Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Gerald, Cassandra and Veronika live in apparent harmony

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Intoxication

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Submitted: April 02, 2017




Gerald moved through the house, looking for the girls. He could feel his senses on fire moving from room to room; the large house and it's twenty foot ceilings, it's aged white washed bansisters added to his heightened level of awareness.


“Cassandra!” He bellowed as he moved through the foyer making his way to the huge darkly stained french doors that led to porch, light peered through the stained glass windows creating a rainbow colored collage on the well worn wooden floors.


“Here hon!” Jay heard her voice coming from outside, a feeling of relief took him as he moved to the front porch; a feeling of relief took him.


“What's wrong with me?” He thought to himself, “Why does something always have to be wrong?” he chuckled as he made his way down the huge steps leading to what by any sense of the imagination, especially for a city boy like himself; a large green meadow surrounded by what he had always thought looked like a ring of protection from the forest that surrounded them; something that gave him solace, he could see in most every direction for at least a mile.


He had never become accustomed to walking barefoot, but in this case he had no choice; he could feel the grass beneath his feet, the smell of honeysuckle filled his sense as he moved toward the voice, while he couldn't see her directly he instinctively moved toward the sound of Veronika's voice piping “C'mon! You said we'd get to go down to the creek today!” her impatient tone was quite clear.


Turning the corner he knew what his girls were up to, hanging linen on the clothing line; something Cassandra had regularly insisted on, no matter how many times he had offered to buy her a clothes dryer he was always met with “Now, why do I need a machine to do something that I am quite capable of myself?”


“Sure enough, there you are.” he said to her audibly, admiring her form in her blue jeans rolled thigh high, her white tank top that hung loosely over her well formed upper body, her blonde hair that fell in loose tufts and curls, no matter how hard she tried to tie it back. Cassandra looked over her shoulder at him, smiling her green eyes like gems glittering in the sunlight.


“Sure enough, here I am honey.” she grinned, “Someone has to go about keeping up this place, God forbid I left the rest of you to it, it would just never get done. Or you might go all lazy and buy one of those machines, then mark my words dear, you'd miss the smell of sunshine and wind on your clothes.”


Gerald's brow narrowed as he focused remembering why he had come looking for them; “Hey, do you know what this is?” Gerald held up the scribbled note, watching her head tilt in Curiousity as she set the last pin on the sheet that seemed to billow in the cool Southern wind.


“That is odd.” Gerald pondered to himself, he had been in the South before, however he usually recalled a sense of humidity to the air, but he didn't feel that, just a comfortable breeze that carried the overwhelming scent of honeysuckle; a smell he loved a smell that was familiar but of someplace or something he couldn't quite bring to the forefront of his memory.


He could feel the paper taken from his hand, his mind moving to the immediate. Cassandra, her brow furrowed, biting her lower lip slightly “Oh honey, this is just me playing around with some Poetry.” She looked up to him her eyes and lips slightly pouting, “I know it's terrible, I just felt inclined to give a go; you know maybe connect with Veronika in some way. You know how artistic she is, always at her sketch book; I couldn't sketch a stick figure, so I thought well...you know...It's a bit embarrassing.” Cassandra's face flushed, as her eyes lowered.


“Oh get out, it's great.” Gerald piped back, “I just hadn't seen anything like it before, and you guys were nowhere to be found; you know me.”


Cassandra leaned in quick closing the gap between the two of them, her hand quickly and powerfully settling in the small of his back. There was no mistaking her, scent overpowering the environment's. He found her intoxicating, and as far back as he could remember that how she had always been; the world would melt away in their moments of intimacy.


Her lips grazed his as she whispered “Now c'mon sugar, I did promise that little thing over there a trip down to the creek to teach her to skip stones. What you should do is put away all that anxiety, help me hang the rest of this linen then take a trek with us.”


He pushed back gently, “I see, this is all part of your grand design to get me to help with chores; I should have known your seduction came with costs.” Gerald chuckled gently


“Oh.....My..God.........You two are ridiculous!” Veronika's voice came through, her disgusted tone exaggerated in a way only a thirteen year old can, “Can you guys for one second not be all Cinderalla and Prince Charming? Sheesh.”


Cassandra laughed, “She's right Prince Charming, and so are you. I need help and we're definitely too much for young eyes. But to be honest, I wouldn't have it any other way.” She winked at him.


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