Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Evangeline stops to gather her thoughts and get to safety

Chapter 16 (v.1) - Moments Part Eight: Evangeline IV

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She had learned early on, perhaps it was growing up playing softball or her Father's incessant nagging, when she felt outside of her comfort zone, or nervous she needed to focus. These creeps following her closely definitely brought her focus. “I'm going to focus on getting the fuck away from you without killing myself in the process. That's what I'm going to focus on.”


She watched ahead as the freeway exits moved passed her, she had traveled this freeway enough to know which exit she was looking for; there it was Willow Pass; this area of Concord California was busy most twenty four hours, while there were other exits there was absolutely no way she would allow herself to be caught in some quiet residential with the rejects from the Cure following her.


She checked her rear view mirror, hoping to not see lights, “Please, please, please go the fuck away.” she whispered to herself. But sure enough, and before she had ever made the glance she knew, they wouldn't be there. But there was still that feeling, that she often got, the one that made her slick with cold sweat, the one that made her heart feel like it was going to explode from her chest, the one that filled her every sense with fear.


It was funny that way in these moments her Father's voice and direction were quite clear in her mind “If you see them, they know you see them. By acknowledging their existence you see, it's a form of acceptance and that piques their curiosity.”


Dad wasn't in the habit of speaking about these things with people, generally speaking he would shy away from the conversation of Ghosts, Goblins, Witches, Vampires, Werewolves; often enough when she would see conversations like this occur even in specifically shallow social events, he would bite his tongue. It was all too popular in the modern world, a fascination with the Occult and unexplainable phenomena; Dad often called it “Just another cycle, seems to me about every century or so a generation will feel lost and try to find themselves in the secrets of the past. Then the following cycle another generation will work intently to dispel it; each thinking themselves unique and harboring some special knowledge the other didn't. Truth is, it's the same stuff and people doing the same things.”


But once in awhile, somehow she would watch as people sought him out in times of trouble, seeking his advice on things occurring in their lives that they themselves couldn't quite explain away. They were drawn to him, and usually they were women. She often thought if it was because they were making some half cocked desperate attempt at flirtation, even she wasn't beyond knowing her Father was a Handsome man, but that isn't what made him different. What made him different was the way he treated people, he was generally humble and spent a great deal of his words downplaying his own achievements, things that most men would generally set to bragging about; he would call his accomplishments a blessing, or a gift, or the right place at the right time. Mostly he would give accolades to others that assisted him, but never take them for himself. This made him attractive in a world where men were quite set on their own ego. This also meant she had her work cut out for her running off the countless bimbos that he would occasionally date.


When they would come to him however, Dad really spent a great deal of time in explanation; she had observed him trying to explain how the word “Supernatural was of God” and how the word was frequently misused and what the person who believed themselves to be afflicted was experiencing was actually “Preternatural, or of the other.” Then he would often ramble on about how the labels of such things wasn't really important, but being precise in differentiating between those two descriptives was. Generally though it was women, and Dad would provide pretty specific advice and to her it almost appeared as if he was a Doctor handing out prescriptions for a case of the flu, they would generally leave, maybe follow up with a call or two; and sometimes he would refer them out. To whom she never really knew.



She navigated her Ford though the main street and the never ending traffic, she knew what she was looking for, someplace public, someplace open, someplace crowded. She needed to get her head together and somehow try to put the pieces together from tonight.


“What the hell were those things? What's up with their eyes? I mean they weren't neon or anything but how was noone else noticing that?” Her mind raced with questions as she pulled in to a local Diner. Something else she picked up growing up with her Father “Support the local community and the local businessman, chain stores are just one more thing that takes away from people feeling connected to one another.”


As she parked he car, feeling lucky she had found a spot only feet from the front door, her eyes moved to the glass encased entryway; a sense of relief took her as there was “No freaks, with freaky eyes, being freaky.” she thought to herself as she picked up her purse and made her way into the night air.




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