Shadow of the truth

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
To every truth and lie there is a shadow, a reason,
not all of them are pretty, especially when they take away a part of your life...
Or all of it...
Remember, the shadow of the truth is something you need to know...
Or you will end up being nothing but a shadow yourself...

Submitted: April 01, 2017

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Submitted: April 01, 2017



Shadow of the truth


-I always felt it, the darkness within-

-I always felt it, the coldness of your skin-


You promised me so much, now I see the truth

You lied to me at every chance... you took away my youth...


I trusted you! How could you do this to me!

I thought you were my friend, now my tears flood into the sea...


But the truth is you lied, you lied and never stopped

And my heart wasn't the only thing you dropped


At one point I would've said I love you,

But not anymore, now I only used to


-I always heard it, the cries of lying voices-

-I always heard it, the petrifying noises-


Why can't you just leave me alone?

Why can't you leave me starving to nothing but bone?


At first I thought of you as the one

Now I only see someone I shun


You deserve a cruel fate

Your demise shouldn't wait


Why did it all have to end like this?

What happened to make you change? Was it our kiss?


-I always noticed it, the harsh reality-

-I always noticed it, the darkness under the ashen tree-


What have I done to deserve this?

Why is my life such a dark abyss?


Now I see the shadow of the truth

You took everything from me, even my bloom of youth


But I will not hide anymore!

I will banish you out of my life and this door!


You made me who I am today, a person filled with rage and hate

With your lies and hurtful words, but this ends today, so does my fate.

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