Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Sins of the Father

Chapter 12 (v.1) - Moments Part Five: Evangeline

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Evangeline awoke her body frozen; but her mind beyond lucid, her every sense being pushed beyond their normal baselines. She could feel the entity in the room with her, when she heard the voice come quite audibly “The sins of the Father, shall be passed on to his children. Accept that you our ours.” The voice was quite feminine, not threatening as she would have imagined from every horror movie she had ever seen; no this voice made her feel at ease.


She had spent her life split between two households in opposition in every way, one was filled with absolute chaos and a never ending string of strangers who entered her life through her Mother; then her Father's who was quite careful to keep the girls shielded from anything that might even possibly disrupt the environment he was trying to create for them. Dad was a little obtuse in some ways, constantly his head was buried in some weird book, or he was exercising; he definitely didn't fit with what most of the kids she knew would consider a “Military Man”, no Dad was about as hippy as they came; he genuinely loved people and wanted to help them, often enough he would rant about how the military regime in which he had made his career was designed to create drones incapable of individual thought. But that was how he fed the household and he believed in the mission, he would always end one of his rants with “It's good honest work, and had done fine by this family.”


About four or five she began having experiences that would frighten her, she would watch as the shadows in a room would take shape in to something almost human like, or the tug on her blouse as she moved through an empty room. But Dad never doubted her when she told him; he never once denied or belittled her for the things she would communicate to him; instead his face would always take on the look of concern she had become so familiar with; his eyes narrowed and brow scrunching in focus. He would simply say “Make sure you say your prayers sweetheart, remember they can't do anything you don't allow. Fight it, it will go away.”


As she grew she knew that her connection with her Father was unique, sure every Father loved their child, and every daughter their Father; but the connection was beyond her words to explain, she would often know if he was in pain or troubled and vice versa; even when her Mother had taken her to see a therapist when Evangeline tried to explain to her the things she was experiencing, she knew that her Father was right; nobody in this world but her could fight this but her. That thought by itself would always fill her with a sense of immense loneliness.


She distinctly remembered when her Father took her to see a Priest as the experiences became more frequent and hearing the Priest say “Gerald; she's just a child and children have a wild sense of imagination. The Diabolicals as the Church teaches is old superstition.”


The fury on her Father's face was unmistakable when he retorted in that moment, “No, now you listen to me Father, I know the difference between imagination and what she's experiencing. You cannot deny physical manifestation; you know me, I abide by not speaking of these entities; however you and I both know that realizations of physical manifestations outside of the afflicted is beyond serious.” Dad's finger was outstretched as he ran dangerously close to actually touching the Priest; his tone was low abrupt and insistent, “Look just hear her reconciliation, do your job. I'll make sure she makes it to take the sacrament. But don't you dare lecture me on the reality.”


Offense was what she observed on the young Priests face as he motioned to her to move towards the confessional, and while he heard her confession with the same loving tone and manner she had come to expect; Evangeline could tell that he was quite unhappy with her Dad persisting after he had tried to explain to him that it wasn't necessary.


Dad would often refer to the things she experienced as a dial, “When you see them, they see you; that makes the volume go up. When you try to stop paying attention to them then the dial goes up even further. What you have to learn is that the more you deny them control the more they come; but they can only do so for so long and as time passes the span in which you experience these things will increase.”


She always wanted to ask why her, but long before she had ever had that thought she had already been warned “Don't ask why you, or why it exists, or what it is that's where they gain their power over you; you have to refocus on the miracle of your current world, that's the only way they lose their hold.”


Now, another occurrence, but this time she was physically held in place unable to answer or call out as the whisper came “All you have to do is accept me; you and your family will live in a bliss you can only imagine.”  

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