then, he looked back at Tsunami and scowled, ‘’get this through your thick fucking skull: I’m not an enemy, I do NOT serve Gahi, I serve my damn self. I’m here for Kathrina, to assist her in killing that shit Gahi, and once that is done, I will never have to see your ugly face again for I shall leave with Kathrina to a place far, far away from the likes of you!’’ he snarled.

‘’Elijah, let him go’’ Kathrina frowned.

But he didn’t listen. He glared into Tsunami’s eyes and snarled, ‘’do you understand?’’ he asked.

Scowling, Tsunami nodded, ‘’yeah, I get it’’

‘’If you accuse me of having any ulterior motives again, I will not hesitate to kill you where you stand’’ Elijah warned before letting go of Tsunami.

Tsunami frowned – how did Elijah know what he had tried to convince Kathrina?

Stepping back, Elijah continued to glare at Tsunami; he sheathed his wakizashi and looked down at Kathrina, ‘’where is this Opus?’’ he asked, crossing his arms in front of him.

She shyly looked up at him, ‘’um… he, uh…’’ she frowned, her eyes drifting down from his face –

‘’Ugh’’ Tsunami grumbled, rolling his eyes, ‘’why do you wanna know where Opus is?’’ he asked.

‘’There’s something I think he might know stuff about’’ Kathrina said, looking over at Tsunami, glancing at Elijah again.

Looking down at her, Elijah smirked, but then looked over at Tsunami, ‘’there is an ancient magic known as ‘the Void’, something that Gahi is planning to steal. Kathrina thinks that this Opus will know about it’’ he explained.

Kathrina nodded, managing to take her eyes off Elijah for longer than a second, ‘’he seems to know a lot about Warlocks, so maybe he’ll know what this Void thingy is’’

Tsunami frowned, ‘’well… he does seem to always have an answer for everything’’

‘’Then go and fetch him’’ Elijah said rudely.

‘’I ain’t no one’s errand boy’’ Tsunami denied.

Sighing, Kathrina looked at Tsunami again, ‘’just go and get him, Tsunami’’ she said, ‘’the sooner we can learn whatever we can about this Void thing, the sooner we can come up with our plan to eliminate Gahi’’

It didn’t take much to convince him. He sighed and nodded, ‘’alright, wait here, I’ll go get him’’


As he left the room, Kathrina frowned and looked up at Elijah, ‘’seriously?’’ she grumbled.

‘’What?’’ he asked, confused.

‘’What?’’ she mocked, ‘’why the hell did you attack him like that?!’’

He frowned, ‘’he did that on purpose!’’ he insisted, pointing over at his wet shirt and coat.

‘’No, he didn’t’’ she frowned, looking up at him.

But then, he smirked, ‘’you are right, he did not’’

Confused, she tilted her head slightly.

However, he didn’t say anything else. He walked over to the window and pulled the curtains open, looking down at the courtyard below. A small group of Seers were dueling with swords, others practicing hand-to-hand combat. Elijah scoffed and looked back at Kathrina, ‘’there is no wonder so many of them die, they fight like drunkards in a tavern’’

‘’Oh, shut up’’ she snapped, ‘’they just fight differently than you do’’

He scoffed quietly, but then looked back over his shoulder at her, ‘’are you sure you feel nothing other than friendship towards – ‘’

She sighed irritably and slumped down on her bed, ‘’no, Elijah’’ she grumbled, ‘’Tsunami’s just my friend – I think’’ she frowned.

‘’Think?’’ he asked, sitting beside her.

Looking up at him, she nodded, ‘’I just… find it hard to trust people these days’’

‘’I understand’’ he said quietly, ‘’you are the only person other than Luka that I trust’’

She sat up and stared up at him, ‘’have you still not heard from him?’’ she asked curiously.

As a despondent look appeared on his face, Elijah sighed and shook his head, looking down at his lap, ‘’no’’

‘’Well… did he find anything useful before he… well… left?’’

‘’Luka and I gathered a lot of intel on both Gahi and Warlocks’’ he confirmed, ‘’information that is probably of no use to us in killing him’’

‘’Like what?’’ she asked, shuffling closer to him, ‘’did you find out who or what he was before he was a Warlock?’’

He shook his head, ‘’not exactly’’

‘’Then what?’’

‘’A long time ago, Gahi was a member of a small circle of very powerful Warlocks, a clan said to be the strongest in all of Alvenguard’’ he started, looking down at her, ‘’the clan’s leader was apparently the creator of all Warlocks, and his reason for creating Warlocks was to fight a species of people known as the Teshika’’

‘’Teshika?’’ she asked curiously.

‘’The war between Warlocks and the Teshika was said to have lasted hundreds of years – the Teshika were wiped out, and the Warlocks started to spread through Alvenguard like a disease. Gahi was given control of a large Warlock clan after assisting in the Teshika’s extinction; he gathered innocent people and increased his numbers, destroying everything in his path until he found the Kingdom in which he now resides’’

Kathrina frowned, ‘’so… what about the creator of Warlocks?’’

‘’Gahi confided in us Princes that he wishes to destroy this creator and take his throne – he wants to control all Warlocks. I’m not sure if there is a reason for him wanting to kill this creator, perhaps they have history, but I do not really care. All that matters is killing Gahi’’

Nodding, she stared at him, waiting for him to continue.

Elijah sighed, ‘’this creator is apparently immortal because of this Void power, and that is why Gahi wants it for himself. He believes that if he is also immortal, he can kill this Warlock creator, but Luka found that anyone who had ever challenged this creator died in seconds – apparently, no one can beat him, immortal or not’’

‘’So… Gahi’s on some suicide mission?’’

‘’It appears that way’’

‘’Well, there has to be a reason why he wants to kill this guy other than wanting to rule over all Warlocks’’ Kathrina frowned, ‘’maybe this creator did something to Gahi? Took something from him? What if he turned Gahi and took his memory? Maybe he wants revenge for that?’’

Shaking his head, Elijah sighed, ‘’I’m certain that Gahi still has his memory intact; all higher-ranking Warlocks are allowed to keep their memories intact because most of them were loyal to Gahi before they were Warlocks – ‘’

‘’Were you?’’ she asked in worry.

‘’No’’ he said, laughing slightly, ‘’I just made him believe that I was’’

With her curiosity increasing, she shuffled even closer, ‘’so… who or what were you before you became a Warlock?’’ she asked, ‘’you never really told me anything about your life before’’

He smiled slightly as he looked down at the floor, but then sighed and looked back at her, ‘’that does not matter’’ he said, ‘’all that matters right now is that I am with you again, and nothing will change that’’

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