twilight fears

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random spur of the moment, draft kinda finished type of poem. having a lot of thoughts and stuff....

Submitted: April 01, 2017

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Submitted: April 01, 2017



If only in the twilight, I could see bright
Yes, you're in sight but these thoughts that I fight
Deplete me of energy and I fall, losing all might
Insecure fright, jumps and it bites, howling moon during late night
I scream til spewing out this heart, guts, lungs, blood and emotional knots
Taking darker routes, so no one can hear the pain i cut out...shout out
Trying leave doubts but the drought of hope, has me on a hell hound's snout
It's a lot...hard to take in so intake it is to probably overdose again
I drown in alcohol when I binge, forget the sins and the hate within
Hard to swallow and stomach like the taste of gin, life looks so dim
Would've thought having her would stay feeling like a win
Too bad my confidence, stay and left off with the wind
What to say or do when thoughts attacks consisting of you?
what should i do when my mood turns me cold, low skin color of blue.
You're my sun, I'm warm with you but get so cold when you're not there
consumed by the dark, chased down by fears and engulfed in a flare


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