Freedom has a price

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When a few stand against a lot for a fair cause, others maybe afraid to join at the beggining. But slowly, freedom will conquer their own hearts and they will join in arms against tyrants and oppressors. Death surely will take some of them, but those who get to live, will enjoy one of the biggest gifts life gives, liberty.

Submitted: April 01, 2017

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Submitted: April 01, 2017



And here we are, at the end of all ends, pointing our guns to our enemies advancing in the bottom of this hill. But we are only a few hundreds and they’re dozens of thousands. However we stand and we fight for what we have left, our families, our lives, and our freedom. We are here to rebel against the corruption, the dictatorship and the oppression of those who come to our gates. We fear nothing, as we know our fate. We knew it before coming here. They will climb this hill. We will stand and give them a hell of a fight, but in the end we will die, knowing, that our death will be an example for others. All around the country, people will hear about us. Our brothers and sisters will know what we fought for, and they will see it was a fair cause, and maybe not at the beginning, but slowly, they’ll come to realize that’s worth it. They will stand up against the tyranny, as we did, and they will take over it. It will be hard, it will be painful and bloody, but in the end, the outcome will be worth it.

Because what kind of life can we expect without freedom? When someone can do to you whatever he wants. That’s something you cannot kneel for. You have to bite the hand of your master, and finally kill him or free yourself. Never let him take over you again.

The flags of our fathers are among us. The same ones they used to start their little dreams, that now come to reality. Now it’s the time to make things better.

And here we are, pointing our guns from the top of this hill, to our hateful enemies. Willing to give our lives for the greatest of all causes. We will fight and die, but not before making them pay for what they’ve done to us. Because there is no lie here. They will take everything from us. Our lives, our lands, our families and our freedom. They’ll take it too. But happily we renounce to all this gifts of life, to guarantee the end of the tyranny that oppresses the innocent people of this good lands.
To arms, my brothers, because today is the day we die. Today, is the day we declare that our freedom has a cost, and if they want it, they have to pay. Let them come, as our guns are ready and our hands are willing. Blood will flow from this hill at the end of this day. Ours and from our enemies, we will end in the same place, after fighting to be left alone from each other.
Let the banners fly. Let the country know, that a few stood against many. That a few shouted “freedom” as last words before being killed by the same ones that make the rules destroying our only possible way of living.

This shall be it. The end of all ends. The day our life blackens. And the day freedom acquires a meaning. Don’t go without a fight. Life deserves it.

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