Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Evangeline makes her way to her Father's house

Chapter 15 (v.1) - Moments Part Seven: Evangeline III

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She pulled the car door franticly, “Fuck obviously locked.” she muttered to herself in frustration as she dug the keys from her leather purse, taking a moment to focus as she pushed the unlock button on the black key fob, watching the lights flicker on her white Ford as the audible click came.


It was moments like this that left Evangeline feeling completely discombobulated, confused, drained and flustered. She the words the girl screamed at her leaving a sense of dread within the pit of her stomach, as if a large rock had been placed there as a holding weight so that she wouldn't shake the feeling until she made the call home; but first she needed to get out of here get away from this place.


The car came to life as she entered the key, the sound of the small v4 engine churning to life as the green and blue electronics in the vehicle gave an almost nightclub feeling. Shifting the vehicle into drive she provided a little too much input making the front tires squeal slightly; “Fuck it.” she said as she made her way on to the dark main street, littered with the modern style ranch homes so common in the Bay Area.


She sped slightly focused only on getting out of the immediate area, there was music playing but she had no idea what, she had drowned that out the voice of the girl echoing in her mind “Is that even your Dad?”. She could see the red stop light ahead, as she slowed to a stop she hit the button on her steering wheel which prompted the blue tooth to connect with her mobile phone.


“Call home.” she said plainly as the vehicle repeated her statement, “I know what the fuck you're doing. Just fucking do it!” She screamed at the electronic voice. The sound of the phone ringing echoed through the vehicle as the light turned green and she made a right turn down the busy main road that led to the freeway, quite intent on making her way to her Father's house.


“Hello?” His masculine voice came through. A feeling of relief swept over her as she could barely choke the response. “Daddy.”


“Hey sweetheart, what's up?” she could hear the concern in his voice and she knew why, it was already 10 P.M. and he had already been in bed a couple of hours; asleep he was probably not, but definitely in bed wrapped up in some historic tome regarding some obscure historical fact, which as his habit. She and Veronika would often say “Dad knows something about everything, as long as it's weird.”


“Hey, I know it's late I just wanted to check in. Everything okay?” She tried to keep her voice from cracking, Dad always knew somehow when something was wrong; he had a good sense for others feelings. He often defined his ability to sense things as something a woman naturally does due to her divine spirit, but she knew often enough Dad was describing his own experiences and projecting them all on womankind in the guise of divinity.


She knew different, women could be quite cruel; often hunting for popularity and excusing their own behavior in search of social acceptance; this was something Evangeline had directly experienced with in Elementary School through High School. She had many friends, all of which who had claimed to be her best friend, or would never hurt her, or would always be there.


But add a boy to that equation and all of a sudden that best friend forever becomes a predator, forsaking every promise to achieve her own ends. But Dad was right about somethings, as she had grown she had observed that their male counterparts often peacocked in some awkward mating ritual to garnish the attention of girls they liked, and as Dad had often pointed out, “Men generally act the way women expect us to, and generally speaking in historical context, we will do what the opposite gender finds attractive; be it socially or aesthetically. However gender doesn't define what a man is, character does; the ability to admit fault, to forgive others, the ability to stay the course and provide for his family; that's where a Man is defined. But to add a generality? Men are generally stupid creatures.”


He wasn't wrong, though his opinion wouldn't fit with the modern viewpoints held by her generation, she could indeed count on that statement as she moved forward in life. Evangeline used that statement as a benchmark, even when dating; almost a checklist, which made it difficult for her to find a young man she could trust. It was almost a turn off for her whenever a man made excuses for any of their actions, because she had seen her Father take responsibility at every step in her life; if he made a mistake he owned it, if he hurt someone he genuinely tried to make amends, and if he didn't like someone it was no secret. Most importantly if he made a promise he kept it, that was something she had to come to terms with as she moved into young adulthood; often enough the people of her generation and even the generation before don't value their word.


“Everything is fine sweetheart; you sure you're okay? Car doing alright? How's the boy?” His voice came refocusing her mind as she made her way on the freeway on ramp headed north, still intent on heading home and making sure that he and her sister were okay.


She hoped he didn't hear the hesitation in her voice when she answered, “Totally okay, I just wanted to call and tell you I love you guys, and ask if it was cool if I stayed the night tonight; I just need to drop by my place and pick up some clothes.”


There was a definite moment of silence that came “Sure honey, you don't need to ask that. Anytime you want to come home you're welcome, you know that right?”


Out of the corner of her eye she picked up the image of a vehicle in her peripheral, a white sedan laden with bumper stickers, and there were those eyes; the two male passengers and driver staring not at her, but through their hands up waggling their fingers at her in a mocking wave.


“Of course Dad, I just wanted to let you know I was coming. I didn't want you to think something was wrong, I gotta go and I'll see you soon; I love you.” Her voice distant as she focused on the vehicle next to her, accelerating slightly to hopefully distance herself some.


“Of course, I love you and I'll see you soon hon. Drive safe.” She heard the click as her Father disconnected.


“Drive, safe...Sure...” She muttered to herself.





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