Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Gerald's path is one of searching for truth

Chapter 10 (v.1) - Moments Part Four

Submitted: May 01, 2017

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Submitted: May 01, 2017



He moved passed the make shift blockade that led to the trail. It seemed like hundreds of years had passed since his Uncle Robert had shown him this place that became Gerald's sanctuary. They called it the Secret Sidewalk, it was once a Hippy Commune that sat centered in the Hills of Niles Canyon, a concrete structure that once acted as an aqueduct that snaked along side the hills carrying water from the once small city of Fremont California to Sunol.


Jay remembered those times fondly, as he retraced his path following the river until it met the railroad tracks, then following the tracks till he came across the opening to a ravine where stood the bridge above him one side called Heaven by the locals, and the other Hell. As he climbed hand over foot to the top he remembered the beautiful artwork that once covered what seemed like every inch of available space on the concrete path, flowers, skulls whose mouths where filled with the unmistakable effigy of a marijuana cigarette, the poems of love that couples would write to one another; a place filled with creativity and life.


No longer did he come here to engage with the local people who had somehow made a thriving community in those hills; not to see the artwork and sculptures that once ordained a feeling of peace and oneness. No, he came here in search of answers, this long abandoned refuge of community was replaced with something dark, something sinister, something that called to him.


Now a man barely into his twenties, he had already experienced what would have driven other's into madness; apparitions and voices taunted him constantly, as if he had tuned into some unknown frequency and the more he made an attempt to ignore it the higher the volume would become. No longer could he find solace or peace in his church, no longer did he feel prayers to his God would protect him. No they were coming, he had no idea who they were but he knew instinctively that he would never feel peace, not the way others did, his mind couldn't focus on the trivial or the shallow form of material possessions; or popularity amongst his classmates. He had become with that energy whatever it was, and he loved the adrenaline it produced; regardless of how much he wanted the occurrences to end, so he could get one night of rest, he thrived on the seeking the answer, he needed it.


The cool night air blew through the canyon shaking the trees on either side of the concrete walk approximately four feet wide, now overgrown the vegetation from nature taking back her rightful place in the system that humanity had borrowed for a short time. He didn't feel what he was looking for as he peered down the darkened path, waiting as his eyes adjusted.


That would often occur in his search, he would follow his instincts to a place or an object yet not find the suppressing feeling of being prey that had become part of his very being. Almost an addiction of sorts, he felt powerful as he observed the veil thin for him, and as time passed, the physical manifestations no longer filled him with fear; they gave him power over himself, over the things that had chased him his entire life.


It wasn't until recently he began to attempt to unravel they “whys” to attempt to understand how these occurrences came to be, not only for him but for others as well. He had spent countless hours reading tome after tome of anything that he could get his hands on pertaining to the topic. He had sent countless letters to others who had thought they had encountered the same things he himself had.


Gerald shook his head in frustration at the memory, the answers to the letters came yes. But never quite what he had hoped, they came in the form of ramblings, or stories of Alien lifeforms, but mostly they never answered.


He traveled every known Occult shop in the San Francisco Bay Area querying self proclaimed mystics, all of which he found to be a complete waste of his time; they didn't have answers only theories, while each claimed to have some ability or could in some manner communicate with other realities, through candles, or herbs, or séance; they could not provide the evidence of physical manifestations that he himself could.


He had learned how to call to it, to hear it somewhere within him now; he could almost pinpoint a location to where it would be, and these things they always chose something familiar, something that put him somehow at ease. It was quite rare they would use a place that he was unfamiliar with, he often thought perhaps it was because he himself would find it a distraction, not be able to turn the switch within himself as required. He had accepted every challenge for skeptics, watching them squirm as he led them down these paths, providing to them the proof they sought out, watching and observing their fear of the unexplainable manifest. He had watched as dozens of people who had claimed to be understanding of what he described bolt into the night to escape the hunt. “Charlatans, all charlatans and fools.” He would often say to himself.


His Church though he had always felt they turned him away in his time of greatest need; amazingly they had an answer, they treated his experience as if it was a disease, and affliction of sorts. This gave him faith there were indeed answers available to him, though still difficult to produce as the modern Church of Rome had all but discarded it's ancient doctrine and it's clergy regarding those ways as “Superstition”. But as far as he could tell, they had a system, one in which he could understand and relate to.


Jay moved down the path careful to not look too far forward in the dark night, carefully watching his footing as he moved through the mix of decayed concrete and overgrowth, waiting patiently until it came.


It came as it always did, quite suddenly; he could hear the woods that surrounded him rustling, the thousand of eyes peering through him in the night as he waited. “Maybe now, I can finally understand” he whispered.

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