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In the distant city of Vallego, there is a power plant. But this one could save or destroy. And only a 15 year old boy will strive.

Submitted: April 01, 2017

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Submitted: April 01, 2017



¨Wake up!¨ My dad shouted at me as I stumbled out of bed getting ready for a day of hard work. Me being me, lumbered down the stairs. Due to my ignorance, I clashed with my brother, Harriounis. ¨WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING! I HAVE IMPORTANT BUSINESS TO DO!” He shouts as I walk away. I get punched and blackout. When I wake up I see my dad staring at me like it was my fault. ¨Welp, time to go,” He says ¨You need to hurry up, your mom's food is getting cold.” I limp to the kitchen only to find a brown bag with my name, Finnus. I sigh. There was a feeling that this day was not meant to be. I walk outside to see our family power plant in front of me with a long line of workers waiting for it open. The Neuton Power Plant is the largest in the world, pipes weave in and out creating a modern like pattern on the 500 tons of compressed steel with bolts the size of my fist perfectly lined up in a vertical straight. Smoke stacks scatter the roof along with a handful of processing machines. One by one the smoke billows out like a snow machine after a storm that brought enough snow to cover Mt. Shasta. A Whistle blows and the day has started. Everyone files in knowing nothing about what is about to happen.

Every morning we have a small five minute briefing in a room about the size of the library in the tower of terror. The lights flicker off then the large screen turns on with my dad sitting there as usual but the is tied up like a hostage. People start screaming and start going crazy. ¨DAD!¨ I cry. Just then Harriounis appers into veiw with a sharp knife. ¨STOP SCREAMING YOU FOOLS OR HE IS DEAD¨ He shouts with enough force to shake the room. The room becomes suddenly quiet with no light. “Great, then i'll start, you have 30 minutes to evacuate the whole town before the whole power plant blows up” He says with no empathy toward anyone. We all stare in shock as the screen turns black and we all rush out in a fleeing panic. I run out in a panic to only to be confronted by a massive crowd with jammed sidewalks and streets. I thought to myself, this must be a mass murder. Running through the crowd I could see nothing but the smoke above me. It was like rain was going to happen in the middle of the morning. The sweat running down my face was immense as I headed into my house just before a herd of escapees rush past. I slam the door and pack my stuff. I almost am done until my older brother Aaron approaches me. “Why are you packing?” He asks as if i'm doing something wrong. “I’m leaving” I answer. He goes and slaps my hand. “We got to help” He says in a stiff tone. “NO, I WANT TO SAVE MY LIFE” I say as I storm out onto the street. I run far with tears running down my cheeks. I collapse. Darkness. Nothing but darkness. I wake up with Aaron’s face in mine. “Get up time to save the city” He says. I stumble up and realize. Aaron had stop Harriounis before, he can do it now, right? My life depended on this.

We run to the Power Plant. Its smoking pumping out so much that it plastered the sky with dark ashes. We run in through the briefing room before confronted with a challenge. A ZBot. A ZBot is the security of the place and helps manage the place, but something was off, it had red eyes and charged at us with full power. It barely missed us. As it came for another blow Aaron hit it and it magically shut down. I run pass others while He punches them out, then I punch one and again it shuts down. We run to the control room to see my wicked brother with my tied up dad looking scared. “Great, now that you are here time to kill you!” Harrionis says in a menacing voice. “Please don’t!” I say frantically. “Oh what's that?” He says as he stabs my dad. We rush over to him as we take off his the cloth covering his mouth. “Stop him, he is no child of mine” He says as he drops dead in his own factory. Harrionis runs out. Me and Aaron exchange looks. We need to stop this. I type in some code. “1-6-9-2….” I repeat as the time ticks. 30 seconds. “7-9-4-2…”. 15 seconds. “8-9”. 10 seconds. “8-9-8-6” I say as the time says: TRANSMISSION CANCEL. Me and my brother high-five each other. We have done it. We look at our dead father but I feel that he thinks we have done well. We walk out of the factory to see the town deserted. “Well I guess it will be awhile before he  see him again” Aaron says. “More like the whole town” I mutter. We laugh as we see the sunset. The Whistle blows marching the end of the 6th shift. As we said at the factory, “Ehh.. Tomorrow will be the same”. Those same word repeat in my head, which by the way hurts (same with my hands). I smile in the darkness that only I can see. The darkness is here but the light, it will come soon.



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