Omelet In A Fruitcocktail Jar Chap 3

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And the end.

Submitted: April 02, 2017

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Submitted: April 02, 2017



?Bam, boom, swhasp, bam. Where's the money? Asked Lorne. Bam, where's damn money. He asked again.

?What? What money? What the hell you're talking about? Ty asked him.

Bam. He slapped her face again.

?Ty spitted out blood from her mouth. Ty was tighted up to a chair. She cannot move.

?Her head was spinning after so many slapping and punching she was getting.

Another one's coming, bam, straight to her nose.

?She saw little stars, the seven planets and their moons.

?What the hell do you want? Who are you? Ty asked two questions.

?Bam, boom, she got twice the punches. Lorne was getting ready for more fun.

He laughed. She blew up the blood from her nose.

Ty, the money, where is it? Ty, do you want some more? Lorne asked her.

Okay, Lorne, Okay. She would not play anymore with him.

?She shook her body so violently. Voila! she couldn't get free at all.

Turn me loose, turn me loose. She begged him.

Tell me where's the money. He asked her. Lorne got closer to her.

She looked up. His eyes, crystal blue no more.

?His eyes were cracked, like his back crack, if you know what I mean.

?She closed her eyes, bit her lips, she wanted to scratch her ass.

?Futile, her hands were tight up.

Then. Ty murmured. Oh, that money. yes that money. He said.

The money is gone. She said. Gone? Where? He asked.

?Well, I bought me this new yellow baby doll. Just for you, my darling Lorne. She said.

His face turned red. Ty, my dear one, I love you, I love you. He said.

I love you too. She told him.

?By the way, my dear Ty, I'll get you some new set of teeth as soon as posible. He told her.

This is what I got for being a fucking gentleman. Lorne said to himself.

?Perhaps we should start taking more minerals and vitamins. She said.

?You're right. We have to protect our territory. He reply.

?In the meantime. Two blocks down their house. An explosion. A microwave went poof.

That ungrateful priest. She said.

He didn't like our present? Lorne asked her.

Ty stared at Lorne. Lorne stared at Ty.

You do the math. Ty said.

I can't. I failed math. Lorne said.

?So who's going to do the dirty laundry? Ty asked him.

?Lorne made a terrible sound. Ty fixed her eyes on Lorne.

?Sorry. I'm gassing. He said. Yes you are. Ty reply.

?It's hard to find any meaning for life without being hit by a big trauma. Life's good. Ty said. Thinking on her own life experiences.

?Well, for such excellent philosophy of yours, an excellent reply. Lorne said.

?Ty looked at Lorne. And your reply is? She asked him.

Excellent. Lorne answered.

But listen. People don't know that. Lorne said.

Do you really want to go to that place? Ty asked

Just remember Ty. Everybody wants to rule the world. He said.

Could be. But that's a song. She told him.

Hey, we all have our favorites. Lorne said.

Once in their car they dug in the back seat untill the found the meaning of a car's back seat.

?I found more coins than you had. She said.

There's no place like home. Ty told him.

?Okay, but I was not the one who shouted it. He said.

?Well, anyway, tomorrow is going to be a rainy, stormy day. Ty said

And then some...ouch!...Silly, isn't it.





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