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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: House of Ghosts

Submitted: April 01, 2017

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Submitted: April 01, 2017



“Everyone get in position,” Reaper said in his deep and dark voice that sounds like it comes from the shadows within him. “Give me a minute Reaper, Let me load up my grappling hook,” said Widowmaker, “Would you two stop arguing, I swear you two are like a bunch of bickering siblings,” said Sombra. “She started it. Ok I see what you mean,” Reaper said. The three of the got in their positions for the mission. “I have eyes on the target, I’m taking the shot,” exclaimed Widowmaker. “No I missed Sombra it’s all you now,” she said. “I’m on it Widow. Reaper I could use a distraction,” said Sombra. Reaper pulls his shotguns out of the darkness of his robes seemingly like a void of nothingness He melts into a shadow spinning around firing his shotguns. As Reaper is creating a distraction Sombra uses her invisibility and transporter to sneak around the Russian factory where the were ordered to kill the head of the factory. Sombra reaches the door where the guards plan to lock up the head of the factory. She manages to slip through the door as it’s closing. So being alone with the head of the factory Sombra takes her earpiece out ignoring Widow and Reaper. Coming out of invisibility Sombra says with ease. “Well well well, Look what the cat drug in.” “How did you get in here!?” said the head of the factory with a very confused expression. “Let’s just say I have my ways, and my sources, who want you dead. But i’m here to offer you a deal,” Sombra said in a mysterious voice. “What could you possibly want from me?” said by the head. “I just want a new friend, and you seem like a fun person,” Sombra said excitedly. “I don’t think that’s gonna happen anytime soon,” say the head of the factory. “Oh but why not? I think you might want to after you see this,” Sombra says in a happy tone as she pulls up multiple displays pops up of the head getting materials from the enemy of the Russians. That enemy just so happened to be the Omnics. The guards realizing Sombra is inside try to pry the doors open. “Tic Toc goes the clock. Not much time before I spread these pictures and everyone loses all respect for you,” Sombra said in a really mocking tone. “Fine I will accept your offer,” says the head of the factory feeling very threatened. Sombra then sinks into her invisibility and the guards break in while Sombra escapes the factory letting Widow and Reaper know that the mission is “complete”. They then gather up and take a helicopter lift back to HQ where their next mission waits. Meanwhile back in the factory Zarya walks into the office called there by the head of the factory. They start talking about the recent attack done by Blackwatch. Zarya is a big buff body building russian. The head of the factory wants Zarya to gather up a team to take down Blackwatch and that team will be none other than Overwatch.


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