An affair?

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Complications and drama!
These two things are an obvious part of my usual life.
so this is a short story of two people who are very complicated.

Submitted: April 02, 2017

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Submitted: April 02, 2017



Waking up in the morning hearing those chirping sounds, the swirly wind and seeing the bright sun watching you as you get up amicably , you walk outside of your room thinking of making that little magical syrup that makes you ready and upright when you are rather languorous. But this morning like every other morning is always fucking your shit off! ……… so there is this sight, a sight of a girl swirling and gyrating around the house like a total retard.. and she calls this activity as “listening to music” .. well my dear people I thought listening to music is an activity when you sit down, relax and calm yourself because of the constant naggings of these homo sapiens the whole day. Then in a spur of moment this girl look at me and people, just to tell you, I am a complain box. So, for the sake of being the latter I am entitled to listen to her story of her previous complicated encounters. God! I am totally fine being a complain box but now she wants me to give my critical reviews even if I decline. So today, my people, I am going to let you know something very labyrinthine.

According to this quintessential belief, the Indian society would never accept you if you have an extramaritial affair! Oh.. no! don’t get me wrong , this little ass is completely young bones. So getting straight to the point, she met this guy some long time ago! She said he was super helpful, super nice, very behaving and etc etc…! so not describing the in-betweens… turns out this guy was married and had children, so one big big guy started developing feelings for this girl! And by the way the claps are heard when you use both the hands… The feelings started because things not only got heated up but to another level. So they had many sexual encounters through the course of their lives and but they never were in a relationship. Each time after assaulting themselves with a friendly weapon, they avoided each other for some time and in no matter of days they used to came close again… and when I asked her the reason ….she used to say its just for the sake of friendship! “Friendship” hahaha.. what an irony!

So, this guy right here to me looks like a big Shahrukh Khan fan(all that hair and the beard). And this guy is married which was an utter wide eye shocking situation for us. As the guy with whom this girl had some untagged relationship with is actually a daddy and when asked about what if her wife got to know about his deeds. He coolly replied she has no issues. Okay, so basically I have a live example of what you call an “open relationship”. So this girl is a freak! She is always hyper and at night she is just intolerant. She wants someone to be with her constantly for the whole night otherwise a waterfall is created, So that guy came that night , they had a conversation ..I was thinking that they are obviously having sex! But what she told me was cute and funny at the same time time…they were just sitting and hugging each other the entire night! Like they do in! And the funny thing is they swear to God that they will just enjoy the foreplay but will never get to the climax. Dude! Its like setting the fire on the flame and extinguishing it when the milk was about to get boiled. I skipped ample of details in between because then it would have been a long read. So this guy’s name starts with ‘S’ and there is an other ‘s’ guy in her life who you can consider as her boyfriend. Well that would be a whole new chapter. See ya!

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