Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Cassandra mocks Joanne in her role

Chapter 11 (v.1) - Judgement

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Cassandra moved through the mist, watching her body take a different form, he blue jeans and tank top shift to a loosely fitting light blue bodice and satin trousers, her bare feet now adorned with leather sandals in the form of those that the Romans wore, her thin silken hair pulled back into a tight tail revealing her still distinct green eyes.


“There is no change her and no surprises Joanne.” she uttered as the stone walls of the environment took shape around her; she found herself centered in one of the many halls, lit by torch light; a place she was all too familiar with, she could only move forward or backwards, but she knew in the end they led to the someplace the ancient throne of the sisters; the place where they each ruled those of the kingdom, a place of power for the one that held the seat, a seat she once herself had held.


She stepped boldly forward knowing that it was futile to do anything else, this was part of the game, to face the accuser of and receive her judgment. This was the role of Joanne now, once Cassandra's role and surprisingly she herself didn't miss it. The authority and power within that role wasn't freedom, nor was it fulfilling, quite contrary it had always left the one who wielded it with a feeling of emptiness, a feeling of darkness and desire that came from within that could never be filled. The role was simply vengeance and to carry the sword of redemption for those that had misused the divine magic. She knew she was there to face judgment or the master wouldn't have allowed this to occur.


Cassandra smiled as she entered the throne room, passing the squirming darkness of the subjugates she herself had once commanded, her eyes steady upon Joanne who held the seat; Jo's long black gown, revealing a more robust form than Cassandra; her legs crossed in quite a fashion quite fitting for a women of her role; Jo carried and almost regal appearance as she glared at Cassandra, her fingers tapping the weapon that Cassandra had once provided to her when she was a guest in these very halls.


“So I'm to be judged then?” Cassandra smirked, her voice containing unbridled sarcasm


Jo no longer appeared uncomfortable and filled with indecision, she had indeed changed.


Joanne, sighed in response “Cassandra, you know as well as I, you are not here to be judged, in fact you have already been judged. You've betrayed all that you've been charged with to protect, you've misled and manipulated a separate reality in which to abuse this Man's trust. You have through your own admitted, faults, deeds, intent and creation; created your own judgment.” She leaned forward in her thrown wrapping her one arm around her knee, letting the silver hammer hang from her fingertips it's silver well polished sheen glimmering in the torchlight. The smile on Jo's face unmistakable she was more than pleased, she was almost elated to have Cassandra standing there before her.


Cassandra mockingly bowed as she looks up, her words dressed in scorn as she spat, “Oh, you haughty little tart, you think somehow I spent eons in this and every other imaginable realm and somehow neglected to foresee my judgment? Seriously? Let me help you oh great mistress of the dark sitting around with your passive aggressive tone. You are a child in this game, while for you thousands of years have passed in an hour of humankind, I child have studied this.”


Cassandra's body shot to an upright pose her hands placed firmly on her hips as the words mockingly left her mouth “Master has given me reprise in my action; I would have thought you'd have learned by now, nothing occurs outside of this particular realm without the expressed permission of the one experiencing it. Take me for example.”


Cassandra began to stroll around the throne her every step carefully placed just a hair inside the light and outside of the shadows, Jo could hear her subjugates howling with disdain and hunger, their claws scraping at the ancient stone poised for Cassandra's falter, as she made her way about the room.


“Honey, the only reason I'm here, is because I chose to come; I myself entered the mist, I accepted that you were changing the veil, you should really know this by now.” Cassandra cackled, “You think....No seriously, did you really think that I had allowed this creature to exist and plan his existence and careful breeding without anticipating this? Did you not think the Master himself would not give me reign as I passed the throne to you? Maybe you're missing the key piece, Gerald; wants to be in the reality I've created for him; otherwise he simply wouldn't be. Of course he doesn't remember everything, of course the connection to his children exists, and indeed; those missing girls will join us.”


Cassandra slowing herself to a stop as she faced the front of the throne, her face feet from Joanne's, “You said once, you loved him. You can see, in this world that I am creating; this world where the master himself will not allow you to physically manifest yourself or your legion; he is and will remain content, that will grow and when the other children are in place it will be permanent. If you now know the magic and know the inherent responsibility associated with it, then you know child.” Cassandra leaning in her nose inches from Joanne's, her head tilted she gave off a wink “You Joanne, are at risk of judgment.”

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