Stages of life-II

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Submitted: April 02, 2017

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Submitted: April 02, 2017



After seeing so much pain her brother was going through... after seeing her brother's open stomach... what can you expect what's going in her head..

Her mother was laboratory technician in civil hospital.... A working woman plus working in a hospital need so much courage to see patients..but seeing her own son on the bed 24*7 for 5-6 months was breaking her internally.. Her father was Assistant Sub Inspector. It was difficult for him to make holidays..

All of the pressure was on her mother.. her brother was not young he was 22 years old, when she went for school her mother has to do all the stuff for her brother..she tried to lift him from the bed and somehow able to sat him on the chair...and took him in the varanda so that he can see Sunshine and nature.....

She felt bad for him because all of his friends are going to college..making their carrier...and he was laying on bed ..not able to move even his body completely..

This was all she was seeing that her mother is doing really hard for her brother..without caring about herself but a bitter really was also there.....

It was December..... extremely cold in Northern regions.....when her mother lifted her brother with her hands, her hands were becoming weaker...her mother was doing work sometimes in cold water sometimes in hot water...

If she got a headache or fever she didn't tell anyone instead she ignored her own body for the sake of his son...she started doing stuff for her son..

After 3 months, her mother was not can be seen from her face that she had tensions...that tensions are eating her from inside..

But no one was there to whom she can share... Not even with her husband because he was less interactive....

As they were going into financial loss, they decided to sell their house and shift to rent..... From this they can have money for next operation

What next....

They sell their house...her brother and her mother made a deal for around 20 lakhs...

But her father was not satisfied....

Her father had a problem..he himself didn't want to do anything, even he didn't helped his family when they need them badly instead he left home.... For sometime....

Again her mother and she was alone....

She called her father so many times to came back home... but he didn't listened...

All of this is breaking her mother down...

To be continued...

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