Buckethead and Moonbeam

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Buckethead the poodle has to save his friend from danger

Submitted: March 31, 2017

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Submitted: March 31, 2017




Buckethead and Moonbeam were two delightful little poodles. Buckethead got his name because when he had been a puppy, he had sustained a nasty wound to his leg when he was trying to climb his owner’s lattice fence and had slipped. He kept licking at it and instead of an expensive Elizabethan collar, his owner had belted the bottom out of an old bucket, filed the edges so it would be perfectly smooth and not cut the little puppy’s neck and gently eased it on. He had whined and pawed at it, but his owner had quickly given him a piece of cabanossi, knowing that the puppy would walk through fire for a little tiny sliver of the stuff. The little puppy then chose to wear the thing all the time, because every time it was put on, he’d get a slice of cabanossi. Since then every time he had been taken for a walk with his best four-legged companion, Moonbeam, everyone had said “Hello, Buckethead” and his owner decided that that would be his name. Moonbeam, however got her name partly because she was light grey with darker grey spots, but mostly because she was a bright ray of light for her owner, but not quite bright enough for the name “Sunshine” One day when their owner had gone to work, she had not shut the gate properly and when Buckethead bumped it, it opened. Buckethead and Moonbeam then decided to go out exploring by themselves, even though they knew they were not supposed to. They found a whole lot of stray dogs. They seemed friendly, so Buckethead came up to the dog that he thought would be their leader and said “Hi, I’m Buckethead and this is Moonbeam”, pointing to his friend. “May we play with you?” “Well, my name’s Buster, and sure you may play with us. Just be careful. The dog-catcher comes here sometimes and already two of us have been caught.” Buckethead, Moonbeam and the colony of stray dogs were soon so busy playing that they almost didn’t hear Sparky’s warning “Run, hide, the dog-catcher’s here!” All the dogs hid, except Moonbeam, who didn’t have a suitable hiding place. Buckethead looked back and was horrified at the sight.  Moonbeam had not been able to hide anywhere and the dog-catcher was heading straight for her. Buckethead was frightened, but he knew his friend was in much worse danger than he was. He thought quickly “Surely I can outrun him.”, and leapt out straight at him, knocking him over. Moonbeam went and hid where Buckethead had been hiding. The dog-catcher got up, sending Buckethead flying and began to chase him, shouting “How dare you knock me over, you flea-bitten mutt?” “I’ll get you for that!” Buckethead, however was much too quick and cunning for him. Finally when Buckethead was sure the dog-catcher was gone, he went back to look for Moonbeam so that they could go home, but she wasn’t where he had left her. Buckethead thought “Oh, no, did the dog-catcher have a helper who caught her anyway?” “Where is she?”. Finally this car pulled up with Moonbeam and his owner in it. Their owner had come home early and had found the dogs weren’t there and had gone looking for them. She had finally found Moonbeam and she felt sure Buckethead would not be far away. “Get in” said his owner “It was very naughty to go out without me, but I saw you saving your friend from being caught by the dog-catcher, so I guess you’re a hero. Let’s get you home.” When they got home, his owner gave him a huge piece of cabanossi and said “Well, you’ll never get to be a hero again, because I’ll always make sure I shut the gate properly.”


(By Shelley Goodman. Written on the 6th of January 2011)



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