A Letter to Professional Athletes

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This is from the point of view of a poor college student. She is writing to an Athlete telling him how much his money could help her.

Submitted: April 02, 2017

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Submitted: April 02, 2017



I am a twenty year old women in college. I come from a very poor family and am the first of my family to go to college. Before you start congratulating me let me tell you how hard it was to get here. Let me tell you my life struggle up to this point. Let me tell you how my struggle is not over.

I was my parents sixth child. My mom and my dad both worked two jobs. My two oldest brothers each had a job and my family was still just barely getting by. I didn’t notice how bad my family's financial status was until I went to school. My first day of school I was hand-me-down clothes that came from my sister but were bought at Salvation Army. Everyone else in my class was wearing their new, clean, nice looking clothes and I was in rags. I went home that night and asked mom for new clothes and that was when she told me how poor we were.

All through school my teachers would ask me where I was going to school. They asked me what I was going to be when I was older. I remember dreaming at night about a life where I was no longer so poor. I also remember doing research projects on colleges and I would dream of where I would go to college. But through school I thought college was out of reach. But by mericle I saved up enough money and got a student loan to go to college.

I thought I was going to make it. Finally get out of poverty and change my family's ways. That was until I saw the debt I was in from college. Though that is what I don’t understand. I am working a minimum wage job and a full time student but it will take me years to work my way out of debt. But my debt is equal to how much you make a year. Why don’t I get the sponsors you get. You get millions of dollars of sponsors a year just because you know how to play a sport.

People are willing to to do nothing but watch you run around on a field. Why don’t those fans pay me to finish college so I can change this world? Why is it fair that you get to live in penthouses by yourself while my family of six is cramped in a two bedroom house? How is any of this fair?

Your pay is determined by how much revenue you bring your team and sponsors. I am paid one price to matter how much I make or how much I work. Your team is allowed to spend millions of dollars on you and your team mates. My work won’t even by a new ice machine. You probably also got a sport scholarship that paid for your whole collage. I will struggle my whole life to pay off my college.

You know as well as I do that you will never spend all the money you make. So why won’t you take a small reduction in pay. Your money could do wonders to working families. Your money could help put people like me through college. Yet you don’t help. Please all I am asking is for you to help poor children make it through college. Who knows maybe the person you help get their degree will cure cancer or solve global warming.


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