Seen, Not Heard

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Stella feels like a little girl that is dressing up in adult clothing -- at least that seems to be how others see her!

Submitted: April 01, 2017

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Submitted: April 01, 2017



Seen, Not Heard.


Somehow, Stella was always left feeling like she was just a little girl dressing up in adult clothes. Despite being thirty years old she always felt that others looked upon her as a child, as someone not to be taken seriously.


The old saying that ‘children should be seen but not heard’ was forever being applied to her. Or at least that was how she felt.


Her parents had made her decisions for her until she left home. And even then her mother and father would forever be popping round to ‘offer advice’ on anything and everything. On the occasions that Stella had made her own mind up, gone her own way, she was made to feel like she was disloyal. That she was somehow failing in her role of daughter.


And when it came to dating it was almost impossible to avoid the parental vetting system.

Stella had her own flat but as soon as a new boyfriend was on the scene, Mom or Dad would be paying a visit; one that would last until a meeting could no longer be avoided. Stella found that most of her boyfriends could not be bothered with that and she rarely found herself going on more than five dates with any one of them.


That was until Chris turned up. He liked her parents and her parents liked him. Things rapidly became serious, but Stella often found herself wondering just who the attraction was between. Chris had no family of his own and was delighted to find such total acceptance within Stella’s family. And Chris seemed to embody everything that her family felt to be important.


Chris was very middle-of-the-road; he stood out not at all. He was happy to go along with whatever society threw at him and seemed to have not even the tiniest bit of rebelliousness hiding within him. He had a good steady job, a mortgage, and he wanted to marry Stella. What more would any parents want for their one and only child?


So Stella found herself dressing up like an adult, working like an adult, but being treated like a little girl. She tried to explain that Chris might be nice but that she didn’t love him. She tried to say ‘no’ to the wedding the three of them were arranging. Stella toyed with the idea of running away but she had no money to speak of, no real experience of life. In the end she realized that there was simply nowhere for her to go.


Stella played her part. She dressed up as the bride, she appeared to be the dutiful wife. If she never voiced her own opinion on anything no one objected. Stella was obedient, Stella was compliant; Stella was ‘seen but not heard’!


And then the children came along. First one, and two years later, a second. Dutifully, first she had produced a son, a grandson; and then a daughter, a granddaughter. For once it seemed that Stella had excelled in her assigned role. Chris came up with the names of course, Mark and Susan. Stella was not even consulted which in a way was good because they were some of the last names she would have picked.


While they were babies, Stella was pretty much left to get on with it. Nobody doubted her ability to feed them, to change their nappies. But once they began to move around, once they began to talk, Stella slowly found herself being pushed out. Whenever Chris was home from work he would be structuring their routine. There were visits to the Grandparents, trips out with the Grandparents. And Stella found herself becoming more and more like a live-in nanny and house-keeper.


At thirty years old Stella had a nice house, a moderately successful husband. She had parents who doted on their grandchildren. She had an eight year old son and a six year old daughter who already acted like she was younger than they were. Stella still had no money to call her own, and no means of escape.


But what was there really to escape from? Her life wasn’t that bad, was it? Not as long as she remembered to dress up as an adult and to behave like a child – always ensuring that she was ‘seen but not heard’.

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