An Innocent Sin

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Innocent young girl and boy, insanely in love with each other. Goes through goes through tragic time.

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Submitted: April 02, 2017

A cold dry sunny morning in midth of autumn. . A waiter has a dark (boiling) bitter
as poison, contained in worthless black___Cup__(coffee) . Decisive and harsh as Her,
and he has a red, sweeter then sugar, dripping from worthless transparent glass_____
Grapes Juice . . pure and cold like him.
mean while slowing down movements his eyes are in constant war as Danny approaches
her table .
a wicked smile appears on Danny face while putting those cups on dark brown wooden
table. . the moment that typical circular bottom cup touched Wood. . more steam
was coming from that that circular face .. with crushed teeth, wide opened
covering major portion of circle. eyes, having dark candy like mysterious mini
circles. covered in blood, soft and white like snow , those tiny hands having
invisible Swords .. were about to slit his throat apart . . . A voice _____
Danny was saved but cup was soon suffocating in her hands. . black dress's pride was in shade
by Redness of that particular face.
a happiest boy in the world with a strange rhythm in his walk. due to his height
if he falls, it would be become a dance in itself. blacker than dress was his shiny
hair. long pointed nose small diamond shaped ears, only thing common they has
color of her face and his shoe.
totally ignoring her existence, Chapter engages in chat with Danny.
Cold breeze coming form south-east, wooden framed transparent and timid like her soul, windows. Seemed to be turning into Steam as passes her face. A boy right on table behind them, was bursting on the hot steak, like he haven't ate, since America Has conquered the Moon. His name is Haywood Black. and he loves only two things in this world, one his Biceps and his Triceps; as they thought. But there is a whole other side to him as seen form sky, His silence and simplicity deceived them all.
As coffee cup count his last breaths, Dany rushed to kitchen as he remembered villi's juice.
Shouts Chapter; oh dear lord, everybody! taaake cover! making scare face at her,
for a moment cafe became quite like hospitals wards, Then They burst into laughter,
including Haywood. soon everyone calm down as she emptied her coffee, which at had became cold; right on the face of Sherlock Holmes,
which kept smiling, even after that. okay your were wondering how the hell this happened. Chapter is wearing Sherlock's T-shirt.

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