Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Joanne, gives Cassandra and Ultimatum

Chapter 13 (v.1) - Ultimatum

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Joanne rose to her feet, even know she could feel some anxiety with Cassandra only inches away. She held vast power that had no equal here yet still this woman filled her with a sense of dread. “I am just so sick of your shit.” She pushed the palm of her hand squarely into Cassandra's chest, effortlessly sending her reeling to the floor.


She watched as Cassandra scampered to her feet, clawing her eyes filled with shock at the force in which she had been propelled. Joanne stepped forward, grasping the weapon firmly in her hand, her mind filled with only lust to see the destruction of Cassandra, to end her in every way. “You're done here Cassandra, I'm taking back what is rightfully mine. You've taken that man and created some fucking imaginary world where he can't even remember his responsibility to his children. He has had enough, I have had enough and you, you don't deserve anything but to leave all existence. You're the cruelest thing to have ever existed in humankind's history. You've created death and destruction in your wake; you've punished men and peeled the hearts of women for what? Because you yourself had been created through the work of some creature just like you, a creature devoid of compassion and empathy.”


Cassandra could see Joanne's eyes focused in the dim light as she instinctively darted backwards trying to remain out of reach, quickly glancing to her rear to ensure she was clear of the shadows. She could hear the hunger from the subjugates as they waited impatiently for their former mistress to somehow move within their reach. She had no choice but to call upon him now; Cassandra knew the law, knew the rules better than any creature who had ever existed, though she hadn't anticipated this moment so soon she knew it was inevitable; she cursed herself for losing track of time, for not considering how hours, days and years were inconsequential to those of the Kingdom and especially she who controlled the throne; but indeed she had prepared for this.


“Father, I call on you for intercession, I invoke your names of power and every creature in the Kingdom to whom you command. I call upon you by your many names; the ancient name Apollyon, Satanis, Lucifer, Hades all irrelevant as your are Master.” The subjugates, whimpered at the call she could hear them scattering in the shadows as the words left her mouth.


She prepared herself for what came next, her muscles tensed her mind focused; as Joanne moved from the throne intent on crushing her into oblivion. Then it came, the familiar glimmer of the veil thinning to her right, she could see the mist former in it's typical oval fashion the shimmer of the translucent portal that would allow her to move from this reality, this woman however was directly in her path and she knew overpowering her wasn't something that would be feasible.


Cassandra focused her steps, moving one foot over the other laterally trying to position for the oncoming Joanne who's intense gaze never left her, and she knew she needed to keep her focused to make the dash. “You can feel it right my Dear?” she asked, “Can you feel the Master coming?” She grinned as she gained ground in inches.


“Cassandra, the time for games is long gone. You gave not only a gift but a curse, you chose to abuse and manipulate the naivety of the moment for your own selfish gain. Now...” Joanne, moved the weapon in a sweeping motion to her other hand “Now it's time you return him to his rightful place in his world. You think I don't see it? You think I'm so far gone I can see you moving to the veil? Are you fucking kidding me? I know exactly where you're going, and exactly what you're doing. You think because you created some fictional La' La' Land that you're going to not be held accountable. That's exactly how this isn't going to work.” Joanne, made sure she stopped so Cassandra could continue to make ground, her actions letting Cassandra know precisely how aware she truly was.


“I'm no longer the child you brought here Cassandra, your fantasy land is not beyond the reach of true intent. Furthermore any ridiculous little safeguard you think you've put in place I've had more than enough time to contemplate. How quickly you've forgotten the responsibility of this role our kind hold. How quickly you've given yourself to simple self preservation. In your time it was just a week ago, you admonished me for my actions, for my lies, for my own selfish desires; yet here you are standing before the same throne you once held.”


Cassandra quite aware of her position to the portal only a foot away now, she could make the dash but Joanne wasn't even making the attempt to stop her; it was quite real she was just allowing her to leave. “Okay, got it. You've gone full high and mighty, you've learned a thing or three since we've last met. I get it, so let's just get to the point. What exactly do you want? I was given express permission for this to occur, he has given to me his acceptance, I played within the law.”


“Cassandra, you will return him. Or I will ensure you will be nothing more than a meal for the subjects you once commanded. Your screams will play within these halls as a symphony to remind me of your once torn and troubled existence. That....or you will actually have to find a way to conjure the magic within him, somehow truly create the bond that ties.”


Moving her left foot through the veil, “How about you. Just fuck off.” Cassandra retorted.  

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