Raindrops and puddles

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Rain is seen as many things,
bringer of life, a sign of a storm, natures refresher.
But to some it is seen as something else, something more dear and beloved
Rainy days are my favorite days, they are calming and beautiful.
So it is only natural that some find love through rain.

Submitted: April 02, 2017

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Submitted: April 02, 2017



Raindrops and puddles


When I first saw you it was a rainy day

And I only wanted to carry you to safety, away


When I first saw your smile you looked down

You looked into a puddle, at first with a frown


But the frown was quickly gone when I walked up to you

I only asked “Hey! Nice to see you! What do you wanna do?”


And your smile told me everything

'Watch the rain with me, let the drops sing'


And so we stood there on a rainy day

And even though the skies were gray


Your smile brightened up my world, it was lovely, wasn't it?

And when ever it rained I saw your spirit


I see your smile, I hear your words, I remember your name

Every time I walk past a puddle my emotions are set aflame


And I just want to be closer to you and your beautiful smile

You look so lovely every day, but when it rained it just fit your style


So do you want to come with me once more?

We can sit in the rain, in your backyard, next to the backdoor


Just the two of us enjoying the gray skies and melodic rain

It is what brought us so close, so would you like to do it again?


Every day I love you more, you are my sun when the skies are cloudy

And I can say that pretty proudly


So will you walk with me through the rainy days of my life?

I would love nothing more than being with you, with my beloved wife


Now when ever I am sad I look towards the sky, hoping it will pour

As it reminds me of when we first met, and how we sat there until we were sore


So it was only fitting for it to rain at the end

Let us watch the rain and look into puddles, to remember our time spent


And I know when I see you again it will be a rainy day

So all I will want to do is carry you to safety, away.

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