"18" Book 1 of Lands of Mother

"18" Book 1 of Lands of Mother

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



This is the beginning of the journey the Queen partakes in her attempt to put an end to her evil counterpart.
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This is the beginning of the journey the Queen partakes in her attempt to put an end to her evil counterpart.

Chapter4 (v.3) - Mind Rape

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Melanie Thurss is the eighteenth queen of Mother. (Hence the title). Since arriving she has endured many hardships, causing her to be a reluctant queen. She has lost a member of her Own, her personal guard, who was killed protecting her from a Wilder, along with the sisters that were teaching her how to become a queen. The Wilder caused a good deal of death and Melanie spent her first days on Mother attending services and visiting injured.

While acclimating herself to her new life as queen, she learns of another woman that fancies herself a queen, and also learns that woman is sending ten thousand people to their death. Melanie decides to confront the woman, but she doesn’t want the woman to know she is coming so she tells the King he can’t go with her, and she doesn’t want anyone else dying for her, so she fires her guard, The Own.

Melanie spends some time merged with Mother and with the help of a knowledgeable sister, trains herself on her defense. With the threat of an attack, she has also lost her Queen’s Lady, Kristen, but was happy she had fled to safety. Or so she thought. Feeling she is as trained as she is going to get, she begins her journey:

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Chapter Content - ver.3

Submitted: April 01, 2017



The King looked over the troops one more time. The archers were to the front, facing the trees, with some of the foot intermixed to keep them from being overrun. More archers, armed with longbows were at the battlements. Inside the Beast wall were some of his best foot as the last line of defense. The mounted were lined along the sides of the column. This was going to be eye opening for the enemy who were expecting no more than fifteen hundred. The King and his forces were not supposed to be here.

He saw out of the corner of his eye some of the men going down and then back up and then he saw her. Walking as if there were no one around as casually as could be, right through his men. She must be going to hide in the guard tower until they pass. Not a bad plan. The hiding part, not the journey. He watched her until she disappeared in the woods. His man at the guard tower hadn’t come in yet, so the King had no doubt she would make it.

“So, are any of these cats good eating?” Kevin asked him.

“Can’t say as I know, but you really need to get a different hobby. There are other things besides hunting,” the King answered.

“Such as?”

Before he could answer, a rider came from the wood shouting, “They are upon us. Stand Ready.”

She didn’t make it. “With me,” the King shouted and charged his warhorse toward the woods. The warhorse had not taken two steps when yellow streaks could be seen through the trees. He and his Own and all of his men charged at the wood. He heard the explosions from the fireballs. He felt a pressure in his ears, then the hair on his arms bristled and a horrible hissing sound emitted from the woods as the sky lit up and became as bright as daylight. Blue flame seared everywhere. In less than a second a loud thunder and the very ground shook so hard the warhorses were falling, including his. The brace did its job, as the horse tumbled on his leg. His men were losing their balance and falling as well. Mother herself shook and shook. More yellow streaks and again followed by the blue flame and again followed by the thundering quakes. Yellow streaks and blue flames continued, with resounding explosions after the flames. The explosions after the blue flame were deafening.

Screams of agony could be heard coming from the woods. He abandoned his horse, drew his long sword and charged the woods. More yellow streaks, followed by the thundering, quaking blue flame. More screaming and the sounds of cats growling in pain. Shrieks of pain and agony filled the woods he was charging.

Then silence. The only noise being his breathing and the sounds of his boots hitting the ground and those of a thousand men behind him. His legs would not move fast enough. He developed a thirst for blood as he knew his queen to be dead. His thoughts went to his wife, as he feared failure. I love you Jackie, we may have to meet another day.

A couple of younger men had caught and passed him and Kevin and the rest of his Own were pacing him. He couldn’t help but think what he would do for younger legs. More than anything he wanted to strike the first blow. They burst out of the trees and came upon a horrendous sight. There were dead everywhere, most cut in half at the waist. Cats as well. There must have been a thousand dead. He charged anew, hopping the dead bodies, toward the ridge ahead and when he reached the top he stopped. More dead over the rise.

With the help of a full moon he and Kevin searched the valley below and saw the cloud of dust from the retreating enemy, moving away in the trees to his left. Kevin pointed a little to the right. There walked the Queen like she was out for a Sunday stroll coming from the trees and walking across a glen. He followed her with his eyes and she entered the opposite tree line. He was about to turn away when he noticed them. Eleven men and one woman had entered the glen and taken the same path into the tree line, about three hundred yards behind the Queen. Her Own.

He turned and walked back to the field and met one of the company medics.

“Can you tell what happened to these men?” He asked.

“With the exception of an area the Queen had been standing there is no blood, Highness. These were cut in half and every vein, artery and organ was seared shut before they even had time to bleed. This one,” he picked up the top of a woman and turned it over exposing the cut. Pointing at a dark spot a little off the center of her opened torso, he said, “That’s her heart. Whatever did this was a flame hotter than anything known to us.” The medic took in the whole field, “Whatever did this,” he repeated, pointing at the massive craters, “Could cut Mother in half.”

“How were you able to determine where the Queen was standing?”

The medic walked the King to the area. “These small blackened craters? Fireballs. I have seen them around our own dead after a Wilder attack. If you look out toward the larger craters, they are directly behind a dead Wilder.”

The medic walked him into the trees behind where the Queen had been standing. He saw there five dead cats and about twenty dead men, all having bled out. The Own had her back. “One other thing, Highness,” said the medic, “Some of these men,” pointing out toward the field, “Just died.”

“I’m thinking they all died,” said Kevin.

The medic gave Kevin a quizzical look, “I mean they weren’t put to the sword, or hit with whatever this power is the Queen has. They just died. Judging by the eyes and the smell in their trousers, I’m guessing fright. In any event, whatever happened here could not have been pretty to the enemy.”


Marie edged her way over to the oldest of the former Own and asked, “Have you seen such, ever?” She thought back on the sights she had seen on the plateau, her fearless Queen standing firm with the fireballs being hurtled at her and the last second diversion, causing them to fall harmlessly to the ground. She thought on the pressure in her ears and the sight and sound of that blue streak that exploded out of the Queen’s fingers and lit the very sky and almost sent the troup flying from the force of the blast. She remembered the sight of the Wilders, cats and enemy soldiers being cut in half by that streak.

“Neither seen nor heard of, Captain,” Gary answered. “I admit, had I not been otherwise occupied, it might have caused me to piss my pants. You are aware that our Queen knows we follow, right?”

“It would have been simple to just duck the fireballs, yes. They would have ended some of us. I’m just not sure how she knows. We are none of us bare to Mother.” Marie had gone over with each, the need for stealth and wearing their gloves in the event they were knocked to the ground. She had checked anew after the battle, to make sure none had exposed bare skin to Mother. None had.

She saw Willard, who she had given the point to, stop and slip his long sword from its sheath. She worked her way forward to where he stood. “What have you?” She whispered. She stared forward with him. His eyes unwavering ahead to the path. Then she smelled it, too.

“Mother worries of your harm and wishes you to return to the safety of the Landing,” came the voice hidden in the trees.

“We are no longer the Own and go where we please,” answered Marie, staring forward to catch sight of the speaker, “Show yourself. We do not talk with trees.”

Kristen and her Rigger emerged from the trees. Marie was taken aback at the sight of this woman and her attire. She was dressed as a warrior and not the Queen’s Lady and in so appeared a totally different woman.

“Put away your blades,” Kristen said, “You make mine uneasy. You would not like them uneasy.”

“My group are all well trained. You will find us formidable enough.”

Kristen looked angered at that comment, but then the semblance of a smile appeared on her lips, “Perhaps we should test your theory, Captain.”

“When you two are done with your pissing match, I’d like to be on my way,” Melanie said from the tree line.

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