the lion mask-short story

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the Lion mask-short story

Submitted: April 02, 2017

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Submitted: April 02, 2017




In an old jungle there was a secret city called Evilin. In that city lived many families lived along with animals. Animals used to stay there to save themselves from humans. Once there was a lost cub who had no food to eat. He was looking around for food. Suddenly, he saw a shooting star falling into a cave. The cub ran inside to see what it was. He found a small bottle of an unknown chemical.

He thought it was water and drank it. He fell down on the ground not realising that in the mean time he had started flying. After he woke up in around ten years he realised that he himself had grown up while he was mid air.

He wanted to save the people and animals both. So, he went to the cave where he had been drinking the chemical and was baffled to see a dead person wearing a mask. On instinct he wore the mask and named himself as the lion mask.

From that time onwards he started saving animals. After searching far and wide his senses led him to the secret city and gathering courage went inside. The lion was surprised that the people didn’t hurt him. People assumed he was a normal lion.

When, he left the city to check if everything outside was okay but then he found out that the humans were cutting down the whole forest to find animals.

The lion was terrified that they would find the secret city and kill each and every animal that resided there. The lion thought about stopping the humans as he wore his mask wore his mask but instead an evil thought slipped into his mind to hunt the humans instead of stopping them.

Flying above the clouds he noticed that the humans had dangerous weapons. He thought of a plan so that the humans would not be able to see him. He landed on the ground with a loud thud. The dust surrounded him then he used his strong senses to look for the humans. He saw the humans and killed them all. The people of the secret city were amazed seeing the lion killing all the hunters. The people and the animals lived happy ever after.



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