The Reunion

The Reunion

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



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Chapter1 (v.1) - The Meeting

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 01, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 01, 2017



 Chapter * 1

December 24, 20XX

It was the day before Christmas and I had to go to the bakery to put the cake that my mother had ordered a few day ago. I told my mum that since the bakery was not too far from my apartment and since I was already on my way to her house I'd quickly pick it up. Even though my mum told me that she was going to do it herself, but I connived her to let me go instead. The bakery was called Patisserie Valerie it was nominated as the third best shop to sell cakes, within the district we lived in. it took me another ten minutes to get there since I had to walk because my car was at the mechanics.

When I arrived at Patisserie Valerie in picked up the two cakes and pie that my mum ordered, as I walked out putting my earphone back in; looked across the street and there I saw Alexa. we were quick good friends back in college, but then I moved away to go university; so we just slowly drifted walking towards me but she still hadn't noticed me, so I started to walk away from the other direction. But then.

[A..Adam? Is that you?] - Alexa

I stopped when I heard the soft and genital voice saying my name, then for a second time I heard it.

[Adam? Is that you?] - Alexa

But this time there wasn't that states I hear the first time around. I slowly turned around and there she was, standing the entrench of the bakery.

[...Yyes] - Adam

Even though I knew who she was, I said in a puzzled tone.

[And you are?] - Adam

[It's me, Alexa, we went to the same college remember] - Alexa

As she was saying that she started to approach me, and the closer she got the more memorised I became from looking at her beauty.

[Oh yerr.. so what have you been up to lately] - Adam

[..... Nothing much really. I just got accepted to NCU University and just came here to buy a cake for new years] - Alexa

[Ha, what a coincidence that we would meet] - Adam

[Why?] - Alex

[I to just got my cake from that shop, and I'm already enrolled at NCU University] - Adam

[Is it] - Alexa

We talked a lot about the university and their facility they have. the conversation when for around 10 minutes. Then a long silence passed after that.

[So, where are heading after this] - Adam

[Hmm.. I'm most likely to just go home] - Alexa


(The thing is, that if I had known then to just have ignored her and continued walking. my life as I in a heartbeat. But the thing is I can't, so let just move on. Where was I.)


As we started to go our separate ways, I had already taken a few steps; the was it felt like was forgetting something. Then it came to me so I quickly turned around.

[Alexa] - Adam

[Yes Adam] - Alexa

[I just came back to give you my number, so we can get in touch.] - Adam

[Oh] - Alexa

She paused for a bit; to take in and think

[But only if what it?] - Adam

[Y..yer I'll have it] -Alexa

After giving her my number she quickly gave me a call, so that I also would've had her number. she quickly gave me a cheeky smile as she entered the bakery. As I was walking to my parent's house, I had the fattest grin on my face because of what just happened. So the only thing I thought to myself was to tell someone. I took out smart-watch and called Roxaz, my best friend since college.

(The Z in his my sound like an S. So when saying his name you would say it as if it was spelt like this his parents and not complain about it, to me.)

The phone rang for about a few seconds before he picked up

[Yo man try and guess who I just bump into] - Adam

[Who] - Roxaz

[Man your to guess] - Adam

[Okay, I'll guess...Was it Belle Knox or Ava Taylor] - Roxaz

[No] - Adam

[You know what I meant to say Khaleesi from] - Roxaz

Even though I knew that he was joking around, it started to get annoying so before he had the chance to finish what he was saying quickly told him.

[It was Alexa.... Alexa was the bumped into and I got her number as well] - Adam

[No way] - Roxaz

[Yer] - Adam

[I have one question] - Roxaz

[Ok] - Adam

[So when you saw her did you quickly do that thing you do] - Roxaz

[What thing] - Adam

[You know that thing when you turn into a Meerkat] - Roxaz

[Oh fuck you] - Adam

After that, he asked me to explain the whole thing so I started from the beginning. As I finished explaining him everything I asked him how his day was.

[You know nothing much just sleeping] - Roxaz

[What it's, 5.30 In the afternoon who are you able to sleep that long] - Adam

Then out nowhere, he started to laugh 

[Adam Adam Adam. And this is way we sometimes call you slow] -Roxaz

[What do you mean] - Adam

[When I said sleeping meant sleeping around like as in sex] - Roxaz

[Oh sex oh my bad but I thought you were going to wait until you got married] - Adam

twins as well as models. the older was an underwear model and her name was anyway I'm going to church on Sunday. So I’ll just ask the Father Harris to bless me and forgive my sins because I went 50 Shade of Jamaica on them.] - Roxaz

[Okay, but I have to go now. So tell me the rest later] - Adam

As I hung up, I saw the bus so I hopped on and went home to celebrate my brothers birthday and Christmas with my family.  

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