Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Physical manifestation continues for Evangeline

Chapter 14 (v.1) - Moments Part Six: Evangeline II

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She could feel them watching her as she shuffled her way back to her car, their eyes drilling holes through her as she made her way through the University campus. Evangeline always knew when it was coming, her Father Gerald would often say “There's no way to predict it, when it comes or in what form.” But that flat wasn't true, she would often feel the pressure of the what she had learned to call “Physical Manifestation” from her Father coming; much like the pressure that's built before a storm, causing headaches and arthritis pain, there was no guess work when it came, the only question for her was how big it would be, how loud the volume would be up this time.



Tonight someone had turned that dial up further than she had ever heard it, she could visibly see the eyes of almost every tenth person she passed through the busy courtyard a bright green, so bright in fact they seemed to glow, like two irradiate gemstones burrowing through the environment searching for only her. She reflected on the word her Father often used “Hunted”, it very much felt that way tonight.


She was careful to keep her eyes forward, looking up just enough to not fall over anyone or anything as she moved through the crowd; careful to keep her backpack and purse firmly secure on her body and instinct that she had developed somewhere in case she needed to bolt. Looking up as she passed into the main hallway that led to the parking lot she could see them, all of them in every reflection staring at her, following her.


“Fuck.” she whispered, quickening her pace; her soft soled Doc Martin' boots making a light clacking sound as she hurried, her keys making the distinct jingle of the impatient. She could see the exit the double doors that opened into the blackness, the street lights that gave a strange hew to the rainbow of colored vehicles that were parked.


Then the voice came “You know she's got him don't you?” a feminine voice came, quite human quite audible. Evangeline kept her head down, they probably weren't speaking to her, just people talking in passing, “Put it out of your head, stop being crazy, not everyone is talking to specifically you.” She thought out loud.


“No not everyone” she could hear the voice from behind her, the undeniable sense of someone in her space taking over her, she looked up.


“I'm sorry? Are you speaking to me?” her voice came meekly as she stared at the girl, she stood about 5'10” maybe 127 pounds, wearing a dark flight coat; her hair cut in a bob fashion and dyed a heavy red, one side of her head shaved almost completely; and there was her eyes, the unmistakable green eyes.


The girl leaned forward, “Yes...You know the little coward, trying to run to her car; scared that all the bad people are going to get her? You realize this is just easier if you go with it right? She's going to get you anyways, and whether you know it or not she's already got your precious Daddy.”


Evangeline's face took the unmistakable mask of shock and confusion, “I really don't know what you're talking about. My Dad is at home I just seen him, like a half an hour ago. If you'll excuse me I really need to get going.”


The sarcasm dripped from the girls words as she taunted “Oooooh, is he now? And you know this how? Look you little goody goody, I can tell you from experience, that bitch gets what she wants; and in return she'll absolutely give you what you want. But don't think for even a moment just because...You just seen Daddy; she doesn't have him. Let's play this out a little shall we, how do you even know he's really your Father? Oh and your Sister, bet you seen her this morning too didn't ya'. What if, the crazy hell bitch somehow got them in the last say two hours? Then it's what like an hour to where he lives? Hell seems to me all kinds of shit could have happened in that time.” The girl smirked


Evangeline couldn't help herself when she moved quickly to the girl closing the gap between them, her instinct had completely taken over when her right hand reached out grasping the young girls throat; she had no awareness of anyone else, only she was going to hurt this girl and hurt her badly. She thrust the young woman's head back using her body weight to force her into the adjacent concrete wall.


Evangeline spat the words, trying to harness and control the emotions the girl had created within her “Look bitch, I have absolutely no fucking idea who the fuck you are, who the fuck this she is; but I swear to God, if something has happened to my Daddy or my Sister I'll rip that lying whore of a tongue out of your mouth and make you swallow it.” Tears streamed from Evangeline's eyes from the flood of emotions, releasing the tell tale adrenaline that powered her focus in the moment.


Reluctantly she let go as the girls face didn't change even slightly her mocking smirk painted to her intentionally made ghostly pale complexion. “Focus Evie.” she whispered to herself, something her Father was constantly reminding her to do when she would stray from a path that she had already began upon. “Focus.” the words came again as she spun to make her way to the door, this time her head held high, her shoulders back; “Don't let that bitch see you lose it.” she thought to herself making her way down the path leading to the parking lot.


“Bitch......You've already lost it, you don't even know what's real and what is in that crazy fucking head of yours!” The girls voice came shattering the quiet in the darkness, “She is gonna do what she wants, and ain't nothing you can do about it no way!”





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