Luck And Chance

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There are so many times in life when 'Luck' and 'Chance' come into play!

Submitted: April 01, 2017

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Submitted: April 01, 2017



Luck And Chance


There are so many things that happen that are simply down to chance,

when we make our way along life’s most convoluted dance.


Some might be down to effort, or maybe to well-made plans,

but an awful lot depends on whether luck, she lends a hand.


When it comes to making a decision, when deciding on a way to go,

there are so many consequences that I’ll never surely know


which choice is the best one, which one should I take --

it’s kind of like a lottery; could be good or could be fake.


There’s so many things that I would change, retracing many paths,

but there’s one I never do regret, and this might make you laugh.


The day that I found Booksie and chose to give the site a go

is one choice I’ve not regretted since I made it a year ago.


The people here are friendly, they are supportive and they’re fun,

just ask and you’ll get feedback on any work you’ve done.


I’ve discovered so many people that I’d never otherwise have met

and read so many posts that I’ll forever not forget.


I’ve connected with some people that I’d really call my friends,

that listen without judgement when the madness, it descends.


And then, I made a comment and really, quite by chance,

I found the best friend ever – how’s that for happenstance!


So luck was smiling on me on that day a year since past

I took a chance and it paid off, and long may Booksie last.


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