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This is about how hypocritical society can be to young women.

Submitted: April 02, 2017

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Submitted: April 02, 2017



We are taught to love are bodies

By the people that shamed the fatand hated the skinny

We were taught by the hypocritical

That everyone should be a perfect copy


Though we were never taught what those copies were

One person may say you need to be curvy

The next person may say you need to be skinny 

Some say as long as your girly


The quesion that arises 

Is who should you believe?

The person that maches your sizes

Is the person whom you must believe.


For humans are no cookie cutters

There is no one size fits all

No not even one size fits most

Who ever says differant is the one you should call


For that person committied the greatest crime

Though you can't arrest society

Even though society killed individuality

What a pity


Commit murder yet they walk free

They killed a life of a person

Yet no jury would ever convict

What a sin


How can we live with ourseleves

For we are all at fault for shame

But dose shame differ from murder

Don't think so then you are one to blame


People that believe they aren't  enough

Those are the people that change

The original never to be seen

Like there murdered, hmm, strange


So why do we let this go

Why is it so hard to stop

Why has society reached a new low

Trying to kill peoples style


Why can't we stop this hate

Why must we believe only one can be pretty

I promise beauty comes in all shapes

We don't have to be petty.


So my advice to you

It's quite simple you see

Society is wrong not you

Yourself you should be


So don't listen to the haters

For you must remember who is ugly

It is neither you nor the girl next door

No the true answer is society


Society is one to hate all

Society is who wants girls to be the perfect dolls

But they don't defind what that is

So we find our tear falls


They say be perfect 

But no one tells us how

So we're driven to the unthinkable

Just to hear the word wow


So stop and ignore all

For only than will you believe 

You are perfect how you are

And there is no need to leave


So love yourself

For do you want to be killed 

Knowing your murderer will walk

With your life unfulfilled


So remember you are who you are

You're perfect in your own way

There is no need to change

No mater what others say



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