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Submitted: April 01, 2017

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Submitted: April 01, 2017



My heart is no more swollen with immense love and passion. It's reluctant to shower overabundance of generosity upon anyone. Don't expect it to supply your soul with plenty of superfluous love and feelings, because gone are the days when my heart was selfless. Now it seeks fulfilment... Numerous temporary connections with every soul on the street. It is no more willing to bound itself within the claustrophobic cage ofloyalty. It wishes to stay wild, detached, unsympathetic, cold and free. Yes, it's free, yet under control. I control it. I control to ensure that It doesn't drown in ocean of emotions. I open the cage when I want my heart to feed on the delicious joys of flings, flirt, temporary romance,emotionless attachment. I murdered the self that my heart once possessed. I murdered it because it was acting up. Because it wanted to deceive itself with emotions like love, passion, and altruism. It craved to become a selfless lover.  I had to become merciless.
It pleaded to survive...it pleaded to let itself stay in the dark. Then the moment came when I allowed my mind to take up the sword and kill that impertinent self that my heart relished in. Since then, the darkness of delusion evaded, and I put a leash on my heart and reared it in a fashion that it became cold as ice.
You won't understand the beauty of detachment. It's like touching someone's bosom, just touching it and not passing your hand through it to grab someone's heart. It's about letting someone feel the sensation of your touch; let the thunder of your touch create an outrageous whirlwind of insane feelings, and you remain outside that whirlwind, unaffected, stoic , and soulless. You live while watching others die because they chose to stand in the middle of tangled threads of emotions that make them slaves to relationships.
You are raw. You are untamed. You are my soul

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