on slopes of plains

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On the slopes of the plains

Throughout the years, our own as well as others in this round were given a run for myself what I want to be a busy harshest away. Anything that is valuable enough to break the wall of the passion they leveled the harshest possible. But what will it take to stimulate the appetite of even the harshest It would have worked 24. Hours, even in the dream, I dream that I've had this shirt is a shirt is never to be filled again. What are we looking for? Then we will take a long time to find them? We invented things to many modern traveler seeking to fuel it. But we know that what we found is it. Passion or happiness? We were both doing well, ridiculously corny as far as the distance is too far in this life. We the people collecting the harshest, most until the end of the life to come. We were both competing to climb the idea to the point where it was said to be the highest point. It can be anything from doing those things up to the harshest words as possible. Never mind that those things do not always linger in our brains even less. We are back with a laugh when I see those behaviors realm of society.

Yes, they were targeting the hopes and dreams of their own that would make it proposes to accomplish in this life. Despite the difficulties he's doing it  tired. Because of pride may bring fame, money and comfort. But we do know that it's true?

We have to find a person whose fate on the same path. He was well-written, and tell each other that it was feeling pressure compressor could not be said if we all have to walk the same path to the same destination. We will not try to change the focus of the concepts and practices or certain. If the answer is no, we would probably have to leave it as a legacy for generations until a successor upon failure. Tired, exhausted, which means it does not tell us or stress on the low back. But maybe we could track it might be possible. We went further than that, we went back to join the others on the same path that we use. It is not interested, then we go too far to go back. Although the route we choose, it will not be lonely look smooth, but it does not look like a busy main route.

The distance will be around for a bit, but it would take us to a destination without much difficulty. Every path has its problems is that we have a way to deal with those problems, however. Loneliness, loneliness overcame the spiritual journey of the past as a habit. The material was being sarcastic either side of the corridor that was inevitable on the path we're walking now. Because they know that I have to take this route to reach their destination as it proposes Yes! Destinations side is that we saw the blur in the distances. There are few people who can walk up to the peak of the mountain this. I wish fatigue until disheartened. Some exhausted, some sick, some died during a hike. Some have argued that in order to take the path up to the summit.

They said they come once in a lifetime would probably have risen to the highest point it's already dead eyes. It's a great idea to make people crazy, do whatever it takes to climb up it proposes. I know in your heart is the area on the highest point on the mountain, it just can not stand just on one person only. And there are not many people who will be able to reach the top spot it. But they were still struggling to torture both physically and mentally, only to stand on it. On the other, who called the highest point. It's really sad  What inspired the idea, they think so. 

Do it They do not feel tired or something? Tired or not feeling well?

Then each of  us? Now we're getting to the mountain is just as well take a different route. The goal apiece, but  the  same mountain. why do we have to go to the mountains because it is high up above it can be seen below the scenery is different from what we've seen. But we do not want to walk up to the peak as people flock  are getting to that point. Our goal is our goal, it was clear that different people are brought together to belittle it.Yes! We had read in a book that captures the details of this mountain. After we read and study it thoroughly, we chose the route to walk to the harshest of it where we want on a mountain that is not where we want it, not the peak of the mountain can stand alone. But it is plain that the devil on your shoulder that many people are looking for. Plain green grass with a soft cotton. It has a small pool enough to drink when thirst. Vegetation and numerous enough to live on that idea, we do not need. The air is pure, the bar will not find any cities. Those small animals are very friendly. The scene of the scenery found nowhere else. It was so beautiful, this is the goal we have. What we're looking for This  route will lead us to it. We are traveling, we will continue to slowly melt stability, we are ignoring the protests against. Reviled and mocked in a goal, because we know that our goal is it? Where? While a group of people walked up to the highest point on the mountain. Heard that the walking dead  with a lot of people crowded the route. Although the route is comfortable without obstacles which hinder the walk up the hill. It was crowded with people, both young and old people, rich as it went along to die !!! I do not know how many to bear walks to his ball. And there it is Passion or happiness? We will behave better when they reach that place. We would run onto the green and rolled back and forth. Drinking water quenches thirst Eat ripe fruit from the tree. Look down at the ground below. More people are moving to the top of the peak. He laughed with cool breezes. We sat there for a long time to compensate for the time we arrived, nearly half his life. We sat there for probably gratify the meaning of the word. Happy, not lust Something which others talked about a hypothetical. I know very few people who believe in and abide by. Yes !!! It's not the peak of the mountain. It's just a plain, on a hillside, only it was not valuable enough to embellish the greed of those people. We arrived close Close to all the way up the slope a little corny, but we do not lose hope, we know that the plains of everything that is enough to do the search, we stop struggling for life. Sometimes even the entire trip will be scarred from repeated or walk from the things around it could not be stopped, intentions and beliefs to the idea of ??it. The more I travel out how far it will be very lonely only. We have heard various complaints The sound of people arguing in the path to the top of the mountain. May be with fatigue, hunger, poverty, greed led to the scrimmage. It seems that no sooner than ahead would be advantageous to route the call. Many a time, the idea that comes into our brains. Our choices were you?I answered myself back to that. Our choices were We must end it proposes to meet, and we're going to have to pound it flat on a hillside at the end, it comes to us. After turning back to look at whether anyone followed the path we walk some. Rather, it was empty, no one believes in the draw, no one believed in the flat on a hillside that is probably the end for them. It's far and as long as we do not see the point of departure that start where? We head on his shoulders, then looked up at the destination. Fog on some cool cover it conceal it from the eyes of the people. We'll be the first to do it.It proves the existence of It is no coincidence, but somehow it is already available to us.Everyone on the plains Close your eyes and outstretched arms breathed deeply into the lungs, allowing the harshest sensory awareness within its powers. The trip ended, we will not go anywhere else or to search anymore. We will sit down, sit down and admire the beauty of it is enough, we know enough to be present.Scary, dark clouds covered the peak crowded with people standing on the scrimmage there.Passion or happiness? These people are willing to sacrifice some things in order to not have to  so as to stand on the highest peaks, but there are not many and the few people that came down beneath. with nothing or worse than the first, which is then up to the top again. So what are they searching for? Yes, there are things that trustees do not back down. The way we passed it to another format, many people stood watching others sneak peek refuge in the dwelling that some in secret.

For the few people who are traveling through the route up to the peak. Different routes with different goals, but it was worth it. People on the path to the pinnacle of the mountain was still unremitting bustled about what they want? What brought about the idea they need to do that? Passion or happiness? We sat on our own. We went on our own. We made a spender as we expected since before they began arriving at our dreams, our hopes.We believe Spender much as if it really exists? It is real !!! Enough is enough, we ended it. From now on, is to sit and look at it, touch it, enjoy it, have fun with it. It's enough We'll reach out to people who understood him only to trip up the hill on the plain or not, depends on him. But I'll tell you what, if he'd wanted to hear because we recognized enough. It was a long wait doubts overwhelm the surge in the deep sense of faith on the plateau on the mountainside.

We will probably go through it ............ passion or happiness ??????



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