Tumbling Walls

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Many people are drawn to things that will gain control of their attention, as if it were a calling for them to find their purpose in that thing. To wonder is the beginning, but to know what meaning is all the merrier.

Submitted: April 12, 2017

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Submitted: April 01, 2017



The gratitiude of the people willing to change the world themselves bit by bit instead of waiting on a change are the blessed ones with the best mindset of geniuses. A genius is not determined by a college degree nor is a genius determined by the start of a company manufacturing anything such as water bottles. A genius is that who can look in front of them and point to every flaw these governments and dictators have put in place to blind millions and poison our brothers and sisters around the world. No one man can change the world, but one man can make a great impact on a good number of lives through his/her conscious behavior showing off their morals to the fools that laugh and disrespect their own. A reminder to every man, woman, and child is that you must all believe you're the most beautiful kings and queens ever to exist. Beautiful used to explain the magnificent personality that makes you who you truely are inside. The amazing creative work you create through conversation, drawing, and even the impressions you leave on others.

A lot of people would argue with the obvious facts in front of them such as deflation to every American young and old working here. Arguments about gun laws needing to be set when there's obviously devious beings that have assumed leadership around the world in all these countries we've known to go to war over religion, race, and even resources. Blood is shed every hour for (G)old, (O)il, and (D)iamonds that are all located in Africa and parts of Europe. Not to sound biased or disrespect anyone's beliefs, but religion schemes suchas as Christianity, Catholism, and a lot more are the true murders of every innocent creature living here on Earth. We are all murderers as we support these evil ones who blame each other and disrupt the peaceful lives of children being awaken by bombs as their parents are gone by the next morning, Mothers killing their children for a cheap price of only $300 where the body parts worth well over a half a million when sold seprately to bidders all over the world, Slavery happening right  in front of our faces as they imprison my fathers and rape my mothers, and exploit my sisters for a cheap buck on their magazines and perverted films. They continue to kill my brothers by shooting him behind the ear and electricute my fathers as they mean to hang them.

Today and even tonight we are to grab ahold of ourselves by gaining back our consciousness from the broken state it seems stuck on which is us attaching our feelings to rediculous things such as "school" where our knowledge is from that of the Devil who never wanted us to make it in the first place, so we go to school and gain these degres for jobs that are still hard for us to get and maintain because of the taxes put in place to regulate our debts we owe in the end, we rely on this paper system for services we should know how to do ourselves where we should work together for a greater cause which is to plant our own foods that are not poisoness to our families, free energy from Teslas discovery, and unlimited resources found in our lands below where we have been ripped from and replaced by those that call themselves "Chosen ones". Restore peace to the land of isreal which Black people are the real Jewels of God. Follow no faith of that which promoted distruction of your brother across the way. Hold your children tight and remind them constantly you love them unconditionally without a doubt. Look into the eyes of every woman where her spirit is found to assure her she is beautiful in every type of way and very important in every man's life. Kiss your mothers for the life they've given you and the home they bare to each and every one of us. Hug your fathers for the security that peace is upon us all for they will never leave our sides for nothing less than a life of your own.

Take back the pride we have in the dark when inventions come about, and show the world just how quick love can spread from one to another bringing about the joy we seek from life. Go home with the perfect manifestations embedded in every genius still alive from birth and set the world on fire with all these factors to cure every disease with the good health you gain from the food you consume from nature itself and not of the flesh of animals. Carry your brother/sister when they are growing weak in frequency to safety by giving them the knowledge for a happy life. Each individual here is a valueable component to what most of us do not know as HEAVEN here on Earth. You can have your place up there in the clouds, but my home is where my food is grown. Lose sight of a magical savior coming to rescue everyone at the last minute, you are that savior that needs to make the move this very moment. Like i tell myself Everyday "if there is a change, it has to start in me!". Let go of the past you've grown unhappy with, let go of the thoughts that do not make you strong. Show your piece of God the Devil does not possess which is that beautiful smile signifying purity inside yourself representing the peace in your heart and the peace in your mind all connected with your spirit. I believe this way can be the same for everyone.

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