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Chapter 9 (v.1) - The Prince

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They eyed each other, both just as confused as the other. Elijah was taller than Tsunami, but only by the slightest bit. From just one look at him, Tsunami could tell there was something about him that he recognized, like he had also seen him before too. He glared at him, looking closely at his face. Elijah stared back, focusing on his black eyes, like he was waiting for him to stare straight back into his. But it seemed that Tsunami was avoiding his eyes altogether. He gripped his sword tightly as he stared at the sword hidden in Elijah's robes, he could tell by the hilt’s slightly curved shape that it was no ordinary sword, not like those of the Warlocks he had faced before. It was wrapped in what looked like a white cloth, maybe bandages? Perhaps it provided him with extra grip on the blade, which meant the sword must be light and that it was meant for extreme speed, that would explain the need for extra grip. Elijah watched him as he examined what was visible of his sword. He pulled his robes and covered his sword, looking at him with strange hostility.

''What are you staring at?'' he growled.

Tsunami then looked up at his face, but still avoided his eyes, ''your sword... From what I saw of it, it's no ordinary Warlock sword is it?''

He smirked slowly, ''that it is not''

''Well, neither is mine'' Tsunami began, ''it comes from an entirely different realm, you cannot begin to imagine its power'' he scoffed, almost as if he was challenging him.

Elijah then closed his eyes, ''oh, but I can''

Tsunami angered as he stared at his relaxed face, ''you know nothing of my people!'' he growled, gripping his sword even tighter.

He then opened his eyes, but Tsunami quickly looked away from him, ''you are right'' he said calmly, ''I do not''

Tsunami stared at him closely, he could see right through his fake smile. But he then turned to Kathrina. He opened his mouth to speak, but then looked up at Elijah again, confused, ''I... He... You said...?''

''I thought he was dead, yes... But he isn't''

Tsunami stood up straight, trying to relax, ''Then why is he here after all this time? Why didn't he try to tell you he was alive two years ago?''

Elijah stared over at him, ''I have explained myself, I do not need to do so to you''

Tsunami glared at him, but then turned to Kathrina, ''The General was asking for you, he wants to 'seal the deal' as he says'' he said as he waved his head around, impersonating the General.

''What do you mean?'' Elijah asked curiously

''Mind your-''

''I agreed to share my knowledge of Warlocks with the humans in the city who agreed to let me stay'' she explained.

Tsunami looked at her painfully, ''Why are you telling him? He doesn't need to know''

''Actually, he does; he is on our side and is going to help us kill Gahi''

Tsunami quickly looked up at Elijah who smirked at him rudely, ''I have spent the last two years watching Gahi, waiting for a moment like this; he is weak, distracted. Now is the perfect time for us to strike him down'' he explained as he snatched his mask from Tsunamis hands, ''that is why I have not tried to find Kathrina sooner, I had to be careful''

They stared at each other as Kathrina stood there, she could feel the hostility between the two, like a warm breeze-

''We should go back, then'' she suggested as she pointed over her shoulder towards the direction of the city.

They both turned and looked at her strangely.

''Are you crazy?'' Tsunami suddenly said, ''he can't come back with us! If you start bringing more Warlocks to the city, it’s going to raise questions, people will think you are up to something. He cannot come ba-'' he suddenly stopped and turned to face Elijah, ''Wait a minute...'' he said slowly as he eyed him closely, ''He... He's a Prince?''

''I thought you knew that? I told you-''

''You told me he was a higher-class Warlock, not a Prince'' he insisted as he stepped away from him cautiously, ''He definitely can't come back''

''Tsunami, listen to me, he is on our side, he wants to destroy Gahi too''

''But why? What could Gahi have possibly done to him?''

''For starters,'' he began, ''He ripped the freedom away from every Warlock, the freedom to feel, to live... To love. Then, he made me send away Kathrina-''

''He didn't make you do that, you could have gone with her, or defended her... But no, you sent her away to protect yourself-''

''Tsunami! What is wrong with you!?'' Kathrina asked, astounded. She stood in front of Elijah, ''What he did was to protect us both''

''I don't believe that - He's a liar!''

''What are-''

''I don't know what it is, but he's up to something, there's something he's not telling us... He's hiding something from us... From you''

She looked up at him slowly, but he shook his head in detest, ''I have never hidden anything from Kathrina and I never will, I trust her and she trusts me. You, Seer, seem agonized by something''

Tsunami scowled at him, ''I do not trust him,'' he said as he turned to Kathrina, ''We should go back, alone-''

''I cannot let you do that'' Elijah said as he put his hand in front of her, ''I am not going to leave her again. Where ever she goes, I will go''

''Listen, Tsunami, he can help us. We want to defeat Gahi and so does he. Fair enough if you don't trust him, but trust me''

He stared into her eyes longingly, thinking, ''...I... Do trust you'' he said sadly, ''But I do not trust him. He cannot come back with us'' he said as he turned away.

Kathrina grabbed hold of him, pulling him back, ''What is your problem?'' she snapped, raising her voice, ''You give some huge speech about how you would help me find him, no matter what it takes, and then we finally do find him, and you act like a dick! What is with you?''

They both stared at her strangely.

''He isn't who I thought he would be''

''What do you mean, ‘he's not who you thought he would be’?''

''I don't like the fact that I can't read him-''

''Do you really think I would want you reading my thoughts anyway?'' Elijah snapped defensively.

''You see that? He is hiding something''

Kathrina looked at him, irritated, ''Fine, we'll go and defeat Gahi alone, I don't understand you, Tsunami''

Tsunami quickly grabbed hold of her arm, ''No! Wait!'' he called, ''Fine... I trust you, Kathrina... So, I'll trust him'' he muttered, pained, ''The more help to defeat Gahi, the better...''

They all looked at each other slowly.

''But I don't think the general will be too happy with having another Warlock walking about the city... Especially one of your ranks'' Tsunami said as he glared at Elijah.

''You made him let Kath-''

''It's not that simple!'' he snapped, ''You'll have to wait outside''

Tsunami began to walk away.

''You won't have to wait anywhere'' Kathrina said quietly.

They both followed him slowly as he led the way. He was not happy with the idea at all; he hadn't expected Elijah to show up and had no idea why he was here, but he felt that something was going on... Something bad. But he cared about Kathrina and wanted to keep her happy, even if it meant risking danger for everyone else within the strong hold...

As they approached the city, Tsunami stopped and turned around to face them. Elijah stared at the huge walls, intrigued.

''You know, walls are not a really good defense against Warlocks'' he mocked, ''Some could push it down in a single blast and crush the entire-''

Kathrina cleared her throat loudly, silencing him. She then turned to look at Tsunami who was scowling at him.

''Just saying''

''You can't come-''

Kathrina and Elijah looked at each other. He then stepped back, ''I will just be waiting out here'' he smiled strangely.

Tsunami then continued to lead Kathrina into the gates as she looked back at Elijah, who hid amongst the few small trees. She then turned to Tsunami as they walked through the gate, ''Tell me, why don't you trust him?''

''He left you, Kathrina, for two years. Now, when you're finally accepting your past, he just so happens to appear out of nowhere? I feel like something very bad is about to happen and like he is the cause of it'' he said quietly as they walked through the town square and up towards the fort.

''I have known him a lot longer than you, obviously, and he is not one to lie'' she said.

''You don't see what I see, Kathrina, he could have gone with you in the beginning and you two could have just disappeared together, forgot about Gahi and lived your lives. But instead, he sent you away by yourself, along with the heart crushing thought that he was dead, making you think you were going to be alone forever. He didn't do what was best for you, he did what was best for him, and if you ask me, that is not somebody you should trust''

She looked down at the ground as they walked, thinking. Some of what he had just said did make sense and she only realized it now. But she still felt the need to defend him, ''He didn't have to come back at all, but there he was-''

''But why two years? Why did he not try to find you sooner?''

She began to feel confused, and she didn't like how she was beginning to think negatively about Elijah's choice, ''Please stop'' she said as they walked into the courtyard of the fort.


''Stop talking about him''

Tsunami looked at her strangely as they walked into the fort, ''You see what I'm saying is making sense, don't you?''

''I said stop'' she said, annoyed.

They stopped at the bottom of the stairs and looked at each other, confused.

''You really need to think, Kathrina, what is the real reason he is here after all this time?'' he said as he walked away over to one of the other seers who was reading a scroll.


She looked down, thinking again, but shook her head and continued up the stairs and towards her room. She slowly pushed the door open and walked in. As she closed the door, the window behind her creaked open. She quickly turned around, but nobody was there. The curtain was floating around as the cold wind came in the window. She walked over to it and pulled it shut. Suddenly, she heard foot steps behind her, but as she turned around to look, she was pushed against the wall. She looked up into Elijah's eyes as he grabbed her arms, holding her there.

''I missed you... So much'' he breathed sadly.

She stayed silent as she looked down slowly.

''Every day I spent without you was a constant battle,'' he continued as he rested his head on her shoulder, ''Every day I died inside with the thought of never seeing you again. But I will never forget the moment I realized... I loved you... In just one look, I saw your soul, you touched my heart. I forbid myself to show weakness, but you... I...'' he looked up into her eyes, ''I cannot live without you for a second longer... I need you'' he said slowly as he rested his head back on her shoulder.

She did not know what to say, she was shocked, confused. She just stared forward as he clung onto her. Everything Tsunami had said about feeling was running through her head as she could feel her heart racing. She breathed uneasily, ''But... I am a Warlock... You are a Warlock... We do not feel'' she said quietly.

''But I do feel'' he whispered, ''I feel for you''

''I... I feel too'' she admitted as he looked into her eyes again, ''Why do I feel?''

''Because we are free'' he whispered as he moved his face closer to hers, but she looked away.

''Can I ask you something? And I want you to answer me truthfully''

He rested his face on her shoulder again, ''Anything''

''Why are you really here?''

She felt him grip her arms tighter as he sighed, ''I have never lied to you... I am here because I have found a way to finally stop Gahi... A way we can be free forever''

Kathrina moved her head and felt his hair with her cheek, ''And?''

''And because I could not live without you for a moment longer... I had to see you again''

She sighed with relief, he was telling the truth, she could feel that he was, ''I believe you,'' she said quietly, ''but I do not understand''

''Understand?'' he asked as he stared curiously into her eyes as she stared back.

''I do not understand... I feel... What I feel... What do you feel?'' she asked, seeming intrigued.

''This is what I feel'' he whispered as he slowly closed his eyes and kissed her.

She too, closed her eyes as he did. She was confused but felt like a huge burden had been lifted from her as his lips touched hers. It was as if she had wanted this to happen for a very long time... and it finally did. She felt all her sadness fade; the loneliness was at last gone. But he quickly pulled away from her.

''I am sorry,'' he said, ''I did not-''

''It's okay'' she said quietly.

He sighed as he sat down on the bed. She sat beside him and rested her head on his shoulder. He looked down at her, ''I have wanted to do that since I first saw you'' he admitted.

But she did not say anything, instead, she remained silent, staring at her feet.

''I would have come sooner, but I had to find out what Gahi was doing... I had to know''

''I do wish you hadn't told me''

''Why? Is it not best to know-''

''It... Makes me feel strange to think I was kept alive... Just so I could die again''

''Again?'' he asked, confused.

''Yes, again. I died the day I became a Warlock; everything about my previous life was taken from me, so whoever I was before... Died. I want to find out who I was before this'' she said quietly, ''Tell me you will help me?''

He sighed, ''But... What if you were something worse than a Warlock?''

''I don't think there is anything out there worse than a Warlock''

He seemed reluctant towards the idea, but he could see it meant a lot to her- ''I promise you, I will help you find out about your previous life''

''What about yourself?''

''I... Don't know''

She pulled away from him, ''What do you mean?''

''I mean... I am happy the way things are in this life... I have you'' he smiled.

''And you're happy with the fact that Gahi wants me dead or used as some kind of vessel or something? You're happy that hundreds of people die every day by his hands? You're happy-''

''Shh'' he snapped, ''I am happy because I have you''

She sighed and smiled, ''But what about Gahi?''

''We will stop him''

He started to move closer to her, but she quickly stood up and walked over to the window, staring out into the distance.

''Maybe we should learn more about this Void you mentioned''

''The only ones who know about it are Warlocks... Good luck talking to any of them''

''I'm talking to you...'' she said, ''But... There's someone here who seems to know a lot about Warlocks''

''Oh really? Who?'' he asked stupidly as he stood behind her.

''Opus, he's a mage''

''What would a mage-''

''We should talk to him... Or maybe just me'' she said as she turned around and looked at Elijah, ''Nobody is supposed to know you are here''

He looked at her strangely, ''Not to be rude-''

She glared at him.

''Uh... Yes, you go'' he smiled, seeming intimidated.

''Good. We should probably tell Tsunami too as he'll be helping us''

But at that moment, the door creaked open as Tsunami walked in. He froze as he stared at Elijah-

''Why. Is. HE. HERE!?'' he growled slowly as he pushed the door shut.

''I was just coming to find you... We know what Gahi is-''

''I don't care about Gahi, get him out! If he is seen here everything will go to sh-''

Tsunami silenced as Elijah revealed a small, thin dagger from his sleeve and held it to his throat as he held him against a wall in a flash, ''I have had enough of you, Seer'' he growled, sounding slightly demonic, ''I could kill you, right here, right now...'' he looked back at Kathrina as she stood there, confused, ''...But she cares about you...'' he looked back at him, glaring into his black, soulless eyes as he tried to avoid staring back into his, ''You need to learn; I am on her side... Your side. I am not here to kill anyone but Gahi and any other who is a danger to this realm... Do you understand?''

''Y... Yes'' he choked.

''I may have left Kathrina alone, but you need to accept that it was the only choice I had to protect us both... I spent all that time watching the real enemy and he is weak. We cannot let this opportunity pass. We set aside our difference right now'' he instructed, ''then work together to defeat Gahi''

''Agreed'' Tsunami said as Elijah removed the dagger from his neck and slid it back into his sleeve.

''Now, who is this Opus Mage?'' he asked, turning to Kathrina.

''As I already said, he seems to know a lot about Warlocks, so maybe he'll know about the void. Tsunami, go and find Opus''


They both glared at him.

''Fine, don't go anywhere'' he muttered as he quickly left the room, rubbing his neck where Elijah's dagger had touched.

Elijah turned around to look at Kathrina who instantly slapped his face, ''What is wrong with you!?''

He held his hand to his face and stared at her, confused, ''What do you mean?''

''You pulled a weapon on him, that's what!''

''He needed to be assured. He should count himself lucky that I did not use my sword''

''It looked like you scared the living hell out of him, giving him that 'demon stare' thing you do'' she mocked, ''You're an ass... He's my friend''

''Well, sometimes, giving people that stare is the only way to make them really listen to you, as you well know''

''Shut up'' she snapped, ''He didn't deserve that, he's just worried''

''Whatever you say'' he smirked, ''But really, why does he seem to hate me so much?''

''Ugh I don't know'' she said, irritated.

''I think I do''

''Oh really? Why then?''

''You really cannot see it?''

''What?'' she asked again, angered.

''He has feelings for you''

Kathrina smirked angrily, ''Seriously, Elijah, Tsunami has no interest like that in me''

He looked up at her as he sat on the bed once more, ''Are you forgetting about what I told you I can do?''

She looked down at him as he blinked slowly, ''No, I haven't forgotten, how could I forget something like that?''

''Clearly, he knows that the ability exists within some Prince Warlocks... He was avoiding my eyes as best he could. But even so, I do not need that to see he feels strongly for you, I can tell that just by looking at him''

''So what if he does, Elijah? That's his choice, his mistake. If anything, I pity him for it'' she said as she sat beside him, ''Forget about him. Tell me about what you found out''

He tensed up as she leaned on him, ''I... Are you sure you want to hear? Most of what I found is not exactly... Pleasant'' he said quietly.

''I don't care. Tell me it all''

''Long story short... Gahi was once a part of a powerful Warlock clan, more powerful than ours - I mean, the one he now leads. The leader was said to be the creator of Warlocks himself. Nobody knows if it is true, but I can see Gahi being a member of such a clan. A war between this Warlock and another species separated the clan. Gahi took control of what remained of the Warlocks and set out on some mad quest for power himself. He gathered and created other Warlocks, making his new clan bigger and even more powerful. At one point, he confided in myself and the other princes that he wanted to destroy the leader of his previous clan. He was brief, he did not give us a reason as to why, but we assumed it was because he just wanted to be the most powerful Warlock out there. But apparently, no Warlock can ever match or greater the mystery Warlock’s power. It is said that he is immortal... Indestructible''

Kathrina sat there in silence, taking it all in. An indestructible Warlock, one who had already achieved immortality. To think that such a person existed and that Gahi wanted to match his power... He was a monster already, what would he be if he was like this other Warlock?

''But... Nobody knows if that's the truth, right? Maybe it's all just a story, such a person may not even exist''

''That could be the case, but real or not, Gahi wants to be as powerful or even more powerful than this creator''

''This... This is madness... Why? Is there any logical reason behind all of this? Why does he have such a hunger for power?''

''Revenge drives him''

''Revenge? For what!?''

''Something happened to him in his past, before he became a Warlock. How would he remember? Well, according to him, this creator allowed few of his subjects to keep their memory, maybe to torment them, I am not sure. But some in Gahi's clan still have their memory, including Gahi himself. He didn't tell us what he did, but he would go on and on about how terrible it was. He says he used this guy to get the powers of a Warlock and would use it against him when he was strong enough. But the strangest thing about all of this is no one has ever even seen this apparent creator, not even Gahi. Everything he did, he did through other people''

''I... Don't fully understand... All of what Gahi has done, is just for some revenge against a guy that may not even exist?''


''So Gahi actually believes that this guy exists out there somewhere?''

''Many Warlocks do. An almighty, immortal Warlock who created all other Warlocks''

''If you ask me, it all seems like a story made to scare children... But... Warlocks came from somewhere'' she said mysteriously.

''Well, back to Gahi's hunt for power... We already know that he wants to be immortal. There is one other thing I have not told you though...''

She turned and looked at him slowly, ''What...?''

''He... Not only wants to use you to draw out the void... He...''

''Tell me already!''

But then, the sound of approaching footsteps echoed towards them. Kathrina moved away from him and looked at him strangely, ''Tell me''

''I will... I... Not yet''

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