Stages of life

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Submitted: April 02, 2017

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Submitted: April 02, 2017



When she was 7, she used to love toys, playing with her friends, like every child used to do from morning to evening. She hadn't thought about any other thing, studying and playing was her only goal at that time. One reason why she was so interested in studying is because her working mother gives her inspiration a lot. Her mother had not taught her even a single thing about studies may b it was inherited from her mother to her that she was so dedicated towards her studies. As she grew up she just want to become just like her mother but as she was very young she was not able to see the grief behind all this. Her mother was hiding all the pain behind her gorgeous smile. She was also careless and studious that she didn't got to know about what's going on around. Her family was also hiding many things from her as they donot want to give any kind of worry to her. She was in 8 th standard, her brother went to college, her father used to came home thrice a week, some days when her brother left for hostel, she and her mother were alone. After few months, her mother got a call from her brother's hostel, " your son got sick last night, his condition is becoming critical please take him to hospital", said Hostel Warden. Her mother got worried, next day her mother went and admitted him to a well known hospital in their hometown. Doctor said," He is suffering from intestinal blockage and we need to do operation as the food which is blocked in his intestine can turn to toxins as the food is not able to pass through". They all got worried..

It will be her brother's 2nd operation.. He already had one operation few months ago. Now again one more operation will make him weak internally. Their financial condition was not balanced up by the first operation that again they had to pay for another one. But somehow they arranged money...operation started....but doctor's got tensed they had not seen this critical condition before..there was so much of pressure...and guess what...

operation got failed...

he was in ICU...his family was waiting outside..

" We were operating but his intestine got brust, we made another passage for excretion..this will take 5-6 months for intestines to heal and after 5-6 months we will do another operation and we will join that intestines together and everything will be back to normal", said the doctor.

To be continued......

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