Guardians of All Good - Episode 1.01 - ''How to Become a Guardian''

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Three college students - Jake, Luke and Martin - find an old book in the student library. Upon reading the poem on the backside of the book, all three of them are blessed with magical powers. Jake's grandmother Sylvia is around to help guide them through what has just become their destiny - protecting good magic from all evil that may come their way...

Submitted: April 02, 2017

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Submitted: April 02, 2017



(Scene 1: A club at night called Nitelife, Jake is talking to Jenny.)


Jenny: Are you okay?


Jake: How could I possibly be okay? Stood up again, like these guys don't even bother sending a text anymore.


Jenny: Hey, it's still early. He could be on his way.


Jake: Yeah, well, I'm not going to stay around to see that. (checks his phone) Yeah, still nothing.


Jenny: So what are you going to do now?


Jake: I'm gonna head on home.


Jenny: Wait, so a guy stands you up and you go home to spend your night alone? Just look around, there's plenty of guys around here.


Jake: Yeah, with my luck, I'm gonna flirt with some straight guy and then get punched in the face. No, thanks. It's not like I'm gonna be lonely anyway. Luke's home, he has some kind of a project to finish for school so don't worry, I'm not gonna be lonely.


Jenny: Hey, you know I have to look out for my little cousin, right?


Jake: (hugs Jenny) Yeah, I love you. Have fun...waitressing or whatever.


Jenny: Thanks. Love you.


(Jake walks way. Jenny continues to clean glasses as Lena comes along.)


Lena: Hey.


Jenny: Hey, Lena, how's your date going?


Lena: Oh, it's over. The guy was a complete dud.


Jenny: You know you're not gonna make it far with that attitude, right? Seems to me that every guy you pass, you ask out and end it after an hour or so.


Lena: It's not like you're seeing anyone.


Jenny: Well, no. Because, unlike you, I don't have time to study and go out on dates because I have a club to take care of.


Lena: Right. Where's Jake? Wasn't he supposed to have a date here?


Jenny: Yeah, he was.


Lena: Don't tell me he got stood up again!


Jenny: Unfortunately, yes. I don't understand why the guys even set up dates with him if they don't even bother to show up.


Lena: Yeah, I don't get it either. It's such a shame, Jake's such a great guy. I don't know why all the gays of the world aren't jumping all over him. I mean, he's funny, he's smart, he's handsome.


Jenny: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it. You have a crush on him. Maybe if you weren't so focused on flirting with gay guys, you'd be dating by now.


Lena: It's not my fault straight guys are far less attractive, intelligent and friendly than gay guys.


Jenny: Well, if you'd excuse me, I have a few tables to take care of, be back in a minute.


(Jenny walks away. Lena checks her phone.)


(Scene: Alley at night. Young woman Celia running from something or someone, shrieking. She hides behind a garbage bin.)


Celia: No, please, don't...God, help me...


(Behind Celia, out of a series of red lights, a man in dark clothing appears, a demon named Hertek.)


Celia: No, who are you? What do you want from me?


Hertek: I'm your death.


(Hertek's arm starts shining red. He touches Celia and burns her to death.)


Hertek: Tasted pretty well for a stupid blonde.


(Hertek smiles and disappears in the same red light column as before.)


(Scene: Library, Martin is taking care of the books. He finds a very old-looking book with a skull on the front cover.)


Martin: What is this?


(Martin tries to open the book but can't do so. He decides to take the book with him back home.)


(Scene: Home at the villa. Jake comes back home, Luke is sitting at his computer working on his paper.)


Jake: Hey, I'm home.


Luke: Hey, didn't expect to see you at all tonight. Unsuccessful date?


Jake: Well, there was no date so it couldn't have been successful. (sits down on the coach) Still working on your paper?


Luke: Yes. You wouldn't believe how much of a pain in the ass history can be.


Jake: Believe me, I do know. That's why I'm glad I don't have to take the class anymore.


Luke: Yeah, you sure are the lucky one. By the way, if you're interested in eating something, dinner's in the microwave.


Jake: Yeah? What did you make?


Luke: Spaghetti. Didn't want to waste my time on anything complicated.


Jake: You sure do know how to mend a broken heart, my friend. (stands up) Good luck with your paper.


Luke: Going to sleep yet?


Jake: Yeah, I'll take the food upstairs and head to bed. By the way, have I ever told you how glad I am your parents are so rich they can afford to lend us this villa? Love it.


Luke: Only about a million times already.


(Jake giggles as he heads out. Cuts to Martin coming home as Luke is now sitting on the couch with the laptop on his lap.)


Luke: Home already? I thought you worked the nightshift tonight.


Martin: Yeah, I was supposed to but I had to head home. Susan took the shift for me. I thought you could help me with something.


Luke: You know that unless it has something to do with history, I won't be of much help to you.


Martin: That is exactly what I need help with. (pulls out the book) I found this among the other books but I couldn't open it. Don't you know what kind of a book it could be.


Luke: (takes a look at the book) Judging by the skull, I would say it's probably something from the Wiccans, looks really old though, like 16th century old. This is a great piece of art, you found it on a shelf in the student library?


Martin: Yeah, it was there among the other books.


Luke: Well, you should count yourself lucky. Books like these are highly sought after. That must be one hell of a library you work at.


Martin: Wait, so what exactly is this book about?


Luke: I'd say that all things considered, this is probably a witchcraft book of some sort.


Martin: Witchcraft?


Luke: What? You don't believe in that stuff?


Martin: Do you?


Luke: No, I don't. But if you really had trouble opening it, maybe it's under a spell.


Martin: Haha, really funny. I'm going to bed, I'll take it back to the library tomorrow. I don't really even know why I took it home.


Luke: Yeah, people's mind works in interesting ways, we take things subconciously but there's always a reason.


Martin: I thought you studied history, not psychology.


(Luke smiles. Martin leaves for bed. As Luke is working, he can't see that the eyes of the skull start to shine bright green.)




(Scene: Morning at home, Jake is in the kitchen, having a cup of coffee. Luke comes in with wild hair.)


Jake: Wow, nice afro!


Luke: Morning to you too.


Jake: Working up late, huh?


Luke: Yeah, I have to, you know, I can't drop out now that it's my last year of college. I'm not leaving the first four years to be for not.


Jake: Yeah, I get you. I envy the fact that you know what you want from life.


Luke: Still haven't figured it out?


Jake: Nope, I'm still the same useless mess I was yesterday.


Luke: You're not a useless mess, in any kind of way. For some people, it just takes more time to figure out what their preference in life is.


Jake: Yeah, but I'm 21, I should be able to figure it out anytime now. Anyway, I'm having a meeting with Granny Sylvia this afternoon. So don't expect me to be home early. I have a lot I need to have her catch up on.


Luke: Gonna tell her you like guys?


Jake: If I get around to it. But I don't know. I'd rather have her like me the way she thinks I am than to bust her perfect bubble.


Luke: As you said, you're 21. Don't you think it's weird you've never had a girlfriend until now? I think she's figured it out by now.


Jake: Wow, thanks. Now I feel like much more of a loser in life than I did ten seconds ago. No, I know. It's just really stressful for me.


Luke: Don't worry, everything's gonna be alright.


(Jake nods his head. The camera cuts to Jake walking through the living room as he notices the old book. He takes it and notices some kind of a poem on the back.)


Jake: (reading the poem) Powers of the universe unite to give and take what you might. To keep the steady balance of good and evil, empower another legacy reciever.


(Jake starts shining green as well as the book. He shouts. Luke and Martin come in as they start shining too. After the shining ends, all three guys are bewildered.)


Martin: What the hell was that?


Jake: I-I...


Martin: What did you do?


Jake: I don't know. I just read this poem on the back of the book and it started shining all of a sudden.


Luke: Yeah, but you started to shine too.


Jake: What? That doesn't make any sense. What the hell is this book.


(Luke and Martin look at each other before saying anything.)


Luke: Witchcraft. (shrugs his shoulders)


(Jake's eyes go wide.)


(Scene: Nitelife club, Jake's grandmother is in town and she first stops by Jenny's club.)


Jenny: We are closed, come in the afternoon.


Granny Sylvia: Not a very nice way to treat your Godmother.


(Jenny turns around. She runs and hugs Granny Sylvia.)


Jenny: I'm sorry, Aunt Sylvia. I didn't recognize it was you. How have you been?


Granny Sylvia: Oh, you know. The bones ain't what they used to be but I'm doing just fine. How are you, my sweet darling?


Jenny: Well, the business is going so that's good. We've been getting a lot of visitors lately so I'm holding up as good as ever. What are you doing in town?


Granny Sylvia: I'm here to see Jake. He wants to talk to me about something.


(Jenny realizes what Jake wants to talk to Granny Sylvia about and her eyes go wide.)


Jenny: Okay, do you want something to drink?


Granny Sylvia: No, thank you, sweetie. I don't want to waste any of your valuable time. I just came by to see if you're still as beautiful as you've always been.


(Jenny smiles.)


(Scene: Home at the villa, Jake is walking back and forth in shock as Martin is bewildered still.)


Martin: I don't understand what's going on. How come the book is now open? I wasn't able to do that before!


Luke: Maybe it was the spell? I don't know.


Martin: Yeah, that's still not funny. I don't understand this.


Luke: Well, but look inside. These pages are full of potions, elixirs, spells, weird-looking creatures. This really does look like a Wiccan book of magic.


Jake: Since when do we believe in magic again?


Luke: Do you have any other logical explanation for what just happened? To me, it's clear. You read a spell and the book opened.


Jake: How? How is that possible?


(Jake spreads his arms out and his arms start to shine blue. He freaks out and the light disappears.)


Jake: What the hell was that?


Luke: I have no idea.


Jake: Why were my arms blue?


Luke: It's starting to look more and more like magic to me.


(Luke closes his eyes and suddenly disappears from everybody else's sight.)


Martin: Where did he go?


Luke: Who?


Jake: Who's talking?


Luke: Eh, me?


Jake: Yeah, but you're not here. You disappeared. How the hell did you disappear and I'm still talking to you?


Luke: What are you guys talking about? I'm still here. (touches Martin)


Martin: Stop touching me, you pervert.


Luke: I had to prove to you that I'm here. You guys actually can't see me?


Jake: In all actuality, defnite fact, yes. You're not to be seen no mo'.


Martin: Okay, now this is frickin' crazy! I don't understand any of this. Why are your arms changing colors? Why do you not have any colors? What the shtitz is going on?


Jake: I think the more important thing is, why's nothing happened to you?


Martin: I don't know. Maybe I'm immune to whatever that's just going on with you.


Luke: Well, is there still anyone here that believes that this has nothing to do with magic or are we all in unison on that fact now?


(Jake and Martin both just nod their heads.)


(Scene: The alley now in the middle of the day, police investigation.)


Markovich: I don't understand how a young woman disappears in the middle of the night and then we find her ashes just lying in the middle of the street.


Johnson: I'm with you on that. Maybe we have a case of neonacism on our hands.


Markovich: Why do you think that?


Johnson: The woman was a Jew. I think it might have something to do with the other six murders in the past week. All of the people killed were Jews. More than that, all of them were young women, not older than 25.


Markovich: Yeah, that is very suspicious.


Johnson: Coincedence?


Markovich: I doubt that. What I don't understand is that the killer doesn't leave any traces behind. It's almost as though the women were burned by the moonlight.


Johnson: Well, we do have some clues. All of the women that were killed were visitors of a club nearby. The club is called Nitelife if I remember correctly.


Markovich: Main suspect?


Johnson: We don't have any but maybe if we go undercover, we'll get to the bottom of this. I've set up a meeting with the owner, Jennifer White, this afternoon at 3 pm.


(Markovich nods his head as a photo of Jenny is shown to him.)


(Scene: Lilly's Tea Garden, Jake has a meeting with his Granny here. He walks in with gloves on his hands.)


Jake: Oh, hey, Granny Sylvia. I'm sorry I'm late, had some issues back home.


Granny Sylvia: Oh, it's okay, honey. How are you? (notices the gloves) What are these for?


Jake: I have very sensitive skin on my hands, Granny. Don't mind those. How have you been, Gran?


Granny Sylvia: You know, same old boring life. More importantly, how have you been? I know you wanted to talk to me about something and I'm wondering what it is.


Jake: Well, see there is something that I've been keeping away from you and I don't want to have to do that anymore.


Granny Sylvia: Okay, fine. What's on your mind, love?


(The waitress comes to Jake and Granny Sylvia but she stumbles and spills coffee all over Jake. However, his arm starts to shine again and all the coffee spills on the floor.)


Waitress: Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to do that.


Jake: It's okay. It's fine.


(Granny Sylvia looks at Jake with a very stern look as he smiles in a very awkward way.)


Waitress: I'll clean it up, don't worry. I apologize once more.


Jake: It was an accident, happens to the best of us.


Waitress: Be right back.


(Waitress leaves.)


Granny Sylvia: Is that what you wanted to talk to me about?


Jake: What exactly?


Granny Sylvia: The fact that you've become one of the Guardians?


(Jake opens his eyes wide as Granny Sylvia puts on a smile.)


(Scene: Nitelife at night, Jenny is working hard, the demon Hertek comes in as well as the police officers. Hertek spots Jenny but he can also see the officers coming towards her.)


Johnson: Jennifer White?


Jenny: Yes. Who's asking?


Johnson: (showing her the badge) Police officers Dalton Johnson and Julian Markovich. We're here to ask you a few questions.


Jenny: Okay, about what?


Markovich: There have been a lot of murders happening nearby your club. We'd just like to know whether you know anything about that or any suspects that might be involved.


(Jenny nods her head as the officers go on to ask her about the murders. As Hertek sees the two talking to her, he spots Lena on the dancefloor as he makes her his rebound.)


Hertek: May I dance with you?


Lena: Well, of course. Dancing with a stranger is definitely better than dancing on my own.


Hertek: Say that again.


(Lena and Hertek then go on to dance together. The camera cuts back to Jenny and the police officers.)


Johnson: So you haven't seen any suspicious people around here in the past week or so?


Jenny: Sir, this is a nightclub. If I were to give you a penny for every suspicious person that comes by here, I'd have no money.


Markovich: Well, if you think of anything that might help us with our case, just call me on my cellphone. (gives her his number)


Johnson: Thank you for your time.


Jenny: You're welcome.


(Johnson and Markovich both leave as Jenny can be seen perplexed. She then looks at Lena who is leaving the club with Hertek in hand.)


(Scene: Home at the villa, Jake's grandmother is drinking coffee, telling the guys about what she knows.)


Jake: So what exactly are we? Guardians of what?


Granny Sylvia: Of good magic, honey. For centuries, three select individuals have been given the powers to deflect dark magic and save this world from all the demons and dark forces that may come.


Luke: And how exactly do you know all of this?


Granny Sylvia: Well, I used to be a Guardian in my time. There were three of us, we were three girls. And we fought together against the forces of evil just like you three have to.


Martin: We don't have to do anything. We make our own choices.


Granny Sylvia: Yes and you've made the choice to give yourselves these magical powers.


Martin: How so?


Granny Sylvia: By reading the reenforcement spell, I believe. One of you must have read it with all three of you present by the book.


Jake: Oh, my God. So this is all my fault. Great...


Luke: I still don't get this. Why am I invisible?


Granny Sylvia: Well, each of you has been given a magical power so that you can fight evil more easily. I believe you Luke have the power of invisibility.


Luke: You really believe so?


Granny Sylvia: And Jake must have the power of deflection. Your power can save you from anything that attacks you.


Jake: Okay, but the only thing that I want to deflect at this point is the power itself.


Granny Sylvia: Oh, it doesn't work like that, honey.


Martin: Okay then. But why don't I have any of the powers? Did the spell just work on the two of them?


Granny Sylvia: No, Martin. You have the most amazing of the three powers, the one I used to have.


Martin: Which is?


Granny Sylvia: You have the power to move from place to place. You can travel long distances in the blink of an eye.


Martin: Yeah, right. How come I can't use it?


Granny Sylvia: Because you don't believe you have any powers. To be able to obtain a magical power, you have to have the willingness to engage in magic.


Martin: That explains it perfectly. I just don't believe any of what you've just told us. This is all bullony to me.


Luke: I'm not sure what to think either but me and Jake do have magical powers so she's not lying in some capacity.


Granny Sylvia: I'm not lying to you at all. You all have to learn to control your powers before you'll be able to use them efficiently.


Jake: What do we need these powers for anyway?


Granny Sylvia: Well, as soon as the magical powers have been recieved by the three of you, evil will know of it. And the only thing that evil wants more than to rule the world, it is to obtain the powers of the Guardians. Because after there are no Guardians, there is no good.


Martin: I think she's cuckoo for cocoa puffs. This makes no sense.


Granny Sylvia: Does everything have to make sense? Why couldn't some things just be?


(Jake, Martin and Luke all look at Granny Sylvia with a little more understanding.)


(Scene: Jenny is staring at her phone in her club as she trying to get in touch with Lena.)


Jenny: Come on, pick it up!


(As Lena is not picking her phone up, Jenny takes her purse and walks away, trying to find her friend that she's worried about.)


(Scene: Home at the villa, Granny Sylvia is trying to teach the three guys how to use their powers.)


Granny Sylvia: You all have to get in touch with your powers internally and then you'll know how to use them properly.


Martin: I don't think we can do it.


Granny Sylvia: Oh, honey, you can be glad I'm still alive. Us three, we would have been very happy had we had a teacher to tell us everything we needed to know. We had to learn everything from scratch.


Martin: Well, I don't see you helping us any.


Granny Sylvia: You're the sceptic one, aren't you? Just feel the power in your core. Think about a place you'd like to be and just let everything loose.


(Martin thinks about the kitchen and after a little bit, he disappears and reappears in the kitchen.)


Martin: I'm in the kitchen. I'm in the kitchen? I'm in the kitchen!


(Martin then walks back to the corridor.)


Granny Sylvia: See, I told you. This power is the easiest to get a hang of.


Luke: Well, if you wouldn't mind, I'd like to reappear to the world because my paper is due at seven so I basically have only two hours to hand it in.


Granny Sylvia: Luke, you just need to close your eyes and think about somewhere safe. Your power is tied to how scared you are. Once all your inhibitions are freed, you'll reappear to the eye.


(Luke thinks about reappearing and suddenly he is back.)


Luke: Wow, that was quick.


Jake: Now me! I want to know how to use my power.


(As Jake asks his grandmother for advice, the pages of the book start to turn on their own with green light as it stops on a page with Hertek.)


Jake: What the hell is that book doing?


Granny Sylvia: We don't have time to teach you how to use your powers, somebody is in danger.


Jake: And you're assuming that based on...


Granny Sylvia: The book. Whenever its pages start to turn on its own, it means that the book is trying to tell you something. Look at this, Hertek, the execution demon.


Luke: Executions as in witch executions?


Granny Sylvia: Not quite. It says here in the book that the demon uses his hands as its weapon. He has the power of burning down any being just by the touch of its palm which he can heat up to 500 degrees.


Jake: Wow, talk about a solarium.


Martin: So what are we supposed to do about it?


Granny Sylvia: Well, you have to locate the demon and vanquish it. According to the book, it won't hurt you. It only kills young Jewish women because their souls aren't pure.


Jake: What do you mean they aren't pure?


Granny Sylvia: Well, the Jews carry all of their ancestry in their souls and we all know it's one of a lot of pain. The demon feeds on that.


Luke: So he can't kill us?


Granny Sylvia: No, of course he can. But he won't have nothing to feed on. Now, do you know any Jewish girls around here?


Martin: Did you say vanquish it? As in kill it?


Granny Sylvia: Yes.


Jake: The only one I know is Jenny but she should be alright, she'll be working the night away.


Granny Sylvia: Very well then, let's go after the demon.


Martin: Now good luck with that. This is getting a little too psycho for me.


Jake: Wait, maybe, even though it all sounds insane, what can we lose by at least trying to hear my grandmother out?


(Martin turns to Jake as he knows he has nothing he can say anymore.)


(Scene: Another dark Alley, Hertek and Lena are walking hand in hand before Hertek turns her face towards his.)


Lena: What? Going a little too fast there, Mister!


Hertek: When I know I want something, I just go and get it. No need to beat around the bush. (goes in for the kiss)


Lena: (pulling away) Well, I'm not comfortable with going this fast on a first date, let alone this fling I wouldn't even call a date.


Hertek: (pulling her back in) That's too bad!


(Lena starts shouting as Hertek is now trying to kill her. However, he can't get his hand free to burn her. Suddenly, a ding is heard and Hertek falls to the ground as Jenny hit him with a trash bin lid.)


Jenny: (taking Lena's hand) Let's go! We gotta call the police!


(Jenny and Lena run away as Hertek stands on back up and starts following them again.)


(Scene: Home at the villa, Granny Sylvia is telling the guys how to find the demon.)


Martin: So what is our plan exactly?


Granny Sylvia: Well, you're the one that has an active transportation power so you should be able to get you all to Hertek in time before he kills anybody else.


Martin: But I don't know where Hertek is.


Granny Sylvia: You don't need to know where to transport. You just need to know to whom. You'll figure that out soon enough.


Martin: Okay, but that still doesn't explain how we're going to kill him.


Granny Sylvia: (taking the book) Well, that depends on what level a demon Hertek is.


Jake: Demons have multiple levels?


Granny Sylvia: Yes, the lower-level demons are very easy to vanquish, all you need is a sharp knife. The higher-level demons aren't as easy to destroy. You may need their blood or a piece of the demons' meat to make a potion that kills the demon. But all demons except for the highest-level demons are easy to vanquish using a spell that you three say in unison.


Martin: TMI. Can you say that again?


Granny Sylvia: Oh, you'll figure it out on your own. (looking at the book) Hertek isn't a higher-level demon so a spell should be enough.


Luke: But what spell? There isn't any here in the book.


Granny Sylvia: Yes, higher-level demons have spells written in the book. Demons like Hertek, which aren't on as high a level, you can make your own spells to vanquish.


Martin: And how are we supposed to do that?


Jake: Yeah, none of us study poetry.


Granny Sylvia: Use your imagination. You should hurry though. Somebody could be getting killed by now. You can't waste any more time.


Jake: Okay then Martin has to transport us.


Martin: I hate this.


Jake: Granny, you going with us?


Granny Sylvia: No, I've already served my calling, now it's time to fullfill your destinies. Be blessed and good luck.


(Martin takes Jake and Luke's hands as the three guys suddenly disappear in a ray of white light.)


(Scene: A dark alley, guys suddenly appear in white light, they look around but they don't see anything.)


Jake: Okay, where is the demon exactly?


Martin: I don't know. I just thought about him and we're in the middle of a street. I hope my power isn't playing tricks on me.


Jake: Maybe you thought wrong.


Martin: Like there's more than one way of thinking...


Luke: (pointing in a direction) Guys! There's Lena and Jenny! What are they doing here?


(The guys walk up to the girls who look frightened.)


Luke: Hey, guys! What are you doing here?


Jenny: Run! There's a raper following us! He tried to get Lena but I hit him in the head. But I think he is following us!


Jake: (whispering) Hertek...


Jenny: What was that? What are you doing here anyway?


Luke: Oh, we were just walking by. Did you call the police?


Jenny: Yes, they're on their way. Let's go!


Luke: No, you go. He's not gonna go after three guys if he tried to attack Lena. You just run and we'll watch out for anybody that might following you.


Lena: Okay, take care.


(Jenny and Lena continue running away as the guys walk down the alley where the girls were. After a bit of time, they see a man hurrying in their direction.)


Jake: (pointing) That's him!


Martin: Great job, Jake! Let's all shout at a demon that can burn you to ashes with just one touch!


Jake: I was just warning you guys.


Martin: As if we didn't see a demon coming at us.


Luke: Guys, I don't think now's the time to argue.


Jake: Right. So how exactly are we going to do this?


Luke: Follow me.


(Luke starts running towards Hertek and then closes his eyes and disappears from sight. He kicks Hertek in the abdoben and Hertek falls to the ground.)


Hertek: What the hell was that? (looks at Jake and Martin) Are you three witches?


Jake: Better than that! We are...Guardians of all Good!


Martin: What a way to promote us!


Hertek: Oh, so the new generation has been given their powers, right? I'll happily be the one to put an end to all Good!


(Hertek stands up and starts walking towards Jake and Martin. Luke trips him up and Hertek falls again.)


Jake: Great job, Luke! Wherever you may be...


(Hertek then gets up and jumps at Martin. Martin shines in white light and disappears. He then reappears a few meters away.)


Jake: What are you doing? Are you playing hide and seek with him?


Martin: It worked, didn't it. Look out!


(Hertek takes Jake's hand and then starts burning it. Jake screams in pain. Luke kicks Hertek in the crotch and Hertek lets Jake go.)


Jake: Oh, that hurts like a bitch.


Luke: Use your powers!


Jake: How?


Luke: I don't know. Freak out!


(Jake starts freaking out. Hertek stands up and takes Jake's hand once again. Jake's hand starts glowing in blue light which forces Hertek's power to deflect and Hertek burns his own hand.)


Hertek: No! That son of a bitch!


Jake: Hurts, doesn't it?


Hertek: I will kill you.


Jake: Not so fast.


(Luke kicks Hertek down as the guys start saying their spell.)


Jake, Luke and Martin: Set this burning hand on fire, his own pain let him admire.


(Hertek starts screaming in pain as he is set on fire and then explodes.)


Jake: Wow, there's no need to clean up after him. Thought killing someone would be messier.


Martin: Yeah, well, let's hope we don't have to do this anytime soon.


(Police cars suddenly start coming in as they try to find Jenny and Lena. They stop at the three guys.)


Markovich: Police officer Markovich. We've had a call from around here about a mysterious man attacking a young woman. Know anything about it.


Jake: No, Sir.


Markovich: Look, somebody's life may be on the line here. You telling me the truth?


Luke: Got nothing to hide. We were just walking home. We don't know about no desperate women.


Jake: Sorry, Sirs, no can do.


(Markovich nods his head before the three guys walk away. Markovich walks up to Johnson.)


Johnson: Got anything from them?


Markovich: No, they said they were on their way home. No sight of a woman in need.


Johnson: Maybe we got pranked. I can't see any women around here.


Markovich: Yeah, me neither. But there's something about those guys that seems a little off to me.


Johnson: Wanna investigate them?


Markovich: No, not for now anyway.


(Johnson nods his head as they both walk towards their car.)


(Scene: Nitelife club, Jake and Martin are sitting at the bar with Lena as Jenny is standing behind the bar.)


Jenny: So you're sure that police has got the guy?


Jake: Absolutely. They arrived about five minutes after you guys left and they told us that they caught the guy running after you. He's gone forever.


Lena: I'm so glad about that. You couldn't believe how much of a jerk that guy was.


Jenny: Lena, every guy is a jerk according to you.


Lena: Well, not every. Most of them are but not every single one. Let's just say I'm glad it's over. Though I'll have trauma for the rest of my life. I'm never walking an alley in the dark again in my life.


(Jenny looks at a guy standing by.)


Jenny: Isn't that the guy you had a date with yesterday?


Lena: As a matter of fact, yes it is. Let's just say that what I went through today made me realize that he was not the worst that could happen to me so I gave him a call.


Martin: Don't waste any more time talking to us then. Good luck.


Lena: Thank you. Now if you'll excuse me...


(Lena takes her purse and walks on over to the guy.)


Jenny: I guess everything bad is good for something.


Jake: Yeah, I think so too.


Jenny: It was still really scary. Seeing somebody attack your best friend just like's unbelievably discomforting.


Martin: No kidding. But it's all alright now. Experiences like that, you just have to shake them off.


Jenny: Yeah, I guess. Now I have some tables waiting for me to be served.


(Jenny takes a plate and walks away. Jake and Martin continue talking.)


Jake: I guess she's right. Everything bad is good for something. How you holding up?


Martin: Given the fact I've just learned I'm not a normal human being, I would say I'm doing alright.


Jake: You know, everything happens for a reason. Maybe if this truly is our destiny, we'll once look at this day as one of the best days ever in our lives.


Martin: Yeah, maybe. I guess I'm just a little flustered because everything just happened so fast.


Jake: I understand. Just take it easy.


Martin: I guess the worst thing about it all is that I can't tell anyone. If people found out, there would be witch hunts on us and we certainly don't want that to happen.


Jake: Yeah, what's new?


Martin: What do you mean?


Jake: I've had to hide a part of me away from the world for most of my life. You know that I grew up in a household where different sexualities were looked down upon. It's just another thing I've got to keep in the closet.


Martin: I guess I've never looked at it that way. How do you deal with all of that?


Jake: It's tough but it's just self-preservence. When you know it's the best thing for you to do, you do it even though it's killing you on the inside.


Martin: Well, let's hope my neuroticism doesn't get in the way.


Jake: If it does, nobody's going to blame you, trust me. We just have to make sure we keep our mouths closed.


Martin: Yeah, don't worry. Our secret's safe with me.


Jake: Okay then. I've got to head out now.


Martin: Where are you going?


Jake: Granny's leaving and I think I need a couple more answers.


Martin: Tell her I'm gonna miss her.


Jake: Sure, I will.


(Jake then leaves as Martin takes another sip of his beer.)


(Scene: Home at the villa, Jake comes in and he can see his grandmother with her suitcase packed as she is about to leave.)


Granny Sylvia: Oh, honey, I thought I wouldn't even get the proper treatment of saying goodbye.


Jake: You're leaving already, Granny?


Granny Sylvia: Yeah, you guys have a really nice house but three young bucks like you don't need an old lady like me to babysit them all the time.


Jake: You know we wouldn't mind. We'd prefer it to be exact. Who knows how much help we'll need with everything that's going on right now.


Granny Sylvia: I can't keep on babying you through your journey. This is now your destiny, I've already fullfilled mine. Besides, you can just send Martin to me when you need me and I'll be here in a heartbeat.


Jake: (hugging Granny) Okay, tell everyone at home I miss them.


Granny Sylvia: (hugging Jake) Oh, I will. Don't you worry.


Jake: Take care.


Granny Sylvia: I will. (turns around) Just out of curiousity, are you planning on finally getting a boyfriend?


(Jake's eyes go wide.)


Granny Sylvia: I mean, you don't plan on staying lonely for the rest of your life, do you?


Jake: (shaking his head with a smile) No, I don't.


Granny Sylvia: Okay, then you better get going. There's tons of great guys out there that would kill to have such a sweet boyfriend like you.


Jake: Okay, I'll...get right on it.


(Granny Sylvia smiles and kisses Jake on the cheek. She then leaves and closes the door behind her. Jake can be seen grinning from ear to ear.)



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