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rarety of true friendships.

Submitted: March 31, 2017

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Submitted: March 31, 2017



A lot of people say writing isn't going to help you with your worries. It will. People rarely right in general. One thing for sure...If you want to have something you shouldn't- when it somehow ceases to be reachable, don't protest and get sad. This just simply means that you were lucky enough for it to leave without you doing anything. 

"Tell me about yourself and I'll tell you about myself"

I used to hear this phrase all the time at school. Do people sincerely care about what you have to say to them? Or do they just patiently wait until they have the opportunity to share and you saying something is just a polite way of saying, "I just really need to tell this to someone." 

All of us have something to say. All of us have things we're passionate about, just not someone who is willing to be born your friend. 

I was lucky. 

When I was fifteen I met a girl who didn't really look like she could be my best friend. She looked ordinary and shy, with not much to her- excepting the fact that she was a "new girl" no one was nice to. That caught my attention from the very beginning, and I decided to be sweet. If only I knew that me being just nice would lead to a long lasting friendship. Later she would tell me that from the very first day she knew she will be my best friend. 

I was lucky. 

No, I wasn't one of those people who didn't have friends or a family. I had both. I had everything I liked. What does a fifteen year old girl want? Attention from the opposite sex, nice clothing, good looks, and most of all- I wasn't scared to say anything and to anyone. 

And there she was, wearing two french braids with knee high colorful socks, baggy clothing- reminding me of an alien who mistakenly chose a wrong place to settle into. 

We went through a lot. 

Sometimes I got a feeling that I couldn't go on, and if you're reading it right you're most probably like, "Naaaaaah." 

She's something else. Loyal. With the type of commitment that blew your mind away. I wouldn't say I wasn't committed in return, although there were times she doubted me. I can say right now, with full responsibility for my words...I can die for you. I think this is it. I think that there is absolutely nothing else I can say to in order to prove my words to be sincerely true. People out there reading this, I won't tell you how important it is to keep "loved ones" in your life. I won't tell you that you shouldn't steal and kill...Just think about it...Answer honestly. Did you (whoever you are) ever have anyone with whom you can just talk without thinking, saying everything that's on your mind? Someone in who you're positive. Someone who you know will never leave and betray. Someone who is willing to stop breathing if your life ends. 

I doubt it. 



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