unbridled love

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Submitted: April 01, 2017

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Submitted: April 01, 2017



Her eyes radiated with indestructible confidence, her gaze was unabashedly deep and penetrating that it could slay thousand men with a mere glance, and her voice endeavoured  to suppress the wrath in her words. " Void doesn't scare me", she crooned. " it's the presence of shallow and emotionless souls that is intimidating. I have seen humans nurturing the grotesqueness of animals. I am afraid of humans." All the abstract conversations started making sense over a cup of coffee, or maybe it was her trembling lips, the depth in her voice, her piercing words, her pious aura that spelled an indispensible magic on me that I could barely hear the heavy rain hitting the window panes of the coffee shop.
Her  inquisitive look left me embarrassed. "I think you have your own line of thoughts that are disturbing you", she said with a smirk  on her lips. "I think poetry is your second language", I uttered absent-mindedly. She shrugged off the compliment.
 That  night my heart strived  to unravel the endless thread of bewildering thoughts with which I weave an interminable tapestry narrating  despondent stories of my childhood experiences. I craved to give vent to those gut-wrenching occasions when every time I became an object of mockery before the entire class, at school. Because for some narrow-minded people religion stratifies the society; it divides us between Hindus and "others", and "secular" becomes a  mere word among hundreds and thousands of words on those worm-eaten pages of India's copious constitution. I recalled Chetna's  words- " I have seen humans nurturing the grotesqueness of animals". "Yes, human is the most dangerous animal", I murmured to myself. "But  that grotesqueness is deeply etched in the memories of an innocent child who was called a terrorist before the entire class as he belonged to the 'other' religion". 
............................... ..........................
Amidst the chilling night and the ebullient morning with the sun oozing warmth across the horizon, I redefined the meaning of beauty. That was the first time I realized that, for me, beauty dwells in unconventional thoughts, deep conversations, sharing fears, and those heart-warming and unaffected smiles; and she was the epitome of beauty.
But this admiration was mixed with a sense of fear; fear of losing myself in her eternal self; fear of going against my religion. "I cannot love ", I sighed.
Every morning brings with itself a 24 hours of mundane schedule that never fails to emphasise the repetitive nature of life. Moving to a different city with a whopping baggage of emotional memories of your hometown, friends and family, sometimes feels unbearable.
Those hectic office hours  accompanied by disturbing wrangles with  boss, left my mind completely numb. But eventually,  rushing out of office and getting a call from her made it easier for me survive one more day in this new city. She came over to see me, or, may be, to showcase her writing prowess.
She narrated her new poetry. But in those graceful hand gestures, the subtle twists of her beautiful lips, she, unconsciously, became  a poetry herself. I was sitting there awestruck, and at the same time embarrassed.  "Why was she expecting an engineer to feel the depth of her heavily-laden vocabulary?", I questioned myself. But I didn't want to lose the opportunity to visualise the initial lines of my  first poetry that I was seeing in her delicate visage.
In that oblivious admiration of her words, I didn't realize that I missed my evening prayers. " It's good to be free from obligations, sometimes", the atheist in her didn't amaze me. I went inside my room and
came with a voluminous copy of Quran. "You are an avid reader, right?", I asked her while looking right into her eyes. She nodded in yes.
"Read it, then we will see how you interpret these words". She, though reluctantly, accepted the only thing that has the power to guide me. I knew that that untamed youth would never bother itself to revere such s pious thing, but still there was an inhibited desire in me see her unleashed soul under restraint.

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